Recognizing The Twin Soul

The twin souls recognize each other instinctively when they meet. This means that it is not a conscious recognition where both of them state that they are twin souls. It is not a physical recognition, but a recognition that happens in the soul. The twin souls are drawn to each other, they merge instinctively and become ONE the way they have always been. In order to really know that your twin soul is your twin, you must meet and merge with him/her physically. You cannot know that your twin is really your twin unless you have met and merged with him/her physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually.

The merging at the physical level is very important in order for the twin souls to ground their relationship and twin soul process on earth. Twin souls meet physically to be “forced” to be present on earth, so that they can feel fully and be in their physical bodies. This day today many say they meet their twin souls online. This can be true, but if you have not met your twin in body and felt the intense union, you will not be pushed further into your own Self as a result of the union. Sometimes twins do not unite sexually, but they can still meet physically and merge spiritually. The physical meeting itself no matter how it is can lead to the union of the energies, but with a physical aspect such as for instance sex, the twin souls are pushed further into their individual selves.

There is a huge difference between having met and bonded with the twin physically and staying in some sort of correspondence online where the communication is more intellectual than it would be if the twin souls merged physically. If the twin souls meet physically the union will happen as a result of the deepest instincts in both of them. When you recognize your twin soul, you will see yourself in the eyes of the other half. You will feel that you have finally come home and when you talk with the other half, it feels like you have known each other forever. All of it will seem very natural and the sexual union with the twin soul will feel like the most natural thing in the world. During the spiritual, physical and/or sexual union of the twin souls, they will experience a kundalini rising.

This means that all the chakras will be activated, they will merge at all levels. The people who experience kundalini rising feel that they have been connected with their Higher Selves and a process begins where the knowledge of you being a spiritual being becomes even more intense after the twin soul union. Kundalini rising is like getting strong electricity through your entire physical body. It can be such an intense experience, so not only will you feel an out of body experience and another state of consciousness, but you can also experience physical change afterwards as a result of the twin union and the powerful kundalini rising, because you pick up on higher spiritual energies. Very often the kundalini rising can also lead to a person being less physically grounded on earth. Exactly for this reason it is even more important to get in deep contact with the physical body in order to stay grounded on earth when it comes to the twin soul process.

Other More Profound Ways Of Recognizing The Twin Soul

Twin Souls usually merge into each other when they unite physically and spiritually, but besides from the twin souls experiencing a deep and life-changing union, there are other ways you can know that you are in the same room with your twin soul. You can recognize your twin soul’s voice even though you have never heard his/her voice before. Hearing your twin soul’s voice will often sound as the voice of your own soul speaking to you and you recognize the voice in a deep place within yourself. This in itself is a very profound experience, knowing and feeling you are recognizing a voice you might have never heard before.

It feels like a welcoming voice inviting you home. Your twin soul’s name although you have never heard the name before might be familiar to you, almost as if you already know the name of him/her. It is almost as if you feel that you could have had that name had you been the opposite sex of what you are. Your twin soul’s name will almost feel to you as if it is the perfect name for him/her. There can be many reasons why you recognize your twin soul’s name. One of the reasons could be that before you incarnated you and your twin soul made plans to meet in a physical life and at this time before incarnating you already knew the name your twin soul was going to have in the specific physical life.

If you are younger than your twin soul, you have incarnated at a later time and you might have observed your twin soul’s early years in the physical body before you incarnated yourself. You might also feel that if you had incarnated as the opposite sex of what you are, you could have looked exactly like your twin soul. Twin souls tend to look alike physically from time to time even if they don’t have the same sex, race, or age. Some twin souls experience a huge weight loss as a result of the union both because of the shock of meeting each other, but also due to the kundalini rising and intense energy exchange between the two of them. I heard of one woman who lost 10 pounds within one week because of her meeting with her twin soul.

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  1. What if you heard your twin souls voice over the radio. He’s a famous musician/pop opra singer? Can you recognize your twin just by a photo and voice? When I heard his voice and saw his pictures/videos something inside of me told me he’s the one. It was like looking at myself reflection? Sadly, since I’m not a celebrity there’s no way to physically meet him? I wish the universe would create a way for us to meet.

    • If it’ truely your twin soul whatever miracle needs to happen to bring you two together in the physical will happen. You don’t need to go searching for your twin soul when the soul is ready the twin will appear… Like magic :-)

    • I understand this. My twin soul is well-known on the internet, and is a Radio DJ as well. People have said we look alike, and he was doing a talk of which I was in the audience for, and the two of us just stared at each other, like we were completely bowled over by something. We often think the same things, or I’ll say something just as he says it and vice versa. But like you, it’s very hard to meet him physically. Although not impossible. But his voice, his mannerisms, his thoughts, his soul…it matches mine completely. So I think you may have found your twin soul in a musician.

      • Thanks for sharing Bambinous :-)

    • It will happen if he is your true twin soul. This is what happened to me. I felt the connection before I ever met him in person. We’d meet in a dream state. He’s a musician and our background musically, sense of humor, outlook on life, and interests are basically identical, apart from he being from a different country and a couple decades older than me. I, too, never thought he and I would truly meet physically due to his career and him being somewhat in the public eye. But, through total…what seemed like coincidence…in one weekend we saw each other twice. The first time we met physically there was no doubt. We made eye contact and were immediately at peace and one with each other. I’ve never felt more at home and at ease in my life. In that one moment, everything made sense, and all of my suspicions that he was my twin soul were revealed to be absolutely true. When you meet, there is no doubt. If there is, it’s not right. Coming from a totally skeptical, misanthropic point of view, as soon as he and I made eye contact and were in that moment, it was the first time in my life that I didn’t have a single doubt in my body about our connection.

      The universe will create that opening for you two to meet if you are truly connected. Just keep reaching out spiritually, leave yourself open to possibilities and keep a positive heart and you will find him.

      • Bless your heart Half a Musician… Thanks for keeping it positive :-) Wishing you all the love and happiness your heart desire…

      • Just a bit of a moment to share. Saw a new picture of my twin soul, he is wearing the exact outfit I am wearing in my current profile picture. Is this common? That you and your twin will dress alike? Or have the same taste in clothing?

    • YES!! that can happen! If deep down inside you KNOW!! Then it’s true!! Trust yourself and how your spirit feels!! Mine too is a celebrity and he passed! He’s the biggest entertainer out there but he’s gone so I can’t meet him but in time I will!

      • Bless your soul Liliana :-) Wishing you love, peace and harmony…

      • If you talk about MJ Liliana… then you are absolutely wrong on everything.
        MJ is my Twin Flame, HE always were, and always will… Im on the point to reunite with HIM before HIS come back… yep as you can see HE’s not dead ! I really wish to understand why everyone say they are HIS Twin Flame if they are not. Sincerly, its hurtful !!!

  2. I recognize this completly, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. Some rare great ideas in there….. right?, But the most amazing words been written the in comments i think.. just look at this:

    ” You don’t need to go searching for your twin soul. when the soul is ready the twin will appear… ”

    Wow, i can’t find the RIGHT words to say how amazing were these words.

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    • Thank you The Good Life Seeker Blog :-)

  4. Interesting post.thank you so much for liking my post (We are alike..) have pleasant week.

    • Thanks for stopping by Jalal Michael Sabbagh :-) Peace, love and blessings

  5. Just like to ask. During kundalini rising, does both twin experience this or just one that is more spirituality evolved.? I have experienced the rising after my twin ran and have no way of knowing.

    • I am still trying to understand the twin flame process. The guru terms for what’s happening is still fairly new to me. I know my twin and I are very synchronized. I cannot talk for every twin. My twin and I have been synchronizing before we knew of each other. Our life stories and up bringing are extremely similar. We both switched major in college and end up graduating with the same degree. We had similar karmic relationships in the same time frame that ended the same way… My twin and I are physically separated right now but I know he is very aware… We have always been synchronizing throughout our life so I assume it’s still the same. I strongly believe we are both experiencing the same spiritual growth at the same time. We are just dealing with it differently. My twin ran as well but I still feel him and I know he feels me too. When I really need him he appears. For example, I never told my twin I created this site but he found it at a time when I was becoming doubtful. He has been frequently visiting now. Yesterday for example I was feeling extremely exhausted, I get-up to leave my computer and the numbers 321 grabs my attention. I have been seeing 1234 lately so I was confused I was seeing it backwards. Anyway, I left my computer for a brief second because I was bothered by seeing the numbers 321, I felt something was not right. I came back and 1234 pops up on my computer screen. I looked at my visitor feed and sure enough my twin was reading one the twinflame posts on my site at the same time I was on it. If the numbers had not shown-up I would have logged-off and not taken a second look. So I get messages through numbers and feelings about my twin even though we are physically apart. If you read the signs and are open to the answer, the universe will send you messages. Right now I feel very close to God or one with the universe. I am assuming you should be too. If you ask for help or answers…They will appear like magic… If the signs are not clear enough ask for clearer signs. They will appear in a way so that you can understand them :-)

      • So happy for you. Just this month when I began to question who my son’s tutor really is after knowing her for 4 years. Secession of events took place & I began to retap my ESP and started to have access on knowledge and my purpose on Earth.

        When I meditated my Accended Master and AzraEL confirmed who she is and reminded the same the task which I was tasked to remain dormant since mid 2000 until this month. 11:11 started to pop up from clocks, french fries, and even when I converted DVD to mp4. I experienced soul merge or blending of essences, and I was told by my guide that it can not happen unless they are twins and they are thinking the same. Kundalini was activated and surge of energy was experienced from incandescent bulb to halogen bulb. I used to meditate with 7 chakra system but now with 12 like all twins that are called to awakening whether they meditate or not the TF template uses the same 12 chakra system as part of the package. Kundalini is very powerful that I thought I was loosing my mind. There were voices and they speak the truth because I can analyze what they are saying and they are verifiable if I google it but I did not know before that I need to be grounded and had to learn it after. Now I am ok but she is still running. Can’t blame her, I am married. But the love I have for her does not call for intimacy but more of a confusing lover-brother-best friend kind of a thing.

        Still hope she will come around though.

      • Be careful what you mediate on :-) If it doesn’t comes naturally…It’s probably no good :-)

  6. hi
    i loved this article.
    I have a question though, what happens if you get separated from your twin soul? if the person dies?

    • First and foremost the author of this article is unknown…I wish I knew who wrote it. It was shared by guest user :-) I called them my angel :-) In my observation of life. When something or someone is taken from you it’s often replaces by something or someone new and just as wonderful… If not more wonderful if you’re open to the experience. I know when people are grieving that’s not what they want to hear but it’s true. You can have several intense, telepathic connection and profound connections. When the soul as reached a certain level of growth and maturity you will start to develop telepathy connections with almost anyone. I am talking from personal experience because that’s all I know for sure. I know many articles have been written that you have only one twin flame and that place most people in a panic mode because no one wants to lose their “one true love” . The truth is you attract what you need at whatever level of soul development you are at… There is no magic to it. When you have out grown that relationship the person automatically disappear through physical death or otherwise (by the way I don’t believe anything or anyone really dies they just transform into something else :-) ) We don’t need to concern our self with the future…We already know physical death is apart of life. Enjoy the experience you have now with each and every soul that is apart of your life… That’s all we can do… We cannot control the outcome of everything… We can only enjoy each experience as it is given to us :-) Don’t worry be happy :-) You are that love you seek in your twin soul :-) Your twin soul is just your mirror :-)

  7. Aren’t we all twin souls? I mean, we come from the same source, right?

    • That’s what I have began to realize in a way. Well… let’s put it this way…The more you grow in love… The more connected you realize you are with everything and everyone. You become one with the source, and when you are one with the source you are able to develop that twin soul connection with anyone…I don’t know if I am explaining it clearly enough…I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Anyway, Most people are not there yet but they will realize that the further they get on their spiritual journey…I also think it’s important for them to believe what they believe when they believe it. It’s not good to change someone’s belief. We can only guide them and let them figure it out on their own. They are being what they suppose to be when they are being it. If someone had told me that we are all twin souls A week ago or even a 2 days ago. I would say they don’t know what they are talking about. Each day I come to a new realization that I am still growing and learning and my awakening continues… Nothing is final not even physical death…Everything is infinite and eternal. We are transforming daily whether we are aware of it or not. I am now aware of my daily transformations so now I’m trying not to make final or closed statements. I have been where most of these people are so I can only tell what happened when I was at that stage and how I got over it. If I don’t know I will tell you I don’t know or give examples from nature because wisdom comes from nature… Thanks for stopping by :-)

      • i came to your realization yesterday…it was like the twin soul unconditional love was meant to be felt by us to be light workers and to give that same unconditional love to everybody else even if we don’t know or see them. That is how we are loved by the creator_TRUE?

      • Yes Renet… I believe that as well.

      • Another thought the reason they say we do reunite with our twinflame when we have become enlightened is that when we are enlightened the separation is an illusion we are all connected and reunited when both twins realize it even if the reunion isn’t physically because we are one? and at the end of the day if we are all the same and one everybody out there is our ultimate twinflame – if we love the soul we love everybodie’s souls?

      • Devine, my heart hurts

  8. We both experienced the weight loss thing over the last 2 years or so-I lost 60 pounds, but I believe she lost more than me (based on some photos of her from 3 years ago), on a frame 7 inches shorter.

    • What I realize is that our twins are healing us with their energy from the inside whether we realize is or not and it manifest in the physical. I have been noticing how much younger I look and everyone notices as well. My skin is glowing… It’s very smooth and soft and I haven’t been going out of my way to take care of myself. It’s like I am return to how I was in my teenage state before I was in any relationship.
      I’m growing younger and more beautiful everyday… So, whatever the outcome of the twin flame union I’m grateful for the physical, spiritual and mental changes :-) I feel brand new :-) I’m a virgin again :-)

      • Heh, I’ve been tripping on this energy for 21 years (only realizing that it is hers-I should say ours-over the past 6 months). People say I look 32-40, and I’ll turn 51 in a month. Nobody my age has the skin that I do.

      • ;-) :-) ;-)

      • Oh and she looks good for her age too.

  9. I feel prettier and shiny :)

    • ;-) :-) ;-)

  10. Beautiful thoughts! Yes in the presence of our twin soul we feel energized and calm.

    • ;-) :-) ;-)

  11. Thanks for liking my posts! So much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

    • You are welcome queen of hearts ;-)

  12. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

    • Thanks for welcoming me ;-) and for sharing :-) Godspeed

  13. thank you for following my blog. yours is incredibly interesting– and perfectly apropos for what i am moving through in my life right now– having just merged with my twin soul a few months ago– but this is the first time i have acknowledged and put a name to our connection. anyway, thanks– i look forward to checking out more on your blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by ;-) I am happy you were able to put a name to your connection… The twin soul process can be very challenging and painful at times. Hope the information presented here will offer you some comfort …. Best Wishes ;-)

  14. Thanks for following Hanukah. Love, David

    • You’re Welcome David ;-) Keep spreading the word of acceptance and peace… Where there is acceptance for each other differences there is love… Where there is love there is peace… Thanks for stopping by

  15. Hallo DevineGrace,

    I’m at my TF place now, I wanna share what will happen if we against the universe. 2 days ago we argued again and decided to meet for the last time, because he told me that he found a girl and consider to make a relationship with her. I was shocked but not angry or jealous, actually I decided not to come to his place, but the day after our argumentation I just followed my ego to go to him even my heart said totally NO. My heart chakra had been blocked after the first step out from my house, I can feel it, am trying hard now to cry, but I cant, I feel empty, near phisically but far soulfully with my TF. I cant breath, I dont know what to do. We both meet in the name of ego, and we feel so awkward each other. I cant help my self or even ask help from him. I meditated, try to open my heart chakra. Its the worse thing I ever experienced. I regret.

    • I am sorry hear you are in pain Zara… I don’t know what say… Have you tried saying anything to each other? What is he doing now? Please update us and let us know what’s going when you get over the shock… I know you are probably very numb now…

  16. last night was so quite, we didnt talk anything but phisical touch, we were so tired. Im sure he could feel what I feel, that was so odd.
    Before I arrived, I got alot of signs to show that I did a wrong way. I looked the bus schedule wrong, I came 1 hour earlier, then the train to the border canceled for 30min, after that I went to the wrong train to get to his city, and it wasted 3 hours, really a long journey. I spent 8 hours which normally just takes 4 hours.
    After meditated I went to his room, lying beside him while he was sleeping, until this time he still sleeps. I was crying so bad while meditating but had either to control it because he sleeps. I dont know what to say divineGrace, I feel so bitter. I watched him while he was sleeping, see my body embodied in him, we have the same palm line, similar thumb, so beautiful but I couldnt feel it. so strange, when we apart, I feel him like much but not now.
    Maybe would be good to talk, but he seems different, I feel his conciousness cover him so strong, either do I. It could be happen that we mirroring each other feeling now. We talked too much while we were saparated, I dont have any word anymore to say, beside Im afraid I will say something wrong again. We are too much confused.
    My unconditional love strengthened me, my ego made me lose. Now I’m sitting in his living room and feel like a stranger.

    • It’s ok Zara, we all lose it sometimes… I am sure you guys will get pass this… It just wasn’t the right time… And, as you said you never paid attention to the signs the universe was giving you. You wanted to be him and it’s a normal human reaction to go with the mind eventhough you knew in your heart you weren’t ready. Don’t be too down on yourself things will turn around and get better. Now, you know the next time to listen to your gut or intuition. If something doesn’t feel right then it’s not right…

      Zara, right now you are probably seeing your confusion and shock in him… And, he is probably picking up on your confusion and shock as well. As soon as you are calm and regain yourself everything will be fine… It’s ok you are there now… Just relax and let him make the next move, don’t try and do too much… All is well… Just take it easy…

  17. thank you grace, your last sentence helps me alot. I realize that we are on this condition: I’ll be careful because I dont wanna hurt him, same with him, thats why we dont try to say any words. and became so odd. but am happy to see him again. He told me how he was so happy to see me again, hugged me so tight. unfortunately I was not, so maybe I sent first this signal.

    • Thanks for sharing Zara. At least you were able to see him as you said. I was about to go to bed when I saw you leave a comment. I didn’t know what to say. I was shock and and confused by the suddenness of everything. I knew you weren’t in your right frame of mind as well because your writing seems out of sort. I was thinking this is not Zara writing me right now… This is not Zara… Something is Wrong with her… You weren’t you when you were writing me earlier Zara. I think your twin felt guilty for telling you he was going to start another relationship with someone else then seeing you made him panic… And, you being so tired because of your confusing 8 hours journey to see him.

      I found it ironic that he fell asleep while you watched him eventhough you are the one that should be tired after the hell you went through to get to him. I think you were channeling your twin when I was talking to you hours earlier. That definitely was not you… Look at what you wrote… You were very out of sorts… You took on your twin’s guilty. He feels very bad for putting you through that… You haven’t done any wrong Zara, it’s him. You were open and vulnerable and you took on all his issues…

      • He told me before we met that he is an idiot because he hurts me again, I told him its not his fault, it happens because I have feeling to him. and today after answering you, we sat outside and finally he asked me “how do you feel?”
        then the coversation started, . I told him its my fault with this awkwardness, because I came with my ego and my heart chakra blocked. He didnt care about that thing and more wanna know what I want now. He kept telling me what I felt is just an obsession that because I couldnt get him, I almost trusted him at that time.
        Problem seems solved, we decided to avoid each other and no more contact. he looked bit nervous, couldnt see me in the eyes while talking, also when he dropped me to the train station right before we said goodbye I saw he became nervous again. you know DivineGrace, we felt totally the same, its mirroring 100%. like we read totally each others feeling. So I decided to back home after talk. We were getting immediately good again, be like friend, or ..maybe pretending to enjoy each other. but at that time I still felt like a stranger.
        On the way back home I felt so hurt, like a death body, couldnt feel, hard breath, wanted to cry but I couldnt. It was like that for about 2 hours, until I was getting close to home and I felt suddenly relieved, that my heart opened back, I could feel my feeling to him. that was so strange because I immediately smile and feel good, I asked my self whats wrong?and I heard (that could be the answer) that I was coming with nord energy (magnet example) and transfer it directly to his open energy, and we become nord and nord. as I thought before, I have the control but I lost it. Now I feel the reunion is really far away because of my wrong way. I hope I can survive and surrender.

      • Zara, I didn’t know you talk to your twin using words like block heart chakra and kundalini terminologies. Eventhough you are going through a spiritual awakening and you are comfortable with those terms. It’s not a practical way to communicate with people outside that field. I myself had to look up block heart chakra when you mention it. When you first meet him did you talk like that to him about chakras and egos or wasn’t you just being Your playful jolly self. I think you need to go back to being your playful and happy self. Take a break from these spiritual and meditation stuff and just be…. Don’t take these things too seriously. The more you learn the less you know…

  18. I’m not either too serious in this process DevineGrace, doing stuff like meditation and co. what I realize is there a change in me that I can “heal” my self or let say I become more sensitive that I can listen to my heart’s voice. Before the saparation we talked alot about such, so more then less he already knew it. What I did yesterday was listen to my heart, that what emerged.
    Yes, I have no option since I ruined everything. I got this ‘punishment’. I feel like being exiled in purpose to work with my self, clear my mind, and be clean so I deserve again to back on the process. maybe thats the reason why now I feel that our reunion is far away. He told me like this “I dont have problem if we meet again in the future and say hello, but meanwhile just not to get in touch”.
    I know last evening my TF will do BBF at his place, I dont know what time, but as always, intertwined feeling, suddenly at evening I have a super good feeling, I was either with my friends do BBF but it seems like I was there with my TF’s happy feeling not mine, I could recognize it.
    Now I have to focus on my self and move on, I hope I could healed soon and back to you guys. :)
    But DivineGrace, I thank really you for every single word u shared. I’m sure God had chosen you as His extention to communicate with us, I always feel relieved after read ur comment :)

    long live and have a blessed sunday!

    • Thank you Zara ;-) May your heart be healed and you be eternally blessed. This was your rock bottom… There is no where to go but up from here… We all at some point hit rock bottom in this journey… But we pick ourselves up and continue… I can’t wait to see what you are going to do next. I know you are going to channel all that energy into to something amazing and soulful that will help others… And, also help you become more whole and complete within yourself…

  19. Wonderful blog, I shall look forward to reading all your posts, thank you also for following my blog. Clarabelle

    • Thank you Clarabelle :-) Bless your heart

  20. I met my twin soul at a psychiatric hospital 5 years ago when I was only 15. She’s a nurse and I was a patient. At the time I knew nothing about spirituality. I didn’t experience my spiritual awakening until I turned 17. I’m 20 years old today and I just learned about twin souls a few months ago. However all along I knew there was something very special about her. Me and her never got to know each other the way I wanted to, but that’s because we were in a psych ward and there was a professional barrier that was conspiring to keep us apart. We did share an unusual bond although. Unusual because she had a tendency to get casual with me as if we were friends. A few days before I was discharged, I found myself alone with her for 40 minutes. During those 40 minutes we shared a conversation that I hold dear to my heart to this day. We flirted. Nothing inappropriate but that conversation served as the transition from aquetance to friendship. Unfortunately time had run out and I was discharged a few days later. That was nearly 4 years ago, and I haven’t seen her since, but that conversation we had is my favorite life-long memory despite how short my life has been. Everytime I think of her, I get very emotional. I feel lost in the world. As if my life is terribly wrong without her. She is without a doubt, my reason to live. The funny thing is that I still live close to that hospital and I pass by there on some nights as if saying “hi” to her. I get emotional just looking over at the hospital when I pass by. It haunts me, but in a positive way. Regardless of the tremendous suffering I continue to endure, I know that someday me and her will be together again.

    • Thanks for sharing Drew :-) Our twins may not be there when we want them but they are always right on time ;-) God works in mysterious ways… Bless your heart

  21. Hi,
    I am very happy to have come across this. I met my twin flame exactly four yeas back and I could recognise him instantly and as soon as I met him for the first time in my life. And after that I couldn’t ever remain without his presence. But he was working in another city, so we used to keep in touch through frequent chats and phone calls. Sometimes there has been a long interval in between, with no contact between us, but that dint hamper our friendship. I still don’t know if he felt the same way about me, but slowly over the last year or so, I have come to realise he cares for me too. Now I am not sure if the relationship between us was romantic, it is something more than that. A very deep and spiritual connection. He could sense by moods automatically and he helped me in my spiritual growth. He was always there to listen to my problems and vice versa. I felt both our lives were going the same way as there were a lot of things similar. We both had just realised after a long struggle about what we wanted to do in our careers And now suddenly five days back he died. I still can’t come to terms with it. I mean, he had so much to do and he had a million plans for his life and for mine too and now he is not here in this world. I am at a loss, I don’t know what to do. I feel a major portion of me has been taken away. Please help me, will I meet him again somewhere?

    • Rjk, you will meet him again. This life is not our destination, it’s just a journey within a journey. It gets better too, sometimes it just gets worse before it gets better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but you have to stay awake to see it. Our journey on this earth in this form is not about us. There is a great vibration moving through the earth and it’s preparing us for a beautiful and amazing transformation.

      Sometimes a caterpillar leave it’s army of caterpillars to become a butterfly. And, just because you don’t recognize it’s new form, it doesn’t mean it’s no longer there… Now, you have a personal angel made just for you watching over you. When, he visits just be open to it… He may appear in another form. Maybe, he is that sweet breeze that caught you off guard or a beautiful bird flying high in the sky.

      Just because someone is not in the physical form anymore doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We are all just energies and spirits taking the shape of different forms to do work here on earth and when our work is complete we get to retire… We can’t all retire at the same time but we will all meet again at the end of our journey…

      Maybe his time was up but you still have a lot more to give and while you are here you will find someone or many in the physical that help you on the way. You may even develop another twinsoul connection with someone new if you are open to it. Anything that’s taken away from you will always be replaced by something just as wonderful, if not more wonderful… Just be open to it.


      • Hi,
        Thank you so much for your reply, it surely has made me feel better. Yes i know he is my personal angel watching over me and I am sure he will guide me in every way during my life. I want to sense his presence. Am sure he will let me know that he is around me in some way or the other. I am waiting for that day. I would just like to know and get some reassurance from you about how he is doing in the other world. He def is more happy and at peace now right? Thanks.

  22. Hi,

    Reading the stories really helps in feeling some back-up in the emotional rollercoaster that is called twinflames. And eventhough our story goes back as far as almost 30 years and we just reconnected a couple of weeks ago we’re getting very few answers and it raises a lot of questions. When we first met, being as young as 21 and 20, the feelings were totally overwhelming, both kind of shy and a lot of fear, we couldn’t deny the call of our souls. I had to go home, thousands of miles away, I thought we would never met and even then it was ok just to know it was there. I left no adress or phonenumber and it took him some effort to try and find me, but he did and came to me. We have been together there for a week, I was so sure then that he should share his talent with the world, that I didn;t give him any choice and told him to go home. Even now he is still shocked that he went away without even something like a discussion, and I never told him it was about the talent. Just said that it wouldn’t work out. It took something like 5 years but the fame came and still is. A lot of people have and still see him on stage. he made a lot of people happy. I always tried to put it aside, but never could, not really. Couldn’t resist the feeling of wanting to see him, when he was in my country so saw him again after 7 years and left again, totally frustrated and so sure we never could be together. In the half hour we spoke, he told me he had wrote a song, wouldn’t tell me which one. Told me just to keep listening. I never listened closely, cause I didn’t want to feel the hurt. Until a couple of months ago, and really don’t ask me why I suddenly wanted to hear the songs and find out which one he was talking about I gave a reaction on his website, only he would understand and he contacted me the next day. Couldn’t believe it and neither did he. So we emailed for a couple of weeks, did a lot of healing and growing, but the connection was there immediately again. At first I told him, that the words would be enough, no more meeting. And because of the fact that a lot of people know him it;s not that easy to meet. But with the days the feeling that we would have to meet again, grew and grew. But I still had my doubts. My friend who is helping a lot with this all, cause it isn’t that easy to get deep fears out of your system, she had some emailcontact with him if necessary and I’m really glad with her, cause there a only two people who know about this. He contacted my friend that he would want to come to my country, but thought I would never agree and it would only be for a day. She agreed with him and for her it was really difficult not to be honest about this. Cause I felt things were going on, But they kept it a secret and my friend made an appointment with me to go to a restaurant, and we met again, needless to say I almost fell apart, but if there were no 30 years in between we connected again, but now without the fear and ego stuff. So pure and real. Because we are both in a relationship, and we feel that we can’t and never will hurt others because of what we are together, we know we won’t be living together in this lifetime. But we will see eachother from time to time. It will be a life full of goodbyes, hurt and that incredible energy we can create when we are together. We feel so priviliged to have this experience and would really like to share this with you. And it took us some 30 years to ‘really’ find eachother, so to everyone, never give up hope! I hope everyone who is reading this, will understand that we can’t and won’t give any names, because there people that gonna get hurt that way and we can’t allow that to happen. Ýou have to excuse me for my poor english, but I think you will understand it

    We would like to send you our deepest love and wish you loads of wisdom to deal with a difficult issue in your life, like twinflames.

  23. Oh I find this interesting. How intense does the physical meeting have to be? Because I feel there is someone who is my twin soul, but the first time I met him, there were a lot of people, and we hugged, but it was significantly more awkward than him hugging everyone else there. Then I saw him a week ago, he was on stage doing a talk, and I was in the audience, fairly near the front, but he was drawn to me, as I was to him, and we stared at each other a lot, and glanced. when I saw him the first time on stage, I was almost taken aback by the amount of “me” I saw in him. I don’t know what it really means. Any chance you could help me out?

  24. Totally agree when I heard my tf over the phone for the first time. I started laughing because he sounded just like a child hood friend of mine so I thought (he really doesn’t it’s just his voice was so familiar) Also he would tell me that I sound like his sister in law of 20+ years. We definitely look alike and we even have the same Name initial (which is O) which is not common. Same birthday number. So many things…..

    • One of my sisters shares my twin’s birthday as well as speaking voice. Will be seeing that sister in a week and it will be very weird to hear the voice of my twin through my sister…

  25. I have been with my husband for 25 years…we have gone through many of the twinsoul phases and we are reaching a higher level of spiritually and connection. Recently another person entered his life, he feel a great connection with her, she is younger and married.
    Both ladies (me and her) seem to have a connection even though we have never met, she senses things about me and I feel her energy. My husband sees us as the same person and loves us as the same person…what is this…

  26. This is indeed a great set of articles. I believe I have found my other half.. however, him and I are not currently speaking. This has been a huge challenge for me so I have been documenting it in a series of letters to him that double as journal entries. I haven’t told anyone about this until now… and wanted to leave a link for anyone who might be enduring a challenging separation from the one they love. tearstainsandbrokendreams

    • Thanks for sharing :-)

  27. Twin souls, an interesting concept. I shall have to read more about it.

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you will continue to enjoy the posts.

    • Thanks for stopping by leamuse :-) ;-) :-)

  28. I don’t know if I’m the runner or if he is the runner. At the second “official” date, I felt really weird and I thought that I didn’t like him anymore, was something very quick and awkward, I looked at him and I wanted to run away. I was waiting to be with him after years, wast the perfect moment in our lives, he was single again, I forgot about my ex, we began to met in the most unexpected places, everyday, and we always were petrified when we look at each other eyes, and we were trembling.
    That night, when he tried to kiss me, I rejected him in a gently way. That night I felt like I was “in home” and that was all that I needed, and that I didn’t wanted to be with him in a relationship. Took me two weeks when I began to miss him and I felt really guilty. Then he just disappeared, and then he get angry at me, never answered my messages, I checked his facebook and msn, all his status were of anger, deception and frustration. A month later I told him that I needed to know the truth, he rejected me saying that I never loved him and that he would never go back, that was his last decision, he risked his relationship with his girlfriend of years and even she left him when she knew I existed ,and he did it all for nothing. Months later, everything happened again, the casual meetings, us staring each other in silence, trembling, and after 3 years it’s been the same. We both have our partners, but I know that moments when we met, are really uncomfortable, and I know he is feeling that way. Our lives became really difficult since we’ve been apart, losses, illness, troubled relationships. I remember all the dreams I had before we met, his house was in my dreams, he was there too, and he knew everything about me, and all thatyh things, I ignored them all these years. I feel like I left go the best and worst experience in my life. I have a lot of exes, but he stills being, the only one that I can “feel” before I look at him in a crowd, is like electricity.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Camila. It sounds magical but so confusing at the same time. I hope you guys are able to work it out and find a balance so you can start enjoying each other without the awkwardness and confusion. Bless your heart…

    • That is because when you see him… you see yourself. If you can’t face him then there is something within yourself that you can not face. You might see something within him that you don’t like and he can feel that and it goes both ways. That is why it is said that you both have to be your full selves and accept/love yourself or you can not accept the other. And you separate to grow and then can come back together when you both are where you are supposed to be.
      It is all emotions intertwined into one and it is a soul relationship not one based on Ego which was very challenging for me. And since we only have one twin soul, we never experienced this before and don’t know what to do with it. People fear feeling vulnerable, imagine being close to someone and they know you and all your flaws and secrets and insecurities and things you have not yet faced and it is brought to your attention and maybe you don’t even want to deal with it…. its almost forced. Not only that but you see all these similarities like they same eyes and even markings on the skin and so forth in a way I felt suspicious of this person as to who is he and why he has my identity. Little do they/I know it don’t matter where they run to cause they/I can feel it, there is no detaching really and once the runner see’s that and comes to terms with it then I imagine they will be content to unite.
      I can tell you I was both the runner and the chaser, more so the runner cause I HAD to keep my distance but still felt this energy I never felt before it was like a high higher then being in love but I could also feel the fluctuations in between silent thoughts and minimal contact. Anyways, I learned the answers I so desperately seek to understand him and why he is not responsive etc, all those answers are within myself. We are the same yet equal opposites/yin yang.
      I felt his energy for 3 months after we stopped talking but now I am still in shock but feel numb and like I am missing my other half.
      oh and I know when I see my twin, time slows way down and I remember every detail and lastly he acknowledged this connection but we didn’t know what it was called at the time all I know from him is he felt things were spiraling out of control and he thought we could become stalemate but when I did let him come see me, he felt an unsettling comfortability and that is all I know other then he says he constantly thought about me but he was difficult to get to express himself which was difficult for me.
      He and I have unusual circumstances as we had a previous encounter that we never talked about but made everything awkward and I didn’t like how is Ego was working with things. I am still working on myself and changing and not sure he knew how me expressing even myself was difficult cause I don’t like to be close to anyone either.
      I love him but never said it straight out cause how crazy is it to feel that way when you try and convince yourself you don’t actually know this person… you only seen them a couple times even though can talk for hours and relate…… I don’t know…… I know like attracts like and opposites attract but are twins “meant to be” romantically as a soul mate ego based marriage, prob not.
      It feels traumatizing I know but keep working on you and only worry about what you have control over and Karma will work itself out and whats meant to be, will be.

      • Thanks for sharing your Drea :-) Wishing you love, healing, joy, peace, harmony and reunion… Hugs

  29. I met my Twin Soul/Flame without a doubt in my mind. We made eye contact and met and the rest of the world disappeared. He put his arm around me and I have never felt so at home and relaxed. In the midst of chaos, he and I stood together looking into each other’s eyes and were in a complete state of peace. Then he had to leave. He lives in a different country. We had only 10 minutes together and it was the most perfect 10 minutes of my life. Never have I felt so at home, at ease, connected and whole. Now he’s gone. Back overseas and I feel lost. I have to find him again.

    • Trying finding yourself again Half a musician. Once you feel whole and happy again your positive energy will draw your twin closer to you :-) Sending you love, happiness and Joy

  30. I and Him have stopped talking now . Like no contact . There is not a single day that he is not there in my mind . His thought everyday comes in my mind , even if I am tired of it and want to be away from it .
    I feel he is always there with me , Though I know we are no more together .
    My life is changed completely and for good .
    Sometimes I feel all this is a dream and I have woken up from a deep sleep.
    When we were together , for the first time I felt strange as if I was searching for this , as if I have met Him after a very long time , Like my soul started opening all of the sudden .
    Life is very strange and mysterious .
    I have become more spiritual after all this , searching for the real truth , on the spiritual path.
    Love u all…

  31. hi , i meet my twin soul mate though face book online . But a psychic did a past life reading to me in which she said that in my past life i lost him due to his brain damage, that he was beaten up trying to save me and our baby and in that beating he suffered brain damage to the point he became retarded and i couldn’t relate to him the way i did before . In this life we both feel that energy that sexual attraction and that love , he even mentioned it many times that he has never felt this energy so intense . Problem is the psychic said that in this life we are not meant to meet and that if we both were to meet it would be painful for me because due to that past life where he had suffered brain damage and he was retarded he sees me different then he is, is stuck in his subconscious that idea . The psychic said our relationship in that past life before his brain damage was perfect , we were so nice to each other and we loved each other so much .i feel very drawn to him and is tough to me to let go , i think about geting with him day and night , i cant control this desire of wanting to be near him, to feel him oncei m desperate , i know for sure is him my twinsoul.What do u think about this situation ?
    Thankyou very much and sorry for the bad english :d english is my 3rd language !

  32. I am so moved by everything I read so far. I knew that someone was special, all these synchronizations, dreams and signs…They were indeed telling me that I met the one. I even had a dream of him before I met him. In my dream that person didn’t had a face but I felt the same way as when I met my twin soul for real. I’m amazed how things are falling in to place now…. Even his voice touched something really deep in me… And his eyes, well… How to describe what they made me feel… I remember how everything started: We knew each other from school but we met by pure chance in the middle of the street on a school holiday break and we would spend 7 hours together wandering around the city… It felt like home. We didn’t even rushed to the physical side of things. In our first dates we would be simply siting beside each other in the car, listening to music in silence and sharing confessions… Oh gosh ha ha, I was so in love. People said to me we looked alike and they would say stuff like “That is funny, he said exactly the same yesterday!” even before we started dating. Our nicknames have a very similar phonetics and we both were in a relationship with each other’s best friends when we felt in love. And now… well, my heart just jumped in my chest when I’ve done the Eros&Psyche test and the results were: “IMMORTAL LOVERS” and “OH MY GOD I AM SO IN LOVE” Trust me, it does match. But hey,… Is long gone now. It happened 10 years ago, is funny tho how I can still feel his moods. I can physically feel him. It has been such a relief to read this, I thought that I was getting crazy. I am currently in a loving and fulfilling relationship and I felt kind of guilty for keep thinking of that person. I wouldn’t hurt my partner, I love him so much and I picture myself constructing a family with him, but… It is true that nothing awakes my soul, mind and heart like the memory of that teenage love affair. I guess I have some valuable lessons to learn still… And so does he.

    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Looking back in reprospective I had this inner picture of my twin soul since childhood buried in my own soul. And searched for him for decades. When I later saw a photo of him as a little boy I knew that this was the other half I was searching for. As stated in the article it seemed that I watched him from the astral plane as he is 7 years older than me.

    When I was about 7 years myself I fell for a 10 years old boy who moved with his family to the street I lived. He was American (I live on another continent) and yet only being 7 years old my love was strong and deep. But he wasn’t the soul I was looking for, he was just a hint that my twin soul might be American. Which later turned out to be true.

    Being in my late 20′s I met one of my soul mates and had a deep and evolving relationship with him and as the steps before he was a preparation for finding my twin soul. He looked like the little brother or near to twin of the man I was searching for. They shared the same hair and eye color, physic and they even shared a facial scar on the exact same spot. It was kind of spooky when I found out.

    But I was in trouble as it had turned out that my twin soul was an actor who was out of my physical reach. And it didn’t helped when I found out through my soul mate partner that the name of my twin soul and my own fit so perfectly together that when you write these two names of in total eleven letters into a circle of eight letters they embrace so perfectly that you can read them til eternity. (It’s hard to describe, but I don’t want to state these names here).

    Later I had the opportunity to purchase a movie prop (a ring) he wore in one of his films by auction. I asked my Kipper cards whether I should bid and which amount, I placed my bid which wasn’t really that high, submitted the wish to the universe never thought or looked into how the auction was doing and bang auction (did end on my birthday) I was the highst bidder.

    Some years ago I had the opportunity to met the man in the flesh at a gathering for a special occassion, I wasn’t there alone, but I needed to make physical contact to get a vibe. Being in his present felt nothing but meeting a long known friend, we exchanged some words and some glances nothing out of the ordinary. Later I asked for a embrace it was quick, but I wasn’t prepared for the sensation afterwards. As I was sitting on the train back home, my heart chakra was openend in such an overpowering way and my soul was touched by God’s blessing that tears streamed down my face I knew that being one of many in a crowd of about hundered people that there wasn’t the time nor the place to experience a meeting on a deeper level.

    I now know that it isn’t about the twins being together, I see and feel us evolve towards the one source all souls are evolving to and it is such a blessing to be in the know. It gives me joy watching how our mannerism and thoughts on life match. It may sound like a selfdeluded fantasy, but I know and feel in my heart and soul that is real. And I like to thank my former soul mate partner who is on the astral plane now for his guidance.

    And thanks to you, Divine, for posting this fine article.

  34. First of all, I’m an artist, and i draw a lot. A few months ago, i randomly sketched a picture of a girl in leggings and an oversized sweater. I just joined choir, without even having the intention of joining. The choir teacher heard me sing and told me she wanted me in advanced choir. Yesterday morning in choir, i saw the girl, and it was just like something clicked into place. She kept glancing at me, and i kept glancing at her. I had never seem her before, and assume she’s a grade below me. Yesterday i saw her again, and was just drawn to her. After i got home from school, i decided to look through my sketchbook. I had completely forgotten about that drawing. I saw it, and realized it looked almost exactly like the girl in my choir. Same face, same hair, same outfit. (The design of the leggings was different, and while in my sketch the sweater said The End, hers said Jet’Aime) but then i saw her again today in the hall, and then we randomly crossed paths again, and made eye contact almost immediately, and it was literally one of the most intense feelings I’ve ever had. I’ve been thinking about her nonstop since i first saw her yesterday, and i feel almost like i love her even though we’ve never even met. For someone i’d never seen before yesterday, i’m seeing her EVERYWHERE, and the fact that i drew her months before i ever saw her are insane. I don’t know if i’m overanalyzing or if maybe she is my twin soul. I just want to talk to her, but i have no idea how, especially because she’s probably straight and i feel crazy enough as it is. Please tell me if this makes any sense at all because i just don’t know. Did i mention we even have the same name?

    • This could be the sign that she is your twin soul!!! I had the same scenario too yet that it felt really strange first and had a doubt that this is just a coincidence… Yet more signs came up that had help me realize that she’s the one…

  35. Hi there, I really enjoyed reading this article. I have an impossible situation with someone I crossed paths with quite a few years ago. We are both in relationships and I think probably unlikely to meet again – but I really feel that we are soulmates of some sort. I used to dream about him, very strong spiritual dreams and there was such a strange hint of recognition when we first met – but neither of us ever acted on it. I recently bumped into him (well, from a distance) and the same feelings of pressure on my chest, vague memories and a sort of ‘knowing’ that makes me feel a little silly, etc came back to me. I am a great believer that what will be will be – but I find myself wanting answers to this!

  36. Wow thanks for this deeper understanding of the beyond!
    I will say I never believed in astrology or anything. Didn’t even know about a twin soul or flame until yesterday. Anyhoo here is my story of my flame.
    I am 29 now and he is 27 our birthdays are 4 days apart (we are both Pisces) birthdays happening …. I am two years older than him.
    We met when I was 21 and he was 19 though mutual friends. Hung out at parties and always were together joking, clicking etc
    On his 21 is when we just spontaneously combusted and started kissing for hours, and it felt different than anything I or him had ever felt… Complete oneness. Hours went by… We had to pull apart but it was difficult, the magnetism was intense.
    We throughout the next month we were inseparable, couldn’t be apart more than a mere work shift. We drank together a lot both were quite nihilistic then… But from the first couple hours of connecting people showed up his house, all his friends and immediate hateful eyes were on us, we were in our own magnetic bubble. From then on our mutual friends would say things like, quit mentally kissing etc to us. It was so insanely intense everyone could see, we weren’t even looking at each other and people would feel.
    So mind you I didn’t know anything about souls or anything but I believe in energy… I knew we were the same instantly and always , we even have the same look in our eyes..
    ,… Even though we had nothing in common, we didn’t like the same music , types of people, parties, cars, drugs ha anything.. But we felt peace together.
    He would never speak like this or even talk about it, but I know. .. I figured if it was meant to be one day it will. Even if not , either way we are one for always. Psychically connected on some level. It took me many many years to shut the telepathy off, a good 5 years, I knew it was too much for him and almost broke me. and still I knew either way he was out there,,,,

    Here is the thing I haven’t heard much about… He was an alcoholic. Wild evil drunk. I can’t be an enabler, and as tough as it was after he had many psychotic episodes with others … Mainly over the intensity of our chemistry I suspect, I had to pull back and let him grow wiser. He was an emotional wreck for me. Though I also had demons that spilled out when I drink, just didn’t have the addiction to want it.

    He eventually joined the military 3000 away just because he couldn’t get a grip he lost his job his car, everything in our small amount of time together.
    And even after he wrote me a letter, then I him, the calls began, like a floodgate like we had never quit each other.. So I would feel bad or anxious or euphoric or angry out of the blue for no reason, my heart rate would start racing just the oddest most intense unexplainable feelings.
    then we would speak, and my feelings would be exactly what he was feeling 3000 miles away, for whatever reason in his day. Always I would feel him. It got to be so intense I couldn’t figure out how to control it at all. I was an emotional wreck ,,,, We would text non stop 950 texts day and night, we have never said goodbye we always just are flowing. He would get drunk and I would try and distance myself and eventually start corresponding again. He got into serious trouble with his new endeavors and kicked out. And that was when I said I am breaking contact I am done with the internet etc and calls, texts , I am unplugging….

    Well we haven’t actually talked since, though I kept an eye on his page… I noticed in both of us our eyes lost the sparkle we both had before us meeting. Him more than I. But still sad eyes he has like his soul is lost, I know he needs me I just think his psychical self can’t handle it…

    but every year since or 2 years one or the other will reach out through Facebook and say something … Last was 3 years ago I reached out to him, he said he didn’t think I was good for him and didn’t wish to see me. 3 months later was missing staring into my eyes and writing me,… I didn’t respond until 3 days ago and it was like 4 am I had insomnia for no reason, and suddenly had the urge to Facebook message him, so I did, I sincerely , actually just felt like wishing him a happy birthday and whatnot, like I just had to do it. He responded within a few minutes and said he had woken up hours early for no reason, he felt me I know it.
    So the point here is this, he now seems like his life is together school , work etc… Though we messaged each other non stop from 4 am to 4 pm Just about nothing really like we always did.. I don’t feel I am as poisonous to his brain anymore, finally.
    I read about how twin souls separate and eventually come together to heal. I think this is exactly what we are finally doing, now that we are older and wiser of course perhaps not ever together, but the urge stopped at the end of the messaging. We must have got what we needed. Like we have to keep reminding each other yes this happened and we are equal inside,
    I always for the longest thought our demons inside connected and that was it, but after all the reading I know we are eternal.. We together though would never leave the house. So probably are toxic in some way because of the intensity, 15 hours of intertwined madness we could never separate.
    I think our souls are coming full circle in understanding now though. Sorry for being so long I just had to show the intensity of the twin to you all. And I have never talked about this because I nobody understood, even though I did.
    Was maddening heart beating fast just thinking his name kind of magnetism. It was a drug , more addictive than anything I have ever touched. Could never ever get enough because is felt like home, like time disappeared….I will let you all know how this long journey continues ;)

    Also on a side note . 2 other boys I have deeply connected with in the past were also Pisces , I don’t think 2 Pisces together can sustain each other without getting lost though from my experiences, nothing would get done from the closeness we feel.
    My advice as I have had a rocky road is maybe it wasn’t the right time even though you meet your flame. They may need to grow On their own,,,.Perhaps one day it will be right, So never say goodbye. :)

  37. I have doubt on this. Hope someone can explain. I broke off with my ex 10 years ago. After reading the article about soul mates and twin flames, i feel he could be my twin flame. (he is married now)
    In 1998, 2 months before i meet him, i had a very uncomfortable feeling, my heart was racing, and in my mind i saw this image of some light (like a shooting star) in dark background is searching for me very fiercely. I had the feeling that i will reach me within 2 months. I even told my sis about this and jokingly told her tat ” he’s already here (near my office), at the junction but he will reach after 2 months”. He finally joined in my office after 2 months and I was shocked to know that before joining myoffice, he was working at an organization near the junction! When i was first saw him, I saw him from back and didnt see his face. But just by looking at his figure, some images flashed and i felt that I knew him 100 years ago, and we were friends in a group of 8 from an university. N i knew instatntly that we will become a couple though our friendship didint start well initially.

    N i always had this one dream from childhood, that i had a very loving husband and a son, whom i lost 100 years ago suddenly in a war. I dont tell this to anyone thinking they might laugh at me. But i feel all this is real. Can someone tell me why i felt all this? Thanks.

    • This must be the memories of your past lifetime flashing back , telling you that he is the right one your looking for… It also happen to me too , ive always felt that i already knew a person since from the very beginning of time yet the question is from where? and when? This must be a great that you’ve meet your twin soul… There gonna be more signs that will came up! that will help realize and awake your spirit! Thanks for Reading!!! God Bless!!! May your Heart and Soul find your Destiny!!!

  38. I was only 15 when I met this young man. He was my high school sweetheart. Ofcourse, like many teenagers, we moved on with our lives and went our separate ways. The break up was devastating to me. Both of us were going through home battles and we’re too emotional and dysfunctional to be of any assistance to one another.
    Anyways, I am from a family of oracles. So from time to time my Spirit Guide will direct me in certain areas of my life. To make a long story short. I was told that a childhood love was coming to reclaim what is his. It’s been 23 years! Lol! I’ve had children, been through 2 divorces, and have had many “loves” since. I didn’t quite understand what she was saying. She said that he is my Twin. She said that he is a Leo and will be arriving in the Spring.
    I’m sure you know the rest. He did find me, he’s a Leo, and he found me on the first day of Spring.
    We finish each other’s sentences. We look alike. We even have the same birth mark’s.
    One day he was going through from some frustrating life event’s. I had no idea. I was sitting at home when I got a pull in the pit of my womb. It was like a soul cry. So I called him. He told me that he was thinking of me and needed to reach out, but didn’t want to bother me. Mind you, I live in a different state.

    My question is
    Is it possible for twin souls to meet as children and not recognize eachother until adult hood?

    • Its Absolutely Possible…

  39. What a Beautiful Story…….I hope to read more on your storie…….

  40. I believe I met my twin soul a few years back. The short version of the story is after leaving the service I was unsure of what to do so I decided to be a drifter. That’s when I met her. She kept trying to give me her phone number but I would not take it because it was not the path I was on. Are there any odds of coming across her again?

    • The Answer is Yes yet there are more obstacles in the way and you’ll come at the point the whole world is against for your love… Dont Stop Fighting and keep on Holding!!! You must find Her and Ask yourself its Now or Never? If you dont find her she will eventually find you…

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