Twin Flame Reunion Stages

By Jenna Forrest

1.Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening
4.Runner Dynamic

Stage 1: Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening

Characteristics of Stage 1:
Both Twins recognize one another at the soul level and feel as if they have met before. synchronous events surround the union. The heart chakras open and both souls quickly merge into a third unified energy. Both Twins experience an acceleration of spiritual understanding.

The purpose of the Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening Stage:
To activate the memory of each soul’s life mission and to help awaken each Twin to higher levels of consciousness.

Stage 2: Testing

Characteristics of Stage 2:
The initial temporary spiritual awakening (illumination) fades. The ego (“little self”) begins to re-emerge. One or both Twins may attempt to fit the relationship into the “old model” of Love, couplehood and relationship as it relates to their ego desires and learned belief system. Inner conflict arises. Twins ruminate on what they were taught to believe their beloved “should be” and how relationships are supposed to serve them.

Both Twins feel simultaneously inspired and toppled by the power of the union.
Doubts creep in making one or both Twins begin to view their beloved critically or suspiciously.

The purpose of the Testing stage:
To cause outdated mental concepts about relationships to rise to the surface to be cleared.

Stage 3: Crisis

Characteristics of Stage 3:
The crisis of the Twin is realizing they must reject their egoic beliefs about Love relationships or reject their beloved. Having to shed “little self” or identity-based beliefs and desires to embrace a higher expression of Love can lead to stubbornness and anxiety. Fear can take hold, triggering many dysfunctional emotional patterns. In staying present with the patterns, they can be witnessed and released.

Despite fears, both Twins naturally come together in cycles for bonding, confession, forgiveness and Lovemaking. These rituals cement higher levels of consciousness into the energy fields of both Twins.

The purpose of the Crisis stage:
To provide opportunities for the healing and maturing of the mental and emotional bodies.

Stage 4: The Runner Dynamic

Characteristics of Stage 4:
The human ego naturally fears annihilation in the face of the Unified Consciousness encoded inside the Twin Flame Union. The pain body rises up and old ego survival mechanisms or “bottom of the barrel” emotional and mental patterns like defiance, resistance, manipulation, anger, punishing and judgment arise.

One or both Twins become emotionally and mentally flooded with deep pain from what feels like soul-level rejection and abandonment. The unbearable soul-level pain leads one or both Twins to withdraw physically and block communication in fear and futility. One or both Twins may unsuccessfully try to re-create the original unified harmony.

The purpose of the Runner Dynamic:
To propel both individuals towards God for healing and maturation of the spiritual body.

NOTE: The temptation to engage in ego battle or withdrawal is very seductive and difficult for many to resist, which is why many Twins never reach Surrender, Radiance or Harmony.

Remember, there is no room for judgment in Twin Soul pairings. Each soul learns from much walking its own path and choosing through its own will. Your non-attached loving thoughts will be felt by your beloved in the subconscious, keeping them strong.

Stage 5: Surrender

Characteristics of Stage 5:
The direction and outcome of the relationship is surrendered to God in full faith and trust that the Union is under Divine Protection. It is accepted that what is best and destined for the final physical harmonizing will transpire in its own time. (Both Twins must reach Illumination in order to harmonize in the physical)

The “Runner” Twin is allowed the space and freedom to choose to evolve at their own pace in their own way. At this stage, the frequency of compassion returns and maintains itself. The Surrendered Twin holds a heart space for their beloved while fully exploring life on the way to becoming an Illuminated human. This may be a time of channeling Unconditional Love into art, music, writing, teaching, active service or some other creative outlet.

Purpose of the Surrender stage:
To help each soul release the ego, develop regular communication with God and demonstrate their full trust in God to do what is best and when.

Stage 6: Self Realization, Illumination, Radiance

Characteristics of Stage 6:
The ego or “little self” dies and the God-force energy takes over the body. This leads to a complete spiritual awakening, arriving at one’s fully awakened divinity. This is the stage of radiating Divine Love rather than seeking romantic Love.

At this stage, the surrendered Twin’s emotional, mental and spiritual bodies arrive at full maturity. New creativity and healing abilities arise, which are put in service to assist others.
Purpose of the Radiance stage:
To establish an outward flow of Divine Love through one’s body and works, which vibrates at a level that uplifts humanity.

Stage 7: Harmonizing

Characteristics of Stage 7:
By this stage both Twins have awakened. They come together in the physical to assimilate their newly evolved energies, flowing into the new dynamic of their Unified Potential. Both Twins integrate fully into the third energy of Unconditional Love in a way that influences others towards their own heart opening.
Purpose of the Harmonizing stage:
To fulfill the intended mission of the Twin Flame Union.
Twin Flame relationships come into your life to help mold you to embody the vibration of Unconditional Love.   

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  1. I feel i have met my twin soul but am confused as we are good together and yet we are not together maybe i need to have pateince and wait an watch what god has in store for us
    i read your above article it makes sense yet am restless maybe direction will come in time
    it was interesting and informative thanks

    • The confusion and restlessness is very normally. Trust me we are all going through this, most of us even think we are crazy. There are some other articles on here you should check them out. Below is a very detail article if you have time you should read all of it. It will put everything in perspective.
      Twin souls Reclaiming Self

      The Spiritual Path

      • Divine i wonder if you can help me in the waiting process :’( both me and my twin are spiritually awake ….in fact she woke up spiritually at the age of 14 while i one day just felt a spiritual rush inside me and started researching aliens and stuff like that i am 15 myself and we have the exact same birthdate and age ….in september 5 2013 at exactly 9:19 pm she contacted me on facebook outa nowhere and i melted literally to her and i probably ditto with her ….we went through all the phases and sexuality all around and she ran since 2 months ago now i am in the radiance stage already because we both are fully awake and all she has to do to come back is unblock me on facebook …the thing is …she is 1000 miles away and she has blocked all communications and never responded to my mobile texts to her no matter what i wrote …..its been two months since she ran and i lost all hope and surrendered and reached my full divinity in the radiance stage …..and now i even doubt she will return but still i have the inner knowing she will …..2 months …no nothing and 1000 miles away ….i feel whole without her but one minute i am sad the other i miss her but still i don’t desire to have her ….could it be i am feeling her feelings …..what can it be ….missing her yet not desiring to have her and i have no more tears left in me because my struggle was extremely painful and it even got my twin sick a month ago …..i am so sad because i miss her to death yet i don’t …..what can it be ….why is she still not back ….i feel so hopeless yet hopeful ……i dunno what i am feeling or what to believe anymore :’(

  2. Wow I also believe I ave met my twin soul and we have gone through the stages mentioned above… We tried to rekindle the God given love by ourselves, failed and he broke up with me.. I now understand that I cannot love of myself but can only through a Divine flow from from God… I’m a bit confused on how the runner/surrendered is identified

    • We all confused :-) The partner who ran from the twin flame relationship finally “wakes up” and realizes the significance. His or her “a-ha” moment comes as the result of a loss, illness, or other personal catastrophe. He or she then comes to terms with the fact that there is no other person or priority more important than the twin partner.

  3. This is exactly what Im experiencing this past year but it is not with a lover but a friend of the same sex. Is it possible to have this twin flame experience with someone from the same gender. We have such a strong connection. I feel so much unconditional love. The intensity became too much for the other person and they broke the connection leaving me to move to the next stage. We are in each others lives as coworkers but she doesn’t want a friendship. Im letting her go because free will us something we all have. Just feel that we are destined to do something in this life so our soul awakening can occur.
    Thank you!

    • You can have the connection within friendship, parent/child, lovers, non-lovers. It’s possible with anyone. I know a child that is so attach to her aunt she literally throw a tantrum whenever her aunt leaves. She is also very possessive of the aunt. The aunt also feels a deep pain when she is not around the child. She is very protective of the child and thinks the child is her child. Other people in the family doesn’t understand the connection because the child as other aunts that cares for her and loves her too but the child only wants to talk to that particular aunt. The connection with the aunt is stronger than even her connection with her parents. I also observe that the child is very aware and very intuitive.

  4. hello :) I would really appreciate your advice. I met this guy around a year ago, it felt totally crazy when he was around me. Looking back I can tell I had experienced few of the twin flame sign. But … we separated I don’t even know how this happened… I haven’t had any contact with him for a few months and lately I had two dreams with him. It’s crazy because I could feel everything he felt even that he wasn’t saying anything. I am a bit mad at him and I could also feel it in the dream but when he called me and I came to him I felt totally whole and at peace. (Still talking about the dream :D) I don’t know what to think because since I met him I have no interest in other guys I meet. ohh I can feel some strange feeling of warmth around my stomach, heart, belly button sometimes. It keeps wandering… sometimes it feels like I am loosing my mind

    • I’m not a twin flame guru :-) Like you I also met my twin flame a little over a year ago. The connection was amazing, magical and out of this world for awhile then the arguments started. At the time I did not know it was a twin flame union. When we stop talking I felt like I was going to die. That’s also when I started seeing the 11:11 everywhere so I started doing my own research and gather all these information I found from various sources. I understand what you are going through because I’m going through similar things. I feel my twin as well. I know when he happy, sad and when he needs me. I also have no interest in any other man. The crazy feelings are normal. I have been and felt like a completely different person since meeting my twin. I question everything now. I can’t forget the supernatural things I saw and felt. I know there is more to this connection. He won’t talk about it but I know he knows. Your twin flame will return he just need some time to get used to the intensity of the union. He feels you too. Last week I had a mini breakdown and a few hours later my twin flame visited my site, even though he doesn’t want to talk about the connection it was his way of letting me know he is still there and he knows. I never even told him I created a webpage but he found it on his own. He is guided too. He also had one of his friends contacted me last week. He wants to talk but he doesn’t know how…It’s very painful for him. He emailed me for the first time in over 5 months a few days ago. We still argue when we communicate. But, I find peace in knowing that everything will be ok soon. The arguments and separation are necessary for growth to occur in the twin flame union. I’m a lot stronger and more resilient person today than I was over a year ago. I am filled with love. There are many articles on here in the right hand column you can read to get more understanding of what’s happening. Each has their own perspective. Just trust that you are guided, your twin is guided and everything will be ok soon. You’re just going through a spiritual growth and transformation :-)

    • You won’t lose your mind, that’s just the fear talking :)

      I can relate to a lot of this. The madness is intense, but I wouldn’t go back on this journey for anything. Would you?

      • The Spiritual Path a wonderful article and describe what some of you guys are experiencing…

  5. It feels more like suffering but if you say so… :P I already read most of the articles on the website :) I’ve never felt sooo down so hope he might hurry up with his “getting used to the intensity” because I can’t do it any longer :( I just can’t see this all going to turn out ok.

    • You should probably do some reading on embracing the pain body, dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening. Those will help shed light on what’s happening to you. We have to face ourselves and become whole within ourselves before the final reunion happen. I thought I was there but when I found myself still raging at him and blaming him. I realized I wasn’t ready. I needed to dig a little deeper and take complete responsibility for my part in the separation. I also realize we are doing the same thing to each other. If I take responsibility for the breakdown in the union he will too. We are the same. I am apart of him and he is apart of me and nothing can change that :-)

      • I would recommend more than anything E.Tolle Power of Now.. this transformative thinking needs to be done to truly be in the know rather than in the mind when it comes to this connection and how it cements. :) powerful stuff my friends! :)

    • I feel your pain.

      • Sending you Love, Light & Strength x

  6. heeey :) you know what helped to seize this strange pain? forgiveness… and I didn’t have to forgive him a lot. I had to forgive myself for falling in love. I am sooo scared of it, actually not of the whole falling in love thing but of what usually follows: the heart-break. I asked myself what it’s that makes me mad, angry, frustrated etc.. and I realized it was simply the blame that I turned out to the same as everybody else (still part of me thinks that being in love exposes us to other and make us vulnerable and weak). I have not idea whether this is this guy, when I was with him I was sure but now… I really know nothing but try not to think of it and focus on the other things that are actually here in my life. maybe it will sound stupid but thinking this way makes me somehow sad because feels like giving up on him, letting it all go. but I guess that’s the right thing to do…

    • You’re right :-) falling in love exposes you because it opens you up and forgiveness helps in releasing the hurt. You are also going to realize there was nothing to forgive. Everything was a learning experience and if you had not done the things you did you wouldn’t have been able to learn the lessons you learned. All we can do is be who we are which is just being. There are no right and wrong or good and bad to being… It just is :-) What helped me with the pain was observing it. Whenever I feel the painful emotions and the crazy feelings coming back I stop and observe it. I observe my heart tightening, my head feeling like it’s about to explode, my stomach aches and feelings like I need to regurgitate. I watched the panic setting in and now I no longer fear it. I look forward to it and embrace it.
      We all have pain. Everyone suffers differently but it’s what make us human. It help us to be more compassionate and understanding towards others. We are able to relate to each other in ways we probably would not if we had not suffered :-) Turn your pain into a creative outlet :-) That’s one of the many blessings of suffering. It also makes you realize how strong you are because you endure it, you are enduring it and you are still here. Don’t let pain steals your joy. Let pain brings you peace :-) .
      You letting go of your twin doesn’t mean you no longer love him or that you are giving up on him. It just means you love him enough to let him go and find himself. What’s yours will always be yours. No one or anything on this earth can stop it or take that away, you don’t even have control of it. It is in letting go that you will truly know what is rightfully yours because it always comes back. He will return :-) Whatever miracles need to happen to bring you two together will happen. You are on the right track. Patience and channeling your energy into helping others is a great way to pass the time. Let your light shine :-)

    • Trying to give up on him is a good step. Either it works, and you realize you love someone else more… or it doesn’t, and you realize that there is nothing that will ever fix this.

      Real love makes fools of us all.

      • Thanks for sharing ;-)

  7. Thank you sooo much for the comment :D I do hope that miracles really exist :) You did console me right now :)

    • You’re Welcome :-) I enjoy reading your story and talking to you :-)

      • I enjoy talking to you too :) I’ve had such crazy feeling lately. twice I almost wrote to him. it’s the worst in the morning, or not sorry the whole time I’m awake. Lately I’ve been wondering if I’m not the runner but shouldn’t he be a chaser then?

      • If you feel like writing to him that’s fine. Do what you feel. He probably enjoy reading your emails even if he doesn’t reply and if he replies and say some mean stuff that’s fine too. I was wondering if I was the runner as well. Even though on the outside it appears as if he was running from the union, I think on a inner level I was the runner. A few days ago I saw my twin on my site again reading the same article I was reading and I felt like getting away from my computer. I panic and felt like I needed to run. I felt his energy so strong it was crazy. I started thinking am I the one that’s afraid of this union? Am I the one that’s running? And right there and then it hit me that I could be the runner. So I made up my mind the next time he visit my site I am not going to leave my computer. I am going to stay there and feel whatever I’m feeling in that moment and I did and it was ok. I decide to face whatever is happening head on and by me doing this he will stop physically running. He feels you on a very deep level so he is only reacting to what’s going on with you on the inside. He knows if you are not ready even if your words say differently. I know a lot of articles have written saying the male is not aware. That’s not true they are probably more aware than you are …. I felt my twin flame reading me from the first moments we started talking. He knows a lot more than you think. Maybe it’s us that need to get used to the intensity of the union and not the “runner” maybe the “chasers” are the real runners. I was the one that was afraid. Everytime I think we are getting close, and eventhough I wanted to be with him so very much. I was still very afraid. So I guess we need to work on why we are afraid of being with our twin.

  8. Thanks for your comment. maybe chaser are the runner… but now I’ll stop running after him, I’ll simply try to hide the fact, bury everything that I felt around him deep inside and pretend it never happened. I am totally lost, I don’t know how I feel anymore. there is so many contradictive emotion inside of me … right now I feel like forgetting that I ever met him. I do believe that maybe it would be better if I didn’t meet him in the first place. the year that has passed since the meeting seems like a waste of time. I just want to forget about him, I’ll do anything to stop feeling so lost, sad, annoyed, longing etc. any of these do not feel right and I want to feel positive for once. I’ll never tell him that I have feelings for him because he probably hears that every day (he’s really hot) and because I care for him I don’t want his ego to get even more inflated then it already is. to seize all the negative feelings I decided to eliminate the only way we could keep in touch which is facebook. I blocked him again. the first time I did that after few hours I got super strong heart ache which lasted over an hour. I could barely breath, it was totally awful. I did it for myself because I’m 100% sure he wouldn’t contact me. I talked to one of my male friends and he said that I’m a coward for not telling him about my feelings. maybe I’m but it’s better than feel pathetic when he’ll tell me that he’s never liked me … ohh did I mention before that he probably slept with my “at-the-time-best-friend”? I just judge on the message he wrote to her and it was at least ambiguous … unfortunately, i never had a chance to see the whoel conversation :/ when I asked him to meet with me (I wanted to confront him) he refused saying that he was preoccupied with his work and stuff. the last time I saw him I was glaring at him, he didn’t even have balls to come to me and say hi. he lives around 2000 km away from me, in the different part of europe.taking into account the chances I’ll ever meet him rationally thinking are really small. that’s good because I can’t do it any longer…

    • I think you should tell him how you really feel. Tell him everything and let him decide how to use that information. You have to get it out some how and if you don’t tell him you are going to keep having those panic attacks and uneasy feelings. So tell him… Free yourself from the feelings by releasing them. If you hold them in it will do neither of you any good. If he is truly your twin there is nothing you can do to damage the union. Twin flame love is unconditional. They love you as much as you love them. You are each other, that is why to find the answers you have to search within yourself… Search your soul for the answers. The more you know yourself the more you know your twin because you mirror each other in every way. If you are confused and unsure about the union now, that’s only going to be reflected back to you. The distance between you and your twin flame doesn’t matter. Twin flames normally live far apart from each other because of the intensity of the energy between them they cannot be around each in the beginning stages of the union. I feel my twin energy all time even more so when we are doing the same thing at the same time. It’s like a powerful force. The energy is so strong it makes me panic because it feels so supernatural. I have told my twin he is a coward but maybe I am the coward. You are just confused right now and your twin is too. It’s confusion talking now, when this phase is over you probably won’t even remember half the things that happened. Everyday I am becoming more aware and realizing everything we have said to each other during the times we were arguing were confusion talking and ramblings. I love him throughout the crazy talks and I know he loves me too. It’s hard to describe but I feel his love throughout everything. Regardless of what we have said and done to each other. Your mind doesn’t understand what’s happening…It’s trying to figure out stuff but it can’t. Just know right now you are in the midst of the confusion. It will blow over soon. Give it 18 months from the day you first met him… :-)

      • Thank you so much for your help :) I am not strong enough to feel this way any longer. I might consider writing to him. I will … it really scares me but if it is going to help me i’ll do it. haha you know what’s funny before I met this guy I talked to a gypsy who stopped me on the street saying that she could see a brunette guy in my eyes. I was surprised but wanted to hear what she had to say even if it was going to be all a lie. she told me that I’ll meet this dark haired guy then he’ll leave but after a while we’ll be back together because he is the only one that can make me truly happy. it sounds crazy but for me somehow fits into my current situation. ok maybe except the part of being together because I don’t know anything about it yet :D hope you’ll soon figure out how to overcome all the difficulties that stand on your way to happiness with your twin :)

      • 2 weeks after I met my twinflame I found a crushed paper that I had written his birthdate on almost a year before I met him or knew he really existed or anything about twinflames. I told him this and he thought it was coincidence. He doesn’t believe in fate. He is very practical, very organized and very in control. He thinks everyone has control over their destiny. I think fate plays apart to a certain extent. You can choose freedom of choice and suffer or go with the flow (Fate) and find peace and eternal joy. That’s what I think :-)

  9. Does it have to be hard? Can we avoid separation and turmoil? We are in the beginning stages, obviously

    • I don’t know. The thing is the separation is what forces you to take a good look at yourself and your surroundings, to find the spiritual truth and the real you. It builds your mind, body and soul so you can become a strong pillar on your own. In the beginning, it was very difficult for me because the separation felt like a deep lost. I was grieving and I thought I was going to die…Crazy thoughts ran through my head. I am not exaggerating. It was emotionally, physically and mentally draining… God knows I had some crazy and painful days. However, as the time passed I am starting to see the benefits of it. It’s still very hard at times. I have my bad days but when I see how much I have grown and how stronger and wiser I am… I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am to the point where my longing to be with my twin has lessen as I grow because I am realizing I don’t need anyone not even my twin. It would be nice to have him next to me but it’s not a need anymore. For the first in my entire life I feel so complete :-) The feelings of completeness and bliss I had when I first meant my twin are coming back even though we are still separated so I know I can do this on my own and I think that’s what I wanted and needed all along… That independence, that strength, wisdom and wholeness. I am genuinely in a state of bliss because now I know WHO I AM and I am taken care of by God, the universe or whatever you call it :-) Everyday I discover something wonderful about myself, the universe, life ….I am happy :-)

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  11. This site helped me out lots. I have been working on myself for years. Was with my twin flame for 5 1/2 yrs and in that time he left 4 times and always over silly things. Until the last time and that was 2 years ago. I tried emailing him but he never replies. If he sees me walking he will go another way and he wont allow his boys to talk to me which was one of the hardest things for me to deal with but i have forgiven him and send love his way daily He is now with another. I am putting my trust in god. Ive done so much spiritual work to get to where i am and i am hoping one day he will open his eyes and realize the love we shared and open his heart to my children as they are apart of me.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Earth Angel. Bless your heart… It can be very difficult when one is separated from someone they love and believe wholeheartedly that that person is their true love. However, I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how many children you have but take this time to spend with your children. The more you play with and spend time your children even if you don’t feel like it at times because you are preoccupied with your hurting heart. You will gradually get into and fall in love with your children. Then your desire for him will lessen. What if he doesn’t open is heart to you? What if there is someone else that’s better for you?

      The only person we truly have control over is ourselves. The more we love and accept ourselves as we are in this moment. Our need for love and acceptance or approval from someone or something outside ourselves diminishes and eventually goes away. Sometimes we give too much power to the person we are in love with we lose sight of how magnificent we really are….

      You don’t need your ex or his children’s love. You need your love and your children need your love too. The children are really the victims in all of this… They may grow-up feeling their parents didn’t truly love them because their parents were preoccupied with their heart-ache. So another cycle start where we have another generation of young people seeking someone to fill an emptiness that no human can really fulfill. Self-love is what we really need not the love or approval of a twinflame… Self-love is God-love

      Best wishes… Godspeed

      • Thanks.i have 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. One is in his late teens and 2 in their early twenties. 2 live away from home but my youngest is still here. We spend as much time together as possible but i would never keep them away from their friends. They do come home often and we spend vacations and holidays together. They have girlfriends/ boyfriends, friends and a busy social life and do seem very happy.
        Being alone i have got back into my spiritual healing and teaching again. Which is a good thing and i do know i do not need anyone but myself, but i tend to enjoy being alone a little to much and was told i need to get back out there.
        I have been reading a new book (Divine Intervention II)which had a guided meditation to meet your twin flame. I did it last night and who i saw was not my ex. Now that was an awakening. Kind of made me sad and excited at the same time. I guess i was guided to this book so i could see the truth which is something i have been praying for a long time about.
        Thank you for your wise words. I will continue to work on myself and when God feels i am ready he will unite me with my twin flame.
        Love and light

      • If you are enjoying your solitude that’s awesome! Not everyone is comfortable to be with themselves and truly enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with solitude. I also enjoy my solitude and being with myself. The irony is when I am most enjoying my solitude and my me time is when everyone seems drawn to me. People I haven’t talked to in years or even strangers try to befriend me in those moments. My solitude is a necessity for me because I give a lot of myself to others and I need to recharge. I use my solitary moments to recharge.

        There is a perfect match for everyone. Some find theirs as children, some find theirs in their 20s, 30s,40s,50s and others much later in life but we will all find ours. It’s not over til is over. Sometimes you feel you have given or wasted so much of your life with someone that didn’t deserve you but the truth is it was no mistake or time wasted. We are all on our journey and we learn a lot from everyone that came into our lives whether they remain apart of our lives or they leave eventually. The only thing we truly have in this life is our experiences. Everything else fades or goes away. Even our body and mind fades with time. The only thing that grows and get better with time is our soul and we build our soul with experiences; the time spent sharing, helping and loving each other. In the end love is all that matters. That’s what we all seek and really want… LOVE

        It’s the giving and receiving of love that makes this life worthwhile… Nothing else really matters. They are just means to get to LOVE. We work hard and do the things we do in the hopes that we can find someone who will love and care for us unconditionally and who we can love and care for unconditionally. As simple as it sounds it’s not that easy to get there because it starts with us. We have to truly love and accept ourselves unconditionally. We have been brainwash by society that only certain people deserve such a love and it’s not true. Everyone deserve it and everyone will get it. None of us are bad people, we may have made decisions that we perceive as bad or wrong but they produce the experience we have and we already paid for the choices we made instantly. So there is no need to hold on to past hurt or what we perceive as failures.

        The working on yourself you are talking about I hope it’s accepting and loving yourself the way you are right now because you are beautiful and deserve unconditional love right now, as you are… We can change our physical, financial or social status but if we don’t accept and love who we are right now. We will not make that break through or get any closer to find that love we seek or be with our ultimate soulmate, true love, twinflame, twin soul… Whichever name we choose to call it.

        Bless your heart ;-) Godspeed

  12. Hello, DivineGrace

    I have read many article about twin flame and have been wondering about the “ego” part, when they say letting go of the ego the little self, Do they mean ego I have towards mytwin only or do I have to put down my ego towards everybody in my life . . . I think if the latter one is the case then IT IS VERY HARD to do :( . . . but if only for my twin yes I can because I don’t even feel angry at him nor mad at him, only sadness and the confusion came to me when he first ran :(

    • I believe it is in relation to everyone you interact with… Everyone is our equals, no soul is more or less valuable or important than another soul… We have to learn unconditional love and acceptance for all souls. Remember the saying, “No man is an island… Each man joy is joy to me and each man grief is my own…” We are all connected to each other. We are all here to serve a purpose… Sometimes, we may not understand another’s purpose or reason for doing what they do but in the end everything is for the greater good of all whether we realized it or not…

      It’s not for us to agree with and understand everyone but we must show love, compassion and acceptance for each other differences. We were all created to look differently, speak differently, be different and have different values and beliefs so we may one day live from the soul level… At the soul level all is love and accepted… Acceptance and love for who we are is what we really want… We are tired of being who others expect us to be just to be accepted…. If we know we are all love and accepted for who we are really created to be peace automatically comes… There will be no need for power and control…

      People want power and control or want to feel superior to another soul because the ego made them believe that is love and acceptance. Eventually, when all the physically things that you love or all that you value are gone or taken away from you… The truth of everything begins to unfold…. It’s not for me or anyone to answer your question… You already know… Everyone answers to their questions will come eventually…. Sometimes you have to experience it yourself to believe it otherwise it’s just another opinion…

  13. The information here has been really helpful. Thank you :) I have a question… I met a guy who I thought was my twin soul several years ago, I didn’t know anything about it when I first met him but I later on I happen to read a book about past lives and soul mates etc. and realised everything I felt and everything that happened when I was in his presence made sense. So I went and told him that I had feelings for him. It was an odd thing to do because we didn’t know each other at all but yet I knew he understood and felt the same. Anyway in the end I found out he was married and he didn’t want anything to do with me. I had never before felt so much pain in my life but after a year or so It began to become bearable. When I first found out that I couldn’t be with him, I got this strong sense that I needed to wait two years and things will work out, and this particular date kept playing in my mind as to when it would happen. Then approx. two years later I happened to look into this guys eyes at the gym, it was mind blowing, I think it was far more intense than with the first guy, I’d always noticed this second guy because I thought he was good looking but always thought I could never again feel what I felt for the first guy so I never paid much attention to him. Anyway, I found out that this guy has the same first name as the first guy. And the date that had kept playing in my mind earlier was this knew guys date of birth. Anyway, I was too afraid to ever approach him but every time our eyes met time just stopped and everything else slowed down except me and him. He has moved over seas now and it has been nearly two years since I first met him and I just can’t forget him and my feelings for him have grown even more. But I am a bit confused now as to who my twin soul is, is it the first guy or the second? Before I met the second guy, I thought I’d never be happy with another man but, I feel like I could be happy with him. I resent the first guy very much because the way he dealt with the situation was very hurtful but I know I still love him but I don’t want to be with him anymore, the idea of it is not comforting to me. So does this mean he was not my twin soul to begin with? and that the second guy is? I am quite confused…… :( any advice would be really appreciated :) I want to try to make sense of it all and it just doesn’t…

    • Follow your heart Sashika ;-). I can’t tell you who you are supposed to be with or who is your twin soul. There is a inner knowing in each person that will guide them to their true flame. I have a met a guy when I was in college that made a big impression on me. He was very clever and knowledgeable about random stuff. Whenever, we team up for anything we were untouchable. If I am not performing well at something. He knew exactly what to say to me to make me perform better… We had an unspoken connection. He wasn’t much of a talker he would just always come around me and hug me, take my stuff or tickle me… We would do a lot of activities together like running, playing pool, table tennis or anything physical. At first I never paid much attention to his gimmicks then later on I realized I loved him. The second I told him that I didn’t see him much anymore ;-) After I graduated college and moved on he made contact with me though friends. He started confessing how he had love for me and his regrets… By that time it was too late ;-) I was in a safe relationship.

      However, eventhough I had a strong and profound connection with that guy… Now that I have met my twin I know he wasn’t the one … He was there to give me the support and platonic love I needed at the time. He does have some similar traits to my twin, but I think my twin possess similar traits a lot of guys I had find fascinating in the past. It like he embodied all of their good traits or traits I find appealing. When you meet your twin you will know the difference. You will not need anyone to confirm it for you… It’s just different and way more profound… Beyond the physical and very spiritual ;-) The other guy didn’t drove me to spirituality or self examination….

      • Hi, I think Im kind of going through the same situation but w/ my ex. We been together for 2 years but I am just now putting all of the pieces together & Realizing that she is more than likely my TF. In the midst of all of this she went on and started seeing new people & My biggest fear is that maybe she dont see things that I do. I really want to tell her that she’s my Soulmate but I dont want to scare her off or think I am going crazy. I am in between surrendering & Realization right now. What should I do?

  14. Thank you for the reply. It is so kind and lovely of you to take the time to reply to everyone who asks you questions. You’re amazing!! :)

    • Thank you so much for that Sashika ;-) I’m glad you notice and appreciate it. Sometimes I get so exhausted and feel like I am constantly repeating myself… However, I know it feels good to be acknowledge even if it’s a smiley face ;-) like this one :-) or just me rambling… And, you’re welcome ;-)

  15. Until last night I had never heard of the twin flame. When I found mine I didn’t understand why I had felt like I had known Bear for my whole life. I was married at the time but when we had split up Bear had randomly stopped by my house and my ex had left about 20 of his guy friends their and when my twin showed up he got everyone out and told me that me and my kids were moving in with him and his girlfriend. During the 4 months we lived their I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had found myself in him. Well I was the runner I started getting scared but the entire time we were apart we just new if the other one was o.k. when I finally went back to him it felt like their had been no time at all between us. This time I had split with the man I was with because we had found out that he had been molesting my daughter. We moved in with Bear and his fiance Amy again, but this time was different I wasn’t scared this time and we would talk for hours time would just disappear when we thought it had been an hour it had actually been like 4 or 5 hours. And for some reason Amy was pushing Bear on me it was like she knew. But as we were talking we started realizing no matter how different our childhood had been their were so many things that were the same. And if we were together we had so much more power together we were doing and calling things that had been untouchable before (don’t worry we went with caution). And then he started getting sick I was feeling every pain he had and right before he passed away even though he was completely out of it he managed to whisper te amo to me . That was the only way that we told each other that we loved each other but he was pushing me out of that hospital room he knew he was dying and wanted me out of the room and as I was walking back in I felt it he had died it felt like I was dying it hurt is like my soul was getting ripped out piece by piece. I was dying at least I had hoped he was taking me with him we had plans and he just left me. If I wouldn’t be able to still see and talk to him and have him wrap his arms around me once in awhile I would have killed myself just to be with him. But he told me no that their was a plan already and that I would be with him for eternity after this life. It still hurts I am always like why, why couldn’t I have had him on this plane for a little while longer. I am constantly thinking about him dreaming about him I really was lost until I had a little voice tell me to look this up. And now I understand a little more. I will live my life which is all he wants for me for now but I am still excited at the thought of being right their with him again.

    • Thanks for sharing Elizabeth… Your story is so beautiful and so sad. I have been trying to avoid this blog for the last few days… Like your story this blog has been a blessing and a curse… I don’t know what God wants from us humans…. There is so much pain everywhere. All day long one sad story after another… I pray you and your children find some peace, refuge and shelter from all that pain…

      • Thank you. But we are pretty happy we know that he is watching over us everyday. It still hurts a lot sometimes like today is the second anniversary of his death. But he would be so mad if we didnt try to live our lives and be happy the best we can. And i am always able to talk to him and still be connected. When i read about the twin flames i was amazed that what me had was a real spiritual thing i had always thought so but i am so happy realizing that i had found my twin and i will always love him.

  16. I feel like me and my twin flame are in the crisis runner/chaser stage. We haven’t spoken in a few days he says he has no feelings or love for me anymore but in my heart I truly do not believe that what he is saying is true. I feel like he wants to force himself to believe what he is saying but he doesn’t. He is not the same person his behavior is different he is going out drinking partying being with other women. I don’t understand why he is doing all of these things. I feel like he doesn’t care about me anymore or maybe we really aren’t twin flames. I’m not sure what to do if I should stay and wait or move on. I feel so alone sad and depressed without him and it doesn’t seem like he feels that way without me. Is this usually behavior or the runner twin? Any advice to what I can do to ease the pain I’m feeling? Should I continue to not make contact and let him come when he’s ready? I’m just afraid if I do that he won’t come back. Please any advice for me I’m very confused about all of this and these emotions I’m feeling!

    • Hi my name is Liz when i read your post i felt like i needed to talk with you. The runner/chaser is a hard step i wad the runner and ended up hurting him and me. When we finally made it back together it was like we had never been apart. So my suggestion is to give it time it may hurt but its something you have to go through. Keep ur mind occupied with other things. You will always have a connection with them. My twin passed away and we are still connected we speak almost everyday. It’s hard for me to respond better because i can feel your pain. When you are lucky enough to find your twin you just want them to be with you but with the strong feelings it scares people. I will respond again once i have had time to think about what you posted..

  17. Thank you for your comment Liz and I’m sorry for your loss. I just feel so empty without him and so confused. The more I chased him and the more I tried to show him we are twin flames the further he pushed me away and ran more. We separated once before for about 3 months but we weren’t really a couple. I feel like this time is for good and that he isn’t coming back. It hurts to here him say he no longer loves me or wants to be with me and to see him with other women. I just feel in my heart he does believe we have this bond a d he does want to be together but all the pain and anger he is keeping bottled up is leading him to run. I know he is my twin flame I feel it deep inside its something I’ve never felt before but all that is happening is making me believe maybe he isn’t :-( I’m just so sad and so confused I just can’t get him out of my head. I feel his feelings I hear his thoughts I just don’t know how long I can do this for I’ve never felt this for anyone! I feel like I’m going crazy!

    • It is hard when you know that they are your twin but they don’t want to admit that they are feeling the same connection. I was very hurt when i lost my twin i wad lost and confused. I couldn’t deal with the fact that he was gone. But i also know this is my last life and when i die i will be with him for eternity. Which makes me very happy. And once you realize that no matter how they act on this earth just continue learning what you need to do before you get to spend eternity. But i have a strong feeling that something is gonna be changing for you. It may not be that they come around but i know something is gonna change for the better for you. I wish you the best and i hope that your pain will get better.

  18. Thank you so much Liz I hope you’re right. I’ve just been so drained physical and emotionally. I saw him today and we didn’t speak and I just felt this pain in my heart and even though I only looked briefly at him I could tell the expression on his face that it hurt him to see me and us act like strangers. I just wish I could take away all his pain and anger but I have to continue dealing with my own issues and let him find happiness within and on his own. You said in your first post you were the runner. Did you deny the love you felt for your twin flame as well? If so how did you cope with the fact that you were hurting the one you love? I’m just trying to understand from his point if view because from what I’m seeing it doesn’t seem like he cares or is hurting as badly as I was. I’m not 100% better but a month ago I was a wreck not sleeping or eating I lost 20 pounds. He knows this and he refuses to see me to talk or anything because I think he feels terrible to see me physically the way I am I could tell today he was kind of in shock but I just couldn’t say anything to him I just couldn’t face him I’m still so hurt. I just want to give up and move on but my heart keeps telling me not to give up on him or us. It’s so sad because I know we could have a beautiful relationship but I feel like we never will he’s really gone and I’m not sure how to face that reality. :-(

    • As the runner i think it hurt me more than my twin but even when we were separated i always knew where he was and how he was feeling and what was on his mind. I know its hard when you cant be together. I started taking pills and doing other stuff to keep me from hurting so much but that didnt even help. But when we reunited it was like we hadn’t been apart with mine i had to deal with the fact that he had a fiance. I was living with them because of some stuff happened with my family and they took me in again i had lived with them before. So i got to be with him 24/7 except at night when i needed him so i cried myself to sleep a lot. And i had felt horrible at first then we realized we could lay in bed together cause we were so tuned into each other it felt like he wad right by me. I truly am sorry about the pain you are feeling and i wish i could take it away for you. But i think this is the most important step. This is when you learn the most. And just keep reminding your self that after the lives you still have to go through when your done with learning you to will be together for eternity. Thats the only way i have been able to deal with the fact that he is gone and after this life im done learning and will get to spend the rest of our eternity together.

  19. I have been at my lowest point the last month it’s been so hard especially him pushing me away and being with other people and him telling me he doesn’t love me. I feel bad saying it but I wish he would just break down emotionally already and start to heal. I’m trying my best to be patient but every minute without him feels like eternity. I pray and hope he comes back but in my heart I know he won’t and that’s the hardest pill to swallow.

    • I know its hard when mine passed away i was so heartbroken. We were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together and i ended up alone without him. I still feel so much pain at times and especially this month has been hard because he died in august. Its a long tough road to travel when your twin has decided to deny his or her feelings. I truly believe that something in your life is going to change for the better but just be patient.

      • Liz I re read your comments and when you said something was changing for me you could feel it well I feel it too now. I’m not sure what is coming but I feel it. I finally have found peace in my heart and I’m ready for what god has in store for me. I’m no longer afraid.

  20. Thank you Liz I’m trying my best to remain patient and hopeful. I just have days where all I want to do is see him again and feel that joy in my heart instead of this pain. I know the twin flame journey can be rather confusing and painful but something keeps telling me to hold on and wait for him to return. But I’m not really sure if waiting is the healthiest thing for me especially when he’s “moved on”. I don’t know I just feel like sometimes maybe he isn’t my twin flame maybe he really doesn’t love me. I have all these doubts in my mind but my heart says different. :-/

    • Listen to your heart Dawn. The twin flame journey is not an easy one and everyone as a different twinflame experience. Eventhough the stages are similar the journey is unique to the couple. Sometimes the runner in the twinflame union starts other relationship that seems more ‘normal’ or make more sense to him. The twinflame union forces both parties to face themselves and not everyone is ready to face themselves, especially if they are not comfortable with themselves. They know their twin can see right through them, all their fears, insecurities, weakness and self-hate. In the twinflame union you cannot fake your confidence and your true feelings like you can do in other relationship. Your twin instinctively knows when you are lying or when you have issues you need to work on.

      However, no matter how far or long he runs and how many new relationship he finds himself in, each of those relationship is pushing him closer to you even if he is not aware of it. Take this time to enjoy your solitude. Spend sometime time with yourself, get to know and understand yourself all over again… Your true self. That innocent child with dreams and ambitions, that saw the world as an adventure and a mystery and just wanted to explore it. Be the you you always wanted to be but was afraid to be it. What else do you have to lose… You are already separated from our twin and it doesn’t get more painful than that ;-) Right now you are paying your dues, keep paying it, you will reap your rewards very soon.

      For every pain there is a equal and greater reward. Be happy and smile life is never as bad as it seems ;-)

      • Thank you for your comment Divine. It is really comforting to know I am not alone and other people are going through the same thing I am. I’m trying my best to stay patient and positive but I just can’t understand how he can run and deny the connection the bond we have. I just wish he was more in touch with his emotions I find myself getting so angry at him but I know being angry will not get me any closer to happiness with him. I’m just going to continue my journey to healing myself and just pray and hope my love returns to me. I’ve cut off all contact with him. It’s easier for me that way it takes away some of the pain but I get scared that if I don’t talk to him he will think I don’t love him or I’m done with trying. That is not the case at all I just need space to heal and he needs space to wake up. Should I continue no contact and just let things happen? I’m just afraid he won’t reach out first he never has he’s always waited for me to do it but Divine I don’t want to be the one to reach out time and time again. I want him to do it which I don’t believe he will.

      • Dawn, leave him alone for now. He is trying to find himself, and he has to do it in his own way and his own time. There is nothing you can do to speed up the twinflame reunion. Regardless of what you do or he does or what your minds are telling you to do, will have no effects on speeding up the reunion. The soul is what decide when you guys are ready for the reunion. If you still think this twinflame journey is only about reuniting with your twin and it will fix everything and make you whole again. You are going to be in for a rude awakening.

        The pain and the longing for your twin are going to push you deeper in yourself, to do he work you need to do to become complete and whole within yourself. Once the longing and the pain of separation as seized that’s when the reunion will happen. The longing and pain of separation will seize because you have let go, move on but not necessary move on to another relationship. You have achieve some self-realization and are now aware of the spiritual reality.

        There are things you need to work on now separate from your twin and there are things he needs to work on separate from you. Learn to trust the process of life, because the truth is you are not in control and you do not have control over anything not even your own emotions. No amount of woe is me going to bring your twin back. You are going to have to face the truth of the matter sooner or later. No one can bear your cross for you, everyone has their own cross to bear and the sooner we realize it the sooner we are on the path to wholeness and reunion with one self. Reunion occurs at the soul level first before in manifest in the physical.

        All we can do is share our story and others benefit from reading it but no one can truly take away your pain or bear your cross your cross you. So, start looking within and to a higher source or power for answers and relief. God listens and is there for you. But, God cannot work through you or show you the way if you are too busy trying to figure it out on your own. When, you truly let go and surrender you will marvel at the miracles that happen in your life.

  21. How u doing divine?

    I’m good in my process, but yeah still in up-and-down emotion. I can feel clearly that my twin totally get away from me, but in other side universe convinces me with so many signs that he is my twinflame, I even consider to make a tatoo with the date when we met for the first time. As I always wrote before, the more I get my self fully, the more I see my self in him, the more difficult it is not to think of him.
    We wont be together in this life, but I cant get him either out of my mind. so cruel. :)

    • Hi Zara, I missed you :-) I was thinking of you a couple days ago. I am doing fine. I think everything is working according to the divine plan. Try not to think too much, let the soul guide you. When you get too caught up in thinking it mess up the progress and confuses you. I think you are on the right track… Try not to pay too much attention to what he is doing or what is going on with him. If you need to meditate to relax your mind do so, and whenever, he pops up in your mind just acknowledge it and continue doing what you are doing. Don’t resist it or push it just let it be… Eventually, he will become so much apart of you that even if he stay on your mind and you receive a million signs that he is the one it will have no effect on you.

      If he is constantly in your head or on your mind is because he is constantly thinking of you as well. I know this because whenever, I feel like talking to someone or someone crosses my mind I know they are thinking of me as well. Just a couple days ao I thought of you and you are here asking me how I am doing? It’s similar to the twin… It’s similar to our twin. The only difference is they are fighting the connection and that connection is more intense as well. So, they may not message you and ask you how you are doing but they would like to… They are just afraid. Let them work through their fears ;-)

  22. You’re absolutely right Divine. I start to let go and start to heal but I feel like I get afraid and I go back into this tug of war with him which only makes him more angry and bitter towards me and pushes him away more. You said once I’ve stopped longing for my twin flame is when I have achieved wholeness. What exactly do you mean by that? Will I know longer want my twin flame or will I just feel like I don’t need them to be happy because I found happiness within myself. Although me and my twin soul are separated and not speaking I still have conversations with him in my head in my dreams I feel his pain I feel his emotions. I wonder if he feels the same. I know I need to let go and let god lead me but Divine I’m terrified of losing him in this life. I feel like I’ve gone insane I’ve never had this love or bond for anyone. I pray for him and myself every night. I know it’s going to be a long painful journey but I just need to let go of this fear and put all my faith a d trust in god.

    • Dawn, that same fear you have your twin has as well. It’s fear that keeps love from blossoming and blooming. There can’t be any fears because fears keep us from loving completely and wholeheartedly. Fear is the enemy of love. You interpret it right Dawn. You will no longer need them to be happy because you have found it within yourself.

      Dawn, you cannot lose your twin. You guys are apart of each other. Chances are whatever, you are going through are feeling he is going through and feeling similar things. People have different personalities and ways of doing things even if they are twin. So even if they react differently and shows love differently it doesn’t mean it’s any less valid or it is not love. Your twin is loving you and helping you become whole and a pillar of strength by avoiding you. It’s called tuff love…

  23. Thank you so much Divine. I really am starting to feel ok and at peace with what is happening. When me and my twin flame kept fighting breaking up and getting back together I couldn’t understand it and finding this blog and reading the stories has really helped me and I don’t feel like I’m going crazy lol. I read one article about telepathic love. I have been blocking my twin at night. I wake up exhausted with a headache if I see him in my dreams I avoid him. How can I block him during the day? It seems harder to block him during the day then at night. Some times I shout for him to leave me alone and then the thoughts stop but an hour or so later he creeps back in. I swear I feel like I’ve gone mad! I wonder if he feels the telepathic connection. I’ve asked him before and he says no I tried to get him to read this blog but he never did I feel like he’s afraid to admit all these things leaving me feeling kind of stupid and looking crazy. :-(

    • I am glad I could be of help Dawn. The truth is all these things you are experiencing are all apart of the twinflame journey. Those who have been in or are still in the midst of it have all experience these things. The feelings that you are going crazy or imaging things, the telepathic connection, the dreams whether awake or sleeping, the soul traveling and all sorts of bizarre things.

      You feeling like you are stupid for loving this person is part of the process in killing the ego. The ego dies a slow death everytime your twin rejects you and ignores you. But, with every pain and suffering you become stronger in yourself, it’s like building muscles. For your muscle to get bigger and stronger it has to be torn and ripped. Your heart like the muscle is getting bigger and stronger everytime it’s torn or ripped to pieces. Soon you will be fearless and unstoppable. Let it rip, bear the pain and sometimes humiliation, it will not last forever.

      Do not block your twin anymore. Let it be, what you resist persist and what you fight you strengthen. Just accept everything for what it is right now… The ego might come back a few more times before you realize it serves you no more… As painful as it feels to be rejected or ignore by the person you love the most it’s the best way to kill the ego. The death of the ego is the beginning of a whole new reality. A wonderful reality, because the truth of the matter begins to unfold right before your eyes.

      God only respond to the meek and the low in spirit. The meek and the low in spirit shall see God… There is truth in it. Even, if you have never been a very spiritual person or a believer, before this journey is over God will make a believer out of you. But, God is not what some people have believed God to be… You will have your own relationship with it and in all things and at all times you will know you are safe and protected. Not, a single soul will be able to hurt you again. Even, if they don’t understand why they gravitate towards you or have a certain reverence and respect for you God knows and God will not forsake you or leave you wanting for anything. All your needs will be met without you doing a single thing.

  24. Since I have stopped contacting him is his ego dying as well? And when you say ego what exactly do you mean? I’m sorry to keep asking you so many questions I’m just so intrigued by all of this. My twin flame has never been a very spiritual person or really believed in god towards the end before the separation I saw little things that made me think he was putting some faith in god but he never admits to anything he always withdrawals. Are you also saying I should continue to dream about my twin and leave my telepathic portal open for him? I’ve been blocking him because I want him to come and face me in reality and not hide behind the dreams and the telepathic connection. I’m just worried that he won’t care that I’ve stopped all contact he doesn’t seem to care but then again he’s never been the type to wear his heart on his sleeve and show emotion. Maybe it is bothering him inside he’s just hiding it like everything else.

  25. Hello Divine. I woke up feeling very anxious this morning thinking about my twin flame alot I’m not sure why I am feeling so panicked! I did close my telepathic portal last night but I’ve been doing it every night for the last week and I’ve never woke up feeling like this. I’m having alot of anxiety and I feel very panicked like something isn’t right. I’m not sure if I’m feeling my twins feelings because I haven’t talked to him in a week and now I’ve closed him out of my portal. I’m not really sure what to do. I don’t want to reach out to him and I don’t want to think about him but I just hate this anxiety and panic I am feeling. Any suggestions on what I can do? I just hate this feeling it’s dreadful! I feel like he’s panicking because this is the longest we’ve gone without speaking so I feel like I’m feeling how he feels. Ugh I’m so confused. Then I’m doubting myself because I know he is my twin flame but what if I’m not his? Does it work like that?

    • Hallo Dawn,

      Finally I get the sign from my heart to answering you. I’ve read all ur stories here, but I didnt reply before I’m so sorry for that. your feeling now is exactly the same feeling I had in last march. my tf left me and I became crazily panic and shocked. he ignored and even blocked me from all connection we have. He didnt talk with me start from the end of februar until the end of april. That was my difficult phase, as a chaser. I didnt give up, I kept texting him, shared my life stories, etc, until I finally was exhausted then decided to stop chasing, couple of days after that, he came to me, decided to talk with me and clearing the problem we have. I was so damaged in this stage, I was phisically seperated with my tf, but within I exchanged so much energy with him. He felt the same, totally crazy. :)

      your feeling is normal on this stage, that could be even worse. The feeling comes from both of you, like you and ur tf now mirroring the same issue: FEAR and HESITATION. it’s difficult to distingusih whom feeling that you have at the moment, To talk with him wont help anything but bring it to worse, because what will happen just arguing and complaining. The more we try to fix it, the more we ruin it, because this stage will bring us to the “self-growth”, means all the issue we need to fix is in our self. Devastated will lead us to surrender to the Mighty. Its important to notice that each tf carries their own problem, u cant fix his problem, neither he can. The only way to attract ur twin back is when u “glow” again. As he is now in the dark valley, he wont notice us except we show them our light that will lead them back to us They will recognize “the light from the their house” ;). How to be glowed? the stages is descrbed here :

      you are not alone Dawn who has this experience, me, Divine and others also. But we are alone in case to resolve our own issue. we share our story, we support each other, but we decide if we wanna nail it or keep sinked. :)
      so my suggestion is : KEEP CALM, AND GO TO THE NEXT STAGE! may God be with you Dawn. :)

      • I would like to add The Spiritual Path, Telophilia and many other spiritual articles in the right hand column also describes some of the phases and things you might be experiencing. It’s a spiritual and inner journey… A journey to self and wholeness. It has nothing to do with anyone or anything outside of yourself.

  26. oh you are so right Divine, thank you :) *hug.
    maybe I’m still not get used to of my new change, because normally I could fall easily to someone, but now it is like I’m enjoying so much company from my self, being so independent (the behaviour from my tf).

    I can feel it either from you, how u can make us feel so comfortable by sharing our stories and problems, reliable!. :)

    these couple days I feel extreme beautiful and shining, optimistically see my self in the future, but unintendedly can also smell my tf, my feeling to him currently not a romantic feeling, but more than it, but I dont know how to describe it. How happy I will be, everytime I imagine stroking him and telling him that I love him as much as I love my self, and sensing his reaction everytime he gets this treat from me. overwhelmed.

    the control comes more and more everyday to my counciousness, but still I love reading ur blog to get in touch with you, or to read another experience from another survivor souls, and I have this special connection somehow between me, you, and jackie. :) possibly that soulfully we become good friend. :)

    love and peace

  27. Thank you for you comment Zara. I’ve been doing pretty ok and just focusing on my self growth and happiness and I feel like when I start to make alot of progress these feelings come back and I want to text and call him and plead with him to come back but I know I can’t do that anymore because it will push him further away. I’m just afraid the longer I go without talking to him the more he will run or feel like I don’t want him when I do! I just can’t keep trying to make him change and become emotionally available he has to do it himself. I just miss him dearly it’s been a week since I talke to him and it wasn’t a good conversation we argued. I’m just in limbo in whether I should give up an move on like he did or just continue to be patient and wait. I just have this feeling he really doesn’t feel the same way that I feel about him that’s what my mind tells me but my heart just keeps telling me to push on through and wait but I’m just exhausted from it all. Should I continue no contact and let him come when he Is ready?

  28. dear Dawn,

    Everything has its time, and we grow up from process, unfortunately we cant accelerate the process. Time will give the answer we need. If he is ur tf, he will feel ur feeling, he will miss u as u miss him, if u meant to be together, and it will happen, nothing and no one can postpone or eccelerate it.

    If u’re afraid that he will more run, it means u still put him in ur focus. Let him go as far as he wants, we need this space either to grow, I learn that reunion doesnt mean only phisical, sometimes we meet our tf phisically in this life only for short time for a good reason. It’s a gift that God let us meet our twinsoul in this life and notice them. as we were been created in oneness, we will back as one. He is yours, you are him. We are always connected with them in deep deep inside of us. Be happy, then he will be so, cheer up, and he will be so, because we synchronize and share things always with our tf. :)

  29. I’m trying so hard to stay patient and positive Zara but its so hard! Lol the last 7 days of not speaking have been rough I don’t know how some people can go years without talking or seeing their twin again. I chased him as far as I could and I just can’t anymore its hurting me too badly. I will just keep positive and keep faith in god that in due time he wil come back. I do feel more at peace with myself and I’m proud I’ve gone this long without communicating with him. Yes I miss him dearly and I love him with all of my heart but I am starting to see that I love myself more and I don’t need him to be happy. I’m a strong beautiful person and I’m finally seeing that for myself. In your first post you said he will see my “glow” what exactly do you mean by that? Will he see my Growth as a person? My success and accomplishments? Will that make him come out of the darkness? But if that’s so will my “glow” inspire him to change or will he still be the same broken person?

    • my “glow” what exactly do you mean by that? I mean that ur pain in heart is healed, that you live ur life better before u met him, you feel peace and comfort with your self, you are being as you in society.

      Will he see my Growth as a person? My success and accomplishments? I dont know if you are miles seperated with your tf or near. But if u do good, as a half of ur self he will do the sync, as I told u before, in deep deep level of us we keep in touch with them, we share our story, etc.

      Will that make him come out of the darkness? But if that’s so will my “glow” inspire him to change or will he still be the same broken person? Again, it’s his freedom to choose what he will do about his life. I know you care of him, so do I to my tf, but even they are our half, but they are also one whole as a person, and we dont know if our path will bring us back together again with them or not. My own experience with my tf is that we support each other, how far? it depends on our awareness. My tf taught me to be independent, the way he adores me, push me to my max level of confidence. if I brought something good for his life? I dont know, but I hope so. :)

      Because u’re awaken, so just transfer him ur positive energy by sending him love, and pray all the best for him, take a deep breath everyday and love your self. If we release our ego, we wont feel any fear or scared anymore, we will trust our intuition.

  30. Zara I feel like I’m starting to grow and love myself but there’s still the little fear in me holding me back because I’m afraid of the unknown. I’ve started praying and will be going back to church this week. I just want to let that fear go and be more confident in myself. I feel alot of my ego has died because of how I feel but what exactly is dying of the ego? Did you give your twin flame space and had no contact and let him come back to you? I feel like me not contacting him is helping our self growth but I just get these urges to text him and pour my heart out but I know it will only push him farther and hurt me more. I guess I should do what Divine said and just leave him alone. As the chaser I feel I’ve reached that point of walking away he hasn’t reached the soul shock yet it’s only been a week but I will remain strong patient and let god do the rest. Thank you for listening to me and giving me advice this blog and all the stories have helped me so much I couldn’t thank you all enough. It’s a really tough journey but I know we are all strong enough to make it through! Peace and love Zara! :-)

    • I’ve had a very rough few days. I truly believe in my heart me and my twin flame will never be together. I’ve decided to just give up all hope and move on with my life. I love you so so much but the pain I feel is just too much to handle. I need to let go and face the reality that me and him will never reunite :-(

      • I know that pain, that was the moment when I feel devastated, and finally surrender to the Mighty, on this stage I rebuild a strong connection with God.
        Well, I dont know if u have read this post:

        love – the greatest gift

        Ego can be explained as ur fear not to meet him anymore, or strong desire to have him phisically, want him to understand our condition, keep struggling dawn, it possibly the fear and any bad feeling u have now come from ur tf. stir it to the positive direction.

        I did love my tf wrongly, I was worried, full of anger, unstable. But it’s fine, we all learn by the process. I do still miss my tf, everyday, keep him on my mind, slowly but surely I try to give him to God and let Him taking care of my tf. having FAITH. I surrender to God, thank Him for letting me have such experience that makes me stronger than before. But before reach this phase, I was totally damage, numb, lost the spirit of life, got heart problem, etc.

        you doing right already : letting go. as I told you if u both meant to be together in this life, nothing can change it, but if ur meet with ur tf in this life just for teaching u some life lesson, whatever u do, u cant against God’s way. I believe in God and everything that come from Him is all that I need. :)

        spirit and optimistic!

  31. Zara I’m still struggling with the whole ego concept. I know I have let go of my ego but he hasn’t. He is still exhibiting self destructive behavior but I have this little feeling inside that the more days pass without me texting and calling him back he is starting to realize that I’m gone. I’m not getting my hopes up because I know him and I know he is stubborn and expects me to always come back but this time I’m not I can not and will not. He needs to realize for himself he needs to find strength and courage and surrender to god. I have not fully done so yet but I can feel it I’m almost there Zara I just need to give up some of this hope and my biggest hurdle to conquer right now is patience. I need to learn patience that is one thing I never had with my TF and now I need to practice it for myself and for my journey to better higher living. How can I send my TF positive energy and love without communication? I pray for him every night but I don’t see any changes in him.

    • Dawn, spiritual energy is really strong, we dont need to worry even when we dont have any communication anymore with them, by being positive, lovable, and energic in ur own life, u share already ur love to him, remember they are our half, he will do sync if he is urs, soon or later,but it isnt our business. Patience is really expensive, I do learn it also now. The reward sometimes thing that unexpected but always the best when it comes from Him. :) KEEP UP DAWN!

  32. Thank you Zara. This journey is so difficult and so exhausting. It’s something I never thought I would experience in my life but I’m starting to be thankful I did. Patience and positivity are the things I need during this time. I’m hoping the more positive and patient I become the more my TF will too. When you say surrender to God what exactly do you mean? I pray every day and I am going to start going back to church but is there more I should do? When I surrender will my twin surrender at the same time or at his own pace?

    • Surrender means that u wont go on ur own way but let Him lead you, faith Him. If u totally surrender, u wont feel any fear anymore, no doubt, u’ll be so sure, strong, and shiny, that is in general. Toward ur TF (based on my experience), first time I came to Him because I was so devastated and damaged that really need help, so I asked Him help, on process and then been healed I feel that I fall in love to God, I come to Him now because I miss Him, not anymore because I have something to request, I feel so secure, I realize that He is the one that won’t disappointed me.. Now I try to build my intim relation with God, my focus slowly but surely turn back to Him. I become addicted for this satisfy and peace that I have in my heart after I surrender and experience Him personally.
      Dawn, I see how you keep pay attention to ur tf alot, ;) well its normal, I do either but now bit less. I dont know, as I told you, they would learn either, but they have choice to do it or not, and do it in their own way. Example, my relation to God build in christianity, but my tf even he was born in christianity he tend to praise God in islam way. Well, logically it will be hard to be together with this different, not because me against that religion, but I prefer to share my life with the one who fall in love to Jesus too. But u know who push me back to christianity? my tf, the last time we met, he kinda insulted Jesus but because of it I became aware.
      It needs time Dawn, I know it. Its been 6 weeks away since my last meeting with him, but every 2 weeks I still send him message, but I started to stop it. ;) what I experience after meeting my tf, that time is no longer as border, or hhmm.. how to say it right, it feels like whatever how long you’ve seperated with ur tf, u wont feel it long, I feel like I met him yesterday but its been already 6 weeks. also the time when we met after 6 months seperated, it was like couple days not meet.

  33. It’s only been 11 days since I’ve talke to my TF and about a month since we actually saw each other. He refused to see me I’m not sure why. But we did see each other briefly about a week a go nothing was said but the look on his face really confused me. He looked sad and confused. I saw a picture of him and honestly he looks like shit! Excuse my language! But he just looks so tired so run down but he continues to self destruct I do pray for him everyday and I also pray to god when I find myself panicking and starting to feel upset or think about my twin flame. How can I fully surrender to The Lord? I feel like I’m doing all I can but I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere I still get feelings of longing and aching for my twin. I spoke with a psychic I know sounds cliche but he told me to let my twin flame contact me and if he doesn’t by the end of sept to give up. I don’t know how I feel about that but I get these urges to text my twin flame but then I don’t want to because he’s hurt me so bad and I just can’t face him yet I don’t want to I still am angry I still need to heal. Do you think I should wait for him to contact me or should I break down and text him? It’s been 11 days this is the longest we haven’t spoken to each other I feel like maybe he does not want to talk to me because he hasn’t contacted me yet. :-(

    • there will be the point that you are totally exhausted and feel so sick everytime u think of ur tf because of the pain he gave u (based on my experience), like a patient, u will be totally weak and powerless, u trust the doctor to heal u, on this case let say the doctor is the Lord. If u wanna Lord to lead you, then come to Him and ask Him. its not only about u decide go to church again, but it works more deep inside ur heart.

      well, I cant help u with that, but listen to ur heart. just a suggestion; to have ur silent and open ur heart and be sincere to God. If u think contacting him will make u good than do it, but u mentioned that you are still angry, better to keep distance.

      This is what happend to me:
      I met my tf for the last time by following my ego, but I wasnt ready, either him. we mirroring each other so strong, as I followed my ego, he did. My ego was craving to see him, but I did know my heart wasnt ready. So we met after many signs from universe that tried to stop my way. it took 2 times longer than normal time that needs to reach his place. I felt numb accidentely when I getting closer to his city, first met after 6 months he was the same, so happy like a little boy, but I hided my feeling. couple hours after we met, he felt what I felt, he said “I feel bad” I asked why, but he said I dont know, it just came. I know he suddenly mirroring my feel. After that we didnt speak any words at that night and feel so far one to another even phisically so close. The next day I tried to meditate in case to open my heart, but it didnt work, I did believe that my heart suddenly locked after I stepped my foot in his city. I felt so numb, and I knew he could sense it, finally we had talk, and at that time we decided to end up everything. He started to lie or maybe say the truth, I dont know. He was nervous, couldnt see me in eyes, but after conversation he became rude to me, treat me like hell less than aquintance even asked me to leave his appartement, well I was ok at that time, because I aint feel comfort either. He brought me to the railstation, and he became nervous again when we about to say goodbye. I lost at that time, we both. We didnt have patience.

      If u’re still angry, remember that it will be mirrored in him, take time and be calm. :)

  34. That’s how my TF has been to me Zara very cold and nasty saying he doesn’t love me only attracted to me physically. I feel in my heart he’s lying but then my mind say its the truth that’s why I’m so angry with him still. Have you and your TF reunited? Has your twin flame been nasty and cold to you? I just feel in my heart all that he has said isn’t true but then the mind tells me it is an I need to let go but I just can’t. I still need space from him. I do want to talk to him about how I feel but I’m not sure if I should wait or just go with my heart. The more positive and progress I show the more I surrender to The Lord te more it will reflect on my twin?

    • theoritically yes, because we do much sync each other, but I dont know, I’m on my way either. :)

      yeah, my tf did the same, but before that happend, he adored me that crazy, like I am his goddess. Our first reunion gave “feels like heaven” feeling, he feel protected, and being so vurnerable. He told me am the one who can feeding a deep needs inside him, his shelter no other girls can. He even the one who told me that it seems like we knew each other since long, but unfortunately I am the one who ended up finding twinflame concept. :)

      I have also the same experiences, my mind doubt to the deep, but my heart says different. During this process, I got lots of sign that convince me he is my twinflame, twin number, showing in my dream, etc, freak me out. But now the intensity getting slow since I give my focus to God. the simple sign is that I often see him is reflected if I smile. Universe keep sending me lots reminder so I wont forget him, or the sign could be as a tool that be used to diging me more deep. I dont know, but I enjoy the process. :)

      So now I give space to prove what my heart believes. Godspeed

  35. Are you still in communication with your TF Zara or are you still separated? I was a little confused sorry. And my TF use to think the world of me use to show me so much love tell me we were meant to be then he just changed and now says he doest even love me anymore. :-/ I guess all I can do is pray and let go and let god bring us back together. I do see my twin flame in my dreams I will here our song on the radio if he’s watching a show its the same show I like or am watching. Things like that are they considered signs?

  36. Zara I’m having such a hard time today. I felt better last night I prayed until I cried and I felt so much relief but this ache in my heart this panic feeling keeps returning. He’s been going out partying I feel mad sad and jealous. I know I need to stay off the social network sights that only makes it worse. I just wanna rid myself of this feeling this pain. I want to contact him I want to see him so badly my heart is crying for him but I know we aren’t ready I just almost feel like I never even met him. I was better off not knowing him. I feel like he’s ruined me. I’m trying so hard to surrender to God and every time I feel like I move forward I take 2 steps back. I just want peace an serenity I’m so broken I just want to break down scream cry shout slap him. I hate him so much and love him at the same time. I just don’t know why he’s acting as if I don exist anymore. My heart is so broken ;-(

    • oowh..dear Dawn! come I’ll give you big hug, so u wont feel alone anymore. it’s good to feel the pain, its the process of healing. I experienced it either, others do.
      This process is “stagess”. We can give u advices, but to increase ur level, u need to pass the level where u are in now, of course, obtacles and pain include. I read also lots advices when I was in ur stage, but it helped only for moment. more I read advices, more my ego drive me crazy. The different is I argued alot with my tf, we were totally panic because of the energy changing between us. We experiences this electricity power allover the body everytime we think each other, but we have different perception to describe it. But I never wanna tell him about twinflame. So, too much words to say until it became bitter, that was my turning point. I even got heart disease because of my problem with my tf, the fact that my body cant bear phisically the connection and changing energy between us. I went to emergency unit because at night I couldnt breath and my heart beat so fast, but all the result showed that my heart is totally fine. I lost my spirit of life, I was scared to go travelling because I didnt wanna die in a place that no one know me, etc.
      I was like a dead body when my tf told me that he wants to have a relationship with other girl. He couldnt either bear the thing between us, he said it was really unhealthy.
      Now we are totally seperated, I did feel our reunion was near, but because I followed my ego and against Godwill decided to meet him, it seems like I got the punishment, the reunion is far away to reach, I even dont put any expectation anymore.
      I can slowly deal with all of this. since a few days ago I deleted his number from my phone so I wont see him in whatsapp anymore, I was still addicted to feel his existence. Now we are totally not in contact, but its the best option I guess, because now I can focus to my self and my spiritual growth, I can see my self in future with many different thing I wanna do. Anytime I miss him, I’ll open his picture in my phone, I’ll smile and draw a “love” of his picture. it gives peace in my heart and I always feel really positive. I have a picture of him, that anytime I see it, I feel like see my self, really funny. So when I dont like my self I will always hate that pic, when I am in love of my self, I will always adore that picture.
      My tf helped me alot (in fact I found out that he did that actually to help him self), during the dancing process. Now am not interested to find another guy to change his place, which is my habitual after break up with someone. I feel more comfort with my self and being mature. :)

  37. Oh Zara I wish I could have a hug! I need one in the most desperate way! Before me and my TF finally seperated I found out I had cancer and I always have tumors which I will be having surgery for next month. The pain of the seperation made me sicker I lost 20 pounds my Nerves were so bad I could not eat. My TF knows about all this and he still ran. Has not contacted me about surgery or about how I am doing with the cancer. He’s instead going out every night partying sleeping with other women. I’m afraid he may even be on some type of drugs :-/ I’m very afraid for him I feel he is self destructing which makes it harder for me to move forward because I’m afraid something bad may happen to him. I still haven’t contacted him I don’t want to be with anyone else I’m just upset he can just act this way and treat me this way during my sickness when I needed him and he promised he would be here but I guess this is teaching me that I can get through this all on my own. It just hurts to think he doesn’t care or won’t be there when I have surgery. I’m still so very angry with him Zara I just want to slap and shake him and wake him up but it doesn’t work like that. I’ve been praying for him everyday and asking god to lead hi to the right path and help him find happiness within himself. He says he’s happy he says he doesn’t love me but I know him better than he knows himself he isn’t happy. I’m not sure if he still loves me my mind says no but my heart says yes he does but I’m just so confused and still so hurt. I just want this stage to be over but I have to remember to be patient it’s really on been almost 2 months since the break up and 12 day of not talking. I just pray god wakes him up and I pray he helps himself.

    • ooh I’m sorry to hear that Dawn, whereever you are I pray for you, may God heal ur heart soon so u will feel releaved and peace inside. I cant sense his feeling, but if he is ur truly tf, he muss be also care for you, maybe he cant bear anymore the situation between u and him, so he decide to run away which more easier to do.
      dear Dawn, let God leads you, in fact that you’re worth, God knows how you care of ur tf, trust Him to taking care of him, whereas you give also ur self to be healed. :) every minute in our life is a bless, dont waste it for pain that bring us to sorrow, cheer up my dear friend, end with our tf doesnt mean end of our life, but the new chapter begin indeed, where we become new, stronger, and confident.
      If the pain comes, than try to imagine every beautiful moment you have, forgive him before u let him go. always have this positive vibes in ur heart, let me feel ur shine Dawn, dont let this sorrow cover ur beautifulness any longer, chain will broke off! set u free.

      lots love and support

  38. Thank you Zara. I just feel so broken and lost without him. I just feel so let down. I pray and hope he comes around and he’s there for me next month for my surgery. I’m just so afraid that something will happen and he will never know how deeply I love him. I know he doesn’t deal with hospitals and sickness well because his mother was ill and passed when he was 18 and he never dealt with it. He partied and drank to run from an hide his pain. Wen we talked about it he cried that’s when I knew our bond was deep because he never talked about his mother with anyone and he never cries but he did in front of me because he was comfortable. He’s running and I just pray he doesn’t run anymore. He’s truly breaking my heart everyday and I keep holding on and I keep loving him harder but I don’t think it is enough to bring him back home but I must remained focus and I must pray to god to help us both

  39. I just can’t stop crying. I miss him so much and the pain in my heart is greater tha any pain I have ever felt I just wish he would wake up I just wish he would call or send a text to see if I’m ok. I just wish he cared ;-( how can he be my twin flame and hurt me so so badly when I need him more than ever.

    • Dawn, crying is very healthy and what you are doing now is very good for you. You are doing exactly what you need to do. You are getting all your emotions out, you are trying to figure out the process and what’s happening to you. My suggestion to you is to start journaling. It can be a private journal or a public journal like a blog.

      You will realize the truth of the matter very soon and you will also realize you know a lot more than you think you do. It’s time now for you to start looking to yourself and deep within yourself for answers. You are given all the tools you will ever need to get through this journey. I think it’s awesome you are so emotional and you are spilling your guts. I did it, Zara did it, and many others on this blog have done it.

      However, all we can do is share our story. Any, relief or comfort you get from here is temporary until you heal and fix what’s broken within you. The best way I have found to heal myself is to focus less on my issues and reach out to other people. Every selfless act will benefit you greatly and you will see you are no longer a victim but someone that’s capable and can be of great help to others.

      Dawn, my suggestion to you is to reach out and reply to the next person who leaves a comment or ask a question… Try seeing yourself as strong and competent person capable of helping others regardless of your own pain and struggles…

      • this is one example to be a reason why so many people will miss you when you’re not around Divine, thanks for ur wise answer, God bless :)

      • Thank you Zara. You have given some wonderful and wise responses and advice as well. I really appreciate you and everyone that has contributed in anyway, shape or form. You guys have helped me heal and continue to heal. I was just as lost, confused and broken like everyone here. I just want you all to know it gets better alot better. I know I can be very blunt and harsh at times but I love and appreciate each and everyone of you. If I don’t respond to every comment it’s not because I don’t care… I still have my own issues and I am still human. I am still learning and growing everyday…

        Hugs :-)

  40. Divine I feel my biggest hurdle still is the fact that I just am still confused by his actions. I guess I’m angry and sadden at how he can say he doesn’t love me and be with other girls after finding out that I’m not in great health. I found out I had cancer and I’m having fibroids removed next month and it just seems like he ran right when we found all this out. He said he would still be there for me but he didn’t really do anything to be there and honestly at this point I don’t want him there I wanna go throug this by myself. But I guess it’d be nice or I guess comforting to atleast get a simple how is everything text but I’m not going to hold my breathe for that. The less I expect from him the less pain I put myself through.

    • Dawn, sometimes the thought of losing one twin can be so painful. He probably have never meant someone whom he loves as much as he loves you. Then to find out he may lose you to cancer can scare even the most loving and kind hearted person away. It’s like meeting heaven then realizing this can be taken away at anytime. Cancer is a huge wake-up call… I think he is struggling with the idea that he may or could lose you at anytime. He is trying to control the situation by leaving you, pushing you away and distancing himself from you before anything happen.

      However, Dawn I see alot of life in you. You have so much more to give. I also see you have taken up my suggestion to reach out to other people. Dawn, you are in the midst of it and when you are in the midst of it, God will always be close by… Let go control and let God take over… You don’t even need to know what to do next and you don’t need to understand anything or even be a very spiritual person. God will speak to you in a language you will understand. Whether through signs, numbers, messages, people… Be open and in all things be true to yourself and God. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks… Your journey is your journey and no one can judge you but yourself. Do whatever feels good and right to you. All we can do is give our best and the rest will take care of itself. Even if you fall short every now and then, God knows your heart and God is merciful…

  41. I was so wrapped up in chasing him divine that the news of having cancer an preparing to have tumors removed next month didnt phase me. I was just so focused on gettin him back and I neglected myself and made myself sicker the next few weeks I have a bunch or procedures then surgery and that Is where my focus is. I fighting to get healthy and live. I’m only 22 and I’ve gone through so many things but I know I need to remain strong and take care of myself right now. He knows where I stand he knows about everything that’s going on and I just feel the ball is now in his court I have bigger battles ahead of me and I feel I’m almost there Divine I almost free from all my pain an all my suffering I know god has been on my side walking my path with me and I thank him each day I open my eyes. I know things will be ok with or without my TF I no longer need him to feel like I have to live. Look at me I’m living and there’s bad days but that’s normal. After every storm there’s sunshine and I can feel my sunshine coming I just need to remain patient and let god be in control.

    • Dawn you are a very strong person and I can sense your fighting spirit. The twinflame connection is so strong we lose sight of everything that is and was important to us including our own health and well-being. The twinflame comes into our lives when we probably have given up on genuine love. They made us believe in it again, they gave us a reason strive to be all we knew we could be and was capable of being. They were a burst of inspiration to us, so them leaving is like the life has been sucked out of us. It’s hard to move on from that… I do understand the longing and desperation to be with this person that has brought back the joy to living when there are so much pain in the world. I went through a very dark period myself and sometimes it’s hard to be around people who are in pain and suffering because I feel like I am re-living the pain again and again. But, each time you and others heal and become more self-sufficient and stronger. It’s almost like I become stronger as well… We are so connected with each other.

      You are a very smart and persistent person Dawn… Let your light shine :-)

  42. Thank you so much Divine. I could never thank you enough for how you have helped me. I know things are goin to be rough they won’t be perfect or come in the timely manner I want but god has perfect timing and I know he will see me through all of my battles. I will continue to work on myself and pray for my TF that is all I can do for him he has to do the rest on his own. My happiness and peace is all I need to worry about and honestly for the first time in a long time I can truly say I have peace in my heart. I might still cry about it but I think that’s totally normal I rater cry and let it out then keep it bottled until I explode. Deal with what is in the now leave the past behind and don’t worry about the future because it isn’t here yet. :-) Blessed Be!

    • Thank you Dawn :-) Bless Be!

      Hugs ;-)

  43. :-D I’m feeling alot better! Crying is actually making me so much stronger. I’m not sure why people see crying as a sign of weakness! Something about it is very liberating to me!

    • I enjoy a good cry every now and then too :-) But, I am all cried out… I have no more tears left to cry :-)

  44. I think I’m getting there I cry now and it doesn’t last that long a good minute or so is all I need then back to the task at hand! :-)

  45. Divine I’m not sure where this feeling is coming from but I feel like something big is going to happen over the next few days I’m getting all these signs from my TF just little things like a song will come on or repeat of numbers like I keep seeing 11:11 and 12:23 I’m not sure what 12:23 means but I don’t want to eat my hopes up but I want to remain hopeful maybe he is going to contact me or something I’m not sure but the feeling I’m getting is really making me think he is. :-)

    • Dawn here is a post on the 11:11 and Twinflames. I don’t know if you have read it yet but it’s very interesting. If you read through most of the comments on this blog you will realize many people are experiencing similar things and you will also gain lots of I sights from the comments as well.

      I believe 1223 means you should have faith, trust and believe in your intuition. So if your intuition is telling you something big is about to happen or he is going to contact you. Trust your inner guidance ;-)

  46. I have read throug a little of it but I’m going to sit down and really read it. Alot of the numbering I’m seeing is alot of 12 and 3. And it’s just little things like he will tweet lyrics to a song that seem to have some type of connection to us or just little things like I will hear a song we both liked and it makes me very emotional I know it’s silly it’s just a song but when I really listen to the certain lyrics he is talking about it makes sense and it really moves me. I’m not going to get my hopes up but I really do think he’s coming. I will just remain humble and patient :-)

  47. I recently noticed a reoccuring sync with me and my twin. Sometimes he reads but dosnt reply to my messages (which used to devastate me really bad but not anymore)fb tells you the time they’ve seen it and its been 1:11 and 11:11 back to back and a lot of the time they are double or triple numbers I know are significant to me and my journey. Is there anything I should be aware of when I see those syns in that way?

    • I think your soul will be your guide and give you all the answers you need. You can also look up the meaning of those numbers. But, I think some of those numbers can be very personal to the person seeing them. I used to see my twin’s zip code alot before I knew his zip code. There are also many other factual information I was able to pick-up on about my twin before it was verified. It’s like the universe wanted me to learn to trust my telepathic and psychic abilities with my twin. So, it made me aware of all these information or feed me all these information so when it’s verified I get some confirmation and reassurance that what I am feeling, seeing and what is happening is real. It was all a test and was happening so quickly it was overwhelming at times. I try to block it out mentally so I could feel some normalcy again. However, the more I blocked it out in my mind, the feeling intensified in my heart and I get a painful physical reaction for trying to escape it.

      When you see them just know there is an invisible presence or force with you. So, rest assure and know that you are guided, protected and all is well…

      • I know what you mean I never really “trusted” that I was just making it up but the syncs got more and more personal and in my face I had no choice but to know that what I was expieriencing was real. They were signs so obvious they could right his name on my forhead and I wouldn’t really be suprised. (Like the universe would do that though) lol ; p

  48. I guess I am looking for some clarity and help. This weekend was particularly hard for me and I have no idea why. I have cried on and off for about 2 days and I got really pissed at the universe/God for this. I am beyond frustrated. I think I’m doing pretty good and then bam out of no where these feelings well up again. I yelled at God today and said I don’t want this anymore. What the F is wrong with me and what the F is wrong with you for letting it be 14 months of physical separation(we have communicated through texts and emails but nothing changes and some of them were so meaningless) and I still have all these feelings and still think of him everyday. I want so badly to be released from this but nothing and I mean nothing has worked. He seems to have moved on smoothly without me and I am the one still “stuck”. It sucks and I hate every single minute of it. Don’t get me wrong I have good days to but when these hit it is the worst. Also, while all of this has been going on this weekend the synchronicities have been pretty much constant. I am so angry and frustrated that I want them to stop. I don’t want to see them or hear them or believe in them. I want to forget all of this but it is soooooo damn hard. I have asked God to send me another and that is happening either. Yes I have met others and they were all nice just not for me and I swear I am not comparing them to my ex. I plead with God that if me and my ex are not meant to be then please send me the one who is…….nothing. I swear this is madness and the God I know and believe in would never want me to suffer like this. So my question is Why is God doing this to me? Am I being punished because it sure feels like I am.

    • Beebs, do you know what kind of connection you are in? Do you understand how the yin yang aspects plays out between you and this person? If you really want to know I can tell you?

      • I would love to know. What do you need from me to help you with this?

      • Just the birthdays of both of you. Everything is written in the stars and there is a cycle and a sequence to everything and every relationship just like the seasons… There is a time line as well as to how things play out. When, I meant my twin I receive a foreshadowing of how it would play out then God lead me to information and gave me great insight to confirm my premonition and other metaphysical things that were happening. So, I would be able to understand and help those who are genuinely experiencing it. Not, everyone who said they have meant there twin have but I have been biting my tongue because I believe all relationships are important and are preparing them for the ultimate one. Whatever, the response is, I hope you can handle it…

      • ok. I am 12/21/68 and he is 2/10/66. God I am scared :)

      • Beebs, you do have a soulmate connection with this person in the day branch and that is good because it deals with marriage and adult relationship. He is the Yang to your yin in the day branch. What you are feeling about this guy is real and he feels the same way about you too. There is a genuine love and soulmate connection there… I say it’s worth waiting for, he will come around soon… :-)

    • THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for taking the time. I know this must be extremely exhausting for you. Now I pray from your lips (or typed words) to God’s ears. God Bless you!

      • You are welcome beebs. Apart from the yin yang soulmate aspect in the day branch. You also have this connection concerning the psyche and Eros;

        From the first moment they meet they’re convinced that they know each other. And, in fact, this relationship is the most likely to begin with a massive confession session in which each feels compelled to tell ALL to the other. Afterward, neither can believe the inner meaning they just told this person for no apparent reason. The soul link is profound and often signaled by a strong physical sensation. But it is not remotely lust-driven. It is, rather, a palpable shock of recognition – not the ‘You ARE me’ feeling generated by some of the other connections. It’s a feeling of ease and luxury, like leaping into a hot opulent bath after battling through a long and stormy day of mundane crap. They feel understood as if for the first time and all of the ancient angst seems suddenly solved. This is one of the most likely together forever soulmating scenarios.


        Always evolving, this relationship is perpetual poetry in motion or a non -stop work in progress. It is as if each ‘adoree’ must make constant — if tiny — attitude adjustments in order to let the love affair shine. If one or the other gets too stuck in a certain paradigm the whole liaison starts to stall or, if they are not careful, bog down. It is amazing how often this romance is characterized by one of the parties loathing (or at least not much liking the other person. Yet, if this is the case, there will nonetheless be a kind of incessant buzz at the back of their mind. Once sighted, these guys are never out of one another’s minds. Another astro clue: they often meet each other at a time of personal crisis. The mutual emotion is like ‘Woah! Or now this! They are also highly likely to be a rebound affair – albeit one that may go on forever!

      • This explains so much of what I have felt and still feel. Even though my doubts scream at me sometimes I just knew we are meant to be together. Something in my center just sits there with such peace it never has gone away. I just hope he feels it too and we can reunite like we are suppose to. Preferably sooner rather than later. Because this time apart feels like forever. Thank you again for all the insight. It has helped calm me in all this craziness. I have never prayed for or wanted anything more in my life.

      • You are welcome beebs ;-)

      • I’m curious Divine you said above things have a time line and a way in which they play out. Can you give anymore insight into my situation?

      • Beebs, I was given insight to my situation… At, first I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and took their word for what they say they were experiencing eventhough something didn’t quite sit right me about what they said or said they were experiencing.

        I think everyone knows their own truth and the truth of their situation. What’s true for me, may not be true for someone else. What I have experienced may not be what others have experience.

        I am yet to talk to someone I genuinely believe have experience this twinsoul connection. I think I have talked to many people that have experience a connection that is very close to the twinsoul/twinflame connection but it wasn’t quite it.

        The things I saw, experience and the insights I gained from it was enough to give me awareness and assurance. Some people are trying to twist their story to suit or fit the twinflame connection.

        We can lie to everyone, but we can’t lie to ourselves. At the end of the day we have to live with ourselves. Whatever, relationship or union we find ourselves in is based on our growth so far in this life.

        My timeline and what insights God gave me for my situation was for me. I never realized it before… Everyone is not me and everyone is not experiencing what I am experiencing. Therefore it doesn’t matter what I say to them, they will not understand or get it because they are not suppose to. They are not there yet…

        Whatever, I say to you will be useless because your situation is different from mine… Eventhough, there are some similarities are many differences as well. There are different types of soul connections and each forces you to a higher understanding but you have to be fully present in each of them. Make sure you resolve all relationships with love. Give your heart to whom ever you find yourself with 100%. Then, God will reward you with all the insights and answers you need for your situation.

      • Thank you for your reply.

      • Beebs :-) to get to him you have to dig deeper within yourself. You already know he feels the same about you. The feelings are mutual and you are on his mind as well… I can assure you that much… You attract who you are at whatever point you are in life. If you genuine love him with all your heart he genuinely loves you with all his heart. People just show love differently. Be patient and focus on what you want to achieve in your life.

        Take your attention off what he is doing or when the reunion will happen. Just be… I don’t think God is that cruel to send you the love of your life to permanently take them away from you without a better option waiting for you. Whatever is happening now needs to happen… Use this time to seriously search your heart and soul…

      • Divine
        I just read your comment and you are so right in your words. I need to just be. Sometime I am and sometimes not. Need to get better at it. But I wanted to thank you for your comment it does give me some peace.

      • Beebs read about the ox and rat connection. That’s the connection you guys have in the day branch.

        Soulmate astrology

  49. Beebs I had given up on this blog and believing in all of this a few days ago. When I ready your comment I felt I had to reach out to you. The same thing you are going through now I am as well. Me and him have only been seperated for about 2 months but it seems like an eternity. Some people have doubts that he is my TF and I have them too but I just don’t understand why god has put me through this all why is he still letting me love him like I do if he is not the one. He told me yesterday that he does not love me like I love him because he doesn’t love himself and not to wait for him because when he finally learns how to love I may not be the one he loves and that killed me. How could I give my all to somebody and they not want it? I’m in bad health I’m so depressed and I just feel terrible. I have my happy moments but they are short lived. We are still in contact he text me good morning but I know he’s been with other girls and he’s going out enjoying life and I get so angry why can’t I do that? Why can’t I be with another man and not feel guilty or think of my ex? Why has god done this to me if this man is not meant for me then take these feelings away. I beg god every day to take it away but he hasn’t so I just cry and let it all out and I’ve started writing notes to god and to my ex and I feel some what at peace. I had a dream about snakes last night I’m not 100% sure what it means but I woke up feeling at peace this morning and then my ex sent me a good morning text asking how I was. It felt good but I’m sadden because I always think of him with other girls and then the bad feelings come so I say to myself over and over again “Love did not create this thought so it is not real.” All I can do is keep my faith in god and pray that he takes this pain away. It’s not easy but what I’ve decided is no one but god knows where your journey will lead you and everything happens for a reason. I do pray to god to bring him back to me because despite what anyone says and astrology table any psychic etc only god knows what will happen so I’ve given up on all this stuff it’s not gods way in MY OPINION but I just had to reach out to you because when I read your post I cried because that same psi you are feeling I feel it too. Good luck Beebs and may god bless you and your partner.

    • Dawn,
      I will pray for you. I think your focus should be on you and only you. Your health is way more important then any of this crazy shit. Be well and take care of yourself!

  50. Thank you Beebs I definitely am. I can’t let this stuff cloud my judgement or my intuition. I love this man and I know once he fixes himself we will be together. It’s all about faith hope prayer and patience. For now I am focused on bettering me my surgery in a few weeks and staying positive and healthy. What will be will be in gods name. I will pray for you be strong! “God doesn’t lead us to deep waters to drown us but to cleanse us.” Keep hope and faith Beebs god bless!

  51. oh almost forgot. They say this is a “soul” thing well I have prayed that his soul kicks him in the ass to wake up!!

  52. Amen Beebs!! Amen!! I couldn’t have said it better myself! :-D

  53. I went through the same thing and then I realized that he’s always here and to just be greatful he’s in my life and think of all the GOOD things and soon your extreme sadness will be bliss. I have finally accomplished this and now Ive been concentrating on my own spirituality and growth. I never thought I’d get here buy I am (:

  54. Hey, I’ve been feeling more that I should share more about what I’m going through… and for whatever reason, this seems like a good place to do it.

    I went through the initial awakening stage in Dec 2011. My eyes met with a woman that I barely knew, and I simultaneously felt pulled towards her from my heart chakra while my visuals cleared up so that I could see her as the most perfectly beautiful woman I’d ever seen. This was awesome, but it also brought up lots of fear immediately. Who is this person? Why her? Why me? What just happened? Can this happen again with other women, or is this something special between me and her?

    I’m starting to think that I might be the runner, although I think we both have it in us. I feel like I’m going through a bunch of these stages all at once.

    A little over a year ago I started experiencing the radiance stage. I can feel love for her and other people every day now. This is awesome, but it still feels incomplete.

    About a year ago, I asked her out on a date. She turned me down, and I haven’t seen or spoken with her since. Shortly after that, I had a similar, but milder experience of “falling in love” with 3 other women within about a week. I remember when I didn’t believe in falling in love instantly, and then this happens…

    I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on. Can I just pick one of these women and forget about the rest? What makes them special? And again, what was up with that initial experience?

    I’ve realized that although I can feel love for other people… really, anyone I want, it’s still not the same. The depth of the emotional connection I feel for the first woman is far beyond anyone else. For example, if I said something that provoked laughter, I’d be happy for hours.

    So now, I’m refocused on the first woman. I’m sending her love whenever the thought crosses my mind, which is often multiple times per day. I’ve recently noticed that the major fear that was a block between us is very minor now. With that, I felt like sending her a message on Facebook, hoping to chat… about anything really.

    It’s been almost two weeks, and I haven’t heard back. I’m not sure if she’s seen it yet though. Although I’m still hoping for a response, it’s hard for me to think I’ll hear back.

    I do believe at this point that she feels the same for me, but that she’s also dealing with “getting ready”. And yet, I have no proof. I have no sane reason to keep going on like this, hoping and waiting. It’s possible that she’ll contact me tomorrow, and things will be great… and it’s possible that I’ll never see or hear from her again.

    I guess I just felt like I needed to vent a bit. I feel crazy to be in love with someone in this way, and it helps to share this with others going through something similar.

    • Thanks for building up the courage to share your story Mike. I know it’s not always easy to put yourself out there like that, true love makes us all vulnerable. However, I think it’s the first step to healing. Please feel free to share and participate in the conversations ;-)

      Some other men have shared their stories under the Twinflame Runner as well. Eventhough, more females than males share their stories. I know there are many guys out there going though it but guys are more reluctant about sharing their feelings. But, for every runner there is a chaser :-)

      • You’re welcome :) It doesn’t really take courage at this point though. I enjoy sharing my experiences, and what I’ve learned.

        Guys in general seem to have more difficulty in overcoming their fears with this stuff. Well, maybe it’s not that… but that guys have more fears to overcome? I’m not sure…

        As far as the runner/chaser thing goes… that hasn’t really happened here at all. Or, at least not in the physical world. Then again, it seems like all of these stages are primarily experienced on the soul level rather than the physical (which I don’t see being talked about at all…)

        Like you’ve mentioned above, I generally don’t believe anyone that says they’re going through a twin flame experience… mostly because I know what I’m going through, and most descriptions don’t seem to fit this very well. I’m still not even sure about myself, although I’m much more sure about myself than I am about most others that believe they’re in one.

      • I understand what you are saying Mike. This whole experience kinda kill the ego and you lose almost all fears. So, what others see as courage comes easy to you. It’s almost like nothing can hurt you anymore.

        I was literally in heaven for a brief period. It’s like my whole existence and the meaning of life was reveal to me. I haven’t found anyone I could really talk to about it. People want to talk about romance and sex but it’s beyond that… It was love… Real love… I experience myself in the purest form.

        It took me back to when I was a little girl when I looked to the sky and wondered, where did I came from? Who am I? All those things I have blocked out to adapt and fit into this world came flooding back to me… I remember who I was again and what I came here for and nothing matters anymore but what I came here for…

  55. So i think i have met my twin flame two years ago we met on a social site connected right away i was crazy about him and i do chase him and he always run away and he did i ogt married 2 years after he sent me a message saying he wants to be with me it’s weird he said becuz the feelings just came to him . I still love him i never stopped . My marriage is not doing so good right now my hub cheats and i have strong vibes for this guy . We know each othr for like 4 years now only met once for like 20 mins and still manage to stay together , we are from different background and countries he 9 years older than me , the first time we met i couldnt look in his eyes , i felt so comfy with him , a conncetion so strong like i am drawn to him he like a magnet . Can this be a twin flame ?? i feel it is as the connection so strong . Oh and yes when he left for the time period i became more spiritual and he always say you have to love yourself before anyone else can .

    • Amri, I think you should take his advice and work on loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself it will be impossible to truly love someone else. Maybe you need some alone time. Maybe you should get away from both guys, clear your mind and learn to enjoy your own company again. The truth is even if that guy is your twin, he cannot do anything for you but show you the areas in your life you need working on. And, that in itself can be a very painful process. It’s not going to be peaches and creme from the other guy either. For change to occur in your life you need to make some changes in your life. You can take baby steps to get there… Start by looking at yourself in the mirror. Look into your own eyes and see what your eyes tell you about you.

      Sometimes some relationships we find ourselves in can be so toxic for us. It cripples you and make you lose sight of your true self and what’s important to you. And, it can be any relationship not just romantic relationships. However, the only person that can save you is you. You are your own hero… There is nothing anyone outside of you can do to hurt or harm you unless you allow them. Not even your twinsoul or flame has any control over you once you figure out what is broken in you and fix it. Can you imagine being strong enough to tell even the person you believe to be your one true love, ‘good-bye, I can do this all on my own’. When you reached that point no one and nothing in this whole world will have any control or power over you anymore.

      That’s when you are truly free… However, to get to that point it’s going to take some soul searching and serious work on your mind, body and soul. But, today you can start by looking into your own eyes and telling yourself you love yourself and deserve better. Checkout this How To Find Your Soulmate by Gail Goodwin. It’s a great article and it’s simple and to the point. There is no magic to it, just some serious work on loving and accepting yourself.

  56. I truly believe I met my twin flame, however we have both been through so much… We’ve both been through devastating relationships. We also have so much history together… We have been a couple (though we pushed eachother away), but its been a pattern of off and on. We seem to mirror the ugly parts of eachother, what I see in her is truly a part of myself that I hate. So we follow this pattern of becoming VERY close, and when it comes to that fine line of finally taking that last leap into being a couple we push eachother away.


    The level of attraction, and the feelings I have for her are so intense that the intensity of it has shocked even me. I mean during our time apart it hurts me, I feel the lack of her prescence. The feeling must be mutual because when we have a falling out, if I’m not reaching out to her after a time than she’s the one reaching out to me. If we are not reaching out to eachother than we run into eachother. I’ve had relationships before, and sure like everybody else I’ve had the desire to contact them but I never did, I missed them but I got over it. Those relationships ended for good reasons. This girl in particular, it feels “incomplete” and I just cant seem to stop myself.

    The point I’m at now is when her and I were together (it was a very short time) she made a mistake that sent me running. I left FUMING and FURIOUS with the intention of never going back. Good riddance I thought. 8 months later (and in a relationship), I once again felt the pang of her absence, contacted her, and here we are again going through the “getting to know eachother phase”. I find myself completely willing to overlook and forgive the mistakes she made, I mean when I look at her now I just don’t see it. I see the person who I’ve missed to much and I just dont want to miss anymore. I guess you can say i’ve forgiven her completely. I havent forgotten, but I’ve forgiven. I’ve just realised that when I’m with her, or even around her. She makes me feel like I can take on the whole world, and she brings purpose into my life.

    So what is this? Could this be twin flame, because what i’m feeling is definately mirrored. There is no other reason that we follow this same pattern, we are both grown adults so its not young niave love situation either. Or is this just a bad (very bad) case of over infatuation? If she is my twin flame, how will I know if she is ready? We recently reconnected, i’ve been told i’ve been forgiven for my mistakes (though i never asked for it) and we are just talking right now.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Eric… If you are having doubts about the connection you can checkout the chinese astrology to see if their is a soulmate connection there… I have studied people in relation to the chinese astrology and it has proven to be the most accurate in my observation because it deals with the Yin and Yang of the connection. The yin and yang is what makes a connection binding and lasting. Numerology also plays a big role in the connection. For example, I am a 9 born and throughout my life I always found myself having great relationships or friendships with 6 borns (6,15,24) and fellow 9 borns (9,18,27) and, even if we argue or fight or go years without talking there is a certain level of love, respect and understanding there… The 3s, 7s and 11s are ok too. That’s just my experience as 9 with those numbers.

      • Thank you sharing Eric. It’s not often that I have found men posting about this crazy connection. I don’t know if my tf is aware of our tf relationship, but if he is, he only give me one hint that he is when I last saw him. This may because when I saw him, I was not aware of our tf connection. I knew we were connected but I didn’t understand it. I was so overwhelmed by the intensity of it all when I saw him. I was shocked that after all that time, it was all still there. It was if no time had passed between us. I am not sure I will ever find out what his awareness is. I can relate to your relationship. We too mirrored the ugly parts of each other which caused both of us much pain. We have gone through a lot of forgiveness. I was really surprised how easily he has forgiven me. It blew me away and I too have forgiven him. Most that new how we were with each other, comment how horrible we were together. There is truth to that but there is a love there that hasn’t died. And we were both young at the time and in places that were contributing to tearing us apart. We tried to heal our relationship when we were togehter but failed. I believe both us have chosen safe life partners because the intensity and love was always so great and still is. We just couldn’t reconcile ourselves in our past. We may or may not come back together. I am hopeful we do but in a away that doesn’t hurt our families.
        Thanks again for sharing. You helped me today as I am struggling with missing him and not knowing if I will ever see him again. He lives on the other side of the world.

  57. Hi, I am really surprised at myself for writing in this site as I’ve always read other people’s stories but never written my own… :p but anyway I don’t know what to think about the experience I had 3 years ago when I met a man who I shared a very deep and “magical” experience with… everything about that meeting was out-of-this-world but it felt so normal I even asked him “do you think what’s happening to us is normal?” because clearly logic can’t explain it all…. shortly after I randomly encountered the term “twin flame” and told him about it… he was casual about it but I felt he never took it as seriously as I did…. but anyway… our lives moved in such a fast pace back then and a lot of things had happened until we suddenly had a major fight…. our friendship/relationship deteriorated and somehow we agreed to break it off and after that I think I experienced a kundalini awakening…. I am also experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul at the moment…. I never really found anyone else after him…. not that I’m stopping myself but I decided to focus on myself and somehow stopped obsessing about us being “twin flames”…. I still see him occasionally but somehow its different and I almost feel a repulsion from him which I shake off but I just can’t seem to act like how I was back then and sometimes I question myself—was everything that happened back then for real? Are twin flames real? Is this person really relevant? Why am I still seeing him when I wished I wouldn’t? This man really made an impression on me and I have really changed from the person I was when I first met him (and all of this happened in just 3 years)…. We did agree to “reunite” when we’re already accomplished people…. I wonder where this story is going to end up :?

  58. You have a special story, Lana! I also question mine and sometimes it seems as a total illusion created by my mind, then stories like yours come around and it feels, real. Thanks for sharing. Important, you are not the same person as before and keep working on yourself.
    He has to do his part too :-) but you can walk your own path and experience life fully, following your heart.

    Love and Light,

    • Thank you :)

  59. Wow! Just came across this blog and I have to say, I’m not sure I’ve ever read a more accurate description of what a Twin connection is about! I met my twin about 6 ½ years ago, after one of the toughest years of my life. It was totally unplanned when we met, I wasn’t even planning on going anywhere that At the time I had no idea what was going on, I knew I was attracted to him, but he’s almost 10 years younger then me and I wasn’t interested in anything becoming of our meeting. However, we stayed in contact, and a year later, I had an experience that effected me drastically and lead me to realize there hadn’t been a day go by since I had met him that he didn’t cross my mind and I was in real love with this man and it wasn’t ordinary!

    I can’t begin to explain the profound effect this awakening has had on me and my life! I was never a spiritual person before this, I didn’t even know what a soul was, let alone that I shared mine with someone else! The things that started happening to me were like magic! I would hear or see twins name everywhere, the weird number occurrences, all the coincidences. At first, I thought I was losing my mind, but then I realized if that was the case, I wouldn’t be sane enough to question

    Of course I’ve had my ups and downs, a whole lot of pain at the beginning but you do eventually surrender to the process and learn to have faith that what is meant to be, will be. We still continue to see each other, and at this point, I have no idea what the future holds for us. We live a couple hours away from each other and have been friends with benefits for the past 6 years. I’m sure he knows of the connection at this point, but we don’t discuss it. I continue to receive the same signs and synchronicities happen everyday and am constantly seeking new information. I know it’s a tremendous gift and I hope some day I will know exactly what I’m suppose to do with these gifts!

    Anyway, I can totally relate to everything that has been written here, and I so enjoyed it! I’ve read a lot of material on the subject and I know it is so hard to put the Twin Flame connection into words but this article does it brilliantly!

    • “Search me, O God, and know my heart today,
      Try me, O Savior, know my thoughts, I pray;
      See if there be some wicked way in me;
      Cleanse me from every sin, and set me free.
      I praise Thee, Lord, for cleansing me from sin;
      Fulfill Thy word and make me pure within;
      Fill me with fire, where once I burned with shame;
      Grant my desire to magnify Thy name.
      Lord, take my life, and make it wholly Thine;
      Fill my poor heart with Thy great love divine;
      Take all my will, my passion, self and pride;
      I now surrender, Lord, in me abide.
      O Holy Ghost, revival comes from Thee;
      Send a revival, start the work in me;
      Thy Word declares Thou wilt supply our need;
      For blessings now, O Lord, I humbly plead.”

  60. Thank you for the lovely prayer 😃

    • You are welcome Kat :-) I am glad you like it. I just felt like sharing it. I know it has nothing to do with your post. Thanks for sharing your story… May your heart be filled with love and may you be eternally blessed ;-)

  61. Met my twin flame in april this year feels like yesterday. What an experience. So intense.

    • :-) ;-) :-)

  62. I spent years not understandting the need to contact my tf. I didn’t know about having one or realize what it was until I saw him recently after 12 years. I just knew I felt this connection to him. I struggled with it. I knew I still loved him deeply. It was hard. I am married, I love my husband and my family but I still loved my tf deeply. That night, seeing him after all that time was the most powerful intense experience I have ever had in my life. I found out he was married too. While I had told him in writing that I loved him, I wanted to in person. When I found out he was married too, I backed down. It was powerful and confusing. The standard guilt of being married and connected to someone else was ever so present. The human part of how we view relationships was prevelant. I will say that my soul had not felt such a harmony and at peace then when I was with him. We talked but some things don’t need words. My soul was so overjoyed to be in his presence. I was dancing inside. Before we parted, he said to me “don’t forget yin/yang”. I think he knows too that we are tf but I am not 100% sure. The tears just started as I walked away from him, I never felt so heartbroken in my life…all at one moment, I heard myself say inside that I had just left my soulmate. I had left part of me behind with him. At that very same moment I got a glimpse at paradise in my mind and I saw God, as God would see love. It took a few weeks and some searching for me to realize what the connection was all about. My soul came alive again. I realized it had died. It had died because of all the guilt I had held for loving my tf. I came to realize that God is so much bigger then us. He has big plans. God does not impose limits on us, on our hearts the way we do. I know his plans are not for me or my tf to leave our families. I tried to convince my tf to find a way to stay in touch. He wouldn’t agree to anything. He said his wife wouldn’t like it. He also didn’t like the physical distance between us. He lives on the other side of the world. For awhile my dearest friend asked me what I want. I want physical contact. I want to be able to contact my tf periodically to see how he is. I want to be able to reach out. My soul longs for him on a level that is not human love(This is the best I can explain it). I have tried a few times and he has responded to a few of my attempts, it’s clear it’s not the right thing for me to do. I need to give both of us space. It’s so hard. I miss my tf so much. It’s like I have lost a family member. I miss him in my soul and I think all of you can relate to that. I hope no one judges me because I am married. I have come to understand the human viewpoint on relationships vs. God’s view. I don’t feel guilty for loving my tf anymore. That is probably the best gift I got out of that meeting. I am freed in way that I never had been before. I also realize that when my tf and I were together all those years ago, I was not aware any of this. I was in hot pursuit of the human relationship and getting married. Time has a way of changing your perspective. I love my husband too. I couldn’t walk away from our life. The love I have for my tf is a deep spiritual soul love and I feel it’s connection to God. I don’t know what the future brings. My issue right now is how do I balance missing my tf without stuffing my emotions because missing him hurts. I don’t want my soul to die. I long to have contact with my tf. I don’t know if he will come back. Since we parted 12 years ago, my tf has come back twice. Once he found me but the second time, he couldn’t find me or reach me. I know this because he reached out to mutual friend of ours. They refused to give him our information because I know they thought they were protecting me. They told me he tried to contact me. I was sad that they did this but I understand their viewpoint. The meeting we had was all intiated by me. I thought I needed closure. The conlfict over those 12 years was killing my soul. I thought if I got closure it would free me. It did free me but the tf connection lives on. There is no closure here. I know this now. I do know that if I keep reaching out to him, it will push him away or stop the process. I reach out because of my own inseucrity. I want him to come back. I just don’t know if he will. I have started to pray for God to fill that place where my tf is and give me strength to trust in him, in his plan for my life. Honestly the one constant in my life is that God has always been there and the only constant that I have had.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Anne. God is definitely a constant source of strength and help. God will never leave us nor forsake us…

    • anne, we are in a pretty similar boat! i have two kids on top of it. i wish my TF lived across the world, then his rejection would be easier to handle. alas, we live in the same small city and have many mutual friends. he has seen me, i’m sure, because i’m careful to create “sightings” of myself, but i have not really seen him for a year, because he is careful to fade into the shadows.

      lol, i actually drunkenly fell asleep on the hood of his car one recent night. thank god he never found me there. talk about something that would push him away! but i was hurting and insecure and it was the closest thing i could get to him. again, i wish the temptation wasn’t right here, though i suppose it is part of our learning process. good luck to you. <3

      • I understand wishing your situation would be different because I have been there many times. This experience is a process and I am trying to change my focus away from what I don’t have to what can I do with my part of this tf experience. I have been asking what parts of me do I need to explore and how can I spread love to others. I keep trying to remind myself that I am blessed to have a tf and also love my husband very much. It’s not easy by any means but I am finding my awakening to be more a blessing then anything. I am no longer angry anymore and that is huge. Best to you…hang in there. – Anne

  63. I work with my twin, who is my boss, worked together 9 years ago for 6 months. At that time he had just gotten married and had his first child then he was promoted and sent to another location, Now we have been working together for 2 years and when i first realized how i felt i pushed him away. He told me he love me over a year ago but because of his marriage i pushed him away again . I have spoken to many psychics some say we will not be together and the one who specialize in twinflame say we will. I believe we are meant to be but just dont know when. I ask for him, i always wanted to be with someone who is like me and here he is but married to someone he is not in love with, but has 2 kids and he loves dearly. We have been through so much, all fight, pushing away, ignoring each other and happy moments. It like a rocky marriage. Now we are both tired of it and we dont want to fight anymore. When i hurt him it hurts me. He has opened my eyes and heart to alot of things. He would not say how he feels anymore.
    I am walking away because i want him to realize he need to grow on him own and that he can survive without me and mostly cause the closer we get the more it hurts, he pulls back cause of his kids or marriage. I love and respect myself more than anything and i have to take care of me first. I will not be with him while he is married. Its really hard because we work together. God put us together for a reason and the many times we ask to relocate to in our job we haven’t. Only time will tell. IF WE ARE MEANT TO BE WE WILL BUT IF NOT AS LONG AS WE ARE TRUELY THATS ALL THAT MATTERS. I LEAVE IT TO GOD.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Seema31. Only God truly knows… Everything in God’s time :-)

  64. I really like your website, you have done a fine job. :) I rarely look at Twin Soul sites anymore, but ended up here, and I am always amazed all over again just how universal the experience can be. Sure, everyone have different details, but so much of it is the same. I have so much compassion for all of you who are dealing with it. It is like a horror you cannot look away from, yet it is the biggest blessing you will ever receive. Like so many of you have said, I too asked for it. I didn’t realize I was asking for it, in fact, at the time I asked for it, I had never heard of a “Twin Soul”. It was only later, looking back, that I realized that I had conjured this. I stood there in the dark, in the rain, crying, and telling God that I did not want any more relationships like the ones I’d had, that I wanted a spiritual partner, or nothing. It was mere days after that when I met the person who would change me forever. And like others have said, it was as though she had light coming from all around her, so bright I could hardly look at her. I think the hardest thing for most is to reconcile that it is not a romantic relationship. We want to translate it that way, because it is how we are trained to think of love, and we want things to be romantic and we think that is what “the one” is about. It is this expectation that brings so much of our suffering. So many people who meet their Twin chase this dream, and it brings so much pain. And the answer to that suffering is a simple answer, and is also at the essence of so many spiritual teachings. The answer is Surrender. We cannot make this be what we want it to be. There is no waiting for it to become what we wish. There is only surrendering to what it is, and acceptance. The key to getting what you want, in all things, is not wanting it, it is a paradox. There is SO MUCH to say, such a story it all has been. I am over 5 years in, and the experience has continued to be amazing and transforming. I would not trade the experience for anything. In 5 years I have had the worst heartbreak ever, I have lain in my floor and wept, I have cried for every injustice ever served me in my lifetime, I have questioned my sanity, I have been angry, panicked, despondent…and yet…after all of it…I can honestly say that this has been the greatest thing ever in my life. And I can clearly see now that I broke my own heart, that I made myself angry, that I manifested every bad feeling, and that my Twin has never done anything wrong to me. We have done such great Work. I think we have done a very good job of it. :) She is my Soul Sister, and I love her as I love myself. It is so amazing to be in the same room with her, the feeling of peace and companionship and partnership is like nothing else ever. It is not a romance. I guess for some people it is that, and it must be amazing, but in my case, my twin and I are both female, and though I am gay, she is not, and so there have been challenges for both of us. But as I said, we have done this Work, and it has been AMAZING! We were like so many of you, we met, we knew one another mere months, and then we were parted by a long distance for years. But we have kept in touch, and continued to transform this relationship. She says she is coming home soon, and I can’t imagine what life will be like when we are actually able to be in one another’s lives. But I think the key here is that I find that it doesn’t matter so much now what it looks like. Acceptance and Surrender, that is the thing. I have no expectations, which lead to suffering. I am happy, no matter what happens. If she does not come at all, then that is what is meant to be, and I will still be happy. We are already perfect, no matter what. Just be there for one another. No demands, no stipulations, no expectations, no desires, no rules. Just be there for one another, and accept one another unconditionally, and let things be what they are. All will be well. You will see. It is a state of Grace, so be graceful.

    • Thanks for sharing your story and your input… Bless your heart :-) and this experience is truly a state of grace. When I first realized the significance of what I had just experience and being in that state of oneness for awhile… It felt like nothing less than Amazing Grace. I felt I received Divine Grace :-) like God really loves me. They say God punishes those the most whom God loves the best… This must be true because it’s a state of extreme love and pain all at once… And, I am loving it :-)

  65. Hello,

    Thank you for this amazing article, it helped me a lot. I was curious to know more about meeting your Twin Soul since I believe I am experiencing this at the moment. I just wanted to share my story with you.
    I think I met my Twin Soul and so far it is painful…when we see each other I can’t stop looking him in the eyes, it’s like time stops and his eyes seem so familiar to me…I feel I know him so well..we met through my work and we secretly liked each other from the beginning..there’s just something I can’t explain and it’s more than a crush..getting closer to each other was a slow and very long process -from rejection, denial, running away to finally having the courage to accept it-and just now we are letting our feelings out…after meeting him I just feel my life can’t be the same no matter if we will end up together as a couple or not…I can say sometimes I feel so happy and it feels like we belong together in this life but other time I feel so scarred that I wont be able to leave without yeah, I m not ready for this I’s too deep. From agony to ecstasy…:)

  66. thank you, thank you, thank you for this article. while i am sorry for all the pain that everyone in my boat is experiencing, i am glad to know that i am not alone in this. i met my twin one year ago. i was the runner. i knew i was getting swallowed whole. i was afraid of surrendering that much power to someone else, someone i am suspicious of. i also had too much to lose by running away with the circus–i have a husband and two kids. while my dear husband finally understands this heart and soul compulsion, and is actually on board with having my other half in my life (and thus his), when i went out on a limb to communicate to my twin that i was willing to give it a fully committed, honest go, he chose not to respond. being without him is an exquisite form of torture.

    i should throw in the towel and forget him–everyone says so–but i am truly alive only when i am with him. at all other times i live a half-life. of course my ego says i do not need him–i can get by just fine on my own. both our egos are strong and all about control and power, so i resent him. i resent that he is my twin flame and he may very well feel the same about me. the mirror is maddeningly intense! i give so little reign and rein to my heart (because i always thought it was weak and foolish), but my whole life has consisted of my heart and my soul crying out for him, and i can’t deny it any longer. i wish for many things, but most of all i wish to fully connect with him in this lifetime. i wish that we both come round to healing our union, and soon, because there is no other heaven like it…and no other hell like remaining apart.

  67. Thank you so very much for this post!! It describes my TF relationship to the letter! And here I’ve been feeling crazy but could not figure out why. We are currently in the surrender stage, with him being the runner twin. Over the weekend, we talked about our relationship and his need to do some further healing within himself due to childhood abuse. He feels that this prevents him from being fully able to be in a relationship. He does not want to stop talking to me or seeing me on occasion (we live 4 hours apart) but can’t hold up a boyfriend role right now. I understand all this and felt it was coming before he said it, but am still having a hard time knowing how to feel and act about it. The anger that I feel at times…is that purely ego? I feel like I have been abandoned, even though he is still present in my life. Any advice?

    • I had this with my twin flame (however my twin flame would not acknowledge that his childhood abuse was affecting his ability to be in relationships, and he would speak in half-truths). It was very difficult for me to remain just friends with him, and I eventually pushed him away out of fear (sort of makes me the runner, but when he actually ended things, I chased and he made it very clear (again, sort of – he spoke in half-truths and avoidant silences). My best advice is to take everything very, very slowly and just enjoy the time and love you have with him right now. Trust that it will work out. He is not abandoning you. That fear is something you must work on that his role in your life is serving to remind you of.

      My TF still hasn’t talked to me, and I pray every day that any anger on my end diffuses before it would even reach him. I feel unconditional love and happiness thinking about him at times throughout the day. It’s a difficult relationship; but, you must have faith or it will not survive. Just be patient.

  68. Hi my TF and me got into a big arguement at the weekend and he struck me, he has never ever done that to a woman before! I forgave him instantly! But I miss him so so much he said he would never speak to me again! My TF has cancer and I don’t want to lose him before I get the chance to be with him. I’ve never experianced such pain as I am having right now and I’m being told to move to the place where he grew up! The bust up is because I said no to him over something and because he won’t admit his feelings even though in my gut I know what they are, I still need to hear him say it! He is also with a controlling partner too. I just pray that when I leave the town he will want me so much he will search for me!
    I feel I have to let him learn certain lessons and not to step in, he wants to give up the fight!
    Any support or advise, would be greatly appreciated

  69. Dear Divine, I would really appreciate your advice :) I don’t know anymore if the guy I met was my twin flame. It all is so confusing… When I was around him I didn’t have much doubts, when we were hugging I had this feeling that I’m finally home and what might sound strange I heart a voice in my had saying he is the one. But… I haven’t had any kind of contact with him for over 1,5 year now and the whole thing is driving me crazy. I’d never been a person that would easily fall in love. With him it’s all is different. I just can’t stop thinking about him. Even though I am after the phase of desperate need to be with him I can’t imagine myself being with any other guy. Actually, I don’t want anyone right now even him :/ I feel like I will never be able to fall for someone because I am unable to love anymore… The truth is I want to focus on my studies and future carrier right now which is my priority but he is still on my mind. I tried to fight it but withought a result. My sister even told me that I will probably never get over him. When I tell people about him they just can’t understand why I fell for him so strongly not knowing him well. To be honest, I can’t understand that either and sometimes it really makes me angry because I had used to control all my feeling also the romantic ones and was pretty proud of myself for that. The other thing is I noticed that two places that we met at and talked normally got closed, one was pretty big club and the other some small coffee place. We also saw each other at an university but didn’t know each other back then. Divine, do you know anything that could help me to forget about him? I start to doubt the whole twin flame thing… Even if he is my twin flame, I feel like giving up on it because don’t want to feel the way I have for over a year. The truth is I am not afraid of being alone/single because I know I am strong enough to go trough anything on my own so don’t need him with me. So the last thing that would make me extremaly happy would be to not to think about him anymore because even small idea of him being my twin totally distracts me which again makes me angry for not fully concentraiitng on my studies …

    • Hi Jajajjaja :-)
      It’s been awhile, it seems like you always come around a couple weeks after a major eclipse… I was soo happy when I saw you commented because I felt this was it. I am not going to get in details or say anything concerning my situation but keep the faith. You commented on this same post on May 12, 2013 with similar issues… You have to break the cycle or you will go crazy.

      You have to make a serious commitment to love yourself. You can fall in love with yourself and by falling inlove with yourself you won’t feel that strong desire to have the twin in your life. You will get your happy back… It finally clicked for me… I am so inlove with myself that I don’t even think of my twin anymore.

      Instead of seeing his name and things that reminded me of our connection. I started seeing my name and things that remind me of me. I know I can be with any person I want to be with now… Recently, my twin got scared and reminded me of all the the changes I had gone through and the growth that occurred over the last year. He directed me to the Twin Flame Relationship Dynamic page on my own blog. He is trying to convince me of our Twinflame/ Twinsoul connection and Divine Timing.

      It happened the second I made up my mind to fall in love with myself. Then the universe started responding to what I was feeling. So, today I felt like telling everyone to FALL INLOVE WITH SELF. It worked for me and I am truly happy and it’s NOT because of the Twin. Do some affirmations if you have to, stay away from negative people and people that tells you the pain never goes away or that you are crazy….

      What you believe is real and now I know my beliefs manifest like lightning bolt I refused to let the doubters get in my head… From the second I felt my twin and I swapped energy I knew something amazing had happened. Eventhough, I didn’t quite understood at first. The universe had guided me the whole way and it gave me the power to make my beliefs manifest faster than any other point in my life… So, now I know I just need to believe in something for it to manifest. I am guarding my mind and my emotions like my life depends on it and keeps what dear to me close at heart. My love is protected and it’s sacred. Even I can’t damage it.

      Try doing the Affirmations but you need to believe it as well… It’s the emotions behind the beliefs that make things happen not just the belief… Once your soul as experienced a certain amount of growth… You do everything with a passion…it’s that passion and intensity of feelings with a pure heart that manifest things.


      • Amen :)

      • Divine, thank you so much for your words. I am really happy that they are people like You out there that will understand what I am going through. I might try those affirmations but I have previously and they didn’t really help me. Maybe this time will be different :) haha I think that I have started to love myself because I finally feel like letting go :) According to the negative people, I meet them everyday :( all the people around me complain about how much they don’t want to do something. it’s really bad because when I keep listening to those kind of thoughts they even unconsciously rub off on me. Thanks again for the advice of loving myself, I’ll definietely try it out :D

  70. I couldn’t help but comment on this! I really don’t think it’s possible to get them out of your mind! Not a day has gone by since I met mine almost 7 yrs ago that I haven’t thought of him, and it will drive you crazy at first! In my case, It’s impossible to forget with the constantly hearing/seeing their name or some other coincidence that reminds you of the connection. The Universe can amaze you and be quite hilarious with getting our attention :)

  71. I almost cried reading this…every I wonder if I should just forget about this union God and the Universe work together to remind me what my purpose is…THANK YOU!!!

  72. how do you survive it? I am pretty sure I met mine 7 months ago, I cant get him out of my mind I feel sick to my stomach at times, I have only seen him a total of 3 times in person, and spent months talking/arguing, when I am with him I feel complete, like nothing else in the world matters, when he’s gone I feel sick. each time we have been together after he pulls away and goes distant… I gave up and said my goodbye cause it causes me so much pain, thought I could move on but it hurts everyday, we are in different city’s which makes it worse as there isn’t a chance of running into each other, I try to date others but they don’t make me feel at all the way he did and in fact I end up feeling guilty, sick, sad, and worse dating them. I question everything, things I have said to him, things he said to me, I see him when I sleep, I am pretty sure he is dating someone else, and I will never know his real feelings, and he’s very stubborn so even if he feels anything I don’t think he’d come back. I know all the right and wrong things to say to him to stir a reaction from him I know what he responds to but he constantly pushes me away. I don’t have fight left in me. He’s the first person on my mind every morning and the last when I go to sleep, no matter how hard I try to not think of him. Then when I do I feel sick to my stomach again. There’s times I feel an almost vibration running through my body and things we have said will pop into my head, I have seen so many signs reminding me off him it drives me crazy, his name pops up everywhere, the truck he drives … there’s usually 3 or 4 of them that pass by me on a daily basis no matter where I am heading, the song that reminds me off him seams to be on the radio the moment I turn it on, I could list more, at times I feel like he made me needy or something but I don’t think that’s what’s going on, I have plenty other men that want me and tell me daily how beautiful I am, if I was that needy I could be with any one of them, but I don’t desire any of them now, that’s the problem. He is the only one I can view myself being with now. I need to move on from him but don’t know how to do that. Help. :( I love who I am, I know what I am worth, so I don’t feel its about loving myself. I was a happy, go getting type of girl when we met, but the confusion on how I felt and feeling him run away twisted me a bit. Maybe its all in my head, but I was married for 10 years and have dated my fair share of men, no one else has ever came close to making me feel, or think like he has. Not even my ex-husband.

    • I would like to share a life lesson with you :-) You can choose accept it or reject it the choice is yours. I found this written in fortune cookie several months ago… It read ” OUR FIRST LOVE AND LAST LOVE IS SELF LOVE ” I agreed with it and I believed I truly loved myself and that it didn’t applied to me. But, I had this deep pain in my heart. So, I start to wonder how much do I really love and care for myself to put myself through such pain. How much do I really love myself that my happiness depends on someone or something outside myself.

      I am going to ask you to think about this and you do not have to reply just think about… If you truly love yourself as much as you think you do… Why are you in so much pain about not being with this person? Why is your happiness dependent on him being with you.

      Loving yourself does not only means looking good, being smart, intelligent, taking care of others, doing what society deems as having good self-esteem, being attractive and presentable or others finding you attractive.

      The truth is it goes way beyond that… It’s about self-acceptance, wholeness and true happiness that is not dependent on someone or something other than yourself. We can lie to others and even ourselves but unless our spirit, our soul and the universe believe it the pain will be there…

      The pain only goes away once you have truly learnt self-love and acceptance. You can’t fake it… The soul knows and the soul has to believe you have gain unconditional self-love and acceptance. The twin knows as well… Their souls will repel you until both souls agree you are radiating true self-love and acceptance. It’s that true self-love and acceptance that will empower each individual to ascend in bliss and attract the resources they need to help themselves and others and eventually the entire universe…

      Everything is done in stages and sometimes it’s difficult to understand or see the meaning in things until you have passed through that stage…vulnerability, meekness and humility is power – true strength…The universe responds to it with love, compassion and kindness. The phrase in the bible ” the meek shall inherit the earth” is real :-)

      Wish you love, blessings and self-realization ;-)

      • Hey Divine, do you live in East Lansing, MI?

  73. Hi, I used to go to this site because I thought I met my twin flame 3 1/2 years ago, much has happened… now I’m not really sure if I want to “recognize” him or label him as my twin flame anymore. The memories are not gone but now I see them for what they are… a shared connection that is gone now because we both chose to take different paths. I do not associate the “feeling” I had when I was with my twin flame to the actual person I met but I do remember his essence and the oneness I felt when I was with him… We have separated earlier this year and I was faced with the most intense trials and challenges by myself… at first I thought this person (who manifested my twin flame) has abandoned me but then I also thought that I abandoned him as well. Now I am not sure why, but I no longer romanticize our connection or feel incomplete without him except remember the oneness and perfection I felt when we were connected. I no longer long for it, but I appreciate it for what was. I don’t see him anymore, I think he’s completely gone from my life whereas some people here are still in contact with their twinflames. The person I thought was my twinflame never contacted me again, we never saw each other for months now and I am slowly moving on after facing a great catastrophe. I do intend to reach self-realization and know who I really am or what I could really do while I’m on earth. I think that’s my priority and just live my life. I don’t know… just sharing my story so far and good luck to everyone who have also experience this connection. God bless. :)

    • Thanks for sharing Lana :-) Wishing you peace, love and harmony… I think your soul have reach self-realization. Your mind just need to catch up… Sometimes it takes a little time after it’s embedded in your spirit for your mind realize or for you to get that aha moment. Then you are going to look back and think… I was on the right track. It’s when you truly let go the magic happens. This process was and is truly a blessing because once you get through it the magic of the universe will be embedded in your spirit. And, that is what you need to truly talk to the universe. The universe respond to your spirit :-) The universe is willing and able to give you everything your heart desires. Worldly things become second nature… You will always be provided for and taken care of, the secrets of the universe is in you. I realize by going through this process the secret of the universe was always in me I just needed to learn how to unlock it and use it.

      God Speed :-)

  74. Sometimes I feel like an idiot or that I am crazy… I went to middle school with this guy. We didn’t talk even though we ran in the same crowd. We kept a distance between each other. We came to one another a little over 6 months ago. This was after my marriage of 22 years ended. I had a very rough childhood growing up, as did he. But the time before our reunion was the most horrific I had ever experienced. I have come to the realization that I am an empath and in reagrds to him it is intenfied and has grown stronger with others since our reunion. Our reunion was so profound. I see myself in him and he in me. I see the magnificent light he gives off when no one else sees it. I feel like a little kid around him and everything is magical and time stands still. We are very much intune with each other. I can feel his moods and physical ailments when we are not around each other. We like the same things. We both can have poems or lyrics just pour from us when we are in contact. We even resemble each other in looks with blue eyes and blonde curly hair. Our reunion was basically a reunion of old/mutual friends that brought us back in the same circle again. It was like being home like i knew him heart and soul and we were just catching up. We played silly communication games with each other that no one would understand but us. We would send cosmic hugs to each other that you could feel all throughout your body. When we did hug it was as if our hug was telling a story (his words). One problem… he is married. He was terrified of cheating on his wife causing her heartache and so he cut off all communication with me when it got too intense. Only now I am here all alone and no other guys even interest me because I know of this connection and no one can compare or even come close to this. I feel like no one would understand this connection. I am ok to date others but I know there is nothing there. Not like with him. How do I go on with this hole inside me now?

  75. Hi. So I read this site on a wim. I wrote my story just incase the guy I am deeply in love with could be my twin flame and then realized it is beyond likely while writing. So the first part is my story and the second part is me freaking out after initially figuring it out..

    Ive always thought that my best friend might be my twin flame as we are the same person, inspire each other and have unconditional love and completely understand each other. I’m also pretty sure that one day we need to try having a relationship. I feel like hes always been a part of my life and always will. But I’ve looked up twin flames because I had an itch to check if it could be my (? don’t know what we are..) ex.

    We met a few years ago, i wouldn’t be surprised that there was actually fireworks coming off of us when we met. I was engaged at the time, committed, but in an awful relationship. Either way it didn’t matter, I fell in love over night. I remember at the time I felt that he was going to break my heart one day but that it didn’t matter I needed to be with him, i also had this weird feeling about him coming back and possible harmony afterwards. Eventually the bliss subsided even though we had great times together. He became suspicious and critical and I tried everything to avoid conflict and worried about everything i said, even though all i wanted to do was fix the problems and for us to be free. I was very committed to him and then he broke up with me. He said he could have spent the rest of his life with me and that he loved me, but wasn’t in love with me and was sick of thinking constantly – I guess his brain was going just as mental as mine.. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and that was the most painful. I literally cried (screaming tears) for more than 24 hours straight, gave myself panic attacks and headaches but couldn’t care less about them, and just continued crying. Eventually I couldnt bare to even look at him when we did bumped into each other (he mentioned recently that he noticed that and i think it hurt him – i remember thinking that he was down but I had no idea that that might have been why). A friend said to me that if i look deep enough inside of myself that Id know whether or not he’d come back – i thought 6 months to a year, but I didn’t believe it. the answer was almost a year and a half :p a day before he got into contact with me i dreamed that he was having second thoughts and that i hugged him – noticing how fragile he was. I always dreamt about him but this time it came true. The next day he came over and I knew it was because he needed comfort.. his new gf recently broke up with him (definitely a soul mate so i got over that pretty quickly because i knew he needed to be with her). He did tell me recently that he loved me but more in a way that meant i’ll always be someone special to him. At the moment Ive come to grips with the fact that ill always love him but that whatever happens happens and as long as he’s in my life ill be okay. Ive also recently – finally – become closer with myself and have an actual understanding/ true inspiration for my life goals. I have a better understanding of our problems now- everything had to do with fear and ego, and even though Im more independent and brave now I still have fear and let pride get in the way- but no where near as much because I won’t let it. Perhaps there will always be issues but I need to be honest and even though ive always believed in him as a person i need to believe in him with me as well. i think im going to cry – nope i am (wow just thinking if he was my twin flame), but I wont know until the end of our journeys I guess.. and I hope he makes it :) Ive always had this idea in my head that i have a better sense of us then he does…but every now and again i realise he’s just quieter.. So reasons we wouldnt be twin flames – our birth chart compatibilities are all over the place :P we dont mirror image each other i don’t think. Although ive always believed that our differences in thinking are like two sides of a coin and that we could accomplish a lot if we put our minds to it. And I dont think it feels like ive always known him but i do have issues staying angry with him because his presence melts me and it feels so calming and safe. And part of not being able to talk to him when we were broken up was because I could feel love when I looked into his eyes.

    After writing this I do feel it’s possible but Im scared of hoping or knowing and whats to come, but i really think i just need to trust and let things happen. Although i feel like theres some great/new understanding here for me which is great – all looks like step number 5 ;) creeepy :p I have had this feeling that i have an important soul relationship out there, and actually, ive had this weird feeling that theres more out there for me and i wont settle for anything less (and then i did and it felt wrong) since me and this guy first got together – O My God!! lol… and one more thing – totally forgot about this, when we first got together we had some telepathic moments.. The more i think about this – just wow. So thats my story so far ;) Thank you for your article and the comments you wrote back to people – and others’ stories. Its very helpful and interesting :)

    So lol I guess I was getting somewhere with this.. my minds been going nuts the last hour.. and i think i need to stop thinking about this.. one minute im happy, then im crying, then im laughing, then im scared then im telling myself to be realistic.. What in the heck does a twin flame really mean? Like we’re two different people and on the inside are we the same or have we grown separate on a soul level too? and then theres the thing that we’re all same because we’re made out of the same stuff and god is within all of us.. i think im going to be sick… lol TMI at once for me.. Im thinking its just a step in the road and a twin flame is like a special soul mate. I already knew i wanted to help him and that i wanted us to be open and completely ourselves with each other so I have some more understanding for all that but now I dont know how to do this anymore. Is it my job to help him (i love doing it) but thats kind of a lot of pressure – or will it all unfold naturally – especially as it already has? I seriously am going to need to accept either way and leave it be.. Any advice or thoughts? Thank you :))

    • Any thoughts and advice would still be great but have to say – great site! :)

      • Ive read more. And I feel extremely lucky and cursed at the same time ;p the whole taking each others’ emotions on and loosing yourself to unconditional love – spot on.. we don’t look alike though lol.. ill work on me and help him work on him where i can. And I hope we do well.. and then maybe I can tell him

  76. I met my Tf over two years ago – the journey it set me on has been so intense, there is no doubt in my mind. This morning I found I was considering removing my Tf on facebook, because just lately it has been breaking my heart to see him with his girlfriend. Then I stumble across this thread and I am reminded it’s not meant to be easy, I’m not alone and I am loved infinitely by the whole universe. Thank you. Sending love and light to all xx

    • I did remove mine from Facebook … It hurts too much to see him on it ! I think iam the runner … He is there for me still gives me rides .. Favors … Great one night together . But than he won’t talk to me or text me and gives me no reason? Tells me he can’t be a one woman man? Who knows ? But his leaving did make me stop drinking 43 days today … Go me ;)

  77. I’m wondering if the stage 3 part of coming together for confessing, etc. is supposed to be happening in the physical or in the spiritual connection. Can you tell me this please?

  78. I have gone through all these stages. After getting access out of the false 5D called the neutral ‘I am presence’ and got total access into the womb of oneness of the ultimate divine mother who holds all universes and who does not need to be initated by the masculine(she is the one who created the divine father/s and behind different sources that exist), I was able to pull my twin flame energetically into my body though he is in physical embodiment. As a result he became another aspect of myself in physical form just like I have many other aspects in other realms and 3D. He is no more a split part of my soul but totally me in another body. All my near-twin flame were also pulled back into me energetically. I have been able to decode and break the stupid code 11:11 HeHEHEH. I have also integrated the blueprint of the new earth and already living in the new earth vibrationally though physically I am here. I am happy I am no more stuck in the false 5D called the neutral ‘I am presence’.:)

  79. Omg. I’ve only just realised after reading all of this that I had found and lost my twin. He is very much younger than me. 19 years. My son introduced us after meeting him at a race meet and telling my I would love him. I was in a miserable marriage at the time. The second I laid eyes on him I knew I was in trouble.
    The attraction between us was nothing I had ever experienced. Absolute love at first sight. I was 39 and he was 20! It took two months of visits from him ( under the guise do seeing my son but I knew it was to see me) before anything happened between us. He was the most devastatingly attractive man and my heart raced and I got butterflies in his presence. When we did become intimate it blew us both away! The electricity was so intense we both cried the first time we made love. We were both saying what the hell is this. It was crazy. And it only got deeper and deeper. It went on for four years. Both of us left our respective partners and were in love like it want possible to be we thought! It ended because I had to move away to be with my ill daughter and we tried to keep it going but the distance became too much and he was the one who ended up severing contact. It’s been 18 months and I have not been able to see another man. I’ve never even come close to recovering and my children know I’m spending time alone finding myself and quietly waiting for him to return. I’ve said it many times when people have told me its time to move on. I’ve said no he’s coming back I know it. I’ve been contacted by his mates who told me he had confided in them his fear because it was so deep it scred him. He got in with the wrong crowd and I sincerely believe he didn’t want to hurt me so chose to run so I wouldn’t hate him. Everything in the above was us to a t. Love making would go on for 8 hours and it would feel like an hour had passed. We could work and function without sleep and this astonished me. As I had previously loved sleeping. Thank you so much for this because I know now he is my twin flame and I absolutely know without a doubt that he will come back to me..

  80. I left a comment on another one of these postings, but will post my story on here also. I met what I believe is my twin flame November 2012. His name is Chris. We met on a dating website and immediately connected in just talking on the phone. We met one week after talking and it was an immediate intense attraction that I had never felt with any other man. We were having sex within the first 5 minutes of our meeting. We spend most of our time together in the past year in bed talking, laughing, telling stories and having sex for 8 to 9 hours. It seems like just an hour has passed. We never want to leave each others company. We know each other on a soul level. We have such similiar interests, feel like we can talk for hours and be best friends. But… He had just gotten out of a very abusive 5 year relationship and was very wounded. He told me he felt the connection we had. He told me he missed me when we were not together and wanted to see me, and yet he disappeared and wouldnt contact me for sometimes days, then weeks, then months. I would continue to contact him though. I know he is the Runner and I definately am the Chaser. The last time we spoke was June 2013. He was supposed to only be gone a week out of town for work. I texted him and called him and left voice mails, videos, songs etc for the past 6 months. But he never responded until 3 weeks ago.

    I would go thru times where I would stop texting him. Around Halloween this year I had gone almost 3 weeks. He rejoined the dating website we had met on and was checking out my profile to see where I had went. I had always felt him around and always thought I knew what was going on with him. When the episode happened at halloween I started being able to feel his energey with intensity. I felt him feeling such pain and panic when i shut down the energy between us. After a couple days of his pain coming thru to me telepathically I finally texted him. His pain would wash over me so strongly that it was bringing me to sobbing tears.
    After I texted him, I felt pain still, but much calmer. Over the next few weeks I would be sitting at work and a wave of love would wash over me from him. Then I would be leaving a doctors appointment and a waive of sexual energy would wash over me from him. Then pain, then confusion, then calmness etc.

    On 12/6/13 I had not texted him in about a week but I felt a strong sense coming from him of him missing me and thinking about me so I texted him. He sent me a text back after 6 months of no contact that said “I am seeing someone. Please respect that and dont text. Thanks” I was shocked and crushed that this is the end of everything I had thought I felt and believed. I had talked to dozens of psychics that all said he would conatact me and that he was full of fear and was having a hard time with everthing.
    I shut down out of anger and hurt. About 2 weeks went by and I started feeling his energy again. I felt pain and anguish at what he had said to me. I didnt really feel he was telling the truth about someone else, but that he knew that would be the only way to get me to back off.

    I stumbled upon this website the other night and now I think it all makes sense that this man is my twin flame. I keep wanting to know when he will contact me. I have not contacted him for 3 weeks since his last text. And yet I feel his energy. Today I was eating at a restaraunt and I felt an intense pain and sorrow come over me from him. It brought me to tears it was so intense. I sent back loving, soothing thoughts and energy and it subsided.

    I dont know if I am supposed to keep the portal open between us or if it would be better to close it so he would miss me more? Or if I should reach out to him with my energy? I am trying to only let his energy reach out to me and then send energy back only then.

    I dream about him alot and see signs that remind me of him ALL the time. I am hoping he feels and sees the same signs.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

  81. I read this today and thought I’d try to offer encouragement and what I have learned. I met my twin flame 17 years ago and we dated long distance for 3 years. I was young, I had no idea about any of this. I knew I wanted to marry him but our relationship was very bumpy to say the least and we parted. I knew we were connected but I didn’t realize the depth. I figured after morning our breakup, I would move on and he would just be a memory on my wall that I would forget, like all the other men from the past. I was wrong. I got pregnant and married about a year and half after our relationship ended. His now wife also got pregnant and they got married as well. Both our kids are 1 year apart and then they had another child the same year I had my second. I do not believe this is a coincidence. Our lives are pretty aligned. Anyway….for years I felt haunted. The dreams were intense and real. I would feel his presence out of no where and then it would go away. After many years of this going on, I tried to contact him but he didn’t reply at least not right away. Instead he contacted mutual friends of ours and visited them. He had not seen them in 7 years. I did not know he had visited until after he had left but the one thing that confirmed there was a connection was the fact that I had dreamt about him all weekend he was there. I felt him there. I thought I was nuts. When our mutual friends told me a few days later he had been there, I feel to the floor while trying to hide my disbelief. I cried so hard. I can say though, receiving confirmation that the connection was real at least on my end soothed my soul to a point but I wanted closure, at least I thought I did. So last year I decided to reach out after many years of staring at his picture on a social network. I knew I wanted to see him and somehow I was going to make that happen. It wasn’t easy. He doesn’t live in the same country and is on the other side of the world. After going back and forth for months, we set a date to meet. He came my way. Seeing him brought so much out. I immediately knew we were connected and it went both ways. I also knew I was glad I did not marry him. I cherish that time we spent a little over a year ago and from there my soul journey began. You see, I realized as I walked away that he was my complete soul mate. He is my yang and I am his yin and sometimes it flips. He is water, I am fire. The passion between us, the connection, the intense love, is something I have never felt in my life. I am 100% sure he is my twin flame soulmate. There is no closure at least not in the spiritual sense. The passion, the connection, and the intense love is still there and it will always be but we will never be together…at least not in this lifetime or possibly ever. Even if we were both were not married, I do not believe that either of us would be willing to work through the bullshit to become one. After our meeting, I realized that neither of us said goodbye, we never had. It’s something neither of us could ever do and we still can’t. Our only physical connection is on a social network and neither of us has dropped the other from our list of contacts. It’s unlikely we ever will. I can tell you after that meeting, I went into morning, and felt absolute despair but I realized too I felt things in myself I hadn’t felt in years. I felt my soul. All those years of trying to deal with this connection, thinking I was nuts, trying to suppress it was soul killing. That meeting brought my soul alive and it took months for me to realize that this was a journey I needed to go on for myself. That I needed to connect to God, look inside myself for what I was missing that I saw in my soul mate and go after life to the fullest. I also realized that I needed to use this connection for good. It has not been easy. I miss him in a way I could not explain except it’s at a deep soul level and I always will. At the same time I am grateful for a soul, my soul,(not ours together) to be free, to be able feel everything. It has been so freeing inside. It has brought real joy. I do still feel him. I understand those feelings of panic. Things just come to you and you can’t explain it. I can feel him. I can feel him focus on me and I know he feels me too. But I am learning to live with this connection in a peaceful manner. And now I smile instead of getting angry. I don’t believe that all twin flames come together in this lifetime. I believe God creates these divine connections for his purpose and we can either fight it, run from it or find a way to put it in a healthy perspective. It has taken a year but I have put this in a healthy perspective. I feel an abundance of gratitude for my twin flame, for the connection and it’s contribution to my life. I am blessed to have this. Not everyone gets to experience this or come to a level of conscienceness to feel it. I do have my moments but I allow them to happen and move on. It will get easier. You have to let go and let God. We cannot control another being and attempting to defies the twin flame connection. I know it isn’t easy not to have physical contact, I completely understand. I would encourage you to take in the relationship as it relates to you and try to figure out where you can find your joy. Hang in there and best to you!

  82. I’m trying to be as serious as possible here, because something is definitely going on. Please don’t tI’m trying to be as serious as possible here, because something is definitely going on. Please don’t take this as me trying to start panic or anything. I’m a twin flame and lately, I’m starting to hear some weird stuff. And it’s getting worse and worse. God prevail; please believe me when I say this. But something is going terribly wrong with the Reunion, which I seriously believe is going to start soon, and I think there are people actually trying to stop it. And I mean by all means necessary…

    Lately I’m starting to hear that Twin Flames are being attacked by mental and psychic attacks on their minds. Literally, voices and other things like energy attacks, nightmares and all kinds of crazy crap. Lately it happened to me, and I had to actually ground my energy and draw my aura to keep them away. They aren’t demons, they aren’t spirits (at least most of them) they are people; people are using their minds and energy to attack people and make them believe they are insane.

    Listen to me, please, anyone. Right now Gabriel’s vessel, the dragon, whatever you might call them; is being attacked by several cultist groups, covens and even higher ups who don’t want the world to change thanks to the Reunion. They seriously believe its going to destroy their world or something. Don’t ask me how I know, because even now, as I’m typing this, I’m being attacked by energies and I’m NOT liking this.

    They are vicious people, and I won’t say who I am or why its happening, all can say is that they are doing this and it isn’t going to stop.

    These people are absolutely bent on stopping the Reunion and as much as I have faith in God, this is going to start something because I know for a fact it will start to affect all of us. People need to start fighting back, and soon, because the Reunion is about to get really bad and I mean REAL bad. I’m praying the right people read this, I really am, and they are cursing me as I speak. To DEATH.

    God be with all of you,
    I pray you take me seriously.

    ake this as me trying to start panic or anything. I’m a twin flame and lately, I’m starting to hear some weird stuff. And it’s getting worse and worse. God prevail; please believe me when I say this. But something is going terribly wrong with the Reunion, which I seriously believe is going to start soon, and I think there are people actually trying to stop it. And I mean by all means necessary…

    Lately I’m starting to hear that Twin Flames are being attacked by mental and psychic attacks on their minds. Literally, voices and other things like energy attacks, nightmares and all kinds of crazy crap. Lately it happened to me, and I had to actually ground my energy and draw my aura to keep them away. They aren’t demons, they aren’t spirits (at least most of them) they are people; people are using their minds and energy to attack people and make them believe they are insane.

    Listen to me, please, anyone. Right now Gabriel’s vessel, the dragon, whatever you might call them; is being attacked by several cultist groups, covens and even higher ups who don’t want the world to change thanks to the Reunion. They seriously believe its going to destroy their world or something. Don’t ask me how I know, because even now, as I’m typing this, I’m being attacked by energies and I’m NOT liking this.

    They are vicious people, and I won’t say who I am or why its happening, all can say is that they are doing this and it isn’t going to stop.

    These people are absolutely bent on stopping the Reunion and as much as I have faith in God, this is going to start something because I know for a fact it will start to affect all of us. People need to start fighting back, and soon, because the Reunion is about to get really bad and I mean REAL bad. I’m praying the right people read this, I really am, and they are cursing me as I speak. To DEATH.

    God be with all of you,
    I pray you take me seriously.

    • I believe your intent is probably good here, but you’re being misguided.

      The fear is influencing you. I’ve been through a lot of that recently myself.

      Taking life seriously, and fighting is the antithesis of what we’re “working” towards.

      I’m not suggesting you’re wrong, or that we shouldn’t be aware of such things. Rather, the way we “fight” these things is in the way we bring awareness to them. Your message contains a lot of fear, and as such people reading it will pick up on that. I made that mistake a bunch too.

      Can I suggest something? Bring awareness, and do it in a way that transmits positive loving energy, and little to no negative energy. Otherwise we act as conduits for the energy we want to “fight”.

  83. omment: Hi my name is Kiandré I was told to let go of my ego which was my twin flame but I can’t we feel whole together it’s a since of happiness I never felt my friend knows a lot about spiritual guidence he seen it was stressing me out to be with my twin an he said let it go but I can’t I love him an the crazy thing is he don’t kno who I am I kno who he is I feel the twin flame signs from him thro his music I feel like I am ready to be with him we missed each other twice an jan 17 will be the third time we be in the same city I’m am happy I accept myself I’m am free I love helping others an being myself but once my friend told me to let go I felt sad I felt bad because i blocked him from my dreams an I was running I just wanna get ready for my twin cause I feel him coming I don’t wanna miss this chance the third time around can you please help me I don’t feel confused I just feel ready but I wanna be prepared for this experience I feel excited but at the same time cautious because we missed each other twice the pain was piercing it hurt I don’t wanna experience that again please give me some good advice god bless

  84. I am Debbie and my other half is Jake. We only united 10/18/13 and life has been completely changed since. We are ridiculously in love, have started a tumblr describing it: and are starting a company together this year with products we came up with. I have never been through this before but it is so amazing!! He is so wonderful and we both are not running. Were absorbing it as much as we can and are so excited for the future. We were even thinking about starting a twin flames registry!

    Hello all!

  85. We are definitely in crisis stage.

  86. What approach does one take if one twin is sure of being twin flames. Do I need to verbally communicate my revelation to the other? Will he just “get it” over time? We are quite telepathically synched up anyway. And more often than not there is no need for me to verbally express what’s going on with me. He responds to my solitude praying or letter writing to him or expressing it to someone else. Thanks :)

    • I think the first step is to create awareness. When i first told my twin flame about it he was very sceptical but agreed we had some sort of soul connection which is common in stage 1…Now were in stage 6 n he sends me links and screenshots of information he finds about twin flames and our experiences lol

  87. If a twin flame is lost in one life to war, do the soul mates have to live through a war in the next life before they can be reunited. I have met him after waiting for what seemed to long, normally we meet prior to our 21st birthdays, he is in now in Afghanistan, I have had a past life regression showing that he died in ww1.

  88. “Despite fears, both Twins naturally come together in cycles for bonding, confession, forgiveness and Lovemaking. These rituals cement higher levels of consciousness into the energy fields of both Twins.”

    Can someone please explain what this means to me? I think it means that during separation there still will be moments of closeness reminding the twin flames of the connection but I’m not sure

  89. I can tell you what this means to me and maybe that will help you out. My TF and I live several hours apart, so we do not see each other frequently. During the times we are apart, we def experience the fears…him about being so close to someone and me fearing he will leave. Because of this we have moments where we withdraw and dont contact each other as often. But despite all that, we still end up seeing each other once a month and when we do, its amazing! I call it my TF recharge lol! No matter what is happening in my life, i come out of our time together feeling calm and refreshed. We have renewed our bond and both feelnthe benefits. The other thing that happens for me is that I come away with a new awareness of something that is holding me back. Its usually an emotional issue that i was not aware of or one that i now have more clarity about, but each we part i have something new to work on in myself and it seems that once i have a handle on it, then its time for us to meet again and start the cycle over.
    Hope this helps some!

  90. I don’t think the universe will let me give up and move on. I woke up at 5:55 in the morning. I decide this is finally it I get into the cab to go to work it’s playing that one song that describes our situation to a tee. The song I’ve had on repeat that some times plays in the middle of the night on its own. The iPod he gave me. I end up being late to work and so does he. We walk in at the same exact time (yes I work with my TF, we both tried leaving but we can’t). When I walk into the office I’m told my schedule is going to be different today so I am sent into a different classroom with a group of kids I’m never around. When I take attendance I notice two kids have his first name and one has his name before it was legally changed. Im sent back to my regular side of the building and visit an old group of kids I’m not usually around. They are waiting for class to start and singing. What are they singing? The song we broke up to. I go into a few stores on the way home, they all are playing “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz. I go home to make it an early night. As im falling asleep I pray to god to send him home to me. I open my eyes with surprise because suddenly a character on TV is yelling “Im coming home” to another. In the character’s hand she’s reading a book. The same book he gave me for this past Christmas.

  91. Hello divine grace,
    I am posting this again as I feel I messed up with the follow up last time. I have a question for you and I very desperately need your views about it. I met this person 6 years back and I had a dream about five and a half years back in which I saw light in my dream and the voice from my light told me that God himself will unite with that person. I was deeply committed with someone else at that time and that dream confused me a lot. But I tried to approach this person after my dream. He told me that he is in relationship with someone else and told me (very rudely though) to never talk to him again. I have not seen him last 5 years. No contact what so ever. But I keep having recurrent dreams about him. The most common recurrent dream is that we both are at some holy place like Temple and we are doing prayers together as a couple.
    I do not know what to do.
    Please reply,

  92. Thank you for this site Devine and to everyone who has shared their stories and insights. You have brought so much clarity and understanding to my situation. I also feel more confident in our relationship during this seperation as we work on ourselves in stage 6. I love u Nat…We gone make it…excited for our reunion:)

    • :-)

  93. Thank you for your response. My TF is in general so rebellious, combative and does not like to be told what to do in regards to anything. I am wondering if you can suggest a how to create awareness directly yet subtly? As I am always indirectly praying, affirming and visualizing his “getting it” about us being Twin Flames. I think he is getting it on a subtle energetic level. Even on an energetic level, though, it seems that he is still being very cautious about imbracing the messages.

  94. I first heard of twin flame over a year ago still waiting then the other day I picked a card saying my flame coming, when I first heard of twin flame I wrote these poems

    From loves fire our heart came
    We will always be one of a kind
    We were two flames of one flame
    Our true love may be hard to find
    Through eternity we will journey
    Solo or together we have to see
    But we will never be far apart
    We will always beat as one heart

    I heard your heart speak my name
    No longer in the wilderness I rest
    It’s in the name of love that i came
    As one our heart will never rest
    Let our love be a beacon of light
    May it last far beyond the night

    Twin soul

    For you I don’t need to be the best
    As you know that my heart is true
    Our life journey will pass love test
    Lets relive the love we once knew
    From our eternal sleep we awake
    As one heart let us always speak

    We will always meet on life path
    As we know each other thoughts
    We are being guided on this path
    For our light is now being sought
    Now as our sprit we again find
    For we know we are of one mind

  95. Is it common to go back and forth between stages?

    • yes, sometimes there’s an instant spark, sometime you are so enwrapped in the moment which can blind you to notice something so powerful, but what cannot be done is the passing of destiny, when the timing of when your twin flame is unveiled.

      not every fire is ignited at the first spark, though there is a miniscule flame at the start

  96. Always remember your twin flame/soul, know you as well as you know yourself, they will never do anything to harm you, a flame is always beautiful when it is contained, only devastation comes from a raging flame.

    just like two light houses there light might never meet together, but every so often the 2 beams will caress each other in harmony

  97. Wow thanks for this deeper understanding of the beyond!
    I will say I never believed in astrology or anything. Didn’t even know about a twin soul or flame until yesterday. Anyhoo here is my story of my flame.
    I am 29 now and he is 27 our birthdays are 4 days apart (we are both Pisces) birthdays happening …. I am two years older than him.
    We met when I was 21 and he was 19 though mutual friends. Hung out at parties and always were together joking, clicking etc
    On his 21 is when we just spontaneously combusted and started kissing for hours, and it felt different than anything I or him had ever felt… Complete oneness. Hours went by… We had to pull apart but it was difficult, the magnetism was intense.
    We throughout the next month we were inseparable, once the sex started… Was
    Primal and raw almost how different and intense it felt,,, couldn’t be apart more than a mere work shift. We drank together a lot both were quite nihilistic then… But from the first couple hours of connecting people showed up his house, all his friends and immediate hateful eyes were on us, we were in our own magnetic bubble. From then on our mutual friends would say things like, quit mentally kissing etc to us. It was so insanely intense everyone could see, we weren’t even looking at each other and people would feel.
    So mind you I didn’t know anything about souls or anything but I believe in energy… I knew we were the same instantly and always , we even have the same look in our eyes..
    ,… Even though we had nothing in common, we didn’t like the same music , types of people, parties, cars, drugs ha anything.. But we felt peace together.
    He would never speak like this or even talk about it, but I know. .. I figured if it was meant to be one day it will. Even if not , either way we are one for always. Psychically connected on some level. It took me many many years to shut the telepathy off, a good 5 years, I knew it was too much for him and almost broke me. and still I knew either way he was out there,,,,

    Here is the thing I haven’t heard much about… He was an alcoholic. Wild evil drunk. I can’t be an enabler, and as tough as it was after he had many psychotic episodes with others … Mainly over the intensity of our chemistry I suspect, I had to pull back and let him grow wiser. He was an emotional wreck for me. Though I also had demons that spilled out when I drink, just didn’t have the addiction to want it.

    He eventually joined the military 3000 away just because he couldn’t get a grip he lost his job his car, everything in our small amount of time together.
    And even after he wrote me a letter, then I him, the calls began, like a floodgate like we had never quit each other.. So I would feel bad or anxious or euphoric or angry out of the blue for no reason, my heart rate would start racing just the oddest most intense unexplainable feelings.
    then we would speak, and my feelings would be exactly what he was feeling 3000 miles away, for whatever reason in his day. Always I would feel him. It got to be so intense I couldn’t figure out how to control it at all. I was an emotional wreck ,,,, We would text non stop 950 texts day and night, we have never said goodbye we always just are flowing. He would get drunk and I would try and distance myself and eventually start corresponding again. He got into serious trouble with his new endeavors and kicked out. And that was when I said I am breaking contact I am done with the internet etc and calls, texts , I am unplugging….

    Well we haven’t actually talked since, though I kept an eye on his page… I noticed in both of us our eyes lost the sparkle we both had before us meeting. Him more than I. But still sad eyes he has like his soul is lost, I know he needs me I just think his psychical self can’t handle it…

    but every year since or 2 years one or the other will reach out through Facebook and say something … Last was 3 years ago I reached out to him, he said he didn’t think I was good for him and didn’t wish to see me. 3 months later was missing staring into my eyes and writing me,… I didn’t respond until 3 days ago and it was like 4 am I had insomnia for no reason, and suddenly had the urge to Facebook message him, so I did, I sincerely , actually just felt like wishing him a happy birthday and whatnot, like I just had to do it. He responded within a few minutes and said he had woken up hours early for no reason, he felt me I know it.
    So the point here is this, he now seems like his life is together school , work etc… Though we messaged each other non stop from 4 am to 4 pm Just about nothing really like we always did.. I don’t feel I am as poisonous to his brain anymore, finally.
    I read about how twin souls separate and eventually come together to heal. I think this is exactly what we are finally doing, now that we are older and wiser of course perhaps not ever together, but the urge stopped at the end of the messaging. We must have got what we needed. Like we have to keep reminding each other yes this happened and we are equal inside,
    I always for the longest thought our demons inside connected and that was it, but after all the reading I know we are eternal.. We together though would never leave the house. So probably are toxic in some way because of the intensity, 15 hours of intertwined madness we could never separate.
    I think our souls are coming full circle in understanding now though. Sorry for being so long I just had to show the intensity of the twin to you all. And I have never talked about this because I nobody understood, even though I did.
    Was maddening heart beating fast just thinking his name kind of magnetism. It was a drug , more addictive than anything I have ever touched. Could never ever get enough because is felt like home, like time disappeared….I will let you all know how this long journey continues ;)

    Also on a side note . 2 other boys I have deeply connected with in the past were also Pisces , I don’t think 2 Pisces together can sustain each other without getting lost though from my experiences, nothing would get done from the closeness we feel.
    My advice as I have had a rocky road is maybe it wasn’t the right time even though you meet your flame. They may need to grow On their own,,,.Perhaps one day it will be right, So never say goodbye. :)

  98. This song and lyrics describe it all perfectly and we used to hear it, I always felt connected to this song, and when u read the lyrics, as I will post, I found it is about all of this WOW.

    This is my 12305th night
    the first few thousand
    you might as well forget
    just as I have also
    this one here is almost finished too

    what remains is nicotine and yellow fingers

    many before I’ve frittered to powder
    and diced and minced into bits
    in many expended, exhausted, escaped
    extinguished, chasing the dragon
    in a handful I got very close
    towards the end, close to the end,
    right at the end, towards morning,
    in its passing drowned

    what remains is alcohol and numbed dreams

    some were endless and I set out and off
    to wait where nonetheless no bus goes
    all passed by till now, till 12305

    in some you were present
    but I was not entirely there
    in many I sought you in my sleep
    in many I sought you sleeping

    what remains?

    from here to mars was closer
    than from me to you
    I seemed to be made of anti-matter -
    fairly dangerous!

    it was my 12305th night
    in which you appeared
    you made your eyes glow
    I’m sure with some fair reason
    you were seeking the same thing and
    for the same reason
    you too were then drawn to me
    you were my mirror image secretly
    I drew you up and towards me
    inside you – I saw myself; and inversely
    Do not stir up love
    before it is itself willing
    before it is itself willing)

    By Einstuerzende Neubauten – 12305 (te Nacht)

  99. Also this by the same band. They really really must understand

    During one slip of the tongue
    there is big bang and total entropy
    from red giants to white dwarfs
    the whole scale
    of cosmic dimensions are falling
    from my mouth
    in the description of a kiss
    of the interimlovers

    of the interimlovers
    in the interim

    between microphone and macrocosm
    between genesis und sixsixsix
    inbetween and on the bttom of the sea
    between plankton und philosophy
    between semtex and utopia

    there they are
    the interimlovers

    in their communal mouth
    lives a hummingbird
    with each beat of its wings
    too swift for the eye to see
    cultures flourish and perish
    whole continents vanish
    I wade through the filth of mighty
    meta, meta, meta by metre
    with gestures far too wide
    for the interimlovers

    the interimlovers
    are lovers in the

    between temporary and tempura
    between tightrope and sabre dance
    between chaos and with no course at all
    between semtex and utopia
    there they are

    the interimlovers
    right there in each others arms

    in the course of just one winking beat of an eye
    thirstily devour
    the last drop of light
    they are not there yesterday
    and tomorrow not yet
    the lovers
    the interimlovers
    they are not there yesterday
    and tomorrow not yet
    the interimlovers
    they are not there yesterday
    and tomorrow not yet

  100. Also tons more examples. The situation was so fast and intense quickly. When we were young , that first party I said it people just for no reason I can even comprehend, I was standing next to my boy and I said to call he is my clone. And has always from the get go been our inside things … Wow

  101. I meant ~ he is my clone ~

  102. Sorry to keep posting I don’t know if I can edit this.
    I just wanted to also mention I was never the type of girl who wanted relationships or believes in love or anything. I never wanted kids and still don’t, but when we met it was like a truck hitting. We just vibed together!

  103. I can’t help but notice that the person whom I believe to be my twin flame and I have had numerous personal tragedies since he “ran”. Is that part of the twin flame relationship dynamic?

  104. Hi all,

    By a set of events I ended up reading this amazing blog and thought I would throw out there my experience on this subject of Twin Flames. I see not a lot of guys have posted so maybe having another male perspective can be of interest.

    A quick background as much as possible is that I had heard of the Twin Flame concept some years ago in regards to personal “studies” I have been doing, however I had known the concept of Soul Mates for a lot longer. Therefore I was totally surprised in seeing the stages of TF’s above and …. amazing to see what I am currently going through “almost” fits in like a glove.

    With me I met a woman in 2007. It was a complete surprise that she was invited as a last moment to an evening meal I was going out with with my house mates. As described by other posters and in the “How do I know I have met my TF” it was like a bolt out of the blue. Also we are from different countries but we ended up in the same country although 6 hrs away from each other. We spoke together for hours – we both admitted that it was like we had known each other before and we were completely honest with EVERYTHING. Our discussions were on EVERYTHING possible. On one level as a man there are some rules and on say a first “date” there are some subjects to avoid – these rules were gone. From that point onwards we were in contact multiple times daily. Whenever we met it was wonderful – not just on a physcial level but there was something “undescribable”. However as time went on it was like questions arose in both of us. She STILL reminds me of her proposing to me but I rejected her – I still cannot remember that. We eventually agreed to split – it was fairly “mutual” but I still remember it hurt me. At that point I thought ok – Soul Mate. I knew we had met “before” and I “knew” we would meet again but the specialness was as a “Soul Mate”. I dealt with the situation like a typical guy and became a serial dater. Yet as time went on I was still single and she was getting married but she was still in contact with me. On her wedding day she sent me pictures of herself and even on her wedding night after she had a big argument with her then husband they went off and she phoned me. The contact was off/on and I eventually found another woman who I started to date and things were going very well and I started to partially move in with her – then my TF got cancer and started contacting me again. So I maintained contact to offer help and support remotely – she was still married then so I kept my contacts “friendly” so not to be inappropriate to upset my then girlfriend and her then husband. Thankfully she made it but my then girfriend was so upset with my contact (plus we were having other problems) that we eventually split and her parting words where – you can now GO BACK to her. So time went on and my TF divorced we still had contact but never met as I “on hindsight” was pushing her AWAY. Contact was still up and down and she eventually met someone else …. but maybe a few times each year she would contact me and as she started having problems with her new boyfriend she would confide in me and I was helping her out – BUT keeping her away from me. Skip several years until LAST YEAR. We had not had ANY contact in my 2 years. I had ignored the odd email or phone call but I had had a dream where I saw she had a problem with her throat. Ok was this symbolic or physical – it turned out symbolic and then within a week I had an sms from her just asking how things were. The sms’in went on for hours and it got to the point she asked me if I was married/kids etc and I said no. I had been single for 6 years. As she said herself she could not believe her luck as she was at the same stage. At this point I had learnt to let go of everthing so I stopped pushing her away and we then decided to meet. We had not physically met in 7 years and at the airport (I moved to another country) we held and kissed like it was yesterday. I then started to talk to her about now my feelings are that she is NOT a Soul Mate …. she actually is my TF. She did not understand the concept but I explained from my understanding. Our time together was EVEN BETTER than before it was like heaven. We slept so well next to each other, laughed, had fun, enjoyed each others company. Wonderful. She told me of some abuse that her ex boyfriend had committed against her and I realised there was some new “darkness” in her there. She told me she was pregnant by him but lost the baby and she said it was not meant to be. Anyway we carried on together even stronger than before!! We talked about marriage, children all the things that we wanted together with each other. She said we are “destined” to be together. Then ….. after a few months her abusive and controlling ex boyfriend (who had started to stalk her) came back into her life with terminal cancer asking her to take care of him and be his Power of Attorny. This is where things started to change again. After a long time she decided that she would. She admitted to me in floods of tears that as soon as she heard he had terminal cancer she thought finally he would finally leave her alone and she didn’t like that feeling. She never wants ANYONE no matter what they have done to die alone and scared. She asked that we maintain contact which I did – daily. I was sms’ing every day …. then the contact started to fall. She started to hit a spiral of depression, on anti-depressants, drinking and smoking again. Her zest for life and work had gone. Her contacts with me were sporadic and not “her soul” that I know. Her ex she was caring for then started to extort money from her (long story there) and controlling who she was contacting and visiting. She was talking about changing her number but said she would always tell me so I started emailing everyday. So fast forward to last week. I had not heard from her in a couple of months and I get an email thanking me for all contact. She was still looking after ex and she had met a new man. She said he is “present” and accepting of her situation but she wants me to find a woman who is also present but can give me all my hopes, dreams and desires in the country I live in. She mentioned a few times how she felt I was at home in my new house, new job and in the country I live in. I had made it blatantly obvious I would move anywhere in the world to be with her as she has shown me that she means more to me than a “place”. She then asked if I can reduce my contact and hoped that if she reached out again in the future if I would still be there for her as she would for me. She believes we met again for a reason but it was not for our ultimate end or forever.

    So there is the (longer than I thought) version of where I am. I believe with all my being she is my TF, also our souls have danced backwards and forwards in this life ALONE and everytime we have been back together it feels even stronger. We never argue or fall out …. but life has been placing some interesting blocks into our lives and even last year it was all going perfectly until the ex became ill and wanted her to help him.

    I notice my ego looking for “solutions” of what shall I do? Always looking for a “fix” but I know deep down that “right action” comes from “the center”. There is nothing that needs to be “done”. I had replied to the last email in almost a “final” way but I had a chance meeting with a colleague who is learning to enhance her psychic abiliities and was saying that I must maintain contact with her maybe monthly, by email, and not too heavy but to offer support. Bizarrely I hadn’t told her that my TF had requested that I reduce my contact to say maybe monthly as my regular contact was causing her unease. As mentioned above the “Runner Dynamic” of just withdrawing is very seductive as I did all those years ago. So I am not really sure which “Phase” I am in according to the above but I am just working on myself and watching for synchs as to what to do. Interestingly a couple of other colleagues are psychics (you would never believe I work in a Bank!) have said that all will go well with us but the 1 doesn’t know about her email of last week. Other people that are not “spiritiual” are very quick to say to me – give up who cares – if she really loved you then ….. blah blah …. and you must let her go and so you can get a new woman otherwise I will be alone forever. I understand on 1 level what they mean – but I want to give my soul the best chance. Ok I am 39, she is 38 and we both don’t have kids and we want it and have said with each other so I also feel my ego creating a “sense of urgency” to get this union together quickly before she settles with someone else, has kids and then its all finished. However as I say I realise its my ego and whatever the reality will be, will be.

    Even though my TF and I have been dancing around each other for many years, and have reunited 2 times I cannot say to any of you reading this post that I have the “answer”. As mentioned in other posts its a personal journey for you. What I will say is that I “feel” that this is not over with her and I …. but I must allow divine timing to operate. Why life, the Universe, God gave my TF and I a 2nd chance last year just to take it away from both of us towards to the end of the year is no cosmic joke. There is a reason. I have learnt that I can love again after being single for 6 years and also BE loved at the same exceptional level. I have hope and I have also helped my TF in many ways. Even though she said she doesn’t believe our ultimate ends are together she will always remember me and I am a remarkable and unique man. I don’t “believe” her.

    If that’s my ego or truly my heart and soul that is saying there is more to my relationship with my TF time will show me. If my TF is NOT my TF then I will find out – if I ever meet another woman who is even more to me than my TF …. well that will be the most obvious answer.

    Never stop dreaming and always give your dreams the wings to fly. Guard your thoughts closely as thoughts guide your lives and be conscious as well as take responsibility for all of your decisions.

    Wishing you all peace profound.

    Carpe diem.

    • Thanks Viking ~ It is helpful to just read your experience as a male.

    • Hi Viking! Thanks for taking the time to post this! It has helped me in that I know there are others out there that understand how Im feeling. My TF and I were together 8 months…living 4 hours apart…and then almost a month ago, he abruptly ended it by saying that he met someone else. I have talked to him 2 or 3 times since, but mostly he has ignored my texts and emails. I have stopped trying to communicate. It was heart wrenching for me. I felt like half of my soul was gone and since it happened out of the blue…i had just seen him 4 days before and it was great…i was completely caught off guard and confused. The emotions i felt after were driving me crazy! Now, i have accepted to…mostly!…and am beginning to move on. I still feel the hurt and confusion everyday, as he is always in my thoughts, but i realize i have to let him go. Now is the time for me to focus on myself and what i need to do for my own spiritual journey. If we are meant to be in this lifetime, then it will happen. I will see him again at a function we both attend…where we first met…in a few months, so i just have to wait until then, knowing full well that he still may not be ready. I miss him and our bond all the time, so i just focus on what i have learned and follow my inner guidance about where i need to go next on my journey. Above all, i must trust that the Universe always guides us towards what is best for us. Its been hard for me to do that, but Im taking it a day at a time and learning from my mistakes when I dont handle it so well. Keep posting if you need support! Im all for starting a TF support group for the “surrender” twins lol! How to cope when the runner twin runs! Love and light to you!

    • Hi Viking! Thanks for posting! It helps me to know that there are others out there that understand how Im feeling. My TF and I were together 8 months…living 4 hours apart…and then almost a month ago, he abruptly ended it by saying that he met someone else. I have talked to him 2 or 3 times since, but mostly he has ignored my texts and emails. I have stopped trying to communicate. It was heart wrenching for me. I felt like half of my soul was gone and since it happened out of the blue…i had just seen him 4 days before and it was great…i was completely caught off guard and confused. The emotions i felt after were driving me crazy! Now, i have accepted to…mostly!…and am beginning to move on. I still feel the hurt and confusion everyday, as he is always in my thoughts, but i realize i have to let him go. Now is the time for me to focus on myself and what i need to do for my own spiritual journey. If we are meant to be in this lifetime, then it will happen. I will see him again at a function we both attend…where we first met…in a few months, so i just have to wait until then, knowing full well that he still may not be ready. I miss him and our bond all the time, so i just focus on what i have learned and follow my inner guidance about where i need to go next on my journey. Above all, i must trust that the Universe always guides us towards what is best for us. Its been hard for me to do that, but Im taking it a day at a time and learning from my mistakes when I dont handle it so well. Keep posting if you need support! Im all for starting a TF support group for the “surrender” twins lol! How to cope when the runner twin runs!
      Love and light to you!

      • :) The support group could be a great idea.

        I believe fear is the biggest blocker in all of us no matter if we talk about love, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, finances etc etc. Fear that we will “never” again or we attach to someone/something “too much”. I know this sounds weird but in my experience in ALL areas there is a lot of truth in it.

        So you are currently in the situation I was in with my TF back in 2007 although when we parted it was kind of mutual but as the guy I reacted in a different way and just started dating women directly to “get her out of my mind”. I though ok … Soul Mate. Now with your man – it will be interesting to see how both of your souls dance with each other now. In my case my TF DID keep in contact with me from time to time through the years but I pushed her away. Then the last couple of years there was 0 contact. Maybe your guy will have 0 contact with you for 6 or 7 years then come back into your life with a bang! At the point where you are at experientially where you will enjoy the relationship on a different level.

        When I was younger I took everything and everyONE for granted. I always thought my mother would be around so I never really “present” with her doing as all young kids do until she became ill and died. Same with my father etc. It went onto women as well – its a shame to admit but I was a typical guy seeking love through intimacy. Even at this point the women that l “loved” and that “loved” me was conditional on many many levels (both mine and theirs). As life does you have opportunities to learn and with my TF the 1st time around I assumed we would be together. Just the way it is ….. but we weren’t. She opened my eyes to the fact that unconditional love does exist between a couple and not just between parents and children. So the 2nd time around with my TF I STILL remember every moment and I even told her that that I will never take her for granted again. I remember all the wonderful times we had this 2nd time around and am grateful. Version 2 was even better and more wonderful that I could have ever dreamed for (as she also said I was even better than before so maybe the “twinning” part of TF’s is more literal than I realised?)

        So it could be that your man needs to become a Version 2 also (maybe an Angela V2?) and THEN your relationship would be even better?

        Maybe as a TF you will need to do this circle of separation, reunion a few times to get to where you both need to be. I don’t know as I have only over this last week “seemingly” finished our round 2 even though my TF did not ask to stop communication but to reduce it. So it may mean that this is it for us for this life or until round 3 and that will be the “big one”. TF’s destiny is unmoveable they will ALWAYS get together. Soul Mates can come and go.

        Maybe he needs to leave you as your TF is on his way now. Only your soul knows the truth. Our heads are fearful of “loss” or the perception of loss.

        Maybe he is doing what my TF is doing – she stated in her email that she does not want to hurt me or make me miss my chance of finding a woman in my country that can give me all my hopes, dreams and desires. On an energy level I read a different story to her words from my egoic version. She is in a very bad place and is from her ego “releasing me”. Even though I do not want this at all. Your man may well be doing that also.

        When you let him go – consider it giving him his “freedom” to come back to you….to find his path in life and explore. Not let him go for good never to have any contact etc.

        The Universe is here to help us all in all ways, always. In my case if I have lots of wonderful women enter my life via whatever means and I get the same feelings and sensations as I do with my TF then ….. I got to swallow my words and say maybe she was not and then my journey continues. Otherwise maybe there is even more to come with my TF.

        Be aware that we are in the middle of a major Cardinal Cross astronomically so there are so major energy movements. Old patterns, beliefs and ways of living are being tested with a view of letting them go for growth to come through. Old pains will reappear to allow us to heal them.

        Remember – even though people say “seeing is believing” …. I prefer the reverse …. “believing is seeing”.

        Love and light back to you and with peace profound.

  105. Thab

    • Thanks Viking!! I appreciate you taking the time and responding. Your first go round sounds a lot like him. He has alot of childhood trauma that he is dealing with through counseling and his way to deal with pain has always been to push it inside and not deal with it. So i feel that him not responding right now is his way of coping. He is pushing me out of his mind entirely. I think that is a bad strategy for anyone and feel that when we see each other again in a few months, it will hit him pretty hard. Even when we were together, i tried to give him as much space as possible since i knew being close to someone was scary for him. So i can understand this. It was just the way it was done…so quick and via text message! Really?
      But now that we are apart, i see the things i need to do for me and am trying to focus on that. When i find myself thinking about him too much, i say to myself ‘ not outward, but inward.’ And i say that alot!! Figure i will get better with it over time.
      Thanks for mentioning the Cardinal Cross. Had not heard of that so will be looking it up. Its funny because i have taken a leave a absence from work for the next 3 months due to PTSD from a previous relationship…images just began surfacing out of no where. So i finally decided to take the time to deal with it and begin implementing changes in my life that i have wanted for years but never had the courage to do. Sounds like i may be under the CC influence!!

  106. One thing to remember is with a twin flame. You may have spent several life times together through history, all these memories all come flooding back, in this lifetime we only retain the current memories, so if you are unfamiliar bout the twin flame concept and human knowledge of life, think you be scared to have a wave of memories which you never lived before but they are burning deep within you.

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