What is a spiritual awakening?

By Jade Lake

A spiritual awakening is when one has become aware and has awakened or who is going through the stages of an awakening. They will become more aware of themselves on a much deeper and higher level and what is real. The person going through the awakening will suddenly have a deeper awareness of what is going on around them and of themselves and they will be more aware of their life experiences and the lessons they have learnt from these experiences and the reasons why. The person will start to feel more at one with themselves and everything around them and they may feel more contented and at peace with their surroundings, themselves and with other people.

The person will start to accept who they are and let go of any hurt, anger and negative feelings that they had towards their life and people and they will gradually go through a healing process of their heart, soul and mind. The person will suddenly start seeing the world in a different way and their previous views and opinions may change drastically. A spiritual awakening can be very life changing for a person especially if that person was not spiritual to begin with.

An awakening can strip a person of previous beliefs, feelings and life views causing them to see the world and themselves in a whole new light. Well being a positive experience towards the end of the awakening, at first the awakening can be quite disruptive, shocking and upsetting to a person and their life because it forces them to take a deeper a look at themselves, face their fears, re-live any bad experiences and memories and forces them to see things in a way that they previously never thought. The awakening can be very confusing and so powerful that the person may question themselves and even their sanity due to the symptoms that occur during the awakening.

These kinds of changes can be quite unsettling at first and may take many months or even years of soul searching before the person starts to feel more at one and have feelings of serenity. A spiritual awakening can be spontaneous or caused by a profound spiritual experience or an event in a person’s life, a loss or a near death experience. The spiritual awakening process sparks the activation of awareness and once someone have completed their spiritual awakening and they go and look back on their life before the awakening began they may see how much they were just existing in robot mode, a spiritual awakening brings them out of this robot mode and in to awareness mode which wakes them up and they start to exist with a new and positive lease of life.

When a person begins their spiritual awakening they will go through different stages of the awakening before they get to the last stage which will be completion of the spiritual awakening. Because everyone is different and reacts differently to a spiritual awakening the time frame of each stage of the awakening will vary from one person to the next. A spiritual awakening can take days or even years till the awakening process is completed.
Below is the different stages of a spiritual awakening.

Stage 0

Awareness has not begun. In this stage the person has no spiritual awareness but eventually everyone will then start at stage 1 which is when the spiritual awakening begins and which will then go on to lead to higher awareness being achieved by stage 5. The awareness may or may not begin in their current lifetime but it will happen eventually if not in this lifetime but another.

Stage 1

Trigger/spontaneous awakening. A spiritual awakening is often triggered by something experienced which had a deep effect in the mind of the person going through the awakening but an awakening can also happen spontaneously too. A trigger can be the loss of a loved one, a near death experience, a spiritual experience or some other event or situation that had a profound effect on the person going through the awakening. Most spiritual awakenings are caused through some sort of shock event or experience that had a deep effect on the person’s soul. The spiritual awakening now begins brought on either through a trigger event or spontaneously.

Stage 2

Shock and upheaval. The start of the spiritual awakening will be a huge shock to the system especially if it was triggered by an event such as the loss of a loved one or a near death experience. The person going through the awakening will experience a revelation and a realisation which may be very overwhelming emotionally for them and the person will start to become aware in a way they never was before. They will now begin to question things in a serious way such as life and death, the afterlife, God, spirituality, their own life and lives of others, the world they live in and themselves and the event that triggered their awakening. Awareness is now activated and the beginning of the awareness process now starts in stage 2 of the spiritual awakening.

Stage 3

Chakras begin to open. In stage 3 of the awakening the chakras will now begin to open one at a time as energy pulses through each of the 7 chakras, the energy centres of the body. The opening of each chakra will now cause the symptoms of the spiritual awakening below. The symptoms can either be mild or life affecting and it is in stage 3 where people may begin to even question their own sanity due to the intensity of the symptoms. Stage 3 of the awakening is for the most the hardest of all the stages because of the affect the symptoms can have on the person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Stage 3 can be dramatic and traumatic and can take its toll on the mind and body and It can be a very confusing and disruptive time. It is in stage 3 that you will really need to take care of yourself, take lots of rest when possible and eat and drink well. If the emotional and mental symptoms of the awakening is too much to bare because of old and difficult memories cropping up or because you are doubting and worrying about what is happening to you it may help to speak to someone who can help you deal with these feelings. There are lots of spiritual forums online where you can find like-minded people to speak to if you can’t talk to anyone else at home but it is important that if stage 3 is affecting your life in such a way where you are struggling to do day to day stuff then it may be worth speaking to a GP or a councillor because stage 3 is when you will start to take a deeper look at yourself which for some may be very hard to cope with if they already have low self- esteem, confidence and a negative view on themselves and also this stage may cause upsetting memories to resurface which may be too painful to deal with by self. Awareness continues as the chakras begin to open one by one causing many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms.

Stage 4

Healing process begins. Once the difficulties of stage 3 is almost over the person going through the spiritual awakening will now go through a healing process of the body and the mind. After all the disruption of stage 3, stage 4 will be a welcome relief. It is in stage 4 when the person will now start to accept who they are, their past, their life, their experiences and they will begin to love themselves because they will now be learning acceptance not just with themselves but with life in general without feeling bitter and resentful. They will also start to lose all the anger, hurt, pain and judgements that they have been carrying around not only at themselves but towards other people too. They will begin to see themselves, others and the world they live in, in a whole new and positive light and they may now start to change their views and opinions on life and on others that they had previously before. They are continuing to become aware and will go through a huge and positive transformation in this stage. The symptoms from stage 3 have now started to calm down but there will still be many symptoms but they should be easier to handle now as the body goes through the healing process. Awareness continues as the healing process now begins.

Stage 5

Spiritual awakening completed. In stage 5 the spiritual awakening has now completed and the person now has awareness like they have never before. This stage is a wonderful stage to be in because it will turn a person’s life around in a complete and positive way. The person will now feel happier with who they are and will accept and love who they are, they will not be quick to judge others but will now have compassion and empathy towards other people, animals and nature. In stage 5 they will have now realised that they are connected to every living thing on this planet and beyond. They will realise that nothing and no one is separate and that we were all created together by the same source, and that even though people may have different names for that source, it is still the same source which we all came from and will go back to eventually. The spiritual awakening process is now completed and although the person is now awakened they will continue to become more aware as they progress through their life learning new lessons and developing their soul but now with a new and different prospective than they had before.

Symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Physical symptoms

1) Tingling hands or feet

2) Heart palpitations/racing heart

3) Tingling in the third eye area located in between the eyes

4) Warm palms or feet

5) Headaches, backaches and general aches and pains which are not caused by an illness

6) Changes in weight and eating habits

7) Food intolerances and allergies which was once never a problem

8) Skin eruptions, rashes, body tingling and itchy skin

9) Pain, numbness and feelings of vibration and electricity going through the body

10) Dizzy spells and a feeling of lightness

11) Feeling more tired and needing to rest a lot more than normal

12) Memory loss and forgetfulness

13) Changes in energy levels

14) A feeling of having waves of energy going through the body

15) A feeling of having brain fog

16) Feelings of pressure inside the head. Head may feel like it might explode

17) Night sweats

18) Enhancement of physical senses such as smell, sight and hearing

19) May look younger

20) Hair and nails may grow at a faster rate

21) Changes in sleep patterns. May experience restless sleep and waking up two or three times during the night

22) Changes in bowel movements. May have bouts of diarrhea

23) Sinus and ear trouble

Emotional symptoms

1) Sudden waves of emotions

2) Sudden feelings of sadness then happiness, depression or elation

3) A feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster ride

4) Intense mood swings

5) Supressed and forgotten memories and old stuff may suddenly resurface causing waves of sad or happy emotions

6) Emotional confusion

7) Feelings of great joy and bliss

8) Crying outbursts without a reason

9) Wanting to withdrawal from family and friends

10) Feelings of loneliness, disconnection and being different from others

11) Loss of motivation and may feel like not doing anything and feel there is no point

12) Feeling irritable, angry and impatient

13) Feeling that your life is out of control and is in a mess

Mental symptoms

1) A feeling of losing the mind

2) A feeling of going insane and losing control

3) Feelings of fear

4) May suddenly hear voices that don’t feel is coming from yourself

5) May feel like you are going crazy at times

Spiritual symptoms

1) Dreams may be more vivid and intense. May have very spiritual dreams and dreams of angels, guides and deceased loved ones

2) May suddenly be able to hear and communicate with guides, angels and deceased loved ones

3) May feel more empathetic and sensitive towards other people’s feelings

4) Questioning life and why you are here and have an intense feeling and urge to find out what your life purpose is

5) A feeling of being different suddenly from friends and family

6) May realise what your life purpose is and go on to fulfil it

7) Synchronicity and coincidences may start to occur all around you

8) A feeling of being a different person to previously

9) Paranormal activity, sensing presences, seeing guides, angels, deceased loved ones and other spirit beings and spirit lights and a higher awareness of the spiritual world

10) Feeling closer to animals and nature and at one with everything

11) Has an intense urge to find your soul mate/twinflame

12) You may start to experience conscious and spontaneous out of body experiences (OBEs)

13) Has a higher awareness, knowing and perception of things

14) You may drop old friends that you have outgrown and make new ones who feel the same way you do now

15) You may start to see colours in your mind’s eye and in peripheral vision

16) Suddenly find yourself interested in healing, crystals, tarot cards and other forms of divination and of spiritual topics

17) You may want to start taking better care of your body and start eating healthily and exercising more

18) May become aware of psychic gifts, healing abilities and other gifts that previously was unaware off and have the urge to use them

19) Has a strong urge to spread awareness and share personal experiences with others and speak your truth

20) You may experience the blue pearl-this is a tiny blue dot seen in the mind’s eye or peripheral vision or directly in front of you

21) Teachers or people who can advise and help you with your spiritual journal may suddenly turn up

22) An intense urge to discover spiritual truths and yearning for meaning and purpose

23) Wanting to make life changes, breaking old habits and routines and starting new more fulfilling things


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  3. This is possibly the best Spiritual Awakening article I’ve ever read. It clarifies so many things for me. Thank you so much for sharing this.

      • I really identified with everything I just read . I thought I was going crazy . Thanx

    • Nicole me too, its describing what is happening to me in detail and its easy to read. and its explains each step so simple and so clear, after reading it, I felt at ease and had a sense of knowing that I am on the right track,

      • Yes, I agree with what you have said. I was absolutely put me at ease. I was doubting myself and thinking that what I was going through was wrong. Reading this put me at ease, like your self as it gave me an understanding what was happening to me and why. Recently, I’ve been going through, okay so lets call it spiritual; awakening; I have been crying a lot lately, intense bouts of crying, episodes of intense anger and rage, intense mood-swings, feeling like everything is going wrong in my life. When I was experiencing it, I knew it was just myself, releasing maybe old memories of bad past experiences etc, but at the same time I wondered if it was supposed to go this way or whether all this was wrong. This article has helped me to learn to be patient and just ‘observe’ the upcoming emotions unbiased without judging them and has stopped me from thinking that what I was going through was wrong, but rather a natural reaction to spiritual awakening, hopefully. However this awakening has made me continue to think negatively , which is something I;m currently working on.

    • This really has helped me a lot too. I have been going through this intense phase in my life I feel like everything is wrong and my fiancé and I are falling apart. He is more of the awakened person and recently all we have been doing is fighting and he feels that he is giving up he thinks that I will never understand him and this article has helped a lot. I feel like now that he has given up on me I don’t have anyone to hold my hand.

      • Carolina,
        There are no guarantees in life. I’m reminded of the song, “The Circle of Life” by Elton John. You should really read those lyrics because they are so true about life. People come and go into our lives. Sometimes we’re the teacher and they’re the students – and sometimes it’s the other way around.
        I’m sorry that your fiancé is drifting away from you, but I can tell you that
        if he’s truly on a spiritual journey and has awakened, he must follow his true path in life or he will never be happy – he will always feel that something is missing from his life.
        The interesting part about my spiritual awakening is that I have left so many people behind and have not looked back or felt any guilt. I knew in my heart (and soul) that it was meant to be for me to let them go and move on. I have left my old community, my job, my house, my family and even one of my best friends. I never dreamed that I’d leave my family and best friend behind in order to move forward – but my soul (higher self) is in charge of my life, since it possesses my divine blueprint. I trust my higher self, I’m learning to let others go ‘with love,’ for I know that they, too, must also follow their true path in life.
        I now live in another community that I absolutely love, I have made new (authentic) friends, I have a new job that I love; and for the first time in my life, I find myself saying – almost on a daily basis – “I love my life; I just love my home; I love this community, and I’m so happy here.” I am growing daily, I am ‘aware’ of situations in my life now, and I am facing my fears with courage and determination. It gets easier by the day.
        Anyway, if it’s any consolation to you, there will be many, many others to hold your hand in the future should you and your fiancé part ways – you are never alone.
        Peace and best wishes to you.

      • HI Nicole,

        Thank you for your sweet response. It really helped me to realize that life is so much bigger and you are right I cannot hold someone back from the path that are meant to take because like you said if that is the path that he is meant to take he will always feel as if something is missing. As for myself it is a new path for me as well and I feel that you are completely right when you say that one is never alone. I feel at times as if Im going crazy because I have become more consciously aware of myself and this is scary. I no longer am able to have the same conversations with friends that I use to have before, and that in itself is very difficult. I feel that they would never be able to understand the path that I am now going on is different than from what they are used to and thats completely fine. I think the hardest part of all this is not getting lost and I feel that theres a certain stage where I feel I have completely lost my mind but this website and all the comments have helped and made me realized that I am not alone and many others have gone through the same thing including yourself starting new is something so terrifying but at times its what you need to grow. Thank you so much for your sweet response.


  4. I am going through my awakening and this really put things in perspective. I was wondering what was going on with me and now I know. Thanks for posting this!

  5. I love reading about spiritual awakening i have had over half of these semptoms happen to me and after reading the book conversations with god it has Given me a greater sense of awareness of who i am since my awakening i have a urge to learn more

  6. Ive found this and other sites of great interest. Im going thru so many of those symptoms and at times it is really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My emotions are all over the place, Im at a point of not wanting to go back into previous line of work and Ive done so much soul searching over the past two years I just feel deflated, lethargic and no enthusiasm. I went for clairvoyant readings after my wife left me Feb 2011 and I needed answers, answers to the meaning of life. I thought I was losing my mind. I keep getting drawn to reading about spirituality. Only recently I fell across awakening symptoms, signs, and this website has been of great comfort. I feel a change come over me for sure. I really can relate to Stage 3 as where I am right now. I feel like a lost soul trying to find myself again. It has affected my work situations and people around me. Ive shut myself off from everyone. The world has become a mirror and reflects the sadness and damage that I need to repair in myself. If anyone can suggest a contact online with whom I can open too, someone who understands where I am coming from, please reply to me. Thank you for sharing this site and helping me to understand Im not alone.

    • Invisiblevoice, thanks for sharing your story… Sometimes just talking about it is a great help in itself… You will be surprise how many wonderful people are experiencing the same thing… When you share your story you free yourself of it… No one will judge you because we are all going though it that’s why we are here… We are here to share our experience and read others experience as well. I know it’s good just to know you are not lone, and trust me you will get through it. It’s just a phase, before you know It will be over… We need to start by learning how to love ourselves again…

      Most of us is used to always having a partner or a partnership and when we lose that we feel lost and alone. But, you are never alone… It’s ok to to vent your frustration as well. None of us are perfect… The sooner you open yourself and become open and vulnerable the sooner the healing process starts and you can move on in your life…. Learning to love ourself is a great article to read… Also participate in the discussions. Offering your support will help you to know that you have something to offer as well… You can be of help to others and by helping others you are really helping yourself :-)

      • Thank you for your swift reply. At the moment Im finding it very hard to grasp opportunites that come my way. It seems to be highlighting how highly sensitive my emotions are right now. I attended University to sudy Counselling but within one lesson I realised it was Counselling I was needing and within 4 further weeks of attending, I felt the overwhelming urge to withdraw as anxiety and fear kicked in and becuase of the nature of the sessions, I was having to open up and some of it was far too raw for me. Then I had an opportunity to become a Bus driver. Something I wanted to do since being a very young boy. I went thru all the recruitment process with confidence and it was a real buzz to successfully pass each of the 5 stages. Then it came to the training and altho I started off ok and enjoying the experience, suddenly anxiety and fear kicked in and I just couldnt cope and withdrew. What Ive found is ive over analysed too much plus the crying which comes in waves then disappears to where Im ok again. I just couldnt explain it. I now have an opportunity to become a volunteer youth worker but my self belief is shattered and that is something I have lacked since I was very young but now its like Im totally flat, no enthusiasm and living each day on auto pilot. Several friendships/relationships have suffered recently in the past 2 years as well. I’m just not on top form by any means. The nearest description of what Im going thru has been via site such as this one. I dont see or sense spirit around me but I do feel communication is coming at me thru the tv (e.g. adverts or programmes) and thru the internet or even sometimes when talking to someone. Some things just leap out at me more than others as if I was meant to hear it. Very hard to explain this to friends or family. They just see me in some sort of depression and becoming a recluse. Already visited the doctors last year who signed me off work for 3 months but because I feel ashamed for being out of work, confused and emotional, Im struggling to see a way forward. I have contemplated suicide several times but never carried it out and I cant see me doing so to be honest. I feel a very shy, emotional and a deep complex guy with lots of old issues that resurfaced and Im still learning to overcome them. I am without doubt, my own worse enemy. I beat myself up too much. Its tough but websites like this and your lovely words of wisdom are a great source of comfort. Is there a forum I should join that you would recommend please?

      • Invisible voice, I have experience all those signs you talk about in terms of messages coming to you. Messages come to me from various sources as well and it feels like I am having a personal conversation with the universe… They started happening to me after I met my soulmate/twinsoul last year… You said several relationships or friendship have failed recently in the last 2 years… Have you met anyone or any love interest that have had a huge impact on you that you have avoided or ran away from? The reason I asked and I am not saying this could be the reason for you spiritual awakening but it’s worth thinking about… There is in along discussion under the 11:11 and Twinflame . There are also random discussions under all these various post in the right hand column. Read through them and see if anything resonates with you… You can reply to any of these comments that resonates with you ;-)

      • I am replying as one who can relate. I have been going through my own spiritual awakening for 4 years now. I talk about my experience on my blog. Each week, I post a little more of my experience. This is a 4 year journey I’m sharing and to try to share it all at once will be overwhelming. If you’re interested, you can visit my blog weekly as I will add new posts which builds off one another. All I can say is it will be difficult at times, but you’ll get through it. I wrote daily during my spirtual awakening. That’s the only way I could cope. Here’s the link to my blog. Check back weekly as I share my experience. Everything is going to be alright :) http://knotsoknappy.weebly.com/woespiration-blog.html

    • It seems as though I was meant to read your message. I was a bus driver in England. Also had a small taxi business before moving to the north of Sweden 5 years ago. To be honest my dream was to live in Spain but took the wrong turning in France and somehow ended up near the Arctic Circle.

      Getting back to the point, I can relate to a lot of what you say. After a while I lost all my confidence, my energy, could no longer drive a taxi or a bus. Even though people here had opened their doors to me I very often shut myself off in my house and became very lonley. My savings ran dry. Then I had feelings of hopessness, worthlessness and thoughts of suicide.

      At last there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A month ago I drove to the nearest little town, which is 50 km away. There in Röda Korset (The Red Cross) shop they have a café where I got talking to a lovely Swedish lady who works there. She introduced me to the spiritualist meetings. She has also done a lot of work for charity. Since she met me she is now doing a course in psychology. My life has began to take on a new positive meaning.

      It was so strange. I did a train trip around Europe. When I came to this part of Sweden it felt so at home for me. It didn’t make sense to me at the time as I had a dream to live in Spain! Maybe it was meaning that I should meet the people and situations in this country.

      Please don’t give up my friend! Life is like a battery, it has a positive and a negative side! You are not alone!

  7. I am enjoying reading this post and the stages. I’m starting to experience a sense of peace and it’s unexplainable. For a long time I’ve put others before myself and now I realize you shouldn’t love anyone more than u love yourself. I’ve been hurt recently by my twin soul three times within the past year, although I was upset for awhile but now I’m more at peace how things are going. I’m starting to love me and I find myself looking back on past experiences and questioning my stupidity. So far things are coming into perspective from your readings. I’m in stage two of the spiritual awakening. Thank u so much.

    • You are welcome Ms.K… I also felt hurt and abandoned by my twinsoul in the past but I believed I am now completely healed. The pain is far and in between almost non-existence…. I have made peace with everything and I believe I am able to love and give myself wholeheartedly to another person if I so choose with no regrets….. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to love another with the intensity I did with my twin… Now, whatever the outcome I know I will be fine either way ;-)

      I recently completed stage 5…. Eventhough the journey continues… It’s amazing and a great relief to be at this stage… While I was in the midst of it… There were many days and nights I thought I could not go on…. I thought I wouldn’t make it…. But, I am here…. I am still here and I am at peace with the process of life….

      Godspeed ;-)

    • Divine….I come to you now because I’m experiencing spiritual symptoms…..emotional n physical, more on the physical signs. The aches n pains are more persistent, I’m waking up during the night and feeling restless n agitated. My headaches and constant low back pains are aggravating. I sit daily thinking about past experiences and my recent distraught heartache n how the pain was so intense down to the core of my being. All the information I’ve researched n read about a karmic relationship are all on point with my most recent friend. I had been setting myself up for hurt n didn’t realize it. I portrayed as the one not giving it my all n that wasn’t the case…..feelings of being unappreciated were shown a lot. I just want and need inner peace and strength and now I’m stuck in a rut. I truly love my TS and I want it to work but with all the hidden pain I find it hard to let go of certain things. Tears web up in my eyes n I wanna communicate with him and I feel if I do so that’ll be interference in the healing I need. I’m aware I should deal with my issues as well as continue on my path. I guess falling by the way side is one of many stumbling blocks to the process. I wanna be made whole again. I keep picturing all the hurt n pain then I went back only to be crushed again. What’s the real truth?

      • Ms.K, I know there are many people offer advice on how to deal with the twin soul pain and process. However, you will have to find your own truth by being present with the pain and with the process. What have helped me to move passed the pain was observing the pain and way it travels through me. Trying to void it or get away from it only made it persist and intensify.

        I knowledge it and accepted it has being apart of the process… I also did what I felt like doing and was open to the guidance from the universe… And, I did received some guidance and very clear messages. I contacted my twin as well many times to relieve my frustration… I probably sent him hundred message or very close to that over the last year while I was in the midst of it. It was my way to vent my frustration eventhough I knew he couldn’t really do anything about it. He was confused and in pain himself… But, I follow my gut and feelings until one day I woke up and I was fine again…

        I regained myself and did not feel the lost anymore… I love my twin but it’s not a needy love anymore… I don’t need him to fix me or make me whole because I now feel whole and complete within myself. The painful process for me took 1 year. But, it was worth it because i am more sure of myself now and I feel whole and more complete than I have ever felt in my entire life.
        I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary but accept that it was apart of the process, there was a reason for it and every phase must come to an end.

        I went through all the things you are talking about. The headaches, chest pain, not sleeping for days or nights, I felt an energy presence visiting me at nights almost every night for awhile… When I did fall asleep I felt something was keeping me from waking up… I was literally fighting to get up like my soul had left my body and was standing over my life less body…. Lot of crazy and weird things was happening to me… Half the time I wasn’t sure if I was awake or dreaming… I wasn’t sure what was real anymore… But, I got through it and you will too… It took awhile and it seemed like it would never end while it was happening it but it will and you will have clarity and insights once it’s over….

      • Hello Devine…….I come to u with unbelievable emotions, more so unexplainable, maybe some insight from u will help. I know I read that stage 3 is a very difficult stage, I do agree because past memories of my life experiences are resurfacing. All of the things I’ve done now has meaning…..as a young girl I was so deprived of the love I needed from family so I searched for that love outside. I felt in order to receive love I wanted everyone to like me so I did stupid things that I now regret. My perception from past experiences shows me why I don’t love myself like I should I’ve always put others before me n never thought about the consequences of my actions, I was truly taken advantage of in so many ways….my friend has reached out to me after not speaking for weeks he’s realizes he wasn’t patient n understanding towards all my turmoil n that he was selfish n only added to my pain. The past weeks I’ve cried more than a baby, there’s been good days n bad days…….I’m starting to see all my wrong doings n it hurts……out of all my past relationships my most recent one with him as been the most destructive one ……I have never cried so hard for anyone but him…..I mean down to the core/depth of my soul cry…atop all of this n the awakenings I see changes in me. I fearful of never finding the happiness I seek or the love I long for, my physical appearance has change as well as mental n emotional state. Taking care of me now is my top priority but at the same time I want to mend my relationship n hope for the best. Strength, Courage n Wisdom……..having Faith is what I lack.

      • Dear Miss K,

        Know that your TS is somewhere out there going through the same self-realization as you, for your twin is a reflection of your own self. Your TS probably has the same issues with not loving themselves and giving too much of themselves to others as well… You say you would like your TS relationship to work so in return so does your twin. In order for a strong Union to occur you have to meet in devine time with a wholeness. Take the time to mend your heart darling for I will forever save space for you when we’re ready to meet again. Know my intentions were never to hurt you. So please forgive me by forgiving yourself. Don’t pity your past because these are the experiences that helped you and I grow closer together. Don’t long for me my love for I am always in the light of your heart. Have faith in true love and just in time, we will be together again. After all, it has always been a part of our master plan!

  8. Hi Divine,
    I am in Stage 3 right now and am contemplating making a complete break from my family of origin. I have taken enough abuse from them and have completely outgrown them. I am strong enough to move on and would like to change my entire name as a way of divorcing myself from them. Is this a normal reaction in stage 3, and would you recommend that I wait until I’ve moved into stage four before attempting to do this? I have been contemplating this for months now, but recently I have felt a strong urge to do it – however, I keep vacillating. I would appreciate any insight you can give me. Thank you.

    • Nicole, I had felt the urge to cut ties with many people in my life that wasn’t helpful to my progress or I believe I had outgrown. Mainly, ‘friends’ or negative people :-( . That was in the midst of it because I wasn’t strong enough on my own to have them be in my life while I was going through the changes… However, now I know who I am and I am secure in who I am, I can be around anyone and their opinions or actions doesn’t bother… I have found my peace in the midst of chaos.

      However, I wouldn’t advise you to do anything drastic like a name change or do anything permanent because you are still trying to figure out who you are….
      You want to make peace not enemies during this process. Eventhough I have release certain people from my life it was more on a mental and spiritual level. Yes, I am not in physical communication with them but I didn’t create any animosity either… I just slowly detach myself from any unhealthy situation…

      I don’t know your family situation so I can’t and I won’t advise you on it…. And, even if I did I probably would not ;-) . Everything is a learning experience so whatever you decide you will gain experience from it…

  9. Dear Grace, you mentioned an energy presence visiting you, yes that is very true. I can’t explain what that thing has done to me. It is like it wants to occupy you completely. I can’t resist or protest much.

    And if I do resist for this or that reason, I can feel him upset the next day, doubting me, questioning me…

    In brief, this is soul love, as you call it…

    I know I will never make it in reality, I have lost my will… and an alive person will keep haunting me for a life time.

    What a mess.. I was so untouched before this, and one morning I woke up bleeding and fainting and trembling and protesting. It was a trauma…. and later on I could feel him all the time time specially in the nights. Oh I love him. He is such a powerful presence… pretty much like astral travelling… and I sort of asked him… is it you… and he signalled yes. And I wonder where he learnt to be so spiritually strong. Well, ii thought, no problem he isonly an angel…. and later he has the cheek to use: read abuse the word love for a cheap cheap woman …. after using me up for one year. I felt so hurt, so treated like disposable, I have decided never to have any communication with him. I love him… doesn’t mean I am there to lower myself, humiliate myself….

    This tf thing is such a torture sometimes, I am glad to see your independence, and I may be the most unstable mind possible at present. One moment, I feel a great rush of love for him and in other, it is a feeling of fear, just fear that he will only hurt me…

    I don’t want to find peace in other guys, I want to concentrate on my creative side, but even there it is he who inspires me, but I am okay with that…

    Well, let’s see where I will end up, there was a time I really wanted a reunion but today fear iis greater than love…

    He used to be the goal of my life for a while as long as I trusted him but the trust dissolved away very fast… I see, many of us are struggling with the same issue…

    Well, if he is not my dear love, my dear twin, my pain and my obsession , why I am even writing here,,, to forget him, I will have to forget myself!!!!!

    • Sadhna, he cares for you deeply but whenever, you put doublts out there you are sending him doubts as well… And, that confuses both of you even more. If you are unsure he will be unsure as well… I finally got all the last bit of doubts out my system… He is as scared as much as you are… They don’t want to get hurt either… But, the truth is you are doing to them what they are doing to you and the more you trust and accept yourself. The more you trust and accept Him… The love is already there and will always be there. They cannot do anything to you that you haven’t done to yourself. The ups and down are normal just know all is well… It’s just a phase and it’s all part of the process :-)

      Have soul or spirit ever visited you in any other relationship or union??? Doesn’t this shows something extraordinary is happening… Try just being present and being still to reduce the chaos and confusion… You need to find some balance so he can be balance as well… He is not going to make a decision if he sense you are out of balance and confused… He won’t be able to trust that vibration he is receiving from you…

      • yes, thank you dear Grace, Life is too short to hold on to grievances and all the blame games. You are very right dear.

        Well, may be i dont want a reunion ever, i am afraid of him. this may be only a phase, but i want to block him completely, to the extent like i am dead to him. this may sound contradictory, but i even want to be his angel and want to find a good girl for him, a girl who really deserves someone so astonishingly talented man like him. hahah, i cant find someone better than myself though ;) but yes really i have strange feelings.

        what is this? i want to be the dead lover and want to lead him to someone really good, i wonder whether he thinks the same about me!!!!

        i know such feelings are not healthy, you are so right, i mistrust him, then he mistrusts me and without any reason, my mistake admitted.

        Thank you for holding on to faith, this is a lot of help.

        i often had dreams when i saw myself dying and he trying to protect me, this happened in days before i came to know him in this life. The harrowing dreams are like unforgettable remembrances to me.

        i care about him, i really do,….

        you are so right divine grace, you are so right, thank you :)

  10. I am certain that I am in stage 4 however, the tf that I speak of is physically deceased two years. I still feel the presence of him whenever I am alone. I dreamt of him trying to connect with me one night while sleeping. I dreamt of many shadows without faces surrounding me, and one of the faceless beings was reaching out to me through the others that surrounded me. I woke up with a throbbing headache at 10:30pm and I noticed that the watch that he had given me had stopped running at 10:20pm according to the time on the microwave. I received a 911 call the following morning, it was a missed call from a former co-worker informing me of his untimely death. I was deeply moved in sadness and in complete and total shock. I was also startled of the phone call due to the particular person making the call.I found it odd that after so many months had passed without hearing from this person, that they would think that I needed to know of this death. The relationship was considered a secret, in a way. I never did like drama in the workplace and I had asked that he keep this on a normal level of office comraderie. I still struggle with the idea of how he could say things to me that there was no way of him knowing of other than telepathic connections.
    I still miss the fun and games that he and I shared in trying to explain what may have been going on between us, for we came from two totally different worlds and tribes of people. Our religious views were somewhat similar in ways but, different in the same.

    I miss him.

      • Hey Divine, why did you ask 1981… My birth year is 1981 and had close encounters with death recently, I even charted out a plan to connect with my twin, in case I die…

        I hope it is not a premonition :(

        I am through terrible terrible times these days…

        I feel shocked for moon queens loss…

        even while typing this, I am surrounded with terrible distractions, I can’t even express myself properly.

      • Thank you, Divine and Sadhna. Actually my birth was 1960 and his was 1966. I am a Pisces and he was a Taurus. I don’t understand the Eros and psyche chart. I was born on a Thursday, March 17, 1960 and he was born on Thursday May 5th, 1966. he could say things to me that only my brother would know, concerning our childhood and music preferences, my brother died in 2005 of cancer and his birthday was May 6th , 1957. This was very strange to me, at the time. I also felt his presence, as well, but it was after us deaths. There is more that haunts me, concerning this encounter.Too much happened to me in a two year window. Very hard for me to explain or even accept.

        Love you all for your kindness and understanding.

    • Moonqueen, this is your Pysche and Eros connection with the guy… I also looked at your general birthcharts and you both loved and liked each other… That’s good because sometime you can love someone but not necessarily like them but you guys also liked each other… The Eros and Psyche is how you relate to each other… It doesn’t means you are Twinflames or soulmates… You guys will instinctually know if it’s the one… I think you should keep your heart open… When you meet your twinflame you will know…

      His Eros in: her Psyche in:

      aries: cancer or capricon
      taurus: leo or aquarius
      gemini: virgo or pisces
      cancer: libra or aries
      leo: scorpio or taurus
      virgo: sagittarius or gemini
      libra: capricorn or cancer
      scorpio: aquarius or leo
      sagittarius: pisces or virgo
      capricorn: aries or libra
      aquarius: taurus or scorpio
      pisces: gemini or sagittarius

      Let’s be quite clear about this one. It so often kicks off when one or both of the lovers are otherwise involved. Or, for some reason the entire thing is utterly impossible. They meet, sense the heat and feel the fear. Each falls insanely in love and decides to ride it out like a kind of exotic flu. They frequently come across one another when every little thing goes against their romance. There is an initial encounter or two and then nothing. Yet something brings them back into contact with one another and it’s all on — ready or not! Should they be wild enough to go ahead with this rollercoaster romance, they become the couple to watch. Each eggs on the other to fully follow their bliss. They take up all the oxygen in any room – the passion, the bitchery, the ego-conflicts. The sheer heat generated by this pair bonding is beyond belief.

      Her Eros in: his Psyche in:

      aries: leo or sagittarius
      taurus: virgo or capricorn
      gemini: libra or aquarius
      cancer: scorpio or pisces
      leo: sagittarius or aries
      virgo: capricorn or taurus
      libra: aquarius or gemini
      scorpio: pisces or cancer
      sagittarius: aries or leo
      capricorn: taurus or virgo
      aquarius: gemini or libra
      pisces: cancer or scorpio

      This tender romance has the potential to be the clingiest of all. Once pair-bonded, this couple can be almost inseparable. They literally find being parted from one another to be that irksome. Some have love at first sight, others get a bolt from the blue; peace relationships are often built on emotional or social togetherness before any passion sneaks in. This doesn’t mean there isn’t any excitement — it just means the tension builds to the heat of that first kiss. These guys know each other by the way each feels serene or kind of blessed out by the whole thing. Life itself seems to conspire to bring them together. Its as if they can see all the ‘fragile handle with care’ areas of other relationships or not only tread around them but actually heal the psychic scars from any ancient angst.

      Eros and Psyche table

      • Thanks, Divine. I understand the Eros and psyche charts better. And I do know that we liked each other, we were like children playing. I know that he is on the other side now, and I am glad that he is at peace in his new life. the dream just wigged me out a little and there was actually more than one. I know that there are a lot of things within myself that I have to come to terms with and accept the divine connections and interventions that I encounter throughout the rest of my life time on this earth and I am greatful to have had the pleasure of ever meeting him.

        Sadhna my email addy is queen72176@yahoo. All is well. Peace, love and understanding.


  11. I have experienced all of the above. A freak accident in 2004 changed my life forever. Following surgery and rehabilitation, I subsequently lost my job. It has been a struggle ever since. In 2010 I published my first book, A Twist of Fate, dealing with the human spirit and forgiveness in a romantic drama. It was not very successful. In March this year I published my second book, The Messenger – a tale about a man’s undying love for a woman spanning three decades – upon his demise, he is able to communicate with her from the other side. Still I feel like I don’t know where I am going. I meditate twice a day and listen to hypnotic tapes. My books are about the human spirit and how man is supposed to live collectively as one. Yet a part of me wants to heal people on a spiritual level. What is going on with me? I keeping asking myself why I am here and what my true purpose is.

  12. Thank you so much Divine,

    I think I came to the world awakened, I got nature science education and never thought about souls stuff, but I was aware of everything that was happening. Thanks to the hard lessons of life and my sincere friends I gained more and more knowledge. Since last November I realized I have a soul, due to meeting with a soulmate, I could feel the field between us, like electromagnetic field, and I am sure we once met before we met. So I began to read stuff about spirituality and learned quite a lot. I am so lucky that I have wise friends, who although don´t have this kind of sense, but didn´t make judgements but listened to me. I never expected I met someone who is probably my twin flame on 13.03.2013. I had my defence and got my doctor on that day, as we were celebrating I saw him still working in the lab and invited him to my celebration. We were engaged two weeks later. He was experiencing his spiritual awakening, suffering quite a lot but most people didn´t understand him. It was sometimes also quite hard for me to understand and he could be quite rude to me at the beginning. But I just tried my best not to judge and treated him possibly as he wanted to be treated with. It was so hard and painful how his situation was towards me, I never expected he might change but only wanted to try my best to help him as long as I could. But he did change and is a totally different person now. And as the closest person for him at that stage, I know he did experience most of the symptoms listed above. What I don´t understand is, is it common, that spiritual awakening and twin flame reunion happen at the same time? I came to this page because we are probably experiencing the twin flame runner phase, it was too turbulent and we split last week, at the beginning I thought it was because of some conflicts arose from life, but now I think we just both need our own space to grow. I caused most of the arguments (at least if you see it superficially) and in the end he wanted to withdraw. I didn´t want to because I was too worried about him, how hard his life was at the beginning without me. But thanks to this page, I understand his experience was maybe only once and will probably not happen again, and we just should go our own way now.


    • Thank you Daisy for sharing your story. I m glad this site was able to help you. Life lessons, struggles and hardships are the quickest way to enlightenment and awareness… Godspeed ;-)

  13. Divine,
    its a great article and i love reading it.i believe I’m in stage 5 and it doesn’t stop there because life is a learning process. I’m beginning to accept myself, love myself and love my surroundings.I really feel at peace and look everything at a much broader view.

  14. Thank you so much for this article. You have cleared so many things up for me. Im 22 years young and im at stages 3 and 4. Can you give me any info on why im going through a spiritual awakening so young.

    • People go through awakening at any age… It’s not about the chronological age. It’s about your soul growth and your life experience…

  15. I feel… confused as of the moment. Maybe I’m on stage 3, maybe I’m not. Problem is for some reason I needed a mentor, someone who really understands what’s happening and I was able to research some but the problem is they all have contradicting theories although mostly are the same.

    I have a strong gift of intuition… Especially when I use the aid of Tarot cards… sometimes I will see the card and have a vision something different to what the physical card has been telling me. I uses this ability to help people… the problem is I have been facing condemnations here and there… it is tearing me apart.

    And… does past life really exists? I have been facing issues about murder… I was killed in my past life. This makes me less trusting in people… but I have been betrayed by people during my early years.

    I am studying as an artist as of the moment and I am on my final year… problem is that I feel that there’s no point in doing these things. I focus almost all of my entire time researching, reading, praying, meditating… and I know I should start working on my thesis but my progress is slow. Thank God I was able to do it even if I am not on the best shape.

    Then my family is thinking that I am some kind of a witch or voodoo whatever. They are wondering why I am debating with the concept of God… why I am fond of metaphysical crystals… it has been affecting me.

    i am also having mood swings, most of the time I am itchy and irritated… there are times when I feel pure bliss.

    I just wanted to know if I am doing the right thing… I feel like I’m losing my mind.

    • Oleander, I don’t think are a witch or that you are crazy. The first step to truth is to question every thing. God will not judge you. God made you and said you were perfect. If your heart is pure and your intentions are good, who cares??? God loves you for the simple fact that you are here, and you are here for a reason. Listen to your heart and hear your calling :-) everyone journey is unique to the individual and serves a purpose. No two snowflakes are alike.

  16. Dearest Divine,

    You & this website are truly a Godsend! I have been studying and have been on an awakening that I only realized in the last few weeks, thanks to this site. I am now somewhere towards the end of Stage 3 and beginning Stage 4. My awakening initially began 1 year ago upon the meeting of my twin flame. It has been a year full of calamity, change & soul searching in my personal life, to say the least.

    I had no knowledge whatsoever of twin flames — nothing. But when I met him, the absolute second I looked in his eyes, I knew him. The first words out of his mouth to me, I knew his voice. It was the strangest yet most welcoming feeling I have ever had in my life. At that moment, I didn’t realize who he was, but undeniably, we knew each other somehow. That began a series of events in spiritual awakenings that you describe in this website, events I can relate to — almost all of them described as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms. Because I had no learned knowledge whatsoever of this type of spiritual awakening, I truly truly thought I was going crazy. I had no explanation of why as such a strong and seemingly grounded person my life was ripped inside-out and turned completely upside down. Everything I believed in, especially in a spiritual sense (God, church, marriage, etc.) was blown out of the water and my life went into a MAJOR tailspin. Yet, for the first time, I had started to feel more like myself than I ever had in 20 years, or in my life, for that matter.

    I can look back now and I know exactly 20 years ago, I touched on a spiritual awakening at the age of 25. Although I was much more mature than peers & friends my age, the shock of it scared me and I ran away & blocked it out. I always knew I was different from most of my friends and family and that made me feel alienated. Right about that time, I met and eventually married my husband, and literally “settled.” The word itself is what I felt I needed to do to be “normal,” to have what others had, to “fit in” with the rest of the world.

    Upon meeting my twin flame, I was literally thrown into a mirror of myself. He WAS me, the me I had known all my life, but wasn’t able to be for 20 years. I was meant to meet him to be reminded of who I really was and what I needed to do to just be. I left my husband 2 months ago and have been continuing on this journey to being the me I always knew, accepted & loved, but just set aside to take care of everybody else.

    My twin flame is 18 years my junior, and needless to say, in the scope of world & societal rules, something like this is what Hollywood movies are made of. The older woman, younger man…..”she’s going thru a mid-life crisis…,” so many labels out there. Yet to me, none of that matters. I have a spiritual connection with this man that is undeniable. Again, though, he IS 18 years my junior, and the intensity of what we have has made him run (the runner…. :)) on a few occasions. I can’t blame him — when I was 25 I ended up settling for less because the possibility of more was just too much for me to handle. It can be EXTREMELY difficult to hang on, never knowing if he will learn to trust in it. I keep reminding myself of the advice you give out on mirroring — what he feels/sees in me is what he will mirror. If I am not trusting, he too will not trust & it’s a cycle that goes round and round. I had issues with self-image, self confidence, etc. prior to meeting him. And self doubt can creep in from time to time when I look at our age difference. But since we met, I have lost 20 lbs. without even really trying — it’s all in this spiritual awakening, so that’s helped me feel better about myself again physically. Yes, he has run, but so far he has always returned and our relationship has grown deeper. Without a doubt, I have fallen very deeply in love with my twin flame, but have been reluctant about moving forward physically with him, probably because I know the intense spiritual release it would bring may be too overwhelming for him and cause him to run again. I am afraid of him running and this time NOT returning. Such is my dilemma……

    I have so much more to learn about myself and my awakening and will update you as I continue to progress and evolve. It’s funny, I feel like a butterfly :)

    Divine, I will continue to study all you have here on your website and I want to thank you so much for helping me understand who I am and why this all has happened to me. Much, much Aloha to you…. :)

    • You are very welcome pulelehua :-) Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your story. I am glad this site was of great help to you. I really appreciate all the love and feed backs I get from you and many others. The thanks and love from you and others make this whole experience worthwhile :-) Godspeed

      • He is 27 years my junior. It’s insane, but wat can I do. I’ve tried everything to get him out of my mind. Even starting a relationship with somebody my own age. It doesn’t work. It just doesn’t go away. It hurts so much. I don’t believe I will ever see him again, so what is the use of this happening to me?

        Yes, I have changed so much, since I met him two years ago. I’m not the same person anymore. I went through all the bad things that have happened to me in my life. Almost all my fears are gone now.

        There is just on thing left. The thought of never seeing him again is to much for me. I can only hope that I learn to cope with that as well and that I will become happier with my life.

        This site is allready helping me a lot. You are a very wise person. Thanks very much!!!

      • Netty have you tried looking at the yin yang connection in your chart… Astrology has some logic explanation to some these connection. When two charts are perfectly complimentary in certain aspects yet identical in others in creates a powerful connection. I started seeing and understanding many things that I never thought possible. After my twinsoul yang aspects met my yin aspects it ignited something in me that I can’t quite explain.

      • I checked it all and we are supposed to be a perfect match. Everything yang for both of us, accept in the day branch, there I am yin and he is yang. We are also “mind mates” and “haven’t we met before”.

      • Netty it’s the yang to the yin that makes the connection powerful. So, if you are yang in one area he should be yin in that area and vice versa. For everywhere I’m yin, my twin is yang and where I am yang he is yin. That’s what create the whole in the yin yang circle

      • Hi Divine,

        I have just read Pulelehua’s TF story and thought it was interesting. Is there any way for me to know whether I will meet my TF in this lifetime? I keep hoping that I will because I would really like to experience this phenomenon. I met my soul mate three years ago, and it was quite a roller-coaster ride – I was ecstatic one day and traumatized the next. We had an abrupt ending (I left), but the life experiences from this relationship were enormous.

        I have read somewhere that only about 2% of people get to meet their TF. I was wondering whether I should meditate and ask my TF to enter my life. But then it dawned on me that if he hasn’t incarnated in this lifetime, then perhaps I would be wasting my time in calling him forth.

        Do you have any suggestions regarding how I should handle this matter? Is this something I should try to pursue or allow to unfold naturally? Thanks.

  17. Hello,

    I was wondering if I could be a bit cheeky :) This article was wrote by me in 2012 but the website I originally had the article located on is no longer available as I have moved to a new domain so my old website URL you have at the end of this article is a broken link now so if your followers were to click onto it the link would not lead them to the page. Would it be possible if you could put my new URL at the end of the article so it would lead them to the new URL article location if they wished to click on it as the article now has some new content added to it too. My new URL for that article is http://www.jadestarotreadings.com/spiritual-awakening-signs.html. You don’t have to make this comment public if you don’t want to it is just I wouldn’t want people to click on the broken link.

    Thank you,


    • Thanks Jade, I will update the link :-) . Since you are the author maybe you can answer some of these people questions… Great article by the way and please to meet you ;-)

  18. Dear Divine,

    I’m really sorry about bothering you with my comment yesterday. I don’t want to burden anyone with my pain. However, I had to tell someone, who understands. It was simply impossible not to. I don’t know why. I’ve been coping with this all by myself, since it started. Now I feel an incredible urge to share my story. So I will do that now.

    I met him two years ago. He was introduced to me, because he was going to do an internship in our group. He hasn’t been out of mind since. The first thing I thought, when I first layed eyes on him, was that I was really glad he was not going to be my intern. So I wouldn’t have much to do with him. However, due to some completely unexpected circumstances, he became my intern anyway :).

    The only thing I wanted was to avoid him as much as possible. So I started working at home. That way I wouldn’t have to see him more than once a week. I didn’t even know why I wanted to stay away from him. I managed to keep this up for more than 5 months. Yes, I ran.

    Then I was forced to spend 3 weeks in the same room with him. It drove me crazy and made me happier than I’ve ever been in my life at the same time. I never got along with somebody that good in my life. We are so much alike it is scary. We share the same taste in just about everything. I knew things about him, I couldn’t know. I told him things about myself I’ve never told anyone before and vice versa. It was like I’ve always known him. We didn’t need words to communicate with each other. I could read it in his eyes or I just knew. How is it possible to get along so good with somebody that much younger? I didn’t even realize why I felt so happy at the time.

    After this episode we were separated for 3 weeks, because he had to finish his thesis. That was when I started to realize how I felt about him. When he came for three weeks to help with a project, we were inseparable. But we also started having fights. We were so damn honest with each other. The next day everything was settled. I wasn’t afraid for even a moment, that we wouldn’t. I could be myself with him. I didn’t have to hold anything about myself back from him. He is the only one who really knows who I am.

    However, all this time I also had the feeling I wouldn’t see him again after he left. A couple of days after he arrived I couldn’t hide that I was very sad about that anymore. I lied about the reason, but he knew right away why I was sad. He got really mad at me and confronted me about it the same day. The next day he told me that he did’nt want a relationship with somebody older. I had never said a word about how I felt about him. How could he know?

    When he left I was devastated. I have never felt that much pain about anything in my life before. It felt like I was dying. Then all the bad things that ever happened to me surfaced in my mind. I went through them one by one. I will never be the same after this.

    It has been just over a year, since I last saw him. There still is a small chance that he will come back to do a PhD at our group. But I feel that this is not going to happen and that I will never see him again. So I tried everything I could think off to escape from the pain of the separation. We are both in a relationship with somebody else now. I can tell you that is doesn’t work. There is no escape from this. I will have to go through this by myself as well.

    I’m very greatful that I found this site and I hope that you will be fine. Thank you!!

    God I just hope that nobody I know will ever see this. I don’t want anyone to know about this.

    • Netty, thank you for sharing your story. This is the beginning of a new awareness for you. I remember the first time I shared my story, I was so worried about what everyone was going to think. At the time I was still debating if all these things that were happening to me were normal. I was at a cross road, and my options were to either talk about it to anyone who was willing to listen or keep it all inside and drive myself crazy.

      However, the more I shared my story and talked about it it started to lose power over me. I became stronger and I realized most importantly that I was not alone. I have met some amazing and wonderful people on this site that as much as they think I am helping them. They are actually helping me just as much as well. The ego is what is holding us back and keeping us in captivity. When you talk about it you free your mind and free yourself.

      Every person in this world as things they are struggling with in their personal life. There is no need to worry what others may think. I can almost guarantee that people are too worried and concern about their own personal struggles to worry about others. This is the first step to healing :-) .

      I have also realized this experience is really not about me and I shouldn’t internalize it or personalize it. God uses random people to serve random purposes. You are call for a purpose and even if you don’t know what it is right this moment, the more your share your story the more things will reveal themselves. Everything happens for a reason and in due time you will receive the answers as well.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story and I’m sorry I overlook your first comment. You are not bothering me in the least. I am just not always able to get to all the comments. Sometimes I want you guys to talk to each other as well.

      What are the odds of someone you know finding your comment, unless they are your twinsoul and they were guided here :-) if that’s the case it’s nothing less than divine intervention.

      • Dear Divine,

        I can’t ever thank you enough. I think you are right that I’ve been called for a purpuse. I’m a scientist with knowledge about, amongst other things, the human brain and a bit about psychology. My specialization is molecular biology and genetics. However, I feel that my most important capability is that I’m am able to see what is important and to connect subjects that superficially seem completely unrelated.

        In my life I’ve had to deal with very manipulative people, time and time again. My biological father, my mothers second husband, people at school and at work. I’m still dealing with people like that at the moment. They keep choosing me as target. This happens to me time after time. It never seems to end. People like this have a very negative hold on society. Last week, when I was thinking about this problem, the thought of a four leaved clover popped up in my mind. When I looked down, I actually saw one. I picked it and kept it, to prove mainly to myself that it was real.

        However, I’m doing research on something completely different now. Something that in the future may help to cure a very deadly, contagious disease. I think I have to seriously think about the purpose of my life.

        I think I found out just now, why I felt that sudden urge to share my story on your site yesterday and today :).

        Thanks so much!!

      • I used the Chinese compatibility calculator. It says the score is 6, so a perfect match. Our birth dates are 4 april 1964(me) and 7 dec 1990(him).

        I’ve tried everything to get him out of my mind. This is not me, usually it takes a relatively short time to get over somebody. This is just getting stronger and stronger. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

        What is happening to me and why?

      • I had a perfect 6 with my twin as well and he is a Sagittarius dragon :-) my twin and I have the dragon and rooster connection in the day and year branch. So, it is doubled in our charts.

      • You are goat in the day and he is horse, so you guys have that connection in the day branch. Read on the goat and the horse soulmate connection. You are right but the connection is in the day branch. See if the goat and horse soulmate connection resonates with you…

        Astrology and soul mates

        In numerology you are a 4 born and he is a 7 born. The 4 & 7 have a soulmate or spiritual connection as well. There are many other things that makes the connection powerful.

      • Found it and yes it does resonate with me. That is how it feels when I’m with him.

        Thank you, this explains it for me

      • Your birth numbers the 4 and 7 also have a spiritual connection. I am posting the goat and horse connection in the day branch. The day branch is important because that relates to adulthood. The year represent childhood and the month represent your school years.

        Horse & Goat

        These two soul mates believe in each other and compliment each other perfectly. The Horse is the personification of the yang, masculine day-force, and the Goat is the very essence of the yin, feminine night-force.The Horse, whether male or female, will embody the yang essence that is the initiating forceful impulse which delineates and defines. The Goat, whether male or female, will embody the yin essence that is the responsive nurturing impulse which responds and reunites. The Horse’s decisive mental activity and the Goat’s poetic inner life are in true yin/yang communion. Together,these two will share many fulfilling moments when they connect. Horse–Goat: They are the two parts that make up the whole, with the yang of the Horse and the yin of the Goat, they each offer the other all they need. They are destiny personified.

      • I’m crying here. I’m not crazy.

        Thank you Divine, I needed to know this so much. I really couldn’t understand why I feel so incredibly strong about him. We do bring out the best in each other. I’m so sure that he and I are supposed to work together.

      • Dear Divine,

        I don’t know how I can help you, but I’m sure that some day I will.
        I am a person who always wants to help other people and very often people have taken advantage of me too.

        It was great talking to you today. I feel so much better now.

        Good night and thanks again :)

  19. i am experiencing all this symptoms as well over the past 3 years i think. i feel a sudden urge to cry and i feel this very strong presence in the room and i think my chakras are opening. i was confused at first what was happening to me. now i am starting to understand it after researching about spiritual awakenings and focusing on learning more about it. it has been a very humbling process i’ve learned to appreciate the value of things and the importance of spirituality in one’s life. i am also very moved by music and i could just suddenly burst in tears everytime i hear a beautiful melody. i just hope i find my purpose at the end of this journey. thank you i feel so relieved reading other people experiencing the things i do

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing Bangski… I glad this article and blog was able to clear up some of your frustration and confusion.

      Best Wishes :-)

  20. Aloha e Divine,
    I am amazed at how your advice is so helpful and everyone’s perspective (in sharing their stories) are so similar to mine. One line you wrote “…..we can’t ALL be crazy…” :) really resonates with me. I too am at a crossroads.
    When I met my twin flame, a year ago, it came completely out of the blue. He is 18 years younger than I. He is not even really my usual type, especially since he is so much younger than I. We come from very different backgrounds but I find in him the side of me I always knew. He is VERY shy & keeps to himself — I too am extremely shy but have developed almost an alter-ego as an outgoing talkative person just to be able to get thru life, i.e. I dforced myself at a young age to talk to people because no one would talk to me. But I always felt like that was a “false” side of me, to this day I don’t feel comfortable just walking up and talking with anyone — I STILL force myself. As I mentioned, he wasn’t my “type,” especially as a younger man (I married someone much older than I). However, when the synchronicities started showing up, it did so BIG TIME. I recently found a few old pictures of my husband (whom I am separated from) when he was in his early 20′s (I met my husband when he was in his late 30’s). My twin flame (in his late 20’s) resembles my husband very much in those pictures. Also, my twin flame has a young girlfriend, when I saw her pictures, she looks an awful lot like I did in my early twenties when I used to model in Japanese ads. It’s quite perplexing.
    We have the same food tastes, the same love of art, music, history. He knows what I’m thinking before I even say things and he’ll call or message me when it seems like I need him the most. When I can’t put into words what I’m trying to say, he just KNOWS and answers as though we had the same thoughts at the exact same time. When we’re together, we can just talk and talk – HOURS can go by and feel like minutes – we always lose track of time. I am one who gets bored SO EASILY and it’s hard to keep my attention, but I have NEVER been bored in any time I’ve spent in conversation with him. We can talk on serious intellectual levels, candid or even slapstick levels, even about sexual topics and lovemaking without ever an awkward vibe thrown in anywhere. I’ve never had to justify myself or my intentions about anything with him, he just “gets it.”
    As of yet, we have not been physically intimate & it has been difficult keeping it that way! There is an ABSOLUTE magnetic attraction we have to each other from the moment we met. We’ve had this dance between us going intensely for 11 months now. Although we have not yet been intimate, it did come extremely close one night. But in an “attack of conscience,” I sent him home as although I was not with my husband anymore, he still had his girlfriend, and being the older one now (I was taken advantage of by my older boyfriend who later became my husband ), I did not want my twin flame to feel the guilt that would have definitely resulted towards her from our physical union. He’s a good man and it would’ve caused him much, much grief to have to face her. I backed off from him out of respect for his relationship and after that, things started to become very different between us and he started to “run” again. He’s run in the past before a few times, needing his space and getting away from me when things get a bit too intense & real, but he’s always returned and our relationship always grew deeper because of it. But since that night I sent him home, I can sense that things are very different from his end now and it absolutely breaks my heart.
    We have never discussed exactly what has happened between us, being twin flames. I am so afraid to bring it up because of his running. Divine, I know God did not put us in this world to only rely on others to make us happy or whole. But the thought of being without him brings me pain & tears beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. All my life, no one but God has been able to understand me. No one has been able to TRULY accept me. And I got used to it! I got used to being labeled “different, weird, off…” whatever else I’ve been called. But that NEVER came from him – he understood me. He made me feel alive, beautiful, that it was okay to be me because HE was me. He is the only person who I was understood by and gave me a feeling of being safe & secure and now he runs.
    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to tell him what I know about the two of us. He’s told me the same things I felt – that it’s like we’ve known each other forever, that he’s shared things with me he’s NEVER shared with anyone else, that he knows we have a very deep rooted connection that he doesn’t understand. My gut, Divine, is telling me I need to let him go on his run, that if I try to tell him what’s going on between us, it’ll drive him further away longer. Am I right? I know all pairs are different but that’s what my gut tells me, my heart tells me something desperately different.
    Thank you for listening to my plight. Any info or advice you have would be a welcomed gift as I am still learning about all of this. God’s blessings to you, Divine. Mahalo nui!

    • Hi Pulelehua, I understand the pain, confusion and frustration concerning this connection. Listen to your gut, if your gut said let him do is running, then let him run. Give him the space he needs to find himself. Every person that was created has their own inner guide and ways of going about and finding themselves and their purpose. We cannot control the actions of others but we can control our behavior and the way we respond situations to a certain extent. Letting go of someone or something you have a very strong and powerful connection and attachment to can be very hard. However, in letting go is how we find out what’s truly or rightfully ours. We can never lose what’s rightfully ours. The universe or God will find a way to bring them back to us… The vibration and energies we send out is pulling or drawing to us what we need at that point in time in order to grow and become the best persons we can be.

      I believe very strongly that we are always on the right track and doing what we need to do to be the person we are supposed to be. Things are never as bad as they seems and when things get to the point were you are not sure you can take it anymore… God, always send the right person along to get you through the rut or hopeless situations you find yourself in… God has never failed me and God will never fail you…

      Trust your gut instincts and the process of life to see you through :-)


      Ps. I moved the comment down because there were 2 different conversations going on on that thread.

      • Yes, Divine, that is so true that God will send the right person or people to help you get thru the ruts & hopeless situations! He led me here to you and you are welcomed beacon shedding light on my path. As I am learning and taking all of this in, please know how much you & all the others here have helped me. Thank you so very much! God’s blessings to you & yours :)

  21. May I have your permission to try to compose an answer. What you are saying resonates very much with me. I discovered this blog which was a blessing, read it all inside out to find out what it’s all about -TW. Now I’m in a period when I read people’s stories. To take someone’s pain needs much compassion and strength. It’s obviously divine.
    We all help each other literally to survive every day, especially those when we flip over and go crazy.

    However, I feel that we often asks for a precise concrete answer from someone, need a guarantee. And who can do it for us? Our beloved angel Divine? I think she does her best to support us, but the most work and all answers have to be felt through our own hearts. And actually all the information is here at this site. Why TW are separated? When/ if ever they are to be reunited etc.

    I wish I could get answers to my qs, but I know well that none, but time (divine time) can answer.

    Pulelehua – you are doing amazingly well. You, your pure and opened heart felt it was wrong to get close at this stage. You acted not just responsibly, but was caring and loving. Well done. You are an example we have to look at. Let me remind you and possibly Netty too that age difference is never an obstacle. Both TF feel each other, and it well might be of no ordinary romantic frame. Think how special you are to be above that! But it’s more responsibility too.

    Me, you, divine, all others can do nothing, but baby steps on our way to survive (or live more consciously than before). What I myself learnt TW comes together for a reason, a purpose. Lets prepare ourselves for that. I believe in this. Or we just want to ‘violate’ other’s feelings, space, even divine purpose imposing ourselves on our beloved ones? ‘Now I’m yours, I wanna be with you – take me and love me to the end of your or mine life’ ))) (I’m talking about myself in this case, being self ironic).

    I wish to read more TF reunion stories. And wish one day it would be one of yours, mine and everybody else.

    Now it’s only left to put it into my own practice what I so wisely wrote ))
    I will try. With all and each of you, dear TF readers of this divine site.

    • Julia thank you for your kind words and encouragement! It is such a welcoming feeling to be among others who know what I’m experiencing. I have friends and family who offer me advice but there is NO ONE around me at this time (other than on here) who understands what I am going through. I get “worldly” advice almost daily and it creeps in my psyche sometimes but for the most part, it’s starting to just roll off my back — people who don’t know mean well but can’t possibly give good advice on things they don’t know about. Thank you for your advice and words of wisdom, Julia. I pray that you and yours, too, will have that reunion we are all hopeful for. God bless you! :)

      • To survive I made a decision: I am going to continue to live just as I lived before meeting TW, but my life will be more aware, more enlightened, more spiritual and complete than ever before… I will be more beautiful, more talented, stronger, kinder, more caring and attentive to others and myself.
        What else could I, we all do? Any suggestions? :-)

        However, I must see whether I will be able to keep to this decision of mine :-) and whether it will bring any changes :-) Must be, at least some…

      • That is AMAZING Julia! How much better the world would be if more folks paid attention to bettering what they can control — themselves & their outcomes, instead of worrying about how everyone else is. I, too, am determined to work through what God & Spirit is wanting me to fix this time around. I was so scared when I was younger, as I’m sure most of us are! But I’m not so scared anymore, maybe only of what would be if I ran from this awakening again, and I am so blessed to have another chance. Doors are flying wide open in just about all my paths now, and I finally understand why my life for the last 20 years has been stagnant and without flow. It is a wonderful revelation to come across. :)

        I think you are well on your way, Julia — you inspire me. Thank you again and please continue to keep in touch on here. I would LOVE to hear how you are doing as we move along in our paths!

        Much Aloha! :)

  22. thank YOU, Pulelehua!
    It’s me who is inspired by others’ stories and individual processes.
    I do what I can since I gave up on the idea of waiting as waiting. There is nothing to wait…
    All is clear from the articles here. One must walk his own path… in a meanwhile.
    One morning now I meditated with ‘Drunvalo’s light’ and then I sat outside under the sun and a dragonfly landed on my bare hand…
    What more signs do we need? :-)

    Sure, I’ll be around here.

    • I LOVE that about the dragonfly, Julia! That is amazing! Yes, we must walk our own paths and look & watch for all the signs. On one hand, when you awaken, it can be so overwhelming to have so much happen at once & so fast, but on the other hand, it is supremely comforting as it all feels like it’s coming back, it’s new yet familiar. Thank God for you, Divine & others on here who all know what it’s like while I’m learning what it all means. Pulelehua actually means “butterfly” in Hawaiian. Now you know why I took that name :) Blessings to you Julia!
      Me ke Aloha,

  23. Thank you, dear …-Fly, for giving me a hug on my hand. I felt your support. Magic is made by us. It’s too early, but I feel a kind of excited: I begin every morning waking up feeling a thrill – what today? I meditate, focus on the areas I’d like to address and, Oh, Magic, it starts to resolve during the day…
    Love and Light.

    ps I even feel I must be careful what I focus on right now )) Things start happening…

  24. Peace be with you!

    I was browsing everyday in the net looking for some help for everything what I feel because almost every month I am in the hospital bringing a different illness or sickness symptoms. Done many x-rays and test but every result is perfectly fine and alright. Till I clicked this blog and I was in Goosebumps while I’m reading it. I believed it was a blessing to read your blog, I found myself started reading all, to know and find out what is all about, and to my sock I am experiencing almost 90% of those symptoms in fact it is years passes now I am still unable to understand what’s wrong with my body, I feel so scared most of the time. But now after reading this blog I understand a bit on what’s happening with me. I think I am entering on stage 4 now and I do hope I can manage it till the end sometimes I feel like I am getting crazy, and I don’t have any one to talk coz I am also scared on what they will think of me. But so far I am always getting sick and every laboratory report I get negative all scan and x-ray done is also fine. I hope someone here can read my message and help me out on how to understand very well the spiritual awakening I have so many things to discuss or write but I think it will be very long to read. I need someone to help me on what thing or better thing I can do about this. For past years I experience many things that I can’t even explain and I’ve seen many things that I can’t even believe that exist. Somehow it’s driving me crazy and there’s a part of my life that I almost give up did not eat for many days wanting to end up my life, till my body cant bare sufferings I end up again in the hospital as what my friend say I was totally unconscious for about two days but what I know I went out to the hospital room and roamed around and I saw my 3 friends waiting for someone to come out in the room, but they are not seeing me standing next to the room door and slowly my tears are falling and as I remember I have promise myself that I will love myself more than anybody else coz there are many people keep loving me. I want to share more but it will be too long to read. But I do hope someone here can help me understand and give me advice how to deal with it. It’s really hard and scary for me. I dream and see many things that I am not able to understand why and how.

    Thank you so much for the blogger its really worth for me to read.

    • Hello Mary Ann,

      I wrote this article in 2011 from my own experiences of spiritual awakening. My awakening was triggered by dreams-an amazing dream visitation which soon became the first of many but it was enough to shock me in to having an awakening. I too suddenly started to see and experience many things in my dreams and I met my TF though my dreams-we have never met on the earth plane but I already have learnt so much about him though my dreams now. Around that time I was experiencing many other spiritual experiences but before 2011 my life was just normal and then suddenly I was plunged into this new world and I was very frightened at first worrying something was wrong with me. It took me a long time to realise that there was nothing wrong with me and I learnt to embrace my new experiences and take them as they came. My spiritual awakening settled down once this happened, once I started to accept but it wasn’t an easy ride at first. If you would like to talk further you can contact me from my website on the contact page and I will email you back. You will find my website address at the bottom of this article and you can send me a private message from there if you wish.

      Many blessings,

      Jade x

  25. thank you so much for this. i have been so confused and unable to express to others what i have been going through for years now. but now at this point in my life after going through so much i finally feel at peace and stronger/more aware than i have ever been before. now i know. THANK YOU

  26. I had a experience last night that was so sudden it frightend me . I had never felt this way before. I felt asiI’ve I had woken up from abeing asleep for ages. I felt as of I was seeing myself ftom an outside view and I could speak clearly about my feelings I believe I expierienced a spiritual awakening . Please reply to me on what I have told you . I would like to hear what you think of it .

  27. I have started experiencing all these things a few years ago.. and it’s been such an amazing ride. It is hard at times, really hard, but the feelings you feel when it’s not hard – the feelings of peace, alignment to my higher self/consciousness, comfort, happiness and even sadness – are totally worth it! I guess bad feelings get worse and good feelings get better because you start living much more intensely. It is amazing.. I’ve looked upon these things very suspiciously in the past.. I never thought I’d live them. :)

  28. Hello Divine,

    I need help… I’m not sure what stage I’m in right now so I’ll describe to you what I am feeling and what I believe… I have had the feeling of love for about 8 weeks.. This feeling is the physical feeling of falling in love… Except there has been no other person who contributed to this.. So I started to investigate the reasons why I have been feeling like this and came across a website that resonated with me and I felt that it had the answers to what it was looking for with the questions I had been asking… I still do… last night I had an experience where I was processing emotional damage within me in a sort of meditative state and got to a point where I was seeing a huge light and feeling intense love in my heart.. I was being beckoned by the light and I heard voices which I am assuming to be my soul telling me to not be afraid and to just feel the love.. Instead I felt afraid because this is something new to me… This morning I went through the same process but stopped short of going through the light because I was afraid of what would happen if I did go through.. Can you please help me or at least put me onto someone who has had this experience before as I know its real but feel I need guidance to progress further.. Thanks for your help..

  29. Im 18 years old and on the journey im so happy! Experiencing a lot of these symptoms especialy the blue pearl..tiny dot and sometimes its a big blue light or little sparks.

  30. Hi everyone, I’m very confused about this “journey” I’ve been on so I hope someone here can help me out. I recently made a post here about my twin flame experience on twin flame relationship phases page that you can read. I have been reading a lot into this stuff for different symptoms that have been happening to me, but bear with me as I do not know much about the subject. I have always believe that I was somehow “different” from everyone – I never really had to be taught anything about life, I skipped school all the time and yet I was very intelligent, everything that I wanted to do has come easy to me (with hard work, yes), but if there is something that bores me or of no interest in me, I refuse to do it. I could do anything I wanted, but on my terms. I believe I am one of those indigo children (adult now), especially with the bright blue eyes that people seem to be drawn to. Lately, I have been unsure of myself or who I am. Nothing I do seems right anymore. I have never been the type of person to give up so easily, but now I can’t help it. I feel like I have lost myself, but at the same time I know who I am. I have many physical symptoms that have been ruled out medically – back pain (especially in between shoulder blades), extreme fatigue and then moments of energy where I feel like I have to do something, hot flashes, IBS symptoms, tingling on my head, depression, crazy sleep patterns. The weird thing is I’m not really the most religious person and a part of me believes I’m insane for being here on this site. But, my intuition and senses are crazy, they have always been strong but its more intense now. I feel like I’m here for a reason, but I don’t know what that reason is. Any advice or insight? Thanks

    • Hello Melanie,
      Its 2.30am as I write this email.. I’m awake and can’t sleep and your post has sent an email alert to my phone.. After reading what you have written I’m wondering if you aren’t my doppelgänger of a sort as I had the exact experience, thoughts and attitude as you growing up… I too of late am trying to discover who I really am and I’m slowly finding out… It could be that your unsureness of who you are is because the real you is trying to be set free from the untruths we have used to cover our true selves… For me I think I’m a “healer” of a sort.. By this I mean a person who works in the medical profession or is able to heal someones physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Even though I have been in the military and mining industry for the majority of my working life.. I was raised a Catholic but never really practiced religion as I felt it was false and hypocritical but I do believe in God and feel that there has been a calling of sorts over the last 2-3 months from him.. After experiencing what I posted two posts above your post I do believe that its not God calling me but my soul.. And its willing that I get back to being the real me… To do this I feel that I’ve had to ask some hard truths about myself which has led to the experiences as I posted above.. All I can say is that from what you have written above I resonate with holy and and can’t help but think we are on the same sort of path… Its a magical journey although very scary/confusing at times.. All I can suggest is to go with what your heart tells you.. By this I mean to feel the exactly moment your heart beats faster for any reason. Be it due to a fright, anger, love, or any emotion that moves you and look into the truth of why you felt your heart beat that way.. It could be the reason or answer you are looking for… I’m following this principle for the time being and although its early days yet I have never let my heart dictate to me on what I should do or who I should be.. Instead all my life I have let my head do the decision making for me and to be honest that method has not gotten me to any sort of place that I am emotionally or spiritually satisfied. Good luck with your journey.. I could go on with more to say to try and assist you but hope you get the main points of my message… Take care and feel the love.. Andrew

      • Hi Andrew,
        I wonder how many of us are going through this journey together and not know it. I’m glad knowing that I’m not alone. I too am catholic, but my mother raised me to let me have my own beliefs. I didn’t attend church at all. I always felt like there was something else to this world, but was always unsure of what. The only reason I believed in something was because of different “intuitions” I would have, and just knew deep down that there had to be some explanation to it. I had a near death experience with I was very young, I don’t remember it, but I was suppose to die or be mentally disabled – and obviously I am neither dead or disabled, which why it’s interesting to me that my brain is able to take in information so quickly. I also had an experience when I was a teenager. I was almost asleep when a light in my bedroom woke me up. I thought it was my sister, so I kept my eyes closed trying to sleep and told her to turn off the light. The light didn’t turn off so I opened my eyes and there was an outline of a face in the light. Of course I was very scared, but I didn’t feel threatened for some reason. The light came closer to me so I jumped up, starting yelling and it was gone. My mom thought I was nuts, my sister doesn’t believe in that stuff but I could tell she believed me. I’d like to believe that it was some sort of spirit guide trying to communicate with me.

        Before this more physical experience began, also a few months ago (coincidence?), I actually worked in the medical field – it was something I was always drawn too. I have healed people with medical knowledge I learned, as well as just by talking to people. I think the most confusing part is going from feeling “special,” to feeling empty. I read somewhere about things pertaining to being some sort of incarnated angel. Seems a little strange to me, but hopefully time will tell what it is I have to do.

  31. Hello Melanie,
    I think I/we need to get in contact with each other and discuss our journeys outside this web page. There are too many similarities between us to ignore. Plus it would be nice to talk to someone who can relate what we are going through without being thought of as crazy such as my friends right now. Lol. They just don’t understand. But to be honest some things I don’t understand either. Of course it’s all up to you on whether you want to communicate with me so I’ll leave that ball in your court. Take care and feel the love. Andrew

  32. Hi guys,
    I had the same feelings like most of you had and I’m trying not to loose them. very important is not to ignore it. It happend to us not because of we are somehow special, (but at first I thought I was. “Exacley like you Melanie” :) ) no but because of God’s mercy. We were blind and now we see, but we must look to the right direction. I think this will be interesting for you
    Love is everything!

  33. Hello,

    I am writing today as I have come across your website and I thought I would reach out for help.

    I believe I am in stage 3 of my awakening. I have always been extremely introspective about the meaning of life, existence and the afterlife…. I think that is part of my real nature, but I lived a life of “normality” and studied hard, was a good worker and did all the things I have been told my society I should do, with little resistance.

    I have experienced a strong desire in searching for my purpose these past few months. Two weeks ago, unknowingly my friend offered me a psychedelic drug…. it was meant to be quite mild and I was told I would feel euphoria and have lovely visuals.

    I did at the beginning, but the experience has changed me. I think even more deeply about the nature of life and existence. I saw that night they way we interact with each other and it´s just lies, fake personas and artifice. I felt connected to a divine source, I felt like I could communicate through loving energy with my friend who was helping me that night. I felt like it was a shocking experience because reality as I knew it was smashed to pieces.

    I have had to look deeply at the nature of my relationship with my partner, is our relationship beneficial to each others life calling?? I had an overwhelming desire to come clean about lies in my past, and I did — I think the courage to do some came from a higher power.

    I have since had coincidences that have occurred. I asked to see a butterfly as a sign of godly love that my granparents were ok, an hour later on the train I did.

    I have had other experiences as well.

    I feel scared, some days I feel great and elated. I am constantly up and down.

    I feel alone and like I am becoming insane but there is a deeper knowing that is telling me I am actually becoming sane, and a better person!

    I just need assurance everything is ok.

    Can anyone offer me some comfort?


    • Don’t be afraid… Follow what you feel inside as that is the right path we should all be following… Too many of us think too much and don’t feel enough… I’m only very new at this myself.. I can’t even tell you what stage I’m in to be honest.. To me stages still make some sort of definition or categorise us and thats where the thinking part comes in.. What I feel is a connection with all those who have posted about their experiences… What I have found is love is the feeling that allows this connection to be felt… Have faith in what is happening to you as its a beautiful thing.. Like a new born child discovering the world and itself… I hope this helps you.. Good luck with your discoveries.. Feel the love…

    • Thanks for sharing that Konstantin. Meditation can be very dangerous in some cases… The awakening process should happen naturally on it’s own or there could be some very serious and permanent damages or side effects.

      A natural way to meditate is to be out in nature and in the outdoors. Find a quiet place and listen to the birds, or watch the animals and the creatures enjoying their habitat, watch the sky, the trees and just be present… Just Be …

      Avoid those artificial meditation stuff that a lot of those so call gurus are promoting… What will be will be and what is for you is for you… The most profound and best things happen when you let go, listen to your heart and just be… Trusting everything will work itself out because it always does… Everything you need to know is already inside you.

      If you are in pain or is hurting learn to accept and embrace the pain, you will realize it’s not that bad and it doesn’t last forever… The mind, body and soul are very wise and they have their own way of adjusting to circumstances. All pain are manageable and bearable… Tell yourself it’s not that serious it’s just a process and what needs to happen to get to the other side. To get pass the pain you have to go through it. You can not avoid it.

  34. Aloha e Divine and Everyone!

    I have been tracking all of the entries as much as I can on my phone and computer and I am still so amazed at everyone’s journeys and similar testimonies. I posted a couple of entries here about a month & 1/2 ago about my Spiritual Awakening brought forth by the meeting of my twin flame. Since then, so many things have happened so quickly, I cannot believe it was just 6 weeks ago since my last entry.

    My twin flame and I are still in our “dance,” but it has grown deeper by exponential levels. There is an understanding that words between us can’t even begin to describe. So many synchronicities and the ability to communicate in telepathic & psychic ways has made me feel as though I have gone mad, it’s made him feel like he can’t keep up. It has been the most mind-blowing yet difficult relationship I’ve EVER known with ANYONE. He has been the runner a few times months prior to this. However, lately I have found that I’ve become the one running now, trying to handle and accept the ups & downs and highs & lows of this most amazing journey. The obstacles of being together are STILL there and I tell myself from time to time that I can’t do this anymore, and I run. During those times, it is the most PAINFUL and heart-wrenching times I have EVER known in my life — I literally feel like my heart has been ripped out and shredded. And somehow he senses it and knows — it is he who reels me back in and sets my feet back on the ground to keep going.

    Since my last entry, I have learned I am an Indigo and so is my tf. I have also learned that both of our life path numbers are 11 — I never knew where the 11:11 was between us and I found it in both our life path numbers. Also, the psychic abilities I had when I was younger have all returned, tenfold… I have also been able to “feel” things from people, i.e., sickness & illnesses (symptoms), emotions, extreme anger/rage. There are many, many other things happening to me that I’m just trying hard to keep up with. I KNOW God is trying to light that fire to “move” me where I need to be and I’m doing the best I can to take it all in stride and to trust. I turned all of this away in fear 20 years ago when I touched on it, I wont turn it all away again, it’s in the walking through that I’ve been able to find the Me that’s ALWAYS been there. It’s in finding my twin flame and seeing myself in him that I’ve been able to see I was NEVER alone, never an oddball, never a “freak” as I’ve been labeled along the way. Whenever it gets to be too much, I try so hard to lean on God and remind myself that most people in this world won’t get to experience this, that I need to keep pushing on and remember what a BLESSING it is to be in this.

    I wish I could deliver a “happy ending” of sorts where love is concerned, but as you know, this is NOT a fairy-tale romantic fable, but one of intensity, pain, “dying-of-the-self” and ultimately unconditional love. We are still on that path and I honestly do not know where it will lead us. All I do know is that it’s worth every step.

    Keep posting your stories, everyone, they are so encouraging for me and others. And Divine, thank you most of all for this site where we all have each other & don’t have to be alone. You are SUCH a blessing!

    • Thanks for sharing Pulelehua :-) Bless your heart…

      I also had some psychic abilities as a child but, I started blocking them out during my teenage years and as I got older because I started developing a fear of ghost and the spiritual world. The sounds and images were too real and too clear and no one else was hearing or seeing it. Like you said, those psychic stuff I had blocked out growing up came rushing back to me again after meeting my twin.

      I have tried distancing myself from it again lately because I felt stuck between 2 worlds for awhile. I am also an empath so I pick on you guys emotion here on this blog and it left me confused, borderline crazy and drained. I recently decided to stop responding to sad stories or cries for help because I tend to take on others issues energetically. So, if I don’t respond to certain messages/comments anymore or, I respond in a detach manner it’s to protect myself.

  35. Please will someone explain why meditation is NOT helpful and possibly dangerous?
    I thought it was a good thing to Be Still and Quiet the Mind!
    I do feel best when I’m out in nature, watching my hummingbirds, walking by water, etc.
    THANK YOU~LoveandLight!

    • Loveandlight please don’t stress yourself about the meditation comment too much what Konstantin and I were referring to are meditation that are use to bring on a premature or forced awakening. Anyways, the hybrid solar eclipse that’s supposed to happen in a few hours have been affecting me for the last couple of weeks. I can’t wait for it to come and go so things can normalize a little.

  36. Hi,
    I am a recovering drug addict . My spiritual awakening is related to giving up a 15 year addiction to prescription pain medication. I am such a different person , I feel as though I am going through an identity crisis . I have so much love for everything around me . At 52 years old , I feel as though I were dead and somebody woke me up , even prior to my addiction, I was still walking through life with a blindfold on . I cant begin to explain the clarity in which I see everything ..Thank you so much for your accurate ,vivid description . I am so grateful for this journey ! I wouldnt trade it for the world

    • Thanks for sharing Bostonstarre :-) that’s how the spiritual process works… When you are at your lowest point and feel like you can’t go on or may not make it… Out the blue someone comes along or something happen that gives us that glimpse of hope or just what we need to continue on … Life is amazing… It’s like magic

  37. I think I have been going though most of this for over 3-4 years now I enjoy the thing it giving me but I say out of everything I over all of the sign I’m getting a stronger feeling of way empathetic and sensitive to people I have stronger connection too

      • well they i hear alot of people say that when you see the 11 in time more than once it mean something spiritual so i pay a little more attention to those numbers the interest thing i found with using my empathy skills it help me connect to my tarot card on a new level then it did before and the reading i get with other is so spot on it crazy some time i look at the card and amazing at what they tell me… hard apart i not enjoy is time when i feel some wrong and i cant explain why their something wrong or i know i need to not sleep or the pressure i get on my brain

  38. Thank you for this article for this past year I was going through depression because things just got to much.I’ve had very intense prophetic dreams and recently I would just burst out and cry and get very emotional about stuff.
    But recently I would have this very intense romantic dreams about a woman the feeling that I feel in this dreams I never felt before.Could this woman I never met before be a future partner of mine.

    • It just might be :-) Sometimes you feel the energy of your future partner or the person you are meant to be with in dreams. Especially, if it will be a very significant relationship or will play a very important roll in your self-development. Anyways, I wish you love, clarity and happiness :-)

  39. This is the best thing I have read… I thought I was going completely insane and had no clue what was going on. I mean I’m only 14 and it was scary but now that I know what is happening I will be able to handle it better. Thank you!

    • Divine and all the others whose stories I just read here: I’m so grateful that I found this site. I have felt that I have been going through the spiritual awakening process for at least 4 years now, if not longer. It terrifies me and exhilarates me all at the same time. I think it probably has been longer than 4 years, but I have squelched it because of the aspects of it that scare me, which means to some extent I have been fighting it, which I think is one reason it’s taking so long. I know I need to go through it with all the pain that it causes, that that is the only way I will actually get where I need to be, but I am mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausted, as well as terrified and afraid I’m losing my mind. I have a lot of really good friends and people who love me, but they don’t understand this, so there’s really no one that I can talk to about it. I’ve always been interested in astrology, numerology, and tarot cards and I’ve been doing the best I can on my own, educating myself more about those things in an effort to get help and guidance. It helps some, but each discipline is so detailed and intricate and there’s so much to learn and interpret that I mostly wind up more frustrated  and overwhelmed. I am learning, but it’s slow due to those feelings. I feel like I need teachers and guidance desperately. When I run across something like this site, I think that maybe I have found teachers and guidance, and then I think about all the shysters out there and ask myself “are you really going to trust some strangers online with something this important?” I mean no offense by that, it’s just something I think about and feel the need to be cautious about. But at the same time I feel like I’m about to break, so I have to seek and trust somebody or I think I will lose my mind. It’s too hard to do this alone. 
      My story is this (I’ll try to be as brief as I can): At age 30 (I am 49 now), after working for about 12 years, I decided I wanted to go to college and become a mental health therapist. That is something I had always wanted to do but did not think I had what it would take. So at 30, totally dissatisfied with the job I’d had for years, I mustered up my courage, applied for college, and was accepted. Much to my delight and surprise, I excelled at it and my self confidence soared! It took me eight years, but I wound up with a Masters degree in Community Counseling and went to work as a therapist. I enjoyed it for a while, but I was doing a lot of crisis counseling, and in the end it kicked my psyche’s ass. I know that I have a passion and a great capacity to help others, apparently just not that way. And right now I feel like I can’t even help myself so how can I help anybody else?
      About 3 years out of graduate school, after a lot of soul searching and a miscarriage, I left my husband of 15 years. While that was exactly what I needed to do and I do not regret it, I have not been able to get my life in order since. Some things have been wonderful: I reconnected with some old friends that I truly believe I have been close to in past lives and through them met others who I also feel I’ve known and loved before. They have been a blessing and have helped me access parts of myself I had forgotten were there. Now for the not so wonderful: 3 years ago I met a man through these friends who I believe is a soul mate and possibly my twin flame. The relationship has been a rocky, roller coaster ride to say the least, with him fighting it tooth and nail. At times we have both tried to end it, but he can only stay away from me for so long before he makes a point to find me. Months ago I severed all ties with him and have stayed away from him because it is just too painful, but he always seeems to find me (only to run away again). In May, I left the job I had to take another job, which ended up falling through. I was living with a woman who I thought was my best friend, but she has her own demons and ended up kicking me out of her house in July. I moved in  with another friend in early August. She lives in the country, about 30 miles from where I used to live, and while I love the peace and quiet here, and think it is beneficial in some ways to the path I’m on, I am very isolated and don’t see many of my friends very often. My plan when I moved in with her was to find a job. Emotionally I found it very hard to do that and had to force myself to look for one. I struggled with feelings of doubt and shame ocer this, but floundered on the best I could. Then in September my car was giving me major problems and I found out that it needed a new engine. Since I’m not working right now and have no savings, I had to let it go. So currently I am jobless, carless, and without the kindness of my friend, I would be homeless. I am even more terrified now than I already was and feel like the universe is screaming at me that now is the time to make the changes I need to make, but I am almost paralyzed by fear and am at a total loss as to what to do. As I said earlier, I am mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. Since these latest losses, setbacks, whatever you want to call them, I have been experiencing most of the symptoms you talked about much more aggressively to the point that my functioning is badly impaired. As I said before, almost paralyzed by fear, anxiety, and depression. Even though I truly believe there is a reason that all this is happening to me, I’m still beating myself up and fighting shame. And again it’s hard to talk to people about it because they just look at me like I’m crazy and worry about me.
      And to top it all off, my sm/tf, if that’s really what he is, tracked me down last week after 3 months of no contact between us. Told me how much he’d missed me – everything about me, he said, the way we talk together, the way we laugh together, even the way we argue. We had a wonderful evening, but he is still not ready to really deal with us, so it’s back to him treating me with the same disregard he has for the last couple of years. I can’t go through that again, so I’m going back to not speaking to him at all. As painful as that is, it’s less painful than waiting for him to dole out whatever crumbs he decides to let me have.
      Here is why I think he is my sm/tf: the first time I saw him I thought “I know you. I recognize you” all the while feeling like I’d been hit by a train. We mirror each other in many ways, both good and bad. We share many similarities of character, personality, depth of thoughts, and other things, both good and bad. The chemistry and electricity between us is palpable not just to us, but to anybody who’s near us, and the power of the energy feels like it could light up this whole city! People used to comment on it constantly in the days when we actually spent most of our time together. Nobody makes me laugh harder than he does, nobody makes me think more than he does, nobody challenges me more than he does, and nobody makes me madder than he does. He feels the same way although he will no longer admit it. I don’t understand why it has to be this hard other than that he is as tortured and tormented by things in his life as I am.
      I hope this rambling has made sense. The bottom line is that I’m lost. I’m standing at the crossroads, not just with regard to him, but with regard to my whole life, and I don’t know how to get where I need to go. My energy is flagging, what little bit of hard won self confidence I used to have is gone, and while I would not call myself suicidal, there are days when I think it would be easier if I just went to sleep and didn’t wake up. I feel like I am in a terrible holding pattern, with the universe screaming at me to move, but I don’t know how or which way to go.
      This turned out to be not so brief after all. Thanks for listening.

      • I have come across this page as I am at a place in my life where I would like to explore my spirituality. I was told many years ago that I had been chosen to travel this path and that there was no point fighting it.

        I found myself not enjoying all the things I used to. Like walking along the beach, I was questioning friendships, I felt isolated…just some of the confusion in my life at the time. I was referred to a kinesiologist by two friends who were very spiritual and it was with this kinesiologist that spoke of my path. At the time I don’t think I was ready to believe in that sort of thing, even though I’d had many weird experiences and had been used as a channel during a séance.

        My life has been way to complicated to put onto one blog, but it made me question everything. I had my life threatened in my job and suffered bad PTSD, anxiety and depression. I put it all down to the incident and blamed my job for my rapid demise. However, it was during counselling that my childhood sex abuse I suffered raised its ugly head and I added that trauma to the mix.

        Then my husband that I had been so in love with decided he didn’t want to help me through the bad times, and said he had only married me for the good, and made it impossible for me to live him. I left the marriage with our 3 yr old son.

        Now our son is another weird and uncanny coincidence, I believe. I never wanted children, probably due to having been sexually abused. But before I knew it I was pregnant. He was born on quite a relevant date and has certain characteristics that cannot be ignored.

        My husband’s youngest brother, who was my age (then 30), suffered bipolar, after his marriage failed. I related to him very well and spent much time visiting him in psyche wards. I too suffered much mind chatter. He was released to live with my husband and me. Eventually he returned to live in his small home town and it was there he committed suicide. It was so very sad.

        But my son was born on his birthday, has the same coloured hair and eyes and has the same athletic abilities, including being left footed and right handed. To this day I believe he chose to be reborn as my son due to the relationship we had. I still treat my son as an individual and never compare him to his uncle, but in my breath and in my thoughts I know differently.

        Reflecting on the ‘bad place’ I found myself in after I left my husband….it was dark. I was very sick, covered in rashes, suffered panic and depression. I was unable to move ahead with counselling alone and gave in to medication.

        One thing I learned is that I am a survivor and I have came out the other side.

        I am now in a relationship with a man who has 2 daughters whose mother recently died of cancer. I decided to commit to making their life stable, to give them guidance, strength and also for me to grow. It is hard and I often ask why I did it as my anxiety and depression haunt me all the time.

        I recently went on stress leave from my workplace. The same place where I had my life threatened. Two weeks became one month, became another 3 weeks and then I received news that was going to change everything. My workplace was offering redundancies to those who fitted certain criteria. I fitted the criteria and decided, out of curiosity, to apply. I had no intention of accepting, I was just curious. Well, they contacted me whilst on stress leave and told me my application was successful. I was shocked. The figure they were giving me was also a surprise. It wasn’t going to change my life by any means, but I could finally see the door open. If I had stayed at work, stressed, with all of my thoughts going round and round in the washing machine (as I like to compare it to) I could not have assessed the payout clearly. It would have been added to the load and become too difficult to pull out to hang out.

        I am now leaving my job with excitement yet apprehension. I don’t know what is around the corner but am ready to have a look.

        With this journey that I am on, I wonder if the medication I am still on clouds my abilities and gifts. I used to have images and dreams that came true to the picture. There was no interpretation to be made, they were what they were and they came true a day or two later. One day they all stopped, something blocked the flow. I want that all to come back. I want to open myself up to my full potential.


  40. I’ve been struggling so long this has been incredibly helpful, more than I can possibly explain but more so thank u for!!!

  41. I thought I was going crazy like everything around me is fakw…I started seeing repetitive numbers on the clock five six timea day…thank god i stayed sane a little and stopped reading about it and everything…my life is normal now…god those firat stages are aqful if yiu are not ready like me

    • I find that reading about it is good because it lets me know I’m not crazy. Part of me wants to embrace it and part of me scared to death. I worry that if I actually engage in and embrace the process, I will lose myself and never be able to get back. Then I remember, I’m lost already and why would I want to stay thay way?

  42. I started getting silent explosions in the back of my head a few months ago. Over time, they’ve got bigger, and last weekend I had one at the top of my head. They’re usually accompanied by feelings of nausea, though I’ve never actually been sick – yet! They happen just as I wake up; and usually after a dream. I also sometimes get visions just before them. I often feel very thirsty.

    I recently experienced a powerful vibration in my chest/body on waking; and this morning just after I woke up, my heart started racing very fast, suddenly. I called an ambulance, but they found nothing wrong with my heart at the hospital. I’ve been to see 2 different doctors about the explosions; but they both looked at me like I was mad! One said he could refer me for a brain scan, but didn’t seem to think they’d find anything.

    I did have a middle ear infection about 18 months ago or so. And I think that I now have vestibular disorder. If I avoid caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, reduce my salt and sugar intake considerably, drink lots of water, and eat regularly, I can reduce the occurrence of the explosions. I’m not sure how they are related to the vestibular disorder, though.

    I actually think I may be having a spiritual awakening. I do a spiritual practice, and I get a lot of the symptoms of Kundalini awakening. I prefer the idea of a spiritual emergence to that of a brain tumour! My mother died of a brain tumour. But I think my symptoms don’t really fit those of a brain tumour.

    I like the idea of a spiritual awakening though. I would however like reassurance that all my symptoms don’t signify anything terrible and life-threatening; as I find it very scary, and can be scared to go to sleep at night. I have also become very sensitive to sounds.

  43. To those of you who are afraid to submit to the process of awakening, please, please please do not fear it. Awakening is the most incredible and amazing experience I have ever gone through. Yes, it has been difficult at times, but as someone who is solidly in Stage 4 and about to experience Reiki attunement, I promise you that as your “layers” present themselves and you undertake the difficult task of healing them, every second of discomfort or doubt pales in comparison to the incredible joy you experience as your energy vibrates higher and higher as the days go on! Fear of awakening is merely a manifestation of unhealed wounds or wounded thinking. It really is that simple! Put those fears aside, let the process happen through daily meditation, positive affirmations and thoughts, listen your intuition and let your angels know you welcome their help. You’ll lose the fear and gain something simply amazing :-)

  44. Hmmm as i can see in this article i’m already awakened,everything that it says happened to me even my way of thinking has changed but…..i always wanted to open my chakras…but it seems i still haven’t done it yet…in the past i could feel all the power going though me….it has been a long but i’ve lost that feeling now..i’ve tried many times to reconnect with this energy but it seems something is blocking me…as i have realized doubt overflowed me about this matter since i started to lose this kinda of connection…i fought it and left doubt away but something else is blocking me…i really do want to get this link again…so i want to just ask you if some who has been awaken can turn into the way he was before?

  45. I am so glad I found this article! I have read a few blogs and seen a few youtube videos about symptoms of a spiritual awakening, but this is by far the best. I have seen the ‘blue pearl’ in my peripheral vision for a couple months now and couldn’t find an explanation for it until now. Thanks again. <3

    • I am a college guy about finish my BE. I was in a big depressed before due to lot of problems came up at a time and it was hard to face. I felt like i was at the edge to ruin my life. Then i came across the TEd talk of Ms Brene Brown which was so influential talk and exactly what i have been trying to find out for past years ‘ the ultimate solution to overcome all the problems from the root. From her talk i heard the word Spiritual awakening for the first time which she referred as breakdown. I got interested in it and googled.. Then i came across an interesting topic Higher Earth Frequency which is also related to the spiritual awakening. Guys check it once. It helps psychologically whether its true or not. Today i came to this blog once again and saw the comments which is truly mind blowing. Today i actually felt that i am not alone in this process. Everything out here is so true and i like it so much. At here its like a group of same type peoples who need each others help and it can be so effective coz we know ourself as well as others too. Wow… Lets cheer up each other and choose the positive way always. I learned an important thing it is don’t blame others and waste ur time anymore. All the solutions are in ur heart which we don’t dare to think but have to think to change ourself. Thank you.

  46. I had something happen to me today which has brought me to your page.

    I was out looking for a Xmas present for my mum. After many shops I stopped into a crystal shop that also does readings. My mum does crystal healing and meditation on a new path for herself. I personally don’t have much to think about it until today.

    The shop assistant.. Clairevoyant/crystal/?? was channelling through me to assist me buying my present, even after hearing this I didn’t really take much notice. Standing in front of a glass cabinet full of crystals and next to this lady, she had me hold a few different crystal wands, she even demonstrated the power from them on my arm… I could feel it, quiet shocked I was.

    I then had an over powering effect, like a wave of power coming from this cabinet, I stepped away from the door which was also away from this lady. She prompted me back towards her to show me something and my eyes were slightly teary. I stepped aside again. Selected my gift, took a deep breathe and re gained myself. Unsure of what was happening.

    We went to the counter where I went to purchase this amazing present, I turned from the counter, looking at my daughter and burst into tears…! She said what’s wrong? I replied… I don’t know! I turned to the lady… She was thrilled, come from behind the counter with open arms and said its ok… You have opened and started your journey, you may be back soon, I think you should buy some cards.

    My question for you is what happened to me? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what happened today, I’ve been slightly emotional too. I am someone that calls stuff my mum does as weird. I’m not sure if it was the cabinet of crystals or it was that lady. I feel drawn to want to go back… It’s really strange.

    I appreciate your feedback :)

  47. Hello, ive been on this site many times but now i am actually writing what im going trough.
    I felt much comfort when i found this site and i believe its the most accurate site ive been on. I am feeling a lot of those symptoms and it has been helping me go trough the process. I feel i am at the 3rd stage. I feel like im losing it few times a week and it really bums me out, i dont want to do anything just be inside my room, and i feel light headness like i will pass out any second..And i am afraid about something i dont know. Nothing serious hasnt happened to me just freak outs, but nothing really serious like passing out or doing something i dont remember etc… I am taking time off when i feel im going to loose it and just breathe slowly and try to tell myself it is just a process i need to go trough. I hope i am at the right track i would love to hear what you guys think about my experience. I can do my daily stuff normally. But last few days ive been feeling paranoid a lot but ive been controlling it. I just wonder how long this stage will last because i cant really think about my future atm because of this process. I am afraid of stuff i dont even know about :D this is so stupid. I love all your stories here and its a great feeling that i am not alone in this journey. I am writing my story because i need to get it out of my system. I am feeling better already. But ocasionaly i am truly lost and dont know what to do. Is it possible to get permanent mental damage from all of this i am going trough? this is the biggest fear i have.

    • How old are you now? I’m 25 and i think i’m at the same stage as you. I’m starting to hate everyone by now. I also want to be inside my room always. I always get irritated when someone talks to me even my family members. I’m starting to feel different from everyone around me, friends, relatives, even my parents. I can’t do any stuff, just browsing and searching in the internet about spiritual stuffs. I’m a Catholic and I no longer find myself going into church as I believe Church people are being fooled by the church but i do still believe in Higher beings who created us or what other call “The Source”. I also see numbers everywhere like 11:11, 11:22, 11:43, 43 which i have read are my guardians who wants to connect and send me a message. My parents are starting to think i’m going crazy. Wish we can complete these journey.

      • Hi mate, i am 23 years old. I also have seen those numbers lately. But i did my conspiracy video studys way back when i was like 17. But all this spiritual stuff is new to me. Ive been soul searching for last 2 years. Reading forums and pages. But now things are happening to me. I dont want to go out to parties i even dont like to smoke weed anymore wich was my favourite thing. Weed is getting me paranoid….. its so stupid. There is a higher source. Every religion calls it its own way. To me “god” is everything because its all his creation that we go trough daily. Now i feel okay again compared the last few days i had. Im just thinking about that those thoughts arent mine and they just need to go as fast as they came. And if i feel really bad i just try to concentrate and look inside me what is causing that fear. Im starting to understand now that we need this fear and all the bad things to understand something big. But dont turn back on your family. Your family is the most important thing in the world. If they dont understand you dont hate them for that. They just dont understand. Im lucky to have a mother who is spiritual also in her own way. So i can talk about my stuff with her not with some stupid mental doctor. I hope we all do well :)

  48. Does everyone undergo this spiritual awakening? I thought i’m getting crazy. I start to become very interested on my purpose in life, where i came from. I’m searching for the truth everyday in different forums, watching conspiracy videos like aliens and annunakis. I’m always looking at the window at night waiting for the aliens. LOL! I’m now at the point where i left my job and trying to live outside the system.I am also seeing the number 43 recently. I read this are my guides wanting to send me message. I think i’m now at stage 3. Hope to get a job again by next year as i’m feeling a lot better now about myself. I just put my trust on the voice inside my head. Oh, there again, as im writing this comment i saw the number 11:11 on the clock.

  49. This was a really good article, I haven’t read all your comments yet but its god to know there are so many others experiencing this awakening.My awakening experience has intensified over the last 2 years after an intense kundalini energy experience I had one night. Synchronicity has really heightened and things and situations often appear in my life just shortly after desiring them. Difficult and negative people have also left my life experience quite suddenly.I’m seeing 11:11, 22:22, 11:22 and so on a lot more now too and its comforting as the awakening process can feel so isolating at times so good to know the angels are with me – there’s an awareness at times of such deep connection with all that is, that when its not there then ordinary consciousness feels kind of cold and empty. The hardest part for me has been the resurfacing of insecurities, fears, old sadnesses, old patterns and trauma feelings – this is easing up now I feel and its getting easier to handle, perhaps because I’m becoming more conscious and so able to recognise the subconscious patterns from the past and that I am not my thoughts and emotions, I am the stillness that exists beyond those things, yes Eckhart Tolle is very useful for this aspect of awakening! Its also really important to have some kind of spiritual practice to get through these difficult times – even if this is just lighting a candle every day and 10 mins meditation – something that connects you to the higher power so you don’t get stuck in the lower energy patterns.

  50. This has somewhat put my mindset at rest for tonight, the above article describes the third stage really well. I myself am struggling with this third stage, and I seem to have been in this stage for a few years! I am making progress as far as realising I can actively receive messages from spirit in both private and group readings, I’m a healer and also spiritual thinker, but I also have a never ending sense on confusion. Like. I know I am gifted to use these powers but what am I meant to do with them, when will the opportunity come to effectively use them because all of my time is taken up! Is there anything you can suggest other than to just relax??

  51. hello ive got some questions that i need answered by someone who is good with this, my name is dyer and ive been spiritual awakened since i was 14 im currently 20 id like to believe it happened after my depression which i believe was the stages, ive always know about this but never pursued it until recently, so far ik i can 1. sense the presence of people within 30 feet of me not through walls, 2. i can sense the amount of energy a person has and 3. i can sense people who have been awaken(comes in the form of happy jitters if your super strong and a feeling of ecstasy if your awakened followed by jitters, so far i havent tried sensing spirits. i recently met someone who was the descendent of a demon king and was one of the first tribes to integrate with humans, the reson i say this is he uses his energy to banish demons and ghosts, i always thought my energy wa sin control since i became a block which means i can block other peoples energy from mine, alot of my power is dealt in force instead of flow according to him the only reson i can block so well is that my energy is choatic as hell, as he put it people are on channel 5, he shifts channels and im static he says my choas is due to problems i didnt know i had but he says the scary thing is that my heart is comfortable in the choas and for some reason it has positive effects on his flexable energy that for some reason cant get a reading on him, i wanted to know what could happen if i keep this path as far as im concerned i could create a ripple effect or damage someone elses spirt, the worst of all i found out that im a trinity which means im attuned to 3 elements instead of one or two which according to him is DARK,lighting, and earth, which makes alot of sense considering that i freak out in the dark and i dont know why like i can sleep in the dark but then ill wake up with my mind feeling inside out which he said that meant i was overloading, but the most freaky thing is he tested my energy in my 3 elements, he charged me with earth i felt my energy supress then raise a little, then lightning and my energy went up a little, but when he did dark my energy spiked and he said that instead of resisting the other 2 elements my energy absorbed most of the dark from him which is pretty cool that i can take negativity from people he also said its useful against spirts not so much demons, even right now im jittery from typing this cuz my energy is spiking. im worryed cuz he said my energy was hella strong and the worst thing he said could happen is over the years my energy will get to demigod levels and pretty much damage peoples spirits and kill ghosts near me which is pretty frowned upon, im so afraid of letting people touch me cuz i have infact damaged spirits before and it hurts people. i dont wanna lose my gift but sometimes it hurts so much and lastly to combat the negitivity i take to a parrallel verson of my self i named ragnarok who i gave my lightning and earth to but was told not to let him have it anymore so i took it back, my demon friend told me he saw something inside of me that didnt wanna be found thats it was apart of my and had the smile from one of those disturbed ablums. ive only had minor mental battles maybe once every year but my head feels so hazy sometimes. basically can u clear this stuff up for me sorry its so long

    • Hello Dyer,

      Mate I’m no expert with this but I congratulate you. Firstly for recognizing your current situation and the gifts you have. At 20 years old you are far more advanced than 99.9% of the population. From what you have described its sounds to me that your are seeking the truth. The absolute truth. Of who you are and your lot in this world. Your abilities to feel is exactly how we have been created. After our first like in human form we progress to the spirit world. In the spirit world there are no such things as thoughts. In the spirit world we communicate via feelings. I found a web site which has helped me understand a lot of what we need to realize before we leave this earth and progress to the spirit world. It’s called the Divine Truth. You can take it as you please because we all have been blessed with free will. I will suggest that you watch all of the video messages and don’t take too much into account of who the guy says he is. Rather listen to the message that he delivers. I hope it will help you out as much as it has helped me. Good luck in your journey. Feel the love Mate. It’s abundant everywhere. The negativity comes from another source from those spirits who want to deny the truth of who and what they are. Good luck Mate. Take care.

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  53. a bit of an update since my last comment, i havent had much luck and securing spiritual peace but my energy has been better since the passing of the harvest moon 2 days ago, however some scary stuff is happening to me. my roomate keeps freaking out saying objects in my room are moving while i sleep which is weird becuase my dreams are becoming more vivid. i have alot of dreams of fighting which usually has me running on water or accepting death. ive also been taking to commuting with the part of me i call the ragnarok and trying to use pure energy to scry which has been going pretty well. however latly ive been having visions of seeing myself piercing souls and hurting people with my energy. ive started making seals using earth on my right hand since most of my power and darkness for some reason is coming out the right hand. ive also developed something called a spirit form which is bascally me covered in a veil of darkness(since light doesnt seem to be working) and thoughts on how to control it better im tierd of having to leave rooms because my right hand uncontolably wants to damage energy

  54. well i believe some souls just know when it’s time to go back to spirit , my parents are in Heaven now so I have no one, no girl,no siblings, no relatives, no friends, no job, no car, no hope, etc, i have had lots of 1111 manifestations since 2010, there is no rational reason to still be here stuck upon the earth dimension, when I have nothing in common with any other soul here, i do not poison my earth body with liquor, tobacco, or drugs like all these other fools do, i do not believe in pre-marital acts of fornication, so i am also a pure virgin, i don’t think some souls were ever really meant to be born into impossible poverty, i hope someday very soon to find a nice and decent, loving and wonderful girl in the afterlife, it is too hard to be so alone and so jealous of seeing other happy couples, i can only hope God wipes away all the pain and fear and hurt and utter depression at the transition ascention point 1111

    ohio st univ

  55. Hi my name is Sarah, you have a great website and I have really enjoyed reading all the comments and answers, I to have been experiencing a lot of the signs you mention, I wont list them all and just mention the stronger signs/symptoms.
    I am smelling smells that no one else can smell and unfortunately its usually a burnt plastic smell :(
    I have deep feelings of empathy for those less fortunate and always want to do anything to help,
    I cant stand that there are so many people starving to death, it angers me that money rules the world and that there are wars when there should be peace, I feel deep feelings of empathy and a huge urge to help even if its just praying for them….which is strange because I have never been religious.
    I have also noticed that I have been very vulnerable at times and have had to be very careful of the circles I choose, is this normal?
    Crying is the main reason that I have gone looking for answers, I cry over anything thats slightly emotional, again a lot of the time its empathy and crying because I feel the pain of what I’m watching or reading, like wise with happy tears a lot of the time its because im so grateful for my life, and can proudly say I am happy being me.
    I have noticed over the past couple of years that I have become less materialistic and have become very focused on the environment and.
    My question is where too now what do you do once you have been through all the stages of spiritual awakening? I am happy in all aspects of my life, job, house, husband and of course our two lovely girls. Where too now? is this something that everybody goes through?
    Many thanks Sarah

  56. I think this is happening to me right now. I believe myself to be in the stage 3-4…I’ve been getting 1-2 hours of sleep a night for the past week. I’ve had horrible negative thoughts for a couple days… Words like suicide and kill and death and thoughts about god not being real. I will just keep repeating them in my head and I can’t get them out. ….I know that I would never do these things but it makes me feel like i’m crazy. I’ve changed my whole outlook on life and have started to want to eat better and take care of myself. Is anyone else having negative thoughts or how to get over them?


    I’m not sure what stage at at in my spiritual awakening all i know is I have been doing a lot of research because the questions I ask seem to always bring me to the answer I was looking for… A background before I start yes I have met my TS in the physical realm, we never had any physical contact, and we don’t talk to each other, but we are aware of each other.

    Now to the exciting stuff! Yesterday I my friend and I were at the DMV and there were 2 gentlemen to the right of my friend speaking Spanish. Although, I know a little Spanish I am not fluent but, for some reason I understood what they were saying by the emotions in their tone of voice and It sounded like they were talking about my life struggles. So I got a lil teary eyed lol but I wasn’t sad.

    My friend being the lil chatter bug she is was talking away to me when all of a sudden I hear my name in a sentence.. and the voice sounds familiar but muffled but it was clear as day.. like the person was sitting behind me but on a higher frequency than everyone around me. Anyways, the familiar voice continued with her conversation, sounded like a conversation on the phone because I couldn’t hear the other person talking but, she started saying things that we’re in relation to my life recently and I assume whomever she was talking to asked her how she knew the things she knew to which she replied “I can’t explain it, we don’t talk to eachother, I just know.”

    As she went further into her discussion and it sounded more and more like she was talking about me and my friend chattering away in my ear I felt like I went into a day dream zone out. Mind you, I never zone out.. I’m not 1 of those people who text or went atchaka TV they can’t hear you talking. I’m very aware of every little sound I hear. But everything around me started to fade out. Even my friend who was speaking to me right next to me, I couldnt hear her but I could see her lips yakin away lol and all I could hear was this familiar voice talk about myself, other things going on her life to someone else. At the end of her conversation, the noise around me started to fade back in and I looked at my friend and asked her “What did you say?” then miraculous my # at the DMV was called right at the end of the connection!

    The experience had me thinking all day and I knew that the person speaking wasn’t in the room with me to the point where I didn’t even bother to look back but, I did ask my friend if she heard anyone say my name in the DMV today repeatedly to which she r replied, ‘No.’ I believe it is safe for me to say I accidentally tapped into my TS conversation.

    Tomorrow night will mark the 1yr anniversary since I have met my TS and I just want to thank her so much for opening my eyes and my mind. This has seriously been the best gift I have ever had in my life and it is 100% priceless! I love it!

    So yea.. I was wondering if any of you other TFs had a telepathy experience you would like to share?

  58. I did some yoga and spiritual meditations-slowly things started happening-I had NO knowledge about this what could happen to me doing all this-so was total surprise-went through hell-but some things do understanding after reading many articles.Thank so much.
    Found it interesting and answered many questions-a lot had happened in past few years.
    Knowing others has gone through it too seems okay-all you have written had happened to me-and still happening-I never new how to draw and didn’t know how to make up words to sing-it is happening-this is the most exciting for me-it started with a lots of dancing which is like moving hands-gestures? body movements-which was not okay with me nor with my family-it was embarrassment getting less now-a lots and lots of power(shakti).

  59. I did some yoga and spiritual meditations-slowly things started happening-I had NO knowledge about this what could happen to me doing all this-so was total surprise-went through hell-but some things do understand after reading many articles.Thank so much.
    Found it interesting and answered many questions-a lot had happened in past few years.
    Knowing others has gone through it too seems okay-all you have written had happened to me-and still happening-I never new how to draw and didn’t know how to make up words to sing-it is happening-this is the most exciting for me-it started with a lots of dancing which is like moving hands-gestures? body movements-which was not okay with me nor with my family-it was embarrassment getting less now-a lots and lots of power(shakti).

  60. May I ask a question?
    How old begins this process?
    I’m still teenager but most of them have symptoms. I’m a little confused what it is, whether imagined or mentally ill I am.

  61. Hey there! =)
    So I have a question as well! How long does it take for these stages to take place? Because I’m certain I’ve gone through all in the last 4-5 months. Well I don’t think I’ve completed the fifth but I am certain I have at least started it! I’ve gone through so many, well for sake of example I’ll call them spiritual realizations, and I seem to have grasped them pretty quickly. At least I think it’s quick, as my question states I’m not to certain on the length of this. But anyway, my intuition has told me that I am a lightworker, could this have anything to do with it? Sorry if it sounds jumbled lol, any advice or feedback would be awesome!

    -Thanks with love and care
    Matthew Biggs

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  63. Established Religions-Spirituality must-watch out for false GURUS: It is you and your work-Always everything in moderation.

    I am married and have two grown up kids-I had joined some yoga classes for two years-Mary my friend also was taking classes there-they had chakra charts and all that but never tried to understand what that meant- but enjoyed doing yoga/meditation had fun with my class mates-one day I called up friend Mary and asked her if she was okay-when I asked couple of time she asked me back why I was asking-I told her i had a dream regarding her not well being she responded it was true-she had to move from her rental palace because was afraid of this guy- so from then on we started talking about these things
    which I still didn’t understand-she told me some people are overly sensitive I might be that-til this day she still talks about it-after that I started liking meditation-why the way didn’t know how it affects the mind-nothing to do with age just didn’t understand it-my husband and I enjoyed this very much-of course who understood much more then I did-I am going to try to make this story short as much as I can because it took many years for me to understand how mind works-not that I understand hundred percent-still have questions-it will be 5 years in may when we joined a group of people where hardly 8-10 of us-slowly became so spiritual-I was so happy my husband started saying I look so beautiful I could sit up straight basically like yogis this is the word he would use-other people started saying saying how good mediation was doing-other members sharing their experience like crazy- weird things stared happening to me I was in so called bliss-had NO Control over my body-once my husband try to tell me while my body was floating he was afraid I might get hurt instead of listing to him I got upset:(
    but we never stopped going there-it is very,very long story guys you will get tired of it.
    One day Oct 2011 so called power in my body that I lost my self-I gave up most of my household away to Goodwill-so much power in my body could not control myself-cleaned up my daughter’s closet mine my sons and left all clothes of my husband’s-only the furniture left-called someone up I knew gave him two beds/ mattress- keep telling the family have sell cars we sold two of our cars-my family went through hell-weird dreams all day and night went on and on-finally it started slow down I guess i was ready to make some decisions myself like going to the doctor-he said it diagnosed it is Psychosis( Brain,pineal gland dolphin)

  64. Sorry! something went wrong didn’t want to loose what I wrote-I have to get out of the house it is must-so need to go to the gym-but since thinking this might benefit some I should write about my episode-alright very important I lost my memory but no one believes me-It is pretty weird because I know someone is controlling me who could be that-I try to seek all kind of help-some says it is some other spirit with me most say it is no one but myself-I read a lot in articles that it is my higher self-sometimes wonder higher self “God”? sometimes people
    say it is spirit-other time I do a lot of good things which makes me happy??????

    As long I am coming back good to people my family it is okay- it is definitely getting better but very slow process-I was always curious about this.
    Little bit on this Brain-Pineal gland-Dopamine–found out by the close friend Neurosurgeon -after reading this felt some better what had happened–this Sikh spiritual music made me feel so good so good that I can’t explain it:) then I started to read it, understand it,started singing
    with it and enjoying- you would not believe how happy I was- so my brain had too much of dopamine….it is very interesting how I am learning about brain- but have some questions I feel I am a different person now- because sometimes still voice changes and telepathy still happening,some true some not true, neck moves which is unusual,can’t tell if it is with my thinking or what my doctor can’t find this out yet,I could make songs and dance hand gestures which never new how to do, it is strange thing had happened to me-this is what called kundalini(spine) opening someone said to me that is when I started reading on internet what it is.

    Just want to mention once this started happening to me we stopped going to that group since then have not gone back-my husband refuse to go there-now and then we go to Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) I seek their help there recommendation was not to do all this sitting crossed legged yogic like-because that is what yogis did-who wants to live in the world with married or unmarried by choice life-Dukh Sukh are part of life.

    I didn’t go back and read what I wrote because it became so long:()

    Take Good Care-Love & regards!

  65. I have been going through my spiritual awakness for about the last five years, but I had no clue of what was going on with me. I was experiencing almost all of the symptoms, I went to doctor after doctor and they kept giving me prescription after prescription, that I didn’t not take. Within the last few weeks i started to become more aware of things that i never noticed before. Somehow i stumbled across this site and was SHOCKED!!!! There are so many other people going through the same thing! Since reading this article I have a calm feeling about me, when i was a nervous wreck, and my family thought that I was going crazy and I started believing it too. Thanks GUYS

  66. Good morning-I still feel waves of air,heat or energy moving through my body-which does not feel good-fogy mind-also feel angry mood shifts foul language which my husband can’t believe it he said last night this is not you-never talked like this as if I had no control over my speech-other time getting happier-I am back to driving since last July before that had no mind to handle driving neither anyone should in that situation-I feel my personalty changes some evil side of me comes in get upset at few family members(relatives) also should mention sometimes can’t come up with correct spellings not that I am a best speller but some easy one too-one thing i can not understand my NECK from back moves and with that as if I change into something else-this is the main concern I have for long this will go on-my family can tell when it moves around does not feel good watching me-this is the main question and concern I have- above written number wise what could happen with awakening I agree with most of them-meditations had effected my mind not all good because there are time I get very tired-thank you for reading.

  67. I am so grateful to read this. I really thought I was losing my mind. I have so many of those symptoms. Its funny how you can prepare yourself for awakening, and feel so unprepared when it actually starts happening. It’s a lot like child birth:)

  68. I’ve been going thru my awakening for 5 months now. I’m almost at stage 4 phew! It’s been a roller coaster, you’re article is very helpful! Though most people in there awakening leave their home town and change careers. I left my home town and family five years ago now I’m returning. I’m leaving my job of ten years to a whole new path way. I’m not sure why I’m returning but my guess is I have healing work to do there or my blueprint put me on a path to learn my lessons elsewhere to gain my strength and be a new me to return home.

    • Same here Melissa it’s been 5 months for me as well. Fortunately I have a strong spiritual back ground so I could figure things out a little easier. In fact I have never been closer to God than I have now. I am 63 and was laid off from my job,,,, I remember trying to get into scripture but just wasn’t enough, I literally yelled to God ” Come on there has got to be more than this ” ,,,shortly the awakening started and I had to delete all the illusions of the bible I had been taught . I have an understanding husband, no friends ( but that’s ok for now ) I read all day and download as much info as I can ,,,, sometimes too much I am trying to relax and have fun ,,,I just feel a need to learn fast .
      I have rescue dogs and oh a garden. Love and light to you

  69. Alot of these things seem to fit in with what ive been feeling lately. Im grateful to come across this post. Thankyou

  70. When I woke up I went Vegan. It’s a good indication if someone is spiritually awake for no awake person would inflict any pain or harm on any being.

  71. Thanks you for such a clear, concise article that tells you perfectly what happens. You have it so right.

    I realise now my body was trying to awaken 2 years ago, and trying hard to connect with the earth, but I just didn’t understand it. The pain in my feet was intense and had the Dr’s baffled. Now having been drawn to the healers, spiritualists and Alchemists over the last couple of weeks and my energy finally grounding, I am told I am awakening and by the looks of your guide, very well into it with help from up top! The pain in my feet has been gone now 4 weeks and that alone is fantastic.

    That help from up top, came in a download (as I am told) and it was chosen to be delivered that way because of my health issues (busted Heart) (Again told). To have that just poured into you is an amazing feeling and well just staggering.

    To now know what I know, and to wake up to everything, to be told everything, and why everything is the way it is, is simply mind blowing and at the same time humbling..

    Clearly tonight I was drawn here to have the whole process clearly explained to me and to make me aware of the potential things to come and again humbling and shows the power of coincidences!

    We are all blessed to be a part of this amazing stage in our lives and to take this path into a higher state of consciousness.

    Thanks again for being here and showing us so clearly.

    I will be eternally grateful.

  72. I was told to prepare for a spiritual awakening i didnt think much of it at first but a few weeks ago i started feeling different and very emotional and snappy and i was never like that, i’ve pulled away from family and friends not eating anymore and every night i’ve questioned in my mind whats wrong with me why am i so depressed am i going insane and crying but i also feel very spiritually connected and now reading this has answered everthing whats been going on with me so thankyou

  73. I’ve completed stage 4 and am now in 5. Have been for awhile. There are still remnants of stage 4 that appear to occur time and time again However for the most part I’m definitely in 5. Its been a long and hard journey. Started about 15 years ago for me.

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