11:11 & Twin Flame

The 11:11 synchronicity and Twin Flames

Have you been noticing the 11:11 or other triple or double digits (111,1111, 333, 1212) in a strange and synchronic way? You happen to glance at the clock out of the blue and it’s 11:11. You might see these numbers jumping out at you several times a day even in the most unexpected places, whenever you happen to look, there it is again.

You are not alone. There are people from all over the world who are noticing these numbers and it is not just a coincidence. There is a feeling one gets when they see the 11:11. It has meaning. It can be strange or familiar feeling, or a feeling like there is something you are trying to remember but you don’t know what it is. There are many reasons why this is happening to you and many other people.

There is indeed a personal and collective awakening occurring on the planet at this time; an expansion of human consciousness. Some refer to this as Ascension. This awakening is happening in a personal way for everyone in different ways, but there are some common similarities with this. 11:11 is one of these collective and personal Synchroncities.

The 11:11 is a sort of ‘wake up call’ urging you to pay attention, to be prepared, to be aware of the invisible reality and the inner world, not just the physical reality we experience with our 5 senses in the material world. This is a time to trust intuition and be on the lookout for other synchronicity that will be begin to occur more frequently. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, but remember to stay present in the ‘now’ moment.

You may be experiencing a period of accelerated soul growth, your inner world is changing rapidly, and your life may reflect this with unexpected events or people who suddenly appear in your life at just the right time. These people are usually Soulmates but may indicate an ongoing or imminent Twinflame connection. You are on the right path and there is nothing to fear, but much to be cleared energetically.

When the 11:11 synchronicity is happening in your life, your twinflame may be ready to manifest physically. But even if you have not met this person yet, you have a direct and open channel to communicate with them on a higher level and more clearly now . You may both be aware of the meeting of energies that is soon to take place and manifest in each of your physical realities. There is often an impending feeling that ‘something is going to happen soon’. Something IS happening and something is about to change but you are not sure what it is.

You are becoming more aware of more subtle energies and the invisible thread that connects us all. You may be more ‘tuned in’ at this time and it is advised to listen to that voice within and trust your intuition to guide you. There may even be non-physical guides actually assisting you at this time, even helping the twinflames ‘wake up’ and things are being aligned in preparation for your meeting. Pay attention to the signs and your dreams at this time.

The 11:11 Soul Connection

There is a reason why we see 11:11 as time prompts everywhere in life around the same time we first make contact with our twin flame. Even if we don’t fully understand it in the conscious forefront of our mind that we have met our twin flame, the sign will be there alerting us and trying to awaken us to it.

Even if you have not physically met your twinflame yet, or if you are not aware of who they are on a physical level (even if your twinflame is not embodied on earth and is in a non-physical realm) you are still able to communicate with one another on a soul level. You may not be fully or consciously aware of this, but you may be connecting to your twin through dreams, intuition or visions. This usually happens more frequently prior to actually meeting your twinflame for the first time in this lifetime, whether in person or on the internet.

In dreams or visions, you may have an experience of connecting with someone familiar. You feel the energy of this being, even if you can not make out the physical appearance of this person in your mind. You feel that there is a ongoing connection with someone who is ‘out there’ somewhere, who can feel or is aware of you on some subtle level. You long to be re-united with this being. This is your twinflame. You may even be able to tap into this space to connect with them whenever you will.

The 11:11 may also appear during an important soul mate connection. Often this soulmate connection is extremely important for your soul growth and it may become a major relationship in your life. Often a very intense soulmate connection where painful lessons and deep soul growth occur prior to your twin manifesting in your life. There may be a soulmate connection that appears immediately after the meeting of the twin as well.

The 11:11 often appears during periods of accelerated soul growth. Intense energies are stirring at this time. These feelings can be pure bliss and bring about raising of vibration and consciousness, or very disturbing or uncomfortable as in a dark night of the soul. Old aspects of yourself get stripped away so new energies and new perceptions can prepare you and lead you further on a destined path, and towards an intense soulmate relationship or a re-uniting with your twinflame.

The 11:11, Synchronicity and Twinflame

Seeing the 11:11 usually occurs during an important or transitional phase of your life. You may be experiencing other synchchronicities around this time. The synchronicity may increase as you move closer to the new event, person or situation and transition into new energies. Deep and personal revelations may occur during this phase. The more aware you are consciously of this, the more the signs and synchronicity will occur, guiding you towards your new path and urging you to trust your intuition and your heart. This is a path of self-awakening for you. Very soon your twin soul and you may be guided to one another when the time and conditions are right for your meeting. 11:11 may mean something to this person as well. Twinflames often have a personal connection to the 11:11 or other double or triple digits.

You may or may not know you have met your twin when you finally do meet them in person or online even. The feeling of knowing a twinflame often feels like seeing the 11:11. You may get a feeling of magnetic attraction that you can’t explain, a familiarity or inner ‘knowing’ that you just can’t seem to put into words, but the feeling may match the feelings you experience in dreams or vision that you had prior to the meeting. You may feel that you are at home or that you are picking up where you left off. There may be many synchronicity and parallels between both souls. Dynamics and synchroncities such as these can occur in important soul mate connections as well, and in some unique situations the soul mate is somehow connected to the twinflame.

When meeting your twin they may relate to similar experiences with numbers. Synchronicities may occur between you frequently. They may also share similarities in their dreams and visions of meeting you and other thoughts and feelings may be similar. The 1111 may pop up here and there during your connection, alerting you to having met your twin and also reminding you that you are on a destined path at this time there is more work to be done on an inner level. The Synchronicities will guide you. You are right where you need to be at this time and the stars are aligned.

The 11:11 Symbology and the TwinFlame

11:11 can symbolize a bridge between the words (physical and non physical — visible and non-visible). As Above So Below, As Below So Above; As Within So Without, As Without So Within. It is about reflection. Your soul mate may mirror you on many levels. A twinflame will mirror you on an even deeper soul level. The good and the bad, conscious and subconscious.

11:11 can also represent Polarity. There are two sides to every coin. It represents the feminine and masculine energies. We each have both energies within us, regardless of are physical gender. These two energies must be awakened and brought into balance and harmony.

Seeing the 11:11, IS a synchronicity itself. Understanding synchronicity can give one a deeper understanding and awareness of how all things are connected but not necessarily in a linear 3 dimensional way of understanding. Synchronicities often seem illogical or beyond probability or coincidence. They have meaning because you feel it and know it. It is a personal experience. It is the ‘knowing and the feeling’ you have to hold onto to so you can recognize this when it happens.

Synchroncities also show us how the inner world is reflected in the outer world and vice versa. Internal and external reality are not separate but ONE on a higher level. 11(inner) : 11(outer). The ” : ” may represent the veil in between the two. The 11:11 itself, is the whole. There is no separation on the level of oneness.

The 11:11 is a good visual example of the Twinflame energies and how they connect. (11:11) – The ONE soul (feminine/masculine as energy not gender), that was split into two souls. 11 : 11

Each 11 represents each twin as a unique soul of their own with the feminine and masculine energies within them ( 1 1 )( 1 1 ), yet each are still connected as ONE on a higher level (11 11).

The separation of the two, whether one or both are incarnated in the physical, is apparent by the ” : ” veil that is between them, but yet there is still a telepathic connection. Think of the yin yang symbol and its meaning. When the twinflames re-unite we have the 11:11, when they return to their original ONE soul we could see it like this (11:11) or even (1) or ().



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  1. I am so glad I stumbled upon this post. Recently I have been seeing a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of these number synchronicities. I have no idea whether or not my twin flame is physically manifested but I do sometimes get this feeling like something might happen. I am feeling a bit uncertain and anxious about the road ahead.

  2. I started seeing 1111 a lot last year when I least expected it. I still see it a lot now but I also see a lot of triple digits and 4 digits numbers in a synchronize way like. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1010 1212, … or 212 696, 727, 626… I see it on clocks, receipts, license plates, in phone numbers. These days it seems like everyone from strangers to people I know call me at 11:11 am/pm or I talked to them for 11:11 minutes or I look at my phone and it’s 6:26, 8:58, 9:29,… I was driving a couple weeks ago and car pull in front of me with a 9999 license plate. It’s like the universe is trying to tell me something. These things started happening last year and has intensified this year. I have also started seeing things before they happen a lot. I will continue posting things as I find more information on it.
    I used to be anxious and afraid when it first started happening to me but now it doesn’t bother me anymore. Now, I feel protected, like something or someone is watching over me and guiding me.

    • Hello Divine Grace,

      About two weeks ago I started seeing 11,1111,11:11, 1122, 617( my bday I have always seen this) and 3333,66.

      I too have been experiencing synchronicity in other areas of my life. I have met my TW and I agree with you that we are all going to unite around the same time.

      Thank you for sharing!!

    • Hello Divine,
      I have just met my twin soul, and I knew it’s was him just by hearing his voice by the phone, then when I saw him in person I just went home knowing for sure he was the ONE. Before that I had been seeing this 11:11 a lot, and when I got into this post I just could not belive it. Now I see other double numbers all the time, and what I feel it’s just some sort of security that everything it’s going they way it should be… I don’t know how things will go with my twin, since we met and had physical encounter it’s been the ‘time of my life’. but ever since he’s been feeling sick. Just today we were talking that this was somenthing very rare,because he almost never get sick. For me I’m just feeling better than ever. I see things clearly now, but also have this intense necesity to be around him all the time. I’ve had to use all my inner streght to give him space and not been overneedy or overdemanding. Thanks a lot for this blog. It’s been very reasuring for me.(I’m spanish speaking person, please forgive if any mistake)God bless you! THANKS!!

    • Hi,I met my twin flame and it was intense. He is a Native American and I saw 11:11 all week right before I met him. The only thing is should I ask him for his number? Lol he doesn’t even speak English . But I love him beyond compare,I cried when I met him,and he felt the connection. It was not normal,it was literally mystical and I see 333 a lot! 12:12 is also something I saw everyday this year,every half day

      • I really hope so!!

        Do you think TF pairings will reunite sort of all at once, in some shared timing, or it’s more of individual, and TF reunion doesn’t depend on astral timing or era etc?

      • I think we’re all going to unite at once. I noticed that more and more people are finding their twin flame at the same exact time as myself! (although not everyone has a TF IMO) Its almost time I can feel it deep within my heart, soul and mind. I feel like we will all unite for a common purpose in order to better the future. We are like soldiers, sent to earth in order to provide a divine purpose and deliver through a higher power of course the world from corruption and hate. I feel like it is coming..very quickly and we all need to be prepared both physically and spiritually for whatever change may occur. I am now ready, and I can feel ur mutual agreements without even hearing it.

  3. Hi I met a man on 21/12/2012, he is a twin and so am I! We were both born 11mins apart from our twins. I instantly felt the strongest connection I’ve by far experienced, and he felt exactly the same. We very quickly couldn’t go a day without speaking to each other and our intellect was also scarily matched. We felt we’d known each other very quickly. But he went back to his ex as he felt he needed to an was frightened of taking the risk an starting brand new with me, when he was used to his ex of 3 yrs. I’m now daily seeing sequence after another. 11:11, 12:12, 14:14. Do u know what this means plz?

    • I met my twin 3/21/2012. I started seeing those numbers shortly after too. I can’t tell you for certain what those numbers mean. I only can tell you what I have experience so far in my journey after meeting my twin. When you meet your twin a spiritual awakening occurs. The numbers are just indication that you have been awaken pay close attention to what’s happening around you. The answers you seek will reveal themselves in time. It’s not for me to tell you the meaning. I know you are concern and worried but you will figure it out soon on your own. What happened when I met my twin I had suddenly developed some psychic abilities. I was seeing things before it happened, I felt protected and guided and you will be guided too. You just need to be present and let go you will be taken care of by this invisible force that’s watching over you. There are going to be times you feel like you are going crazy and your life has turned upside down since you met this person. Those feelings are normal just go with the flow and do what you feel like doing at the moment. Trust your feelings and your gut instincts. You are not in control. For the first time in your life you going to realize how much you are not in control of anything. All I can say is pay close attention to what’s going on, be present and go with the flow. You are safe and protected there is no need to worry. Each time you experience soul growth more answers will be reveal to you, whether through seeing numbers, you hearing things, smelling things, or feelings …. Pay attention to the signs. There are no coincidence. Everything is happening for a reason you will find out in divine timing. You may listen to and ask questions but trust no one. Only you know your destiny and your journey is your journey. Be patient :-)

      • Same thing has happened to me. Myself and my twin connected on the 22 March 2013 and since then my Phyic abilities increased immensely. So intense that to be honest I had to try and disconnect, felt like I was going a bit crazy and I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. Even decided to test it out and see how strong I could connect, and I ended up being able to see my friend at her house which was half N hour drive from my house tell her what she was wearing And what she was doing. I found it very draining to focus though and then felt like I was on a different planet for a while. I honestly don’t know how to deal with it all so I have kind of closed that door cause it was scaring me and I didn’t know what to do with it nor had anyone to direct me with it. I have also found since we meet that time seems to be doing something really odd. Is anyone else finding that time seems to be going really quickly? Feels like when I try and remember yesterday it feels like it was 2weeks ago. Odd!

      • How interesting you met your twin 1 year 1 day (11) after I met my twin… :-) . I have experience the things you have talked about… Yours is still new so it going to take awhile to get used to… You will find that you are guided by the universe … Soon you figure it out… Trust your inner guide. But, I can assure you I felt the same way when it just started happening to me a year ago.
        I lost touch with time as well. I used to talk to my twin for hours and it felt like a few minutes. I get confused with my dream state and reality at time. I find myself doing things twice. It’s like I’m living to two worlds. I believe I’m getting a hang of it now and it’s amazing :-)
        There are many articles on here that you can read and get an understanding of what’s happening to you. When your soul is ready it will guide you to whatever information you need at that time. You will also find helpful people show-up at certain point to help you. Some will stay and some will go… Just take it as it comes… One step at a time :-)
        Best wishes :-)

      • Hi DivineGrace! I’m so relieved and happy to have found this blog. I’ve read everything here, I understand, I agree and I can relate 100%! I met my twin flame 11/01/2012 And he cut all communications in January, he’s the runner, mainly because of guilt and fear, as we both are in long term relationships. I’ve been in pain for 5 months now, I feel like the severed limb. After experiencing the most blissful energetic connection, I had nothing. I understand our souls are not ready, I guess I need some sort of reassurance, will he come back? We’ve never met in person, I don’t know what he looks like, but he is me in the male form! Well, you know! It’s so difficult being patient, all I do is cry, I have good days, but I’m a shadow of the blissful person I used to be. I miss my zest. We still have our vibrational encounters, I feel his love every once in a while, but he’s had a lifetime of resisting, so he’s quite good at it! I don’t know what to do, if there is anything I CAN do. I keep working on myself, but it’s so hard… I miss him so much… I realize these are very naive questions, but I’m new at all this. I’ll take any help I can get. Thank you!

      • thrushesandwrens… There are no such thing as naive questions. This is new to you and you need answers. First, I must say you are the only one that knows the energy of your twinflame. The twinflame is a inner knowing. The twin souls recognized each other energy immediately even if it takes some time for the mind to truly understand what has happened. The twinflame will return they have no choice but to return even if it takes awhile… They will return. The reason you are feeling the way you are is because you guys swap energy after you connected. So you took on his energy and he took on yours… Let him run… He is doing you a big favor as difficult and as painful as it maybe to understand right now… Use the time you are separated to learn something new or channel your energy in a creative way… Talking to other people going through this is also very helpful. Most of us in that have met our twinflames have similar experiences. Especially, when it comes to the dreams and synchronicity with numbers and other things.

        You may find everywhere you look you see your twins name or the country or place he lives. You may even get information about your twin that your twin has never verbally shared with you but the universe as a way of guiding you to these information or bringing these information to you. I understand you missed him very much. Trust me.. We all missed our twin… However, that longing is going to help you to dig deeper find answers and information to help you work on yourself to be the best you or the true you…The you you were always meant to be… There are some other articles on here you can read like Twinflame Signs and Relationship Dynamics, How do I know I found My Twinflame, The Runner and many more in the right hand column… Just read through them and see what resonates with you… But the twin will return :-) Feel free to talk about your experiences on here. We are all here to share and learn from each other…

      • THANK YOU SO MUCH DIVINEGRACE! I feel like I’ve landed at the right place! :D It all makes sense, I feel some hope that this torture will end. And you’re right, this time apart has been good, I’ve learned sooo much (well, once I was able to stop crying after 3 months). I do understand that we’ll only be united truly once we learn to be strong and independent individually, stand like pillars (as I saw somewhere), and then our purpose will be revealed. I’ve always felt we were like a machine, his love and my love combined was/is so powerful, it travels 5,000 mi, and I’m sure it affects everything in between! I need to know how to use this power for the greater good of this planet. Conversely, when he ran away, the negativity and sadness that took over me was also very powerful, it set off our fire alarm! This energy is almost palpable. (I’d much rather feel the love than the stress)

        The thing we struggled with was the moral aspect of being with another for so long, having a good and comfortable life, children involved, and BAM!, you meet your TF, which you weren’t even looking for! How does everybody feel about what’s right and wrong for the current partners? What if we owe them so much and don’t want to hurt them?

        Thanks for the suggested articles, I had read already, I think I read EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE ON HERE, as I was hungrily searching for answers! lol Thanks you, I’m very grateful! <3

      • The distance is good for you… Some twins have to be miles away because of the power of the connection. I understand the power you are talking about. I thought I was invincible and could perform and do amazing and miraculous things with my twin. I got so consume with the power of the connection I forgot the human aspect of stuff… I was ready to abandon everything and I mean everything. The connection took me to another level. When I said another level, I mean another level… It was beyond this physical world. That’s when I became aware of the spiritual world and I realize it was as real if not more real than the physical…I experienced the no time and space. I was in a world where time did not exist for awhile. Anyways bless your heart :-) Keep the faith… This love is built in fire and brimstone :-) But it will be worth every pain you experience. Godspeed

      • Thank you DivineGrace! Your connection sounds so powerful, I think I was just starting to experience it when it got cut off… I wanted to explore it and understand it more!! I can’t complain of the recent loss of weight, though… :) This heartbreak diet really works, but I don’t recommend it to anyone!! I struggle with finding the connection with my Higher Self, the Source again without my TF… it’s not the same, there is no bliss… I need to find that bliss again, I know it’s within me, but I don’t feel it…

      • DivineGrace, your connection sounds so powerful, I think I was just starting to experience it when it got cut off… I wanted to explore it and understand it more!! I can’t complain of the recent loss of weight, though… :) This heartbreak diet really works, but I don’t recommend it to anyone!! I struggle with finding the connection with my Higher Self, the Source again without my TF… it’s not the same, there is no bliss… I need to find that bliss again, I know it’s within me, but I don’t feel it… Thanks for your help!!

      • You will thrushesandwrens :-) You will achieve it without your twinflame before the reunion happens. The pain will take you to a very spiritual place where you feel so close to God. It’s almost like you are it…. My suggestion to you is to give your best to others… Keep giving and God will reward you. Sometimes the ones you give to don’t appreciate it but God will bless you anyway. A pure heart and clean mind is the way to that powerful connection… There are going to be people who you have helped whole-hearted that will betray you or turn against you but God will deal with them accordingly. God sees and knows all. God knows the heart of every man and every man will reap their rewards. Keep giving of yourself to everyone you meet… No good deed goes unrewarded… God punishes and God rewards :-) Godspeed

        Also God gives us a glimpse of the power of that connection then take it away so we don’t take it for granted… It was God’s grace that made that initial connection happened and God grace will allows us to reconnect after we have learn selfless love for all… Eventhough, healing yourself is apart of the package… Eventually, you have to move beyond yourself to helping others as well or you will not experience God in all it’s glory…

    • During these recent years,many people in the world are seeing these codes 1111.,Twin flames relationship has been recently cancelled out.In the past,it had some important,as it helped you to ascend,but the new rule is that twin is no more needed.

  4. It’s funny that I just came accoss this! I have seen 11:11 since i was about 13, I’m 29 now. I see 11:11 so much that I called my business 11eleven. I have just possibly meet my twin flame soul mate who has been drawing the ying yang symbol since she was about the same age. I can’t explain the connection but I know it like its always been there.

  5. For me, I see my TF’s name everywhere. I also double numbers alot. I’m using this time being separated from him to work on myself, to be the best me possible. I still have some work to do but since I have met my TF, I notice the change in myself.
    Tara, I know what you mean. You can’t explain the connection that has always been there. Its like home. Thats how I feel it.
    thrushesandwrens… I went through what you going through now. And I’m still riding the wave. We already have the answers within us. Just let the Divine guide you. I meditate alot so I can connect with my TF. Its not always easy, but for me, I close my eyes and see his face. It makes me feel better until the day I can physically touch him.

    • Thanks Jackie! It’s funny, I keep seeing his name and the double numbers too. Also working on myself, so much to learn and assimilate. And yes, it does feel like going home, like you are wrapped in velvet, all comfy and snug, open and trusting! Pure bliss! I replied above about going through this as a learning experience that will make us strong and independent, standing like pillars! I think the bottom line is, until we feel like we don’t need our TF to feel connected to the Universe, and feel like a complete and perfect individual, we won’t be united physically with them! It will happen when we are not dependent on them, if that makes sense? That’s the vibe I’m picking up. :)

      • No, thank you Fatema! We are helping each other, I’m in the same boat you are in, it’s truly an amazing thing we were given, and then it seemed to be taken away form us… and to see HOW SIMILAR all of these experiences here are, it’s mindblowing! I also have good days and terrible days, but I noticed that the terrible days are always the days when I’m reliving the traumatic past events, or anxious and nervous about the future events (when/if he’ll ever come back. Right now, it doesn’t feel like he’ll ever come back, and I need to pull myself together and move on!) And the days I feel the happiest are when I live in the NOW, counting my blessings in the present. So that’s what I try to do, concentrate on today, that’s all there is, NOW! Make a list of 10 things that bring you joy, and makes sure to do a few of those every day! That’s what I do, that’s all I CAN do… And feel the emotions as they arise to the surface, hence all the crying! It’s hard to let go, but we must let go with love, and let the river take us when it wants to takes us! <3

      • Thrushesandwrens, you are so right we are all helping each other. Talking about our experiences help a lot. Even those who just read the comments and are too shy to post a comment benefit from all our comments and replies. We all feel connected to each other in some ways. Thank you all for sharing :-) and contributing your opinions and experience…

  6. well…we met on 22 Nov. 2012 .I don’t know what to do now…it has been 7 mo. now…I am afraid he suffers now that we are apart;our eyes met just for a few seconds.I had that vision 2 months before meeting that-and i know him from b4 but never met-while passing by that certain place that I could “see” us meet there and happy that we ‘ve finally met.I didn’t know all this staff here by then. I see him where he keeps on looking terrible more and more; but honestly don’t know if its about us or smthing else and I really don’t know if he knows it right what is happening-me am sometimes fine sometimes not. I wish I could help him…but am afraid cuz I know he ‘s married and is even a father…wish could b with him and at same time i can’t touch other people ‘s lives…a respectable family indeed.but he really gradually turned from keeping a good smile to a never smile..he looks blue..not in good health…he breaks my heart .never had i tried to tell anyone about my story despite sometimes those around me just look up surprised at the STRANGE coincidences that put his name or his stories in my way daily.

    • Fatema,
      He needs to work out his own issues. You can’t help or save anyone but yourself. You can guide and give advice but everyone as to workout their own issues. I think you need to work on yourself. You are seeing your own weakness and hurt in him. It’s not him it’s you that need help… You are slowly losing yourself… Work on you and by working on yourself, you are helping your twin as well. When both of you are ready everything will fall into place. For now try healing yourself and let his relationship dissolve on it’s own don’t get involve…If it’s meant to be it will be… There are some articles in the right hand column you might find useful…Also checkout this article Learning To Love Our Self

      • Well thank u. U r so right. I be been losing myself …like I ve lately PAUSED my life .it s pretty hard to go on .but I be decided to try to pretend to forget.. :-) I used to b strong and I left it all to God..still do.but i found also we shouldn’t convince ourselves it s OK while our souls feel it. Like hiding Smth to convince urself it isn’t there. I was strong the first few months but then surrendered.it s a huge blessing by anyway whether it completed or not… u feel special in this universe and God make the world around us does for us what looks like a 5 star luxury. Loving that guy isn’t just loving him; we hardly met each other..but still see how similar we r like a careful choice :-)
        it is a great love to our creator who gave us them.. a strange mix of love…I cried when saw him writing similar ..no identical words I supplicated to God with…on one night I suddenly opened my tab at an unusual time… u think “can our souls hear each other?”
        Yes grace..and thrushesand..we must go on and embrace this bless despite every pain it cause us. Simply cuz it reminds us of being special here :-)

  7. I just realized that I have been focusing too much lately on my TF not contacting me that I have forgotten about myself. What a revelation! Also, I have to finally realize this divine connection is more than physical. Its more than wanting so much to be with him and hearing his voice. Now, that I realize all this, I must remind myself this so I can finally stop the ups and downs in order to accept and be ready for our next meeting.

    • Nice, same here! I’d like to stop the ups and downs. But I noticed something: every time I have a good day when I’m able to calm myself and remind myself of what you said, that this is something massive and important and so special, there is NO WAY he’s NOT going to see it that way, and I let go of the yearning and crying, I let go if him so he can do the work he needs to do also, and I feel confident and happy about my connection to the Universe, and I find patience and peace of mind – then BAM! – he seems to come back with vengeance! It’s almost as if “he” doesn’t want me to let go, and I go back to square one, missing him, just feeling the void… Is this my ego fighting back? I also struggle with the question: how could he let me suffer like this? Does he NOT know how much I hurt?? When he told me he would NEVER hurt me?

      • I got this phase either thrushesandwrens, and maybe just left this phase a week ago, yes, thats our ego and mind works together. I think this phase called “twin flame dancing” I was on this phase about 2 months, struggling like hell, fighting with him, fighting with my self, loving him, hating my self. totally chaos. Until last week, finally WE FELT SO DESPAIR that come from both of us. we are tired playing tom-and-jerry, and now I believe we’re (or at least me) try to surrender.

      • I know when I start to feel happy again, and not think of him so much, I find myself looking at his picture and stare at him for a long while. I even hug the frame until I feel better. Maybe thats his way to remind me, “hey, I’m here.”. I wonder if they know how much their running hurts us.
        I’ve seen my TF twice, and it wasn’t like a normal meeting. Nothing of this is normal. Some days, I don’t want to think or feel. Missing him hurts too much. I think its our ego fighting back, but our ego is what we need to put aside in order to let this great love in. Its hard, I know. My human dimension is wondering when and if he will contact me, and if he is not as interested in me as I thought, or if he’s just like all the other guys who have used me. But then a little voice tells me, reassures me that he’s not like other men. He’s my ultimate soulmate who is a human being with his own busy life, who is scared of his feelings.
        We must stay brave, strong, happy and positive. And if you need to talk about what you are going through, we are here to listen and help as much as we can. Lots of love to you.

      • Thank you Jackie, so much love and wonderful sharing here! My human thoughts are about to win here, I’m feeling so stupid, and like you said, used and misled. I never met my twin, don’t know what he looks like, and now I’m even questioning if the “story” he gave me while we were meeting each other was real… he ran twice from me. The first time he left communication channels open, so I chased because I believed we were meant for something bigger. And he believed it too. so he came back after a week. I almost died during that ONE week!! I explained to him how it made me feel when he said goodbye and left, and he realized what a horrible thing he had done to me, and kicked himself and promised to NEVER do it again because he now understood that we were brought together, there was no doubt. We were “together” for not even 3 weeks and he still told me how sorry he was for hurting me. 36hrs later, he leaves two cryptic poems for me, and runs, closing all means of communication. We had been in sync, feeling each other at the same time from a distance, we typed each other similar messages and sent them almost instantaneously, we shared the same interest, same views, same taste in music. It was magical. Our energetic fabric was/is connected, we were in each other’s head! It was fear! Fear of hurting others that made him run. Fear he dropped the ball. Fear of lies becoming us. Hard to know anymore what is the truth and what is the lie!! I think he ran with NO INTENTION of coming back, that’s what I think. I keep reading “let go of things that want to go, and let things that want to come in, come in.” I don’t know how to let go of him? How do you let go of the most magical and precious thing you ever experienced? How do you let go of the thing you want the most in this life?? I mean, really let go, like don’t respond to his multi-dimensional “contacting” of me, don’t think about him, go back in time in your brain before you met him, and be that happy again… how can we forget the bliss? I wasn’t out there looking for it, it fell on my lap!

        And thank you also Zara01. It’s been 6 mo. for me, I’m tired… is that what the surrender is? I’m tired of the sadness… I don’t even need much, I just need to feel my heart chakra open and exuberant again. I just need to feel my heart skipping a beat with joy again. I don’t even need to meet him, I just want to feel my heart alive again. Why is there so much shame in that?

      • Dear thrushesandwrens

        Its so amazing how similar our stories are…


        “The first time he left communication channels open, so I chased because I believed we were meant for something bigger. And he believed it too. so he came back after a week. I almost died during that ONE week!! I explained to him how it made me feel when he said goodbye and left, and he realized what a horrible thing he had done to me, and kicked himself and promised to NEVER do it again because he now understood that we were brought together, there was no doubt. We were “together” for not even 3 weeks and he still told me how sorry he was for hurting me. 36hrs later, he leaves two cryptic poems for me, and runs, closing all means of communication”

        For me he told me how sorry he was for hurting me and how bad he felt.
        Then he ran . . . and left communication open, so I chased believing the same thing as you do, things started to get better . . . and within one week BOOM! something happened I don’t know whether you would call it a fight or not but we never yell or anything. . . he just got mad at something and disappeared. . . like no contact no msg no LINE no chat he’s just gone and I tried to apologize and trying to get him back but nothing works. . . though we talked and he said he understand EVERYTHING . . . but yeah nothing is the same. . . so I just said I’ll wait . . .his answer was “we’ll talk..”

        but well . . . since then WE NEVER TALK :(
        and he just cut all the communication with me . . .
        except for facebook and instragram . . . but he never block my calls he simply just IGNORE them even thought the only time I call was the only time when I was in front of his house for the apologising . . . and recently he just BLOCK my LINE even though I NEVER send him anything annoying . . . though I sent something he would just simply ignored them . . .

        cruel . . . my runner is so cold indeed

        “I also struggle with the question: how could he let me suffer like this? Does he NOT know how much I hurt?? When he told me he would NEVER hurt me?”

        yes, I question were, what did I do to you? what is it that would make you hate me this much? what did I do wrong ? I thought you said you were sorry for hurting me? Why are you suddenly acting so cold towards me? Its like I been doing something bad to you. why are you torturing me like this? why are you still keep sending me hopes? and go on . . .

        sigh . . . .

        well, I am quite done with that phrase, I fell better now. . . only one thing that would hurt me would be seeing him with someone else . . . so I stopped checking on his well being and daily life on FB. . . I stopped doing that for a while now. . . but about 5 days ago I accidentally saw his facebook . . . seeing his friends teasing him about giving a rose to someone, I read no further . . . I snapped and cried . . . and I am not sure It was that night or not that I had the most wonderful dream in months. . . in my dream there was HIM, he was pulling me to him and kissed me VERY like VERY VERY passionately and when I open my eyes I am woke up . . . It was so intense and so REAL, I could feel the sensation I had I mean I told you my body moved like I was actually kissing with him . . . thus . . . I feel better about all the rose stuff and gain more confident with him again with no reason . . . i mean It’s just a dream and no one can tell If its just my consciousness making that up or not but I know that normally I wouldnt dream about kiss a guy or telling myself to dream about someone. . .

        you know what I remember the sensation this kind of REAL feeling from dreaming. . .It was almost the same as that time when I dreamed of someone who I couldn’t recall, I didn’t see his face I can’t remember anything but the feeling I had for him, It was so intense so overwhelmed, I feel of light and lifted . . . we were on the meadow playing talking hugging holding hands . . suddenly it was like we knew that I was going to wake up soon we hold each others hand and never wanted to let go and I just woke up . . . I cried so hard I bursted out all the tears and cried very loud like something was missing from me I felt so insecure and It was like I had a hole in my heart. . . It was the weirdest thing that happen to me :’(

        anyways here’s my story everyone, I couldn’t be much help because I am so new in this but I would love to share my story and I would love to listen to yours too :) I won’t be around all the time but If I have time I will certainly drop by <3 Its nice to have people who are going through the same journey together . . .

        may the angels guide your path . . .
        good luck to you all <3

  8. Concerning synchronicities and the universe way of sending us messages. Yesterday, someone handed me a flyer that said divine encounters and it also had my twin flame name on it. Even though I have completely surrendered and I try not the pay attention to the synchronize numbers I see daily. The universe find other ways to get my attention. I am still receiving messages from the universe when I least expect it and in the most unexpected ways.

    • Isn’t it a sign we should surrender to love and waiting…I used ur advise to forget..and almost everyday I get a sign..I buyclothes and find his name on the label..attended a meeting and the product mentioned was from his country…i for a first time held the back of the milk packet and for the first time I knew it was made in his country….. he writes ,so yesterday and today when I woke up my sisters mention separately different works of him…. such beauty :-) charmy..

      • Fatema… I guess it’s the universe way of not letting us forget that they are our destiny…. It’s for reassurance I guess. Which is comforting… I acknowledge it and know the final reunion in very close. I already feel it in my soul and I feel very complete within myself, it’s just a matter of time before we finalize this union in the physical…

  9. To everyone here.. do u have a clue why r we all females suffering… is it cuz we females more sensitive or what….don’t men receive signs too…I believe they do…so why r they cuzing us to suffer an not show love :(

    • Fatema, the guys are suffering too… I see it in my twin’s eyes… It’s something bigger than us that’s working on both twins. It’s not our twin nor is it our faults… They are hurting too. They just show it differently

      • …but i doubt he knows i still love him…cuz on the day we met he after we had that look ; never looked back and i waited and waited and felt how wrong i was to have looked at him directly in the eyes…so i forgot about waiting…after a looong time almost an hour he looked back in a way like he knows or something..that i got too angry ;like “soo u knew it all and still hid it all that long” ;you come with that fun smile u don’t see how dissapointed was i

        he kept looking like waiting for me to respond…out of anger,feeling guilt and embaressment i never looked back i even turned my head away very clearly…he kept looking for a while.. and then nothing until we left.
        i also wanted him to take time to think being afraid it ‘s just a “like” not that “ancient love” .despite not knowing about the TF staff but i knew out of trusting Allah that if its good for us both we ll meet again

      • Keep the faith Fatema… You will… Sometimes hope and faith is all we have left but there is a reason for hoping and believing… What you hope for and have faith in will become true for you…Even when all hope is gone never lose faith…

  10. Hi All,

    I have been reading through the posts here, and just wanted to ‘share’ my very, very brief encounter with whom I now believe is my Twin Flame. I wont go into detail here about the meeting as such, only to say i knew him for 2 hours! I feel so silly writing this post, considering that 12 years ago we met, and from such a short time within his presense, he still lingers in my soul, its like I have tried so hard to consciously put him out of my mind, so i can fully live in the now; but the reason (i think) he stays so connected to me is because when we were touching (we were dancing together on the dance floor in a wine bar) I felt this surge on energy go right from my feet up through the crown of my head, and he asked me “did you feel that”? – I was so stunned by the energy itself, and also the fact that he could have simultaniously felt that too, that i just say “what was that”? and he said, “oh, nothing, it must have just been me”……and i didnt let him know that I too had felt it…….anyhow, he was a traveler, extremely charasmatic, and i was scared to get involved with a lover at the time, as i was headed abroard…..so i ran…i literally ran up the stairs as fast as i could! I did see him a second time, a few days later, but i had butterflies in my stomach- i couldnt bring myself to approach him! I found out from a friend who worked at the same place he did (Il Casino Restaurant, he was a piano player there) he soon left 2 weeks later, on the sailboat he was working on at the time, headed for New Caledonia. How crazy is it that this connection I experienced can still have so much meaning for me? I see the numbers everywhere after that, have done for years obviously…..i think knowing that our meeting sparked the awakening in me, this helps to understand the separation, and I have been fortunate enough to have had other spiritual awakenings happen since too! I know (and trust fully) that everything happens at exactly the time it is supposed to, and that I am here to let others know that they too are whole and complete already, that we all have all we ever need right inside ourselves, but we truly have forgotton havent we! We need to find ourselves again! Thank you for listening :)

  11. dear DivineGrace I wish U reunion sooon…. I just want to know how to think of what he ‘s thinking about and how to contact with him-how can u?

    • You don’t need to worry about what he is thinking… That’s your ego trying to control the situation. When you think you are least in control is when you are truly in control. I received most of the information about my twin when I am in a completely surrendered state. The universe guides me and information comes to me from all sources. Information is everywhere and all around you. However, if your mind, body and soul is not ready… You will not be able to decode those information in a way that will give you all the answers you seek. Sometimes the information is very literal and other times you have to interpret it.

      I have realize early on that my twin and i were almost the exact replica of each other. Eventhough we have our differences… They are few and very complementary…. God blessed me to have 4 months of physical communication. We talked a lot about any and everything. We talked about everything from our childhoods up until the moment we met and our daily life. We both realized our upbringing and the things that we have gone through was almost identical. I believe if we have been living almost identical lives before we met. Why would it change now. I believe God gave me those months so when the difficult times and fear try to sneak in I can remember how much alike we really are…. That’s why it’s important to know yourself. To know yourself is to know you twin. I also understand the ways in which we are different so I cannot almost predict his behavior in any setting.

      My twin is the most geniune, caring, loving and kindest person I have ever met…. I have never felt love like that…. It was felt at the core of my being. I have been told by guys and other people that they love me and they probably do in their mind but the love I felt from him needed no words. It was pure…. It was heavenly. I strongly believed I have received God’s Grace. He was God sent to me and for me. There is a reason for what’s happening now… God has never failed me and Allah will not fail you :-) God place the right people at the right to help me at my most confused and darkest moments.

      The twinflame will return and has to return because there was no resolution. When something hasn’t been resolve…. It cannot be over… Also, since the twin are apart of us as much as we are apart of them. There is a permanency there… Focus less on what’s your twin is doing and you will receive the answers when you least expect it but mostly need it. Let go and let that divine force takes over… It wants to help you but can’t because it respects your free will.

      • Divinegrace…these must have been a few months in heaven that u lived seeing him :) I wish u reunite soon;cuz i feel it is hard for those who tasted it than those who haven’t yet .am listening to your advice and trying to get my mind engaged away from thinking of him… but am really getting weaker; maybe like the feeling when one loses a beloved one…am much less active at home and at work…and I know it s out of my hand. am longing to restore my power…and more to seeing him… :*(

      • Fatema, what you are going through right now is very normal. I have been through that phase and sometimes nothing anyone say seem to help because all you want is your twin right here, right now to make everything better. You think they will be able to fix everything and make everything perfect again. However, the further along you go on your twinflame journey more things will be reveal to you but sometimes you have to experience it yourself to believe it. Some of the things I have seen or experience it’s hard to put in words… Just know it will get better. Everything is working out in your best interest…. You will appreciate it the closer you get to reunion. The pain and longing will go away or reduces tremendously. Somehow, I feel like my twin and I have already reunited in spirit or at the soul level. I have lost interest in the whole twinflame drama. I think the physical reunion is right around the corner. I feel like we have reunited already for some reason… Best Wishes Fatema

  12. Divine Grace..I’m noticing double digit numbers all the time. But I see them as reassurances instead of synchronicities. And I think I have finally gotten to the acceptance/surrender stage because I no longer ask any questions or confused about my TF. I focus on myself, my happiness because my TF knows on a soul level if I am happy or not. I’m working on my remaining insecurities, and talking with my TF on a conscious level since we aren’t physically connected. The other day, I spoke with him, asking why he hasn’t contacted me yet, and he “told” its because he is afraid. I’m reassuring him, of course. It might sound crazy, but “talking” with him is really helping. I finally understand what it means to “feel” him. Its all to do with intuition since that is the part which is connected to our soul. Does this make sense?

    • It makes a lot of sense Jackie. Working on our insecurities is also one the best gift we can give to ourselves. When we are happy with ourselves and are comfortable in our own skin it is reflected back to us through others and especially in our twins. You will realize people accept you and love you as you are… It takes a lot of burden off you because you don’t feel the need to be a people pleaser anymore. You can’t please everyone but when you are pleased with yourself everyone seem more accepting and please with you as we’ll. You are perfect Jackie… You are kind, you are thoughtful, very helpful and you try really hard to make everyone happy. It’s your turn to take care of you and even if you lose some people on the way…. You have gained yourself. Once you have yourself you have the world in the palm of your hand… All we need is already inside of us.

      • You’re right. I’ve tried hard to make everyone around me happy for so long, but never expected anything in return. Now, I’m starting to see what I have sewn. Its because I’m taking care of myself first. I have lost some people already, but its all good. They no longer add to my life experience. In fact, I’ve put aside so many negative people since my first meeting with my TF.
        I’m so happy and grateful I have no more confusion about my TF. It took me a while, but I’m certain he is my one true love, and we will see each other again. Is this part of surrendering/acceptance stage? Have I finally reached this stage?

      • When you have truly surrendered you will know… Jackie, sometimes during the twinflame union you can have fleeting moments of surrendering. That’s when you are surrendered or think you have surrendered then something happens and you try to control the situation again and that’s fine. The thing with surrendering you don’t even have to worry about it. It will come or happen naturally. You will not need anyone to tell you. You just know…. There comes a time when you are completely exhausted and tired of the roller coast ride. You have tried every trick in the book and everything just seems beyond your control.

        You just want to be free, so you let go and take it as it comes. One second at a time. No more worries, no more stress, no more fears, no more trying. You do what you feel like doing and You trust the process of life to do the rest.

        Jackie, you have to feel it in your spirit. When you have truly surrendered you don’t question it or still seek more knowledge or information. You can’t fake surrendering. The universe will put you to the test. If you haven’t surrender it’s not a bad thing either. The journey is not about the destination it’s about the process, the stages and the phases that’s the most colorful and interesting part of the journey. Once you reach the top of the mountain… What’s next? Just live in each moment and enjoy each moment and phases as they arrive…

  13. Happy to read all your last updates guys! :)

    If I read all ur stories, I can say I’m queit lucky. Yesterday I made finally decision to cutted all our connection virtually. But all ended up so nicely and full with positive energy. We can feel each other even support each other. I’m impressed of his patience in his confusion. How he tried to stand on me and kept contact even it was so hard for him, just to stay until I did really ready to let him go.
    Last week we communicated in dream, because I didnt know how to explain our condition in real life, so I tried to talk with him in a dream. It was surprised me because he paid attention of everything that I said and decided to go in order to fix his problem, but before he left he reassured me that he will be back, so I dont have to worry. He even kissed me softly with love, went away with his beautiful smile while his eyes still on me. I could still taste it after I woke up. After that dream, something extremely changing in me and him. I never felt so safe before, I slowly but surely let him go in the real life.
    Last sunday I asked him, how did he feel, he said he is neutral, no more electricity flow in his body, but before I said I felt him on saturday night. After I said, he admitted that he still felt it. At that time I realised that nothing can split us, even he tried to block all the connection between us. but I realised also that his pride is finally taking control back of him. What different is, I can feel his feminine side appear. He told me that he wants to end up his craziness and find a girl to have a real relationship. I was shocked for couple hours, but after that I could accept it and totally support him. My heart told me that he needs to be balanced again.
    I sent him a last email and told him that I love him, wish him the best for the next girl, I didnt feel any hurt when I wrote that, no pretending, I have faith that the time will coming soon, I can feel it. Thats why I want to give more space to both of us. He told me in a dream he will go for 1 week, and I said its too long, so he said 3 days and he’ll be back. :)
    Now every morning when I wake up, I’ll listen to this song:
    I can feel him around. Now physically apart is not a problem anymore for me.
    and one more thing, we can only know or sense the presence of our TF when we really dont have him on our mind. This evening while writing my paper, I suddenly hear his voice said “what are u doing now” then I can feel that he is thinking of me. I just smiled and keep writing. :)

    • OMG Zara !! I am so HAPPY for you !!!
      I don’t know what else to say
      how was it feel talking him in your dream was it so vividly clear? like its not only a dream?? I am so curious about how does the other people experience all these thing. . . the way you communicate in dream was it so clear like how you talk slowly in real life or you just got the feeling that you had a conversation . . . from what you said I ve got a feeling that I you are in a surrender phase but your twin is still on the run :( correct me if I am wrong.

      anyways hows thing between you and him now ?
      ^^ I have a feeling this July is going to be a good month hopefully for all of us !!

  14. Divinegrace…what do u mean about ur no more longing for tf staff…is this good or bad?would one miss those feelings or is it upgrading to a level kind of mixing between soul and body relationship?

    • Fatema, I think it’s a good thing. You cannot live in that confusing, crazy and painful state forever. Eventually, you have to grow through and move pass that phase or stage. I still love my twin and the universe still sends me daily signs that he is my destiny. He still stays on my mind. However, the impulsiveness and strong desire to contact him is not there anymore and I am grateful for it. It’s a welcome change. You will be happy and grateful when you reach this stage. There is a peace and calmness to it… There is reassurance as well that the reunion is basically now… That you are in the final reunion stage.

  15. What is neither of us wants to leave the other but he says he doesn’t want to be with me? We just reunited after 16 years. We originally meet when we were kids and the connection was there immediately. He was very persistent and I was so intimidated by this I ran. 16 years later I found him right after my separation from my husband. I found him on fb and contacted him. I had seen his profile before, but since we were both in relationships at the time, I chose not to contact him. I hadn’t even thought about him since, until I ran across his profile and felt that I had to contact him. I messaged him briefly; he was so excited to hear from me that he demanded we speak on the phone. We talked for hours and he wanted to jump on his car that night and come see me. I chose to wait. A few days passed and I finally agreed to see him at my house. He came over, so happy to see me and filled me in on his life. He was always a martial artist and in the past decade had become a disciple and Monk of a Shaolin Kung Fu Master. He is allowed to live outside the temple and marry, have children, etc because of the tips of path he has chosen as a Monk. Anyway, the connection was immediate and intense, just as when we were kids. We would stare into eachothers eyes and became intimate very quickly. I felt like I knew everything about him. When we were apart, I could speak to him and he would answer back, all in my head. I dreamed about him and connected to him through meditation. We spoke everyday, texted, communicated on fb. We spent a lot of time together, hours felt like minutes. The connection was so intense. I felt like every cell of my being loved and connected to his, my soul loved his soul, and our mind were connected. I knew when he was sad or angry though we hadn’t spoken and were miles away. I could just look at him and know what he was thinking, and he could do the same; we didn’t even have to speak complete sentences. I felt like I was making it up in my head, everything was so surreal. Synchronicities constantly made themself known. We had these intense arguments and would project onto eachother. All these fights lead to great insight and awareness for both of us, and we grew. Although, these arguments would bring one of us to analyze the relationship and one or the other would mention ending it, but we still haven’t been able to. No matter how hard I try I can’t leave; they pull to him is too strong and intense. It would be like cutting off all my limbs ( drastic and dramatic, but it’s that intense). Early on the intensity of the relationship scared the hell out of him because he still had issues regarding the split from his fiancee, so we decided to curb the physical intimacy. Everything else remained the same, just less physical contact which resulted in fewer meetings. We actually had to wean ourselves off of this because the physical attraction was so strong. Eventually, all physical intimacy stopped and we kept it that way for a few months. Without the physical aspect of our relationship, our emotional and spiritual bonds grew rapidly. I learned everything about him, which in turn caused me to fall madly in love with him. Once I revealed this to him verbally (I knew he already knew this) it became too real for him and he started to pull away. As soon as he did this, negativity was drawn to him. As soon as he started reconnecting with me, he started to grow and prosper again. This drew us back together and eventually we were sexually intimate once more. This was a little over a week ago. He again became scared of the connection and started to push me away again. I again am trying to walk away and give us both space and time to figure things out, but he is pulling me back again. He visited the monastery where his Master lives and his Master revealed that through meditation and other spiritual means, he’s been watching us. When I asked my TF what was revealed, he was very vague and just said that his Master stated that our walk was supposed to be for a short time, because we were both hurt individuals. I left it at that and we haven’t spoken since yesterday. I feel like I can’t be without him, but at this time I simply can’t ” have” him. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can’t focus. I can only feel the pull to him and intense sadness. I don’t know what to do.

    • Typed on my ” smart” phone. I hope y’all can get past the grammar mistakes. I had so much to say. I’ve never spoken about this in such detail. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Vinnie1234, I understand your pain… I felt that same way towards the end of July last year. I went months without sleeping or eating properly and barely functioning. It’s since starting this blog on March 27, 2013 that as helped me cope a lot better with the separation. That day was the beginning of my recovery from the pain and suffering this twinflame union separation has brought me. Reading, talking and sharing stories and experiences have helped with the healing process. Listening to inspirational music and working out alot at the gym have helped me to channel my energy in a productive way… Dancing has help me lot as well, eventhough sometimes I had to force myself to be upbeat enough to dance.

      It has gotten a lot better since then… I am doing great now ;-) You will get through it. Before, you know it it will be over. Things happen so fast eventhough it seems like it’s taking forever… I have seen so many change in me since I started this blog and it’s only been less than 4 months… The pain doesn’t last. It comes in bouts… If you need to cry… Cry… You will probably cry for a few minutes then you are fine again. Eventually, it will all go away… You won’t even know how to cry anymore. You will just accept it and realize these things are not happening to you. You are just picking up on what’s happening in the world. It’s not your pain and you don’t need to bare it… ;-)

      Best Wishes and hope you recover soon or figure out what’s really happening :-)

  16. Hey my lovely group! DivineGrace, a question came to me today: if/when communication with my twin resumes, I’m trying to find the best way to put it… what approach should I/we use? I mean it’s been over 6 mo. now, and he left me broken-hearted, knowing full well it would be devastating if he did. I trust and understand that he must have had good reasons. Should I try to guide him here to see that so many other couples went through exactly the same thing we did? Are they ready to learn all this? Ultimately, is it up to me to show him all this, or should I let his inner guidance bring him here, you know, the same way we all found it? What I’m really asking is, might me dumping all of this info on him right off the bat scare him away again? Should we not try so hard? I don’t know how to react if/when he comes back… I experienced a range of emotions when he ran, and the conversation can go in any of the directions… I hope I can be compassionate and loving and understanding, not bitter. The sadness was almost unbearable… What am I saying?? OF COURSE I’m going to melt and be loving, there is no choice, the love is just all encompassing and unconditional!

    • I think you should not worry about what to say or do and just let it happen naturally. Worrying about the future is worrying about something that doesn’t even exist yet. I think the most important thing is that you listen when he does come back. Listen to your dreams, your sub conscience, your insight, and most of all him. You’ll get your answers that way. If he is meant to see this, he will. I wouldn’t push him to compare to other twin flames, though we go through the same stages, each twin flames couple is unique. Just show him you’re unconditional love and let your actions (and his) speak. That is were here for, the words, the conversations, advice, and the worry. He’ll be there for the experience. Besides, you’ll know eachother so well, words won’t need to be spoken.

    • Thrushesandwrens, I also had a 5-6 months period where I didn’t communicate with my twin and I had a mini breakdown… That was 2 months ago. I shared this story with another person going through this under the twinflame reunion stages. Take a look at that conversation between jajajjaja and me back in May. I believe you should guide or help him if you can, give him some idea of what’s going on but don’t bombard him with the information. He is hurt and confused too. He is not trying to hurt you. Thrushesandwrens he loves you very much. I remember doubting my twinflame because I thought he was mean and cruel for not replying to my messages… Now, I know it’s very difficult for him.

      He have read everything I have ever sent him. He enjoy hearing from me eventhough some of the things I said upset him because I lashed out at him at times because he wasn’t replying. However, when I lashed out at him he replies to those… So, if he replies to the ones where I snap at him that means he has to read all of them… When I send him great messages he knows I am ok so he doesn’t need to worry… It’s easier for us to fight each other because we know deep in our hearts it’s not time for the final reunion. If we focus too much and the good and lovey dovey stuff it’s just going to make the separation and waiting period more difficult. When my twin and I argue I don’t take it seriously anymore. In the beginning I would panic and quickly apologize that’s because I didn’t understand what was happening. That’s before I realize we were twin flames.

      The truth is the runners don’t have much control over their behavior…. They want to be with us too but don’t know how… They feel everything in their life has become out of control since meeting us and they think we are the reason for it. The runners are in pain too. Sometimes the pain we are feeling is their pain and we think it’s us hurting. Most of these guys were not thought how to express or deal with their emotions. It was seen as a girly thing. So they are very uncomfortable with it and don’t know what to do with these emotions that came about as a result of meeting us.

      Thrushesandwrens do what you feel like, your twin is you basically in the male form… Whatever, you think your twin will appreciate do it…. If you think he doesn’t understand, then help him understand… Direct him to information about it. Sometimes he needs to see and hear from a third party to believe it. There is nothing you can do to damage the union. It’s a divine soul union…. Nothing can stop the reunion from happening. It will happen… The same way your mom had to wait 9 months give or take to give birth to you. I am sure in the process at times when it got uncomfortable she wanted you to be born already but she had to wait because it was not time. She was probably even confused and worried because she heard of people having miscarriages but at some level she trust the process and you need to trust the process. Twinflame union as been happening for thousands of years and there is a process to it. Nothing is new under the Sun… Things may evolve and we may call it different names but it’s the same process…

      Do it if you feel like doing it… Trust your guts… Godspeed

      • Oh DivineGrace, you just made me cry tears of joy! Everything you said feels so right, he loves me very much, I know, he said it so many times, and told me how unbelievably breathtaking I was! But we need to hear it and be reassured from someone, and that someone is you! Thank you Grace! And to hear with such certainty that “there is nothing you can do to damage the union. Nothing can stop the reunion from happening. It will happen… ” I believe you, thank you!!!

    • Hello, everyone

      Ive been busy trying to get my life back on a right track!! so I didn’t have much time reading all the conversation you guys are having here,

      dear thrushesandwrens,

      good question there!! I was wondering that myself too!

      you know while I was busy trying to be truth to my self ” life + career”
      I noticed that I become more calm and less frustrated about all the twinflame stuff . . . I stopped worrying about HIM and moving on with my life . . . and suddenly It’s like he is no longer running away ( It’s not like he’s accepting ,e or coming back to me but he just stop running) I mean like 2-3 weeks ago he would not answering my sms or read my LINE and on the instragram . . . you know what He DID ???! he LIKED my pics and instantly UNLIKED them this behaviour had been going on since he ran so its about 3 – 4 weeks now. . . until about a week ago he stopped the “unliked habit” of his and yeah now he still liked my IG and I can see his likeds.

      well . . . my point is I think because I quitted my previous job on 30th last month and persuiting my career choice and started doing some projects having fun with my job . . . doing what I actually wanted. . . loving my self?? I feel like he became less defensive and running slower (or hopefully stop running…)

      If I happen to get a chance to communicate with him I will just go slow . . . like very very SLOW, because I know I tend to rush thing :( for me I don’t think directly sending him stuff about Twinflame would be a good idea though
      what I would do is posting or mention something about this, or giving him some clues and let him works it out himself.

      but thats just me every twin has their own way of working things out ^^

      and yes what I am saying here!!?

      “What am I saying?? OF COURSE I’m going to melt and be loving, there is no choice, the love is just all encompassing and unconditional!”

      I would throw all those thing I wrote there up and be so overwhelming with LOVE and excited!!! things would make no sense and I wouldn’t be able to act reasonably!!!

      may the angels guide your way . . .
      goodluck to you all

      • Pupe, I believe him liking then unliking your picture shows how confused and unsure he is about what’s going on… We really can’t blame our twins for their behavior… They are as confused, nervous and worried as we are at times. My twin as been reading lot about how to reunite with your twinflame? So, I know he wants the reunion to happen but it’s out of his control… It’s also out of my control… I know he wants to be with me more than ever and I want to be with him too … Unfortunately, we don’t decide when and how the final reunion happen… We just know it’s near…

      • DivineGrace, I hope you have you reunion soon. . .do you sense or see any more sign indicated the reunion? Are you in contact with your twin right now DivineGrace I think its good that you and your twin both have been reading a lot about the twin flame I bet mine wouldn’t even know the terms :( maybe time will make me became more certain about his feeling towards me I mean I know that He is the one but I can’t say that he wants to be with me as badly as I want to be with him . . . people keep saying that ” If a guy want to be with you he will chase you and do everything for you” well . . . I know Twin flame is not a normal case but still . . . It’s like I am so sure about all of this but I also have my doubt sometimes . . .
        maybe its my emotion, my emotion become more like a roller coaster these days, I don’t know why, 1 day I feel like a dry fish another I feel like walking on the clouds. . . so I began to think about what you wrote about the tein flame connection like I we could sense each other’s feeling . . . so how would I know which one is mine and which feeling is from him? I am so want to be certain on your twin flame like you DivineGrace. I am so envious of you.

        may all the angels guide your path
        all the best

      • As you said Pupe, only time will tell. Even if you have a certain knowing and the information you receive are confirming it. The more time past and the closer you get to the reunion the more things feel more certain and concrete. The doubts will fade away. Your twin as doubts about your love for him as well… So you are not the only one experiencing the doubting phase. I said doubting phase because we all question this love at some point.

        I know my twin as tried to test me to see if I would talk to other guys after we started arguing and stop communicating like we use to… He had his friend try to talk to me to see if I would fall for another guy. Of course he denied knowing this guy and the guy denied knowing my twin but I found a picture of them together a few months later so I know they are very good friends… I know my twin have friends all over the country. He told me he travel a lot have friends all the country. He has revealed a lot to me in the beginning that he probably forgot he even told me. These things are now playing out in our experience and they have been giving me insights to him and the things that have been happening. It is almost as if the time we were in communication before the confusing and separation was a foreshadowing of things that were to come.

        I know my reunion is basically here because it’s that same knowing that have been guiding me all my life. Even before I met my twin I knew there was someone just for me… I had an imaginary person that I would talk to from a very early age and even as an adult before I met my twin in real life. My twin fit the essence of that person in my imagination perfectly. I even knew before the arguments and separation happened that we were going to temporarily separate….

        It’s that same knowing that as been guiding me throughout this entire process. Even though, I sometimes lose it and go crazy temporarily. The knowing is always there that everything is for a greater good… It’s all apart of the process. It is ok to not know what’s going to happen next, it’s ok to lose control, it’s ok to worry, it’s ok to vent, it’s ok to feel hurt, vulnerable and sad.

        Pupe, everything is done in stages and have phases. It took me awhile to figure out things. Even now I still have my moments. Sometimes I burst out crying for no reason and feeling some deep heart-wrenching pain after I have been doing great for awhile. As quick as it comes it goes away, in those moments I think it’s my twin hurting because I feel so detach from it. I don’t feel it’s me… It’s so out the blue it doesn’t make any logical sense other than I am channeling my twin pain.

        The way it work with me it’s like an outer body experience. I see myself doing and behaving a certain way, even saying certains things but I know it’s not me.
        Even listening to a certain thing or doing things I wouldn’t normally do… Those moments I know I am channeling him…

        Everything is a feeling and a knowing… I also know when I am channeling something other than my twin…

      • Thank you Pupe! I think you are on to something! When you started to take care of yourself, and be happy and whole WITHOUT him, as I understand, he will start feeling like that too! And only when we are absolutely wholesome and strong will we be brought together again! Sounds like you are on the right track!! Stay strong! :D

  17. Hi,
    Is it correct that 11:11s (and other syncs) occur both in Twin Flame connections as well as painful Karmic soul connections ? Does 11:11 appearing in the middle of a Karmic connection mean that I’ve met my Twin Flame but have been made aware of it because of the ongoing connection ? Does it guarantee that seeing 11:11 will ultimately lead me to my Twin Flame even though I may not be aware at the moment ?

    Thanks in advance.
    - vck

    • Vck, it was after I met my twinflame that I started noticing the 11:11 and other synchronized numbers and events… When you are separated from your twinflame it is very painful. I have never felt such pain and love at the same time in any other connection… I was not aware that I had met my twin or knew about twinflame either at the time. It was later I started receiving all the signs and guidance alerting me that something profound has happened and is happening and I need to stay alert… I believe the universe has been guiding me every step of the way…. Try reading the phases of the twinflame reunion, twinflame dynamic and signs to see if any of it resonates with you. Karmic is not necessarily bad… All soulmate connection including the twinflame connection is karmic in nature… There are many articles in the right-hand column you can read to help shed light on your situation…

    • I did’t know anything regarding twinflame, when I met my twin vck but after the separation I felt so lost and confused. I was trying to find an answer for what happen to me now, very desperately. Why couldn’t I just forget about him despite his action? What happen between us? Why did I feel so right when I am with him? and go on . . . still . . . I couldn’t find an answer until . . . the NUMBER happen . . . it just suddenly appeared in a synchronised events. . . like the first time I noticed the number was the car license 1111 it was around morning time . . . I was on my way to my office. During my lunch break I did some research about all the thing I had on my mind . . . then . . . I found stuff about twin flame . . . I found this website I read about all the stuff including the angelic sign and synchronised event + number . . . I was oh alright I see hmm hmm hmm , I didn’t expect it to happen to me back then . . . but on that day while I was driving home I saw so many repeating 3 digits and 2233 888 1212 and I thought it was just me or I just make that up in my head like when you know something you will start to notice that thing more right . . . . So I was kinda arguing with myself in my head. then when I was waiting for the traffic light. I thought ” what if HE is my TF that would explain everything . . . ” then I looked up and the number on the traffic light said “111″ I was so thrilled and quite amazed !!

      and since then my whole world changed, I look at thing and see thing in different light . . . it just so . . . enchanted ??? I don’t know what word is right for all these experiences we are facing now . . .

      and yes I noticed all those thing after I separating with my TF

      love <3

  18. This is beautiful what u experience grace…I had a little of this at some time before. You know what…as I was writing this comment my fb notification alarm showed someone of my name and same father name whose profileic is a bride fiancee with her groom. What this… do u koknow too..his father s name is same as mine.. and our first two letters of our names in English are the same :,)

  19. girlz i wish to understand what more is common about us; for example it seems like am being much more attractive to kids; one day a 1 yr old baby rushed to me while sitting on floor of mosque and just simply placed his head on my lap; many other kids make friends with me more easily and tightly bound to me-thank God :) …do u have this symptom…cuz i wasn’t used to this before… how do u act in life? do u always prefer forgiveness or so? did u have lot of troubles in ur life? i wish to find what is common bet. us

  20. For me, even if I’m letting go more and more, I still see double digit numbers. They kinda reassure me. I’m still working on tapping into my feminine energy because I know this will attract the masculine energy in my TF. For so long, I had put aside my feminine energy, blocking it so my boyfriend doesn’t see me cry or tell him what I needed. In my couple, I was being “the guy”,with all the masculine energy coming out. I never let myself feel. I’m getting my girly side back day by day. Its not easy.
    Deep down, I know I’m not ready to be with my TF, not until I feel myself again. Not until I feel like that girl who my TF hugged twice.

    • Jackie, it’s strange you said you don’t feel because I felt all your deep hidden emotions. To be honest I actually tried to pull back from you a little and not get so caught up in your emotions. I was feeling everything you weren’t saying. You have a lot of deep emotions underneath the surface. You remind me of my Twin in the way you try to be so diplomatic and make sure everyone is happy and forgetting to take of your own needs and put yourself first. Maybe if I understand you more I will understand my twin’s emotional style….

      • In responses to how we’re alike- I to have had the experience of kids being drawn to me. Babies will coo at me and follow me with their eyes around a room. Kids automatically feel close to me and hug me. As for my life, it’s been extremely difficult. There’s been heartbreak, struggle, poverty, abuse, neglect, abandonment, lies; my entire life. This is also true for my TF. We had very similar experiences growing up. In fact, we literally lived within blocks of eachother or moved to the same side of town, one after another. It was like we were following eachothers path around the city we live in. In fact, he started training in martial arts the year I was born. Everything that’s happened in our lives have had this profound connection. We realized this early on, I believe the acknowledgement of this and the discovery of the TF relationship is part of what scared him to pull away.

      • Divine Grace.. I am working on my feelings, sorting through them. For so long, I had shut down, and now I’m getting back to myself, making sure I am happy first and taking care of myself first. Yes, I do have a lot of deep emotions underneath the surface. Sometimes, it boils out and explodes… I’m working on that too. If I go without meditation a day or two, I feel the anxiety. And that probably comes out through my words. I also capture a lot of energy from others. Thats why I pull away from this group a bit. I need to pull away from the exterior aspects and reach into myself to heal. Right now, I’m focusing on getting my vintage jewelry business going, using my creative side and just being happy.
        I’ll talk to you all very soon.

  21. Divine Grace.. You’re such a lovely person. :-) I really appreciate your help with my TF experience and now my jewelry business. I know this isn’t quite the place for advertising my jewelry, but if you have a small spot for me, that would be wonderful. You have certainly made my day. Here’s my link. http://roxie-loulou.weebly.com/
    Concentrating on myself and my business is really helping me. And having this forum to share without judgement is a god-send. Thanks so much Divine Grace.

  22. Divine, I have a question: why I keep seeing sequence number? it happens so often everyday even now I can say I wanna get rid of my TF and my feel to him until now is still totally blocked. I start to doubt that he is my TF. Even wanna stop reading ur blog, but when it happens I’ll see sequence number and of course I’ll land here.

    • Zara, I want to stop reading my blog too ;-). I want to get away from this blog so bad but something keep me coming back… I want to move on so bad…

      • sooo…once more what s up…we all started to have doubts to calm down and lose patience for our tf? u think it s good or bad? !!!

      • Fatema, I don’t know anymore ;-) I am over it… I need to move on… I waited patiently and faithfully for over a year… I refused to spread another month waiting on him to deal with his issues. I have to move on I don’t care about synchronicities, coincidence or any of the signs I have been receiving. I feel like I have been living in a circle… Just going around and around. I need to get out before I go crazy…;-)

      • exactly DivineGrace, I feel tired with all of this, life muss go on with or without our TF. I’m sure when we already understand what unconditional love is, we dont need our TF anymore, because happiness is us ourselves. We do really know love that we have has to be the same love that we will give to our TF, world, people. spread our wings and fly! ^_^

  23. Hallo Jackie, long time not communicate each other. My problem is I just met my TF 2 days ago. That was so horrible that I really wanna forget that moment. We decided not to keep in touch anymore. I agreed. I dont know what will happend tomorrow, but at til this moment I cant sense my TF, the feeling like door locked. Well out met yesterday was against the universe, I listened to ego then went visit him, that was so odd that I couldnt feel anything while touching him.
    Things look changing now, but I wonder why I keep seeing this sequence number even his name pop up often. I just wanna convince my self to be happy because he is not the one for me, according to our last meeting.

    • Just give it some time Zara. That’s what I am doing eventhough its hard to let that happen. I met my TF for the first time in February, and again last month. Our meetings were super brief. He still hasnt contacted me. No acknowledgement whatsoever. This is what makes me wonder what the heck. Keep yourself busy. Meditate. See how things go in a bit. Hope you feel better. Sending you lots of love.

      • sure I’ll do it Jackie, seems like life is more easier without any electricity flows in my body. I dont mind with syncronizing as far as I dont feel the energy. :)

        you too Jackie, and I wish you all the best for ur online shop! ;)

      • Ladies, since meeting for TF have any of you experienced accelerated time ( hours feel like minutes) or time lapses (where you get from point “a” to point “b” and can’t remember how)?

      • Yes, I definitely have been experiencing it Vinnie… I feel like time is fly by me… I also feel stuck… I want to move on but I feel I can’t… I feel like I am going around in circles… Also, when I look back at some of the things I have said and done it doesn’t seem like I was in control when I was doing it… It’s like I am being directed and control by something… I have been trying to move on from my twin and a few minutes ago a message flash on the TV “connect with ….” and it had my twin flame name… I hope my twin is ok. As much a I want to move on… I want him to be safe and ok.

  24. Hi guys!…. we are in the running and chasing stage lol…. I can totally relate to all ur experiences, the grief the brief bliss, the silence …. yikes!!… But of course, I can never stop loving him. Ours has not gone beyond FB, we both are in different continents with 11 1/2hrs time difference, 10yrs age difference…. totally an impossible physical relationship. I’m happily married, but still was destined to meet him…I feel guilty to the core, but know this is divine and an unavoidable fate….Trust God :)

    • Hey nidhi! Isn’t it an amazing thing, ALL of us, same journey!! My twin and I also struggled with feeling guilty to the core… that’s what made him run. We also never met in person, I don’t know what he looks like. But we found each other, even though we weren’t looking for love, love brought us together! “When you become love, love comes to you!” I keep thinking, what if not all of twins are meant to have a romantic relationship, you know?

      • Hey thrush!,
        The beauty of TF relationship is we are more telepathic, and connect through soul and all the divine energies are giving us signs and assuring that we are on the right path. I have completely surrendered myself to God, he brought me to my TF and he will lead me further. I’m from a traditional Indian family and mine was an arranged marriage. I’ve been through so much bliss and Love with my TF that I never knew existed. I didn’t realise I missed all this in my life until I met this guy and had those feelings with him. I’m very straight forward and believe that we should communicate and resolve things, rather than silence… So I wrote him a huge letter telling him that I had these feelings for him and felt very guilty about it… I kept stressing that I love and respect my husband very much, and asked him to google about TFs. He might have done his research and is sticking around me for now. He has been through lot of pain and separation in his teenage years so he’s cautious… Both of us have evolved spiritually after knowing each other, which is the essence of a TFr. I’m 100% sure I will not meet him personally in this life time and have prepared myself to accept and move on as close friends….. Life is very short and we should enjoy the precious time we have on this earth. Knowing and Telling him about TF’s has helped me a lot, we are no more confused and have accepted the fact.
        This is what I learnt from my experience,….Research, Communicate and be patient (don’t chase too much) and let them know that this is a divine intervention and cannot escape it and make God your best friend, that is very important. You have done your part and the rest depends on the maturity of your TF and Fate. Like you mentioned Trush, I have read if TFs don’t unite physically in this life, then they are called unprepared twins and still have Karma to repay and their physical reunion is destined only for their next life and that life will be the last human life and become angels after that. So they are united for Eternity…..he is the one, not all beings are blessed to even recognise their TF, we should be thankful for that. lol
        Love and Light to all TF’s here…..God Bless you :)

  25. But yes, he mistrusts me, as I said I love an individual more than the universe, he will think… Awwww what individual…. I want to say, daddy it is you but he doesn’t understand…

    Now next he will deliberately show off a photo with his gf and then I will throw water on his face in my mind and cut off…

    And then he will understand oh no, I hurt her for nothing

    Then he will lure me back into his love and when we are at the heights of happiness, he will suddenly mistrust me again and this cycle will continue forever…

    All two flames, our biggest problem is that we love too much ;) this is also very chidish

  26. hi girlz…i miss u all :) it has been a long time for me :) sorry for that but i wasn’t doing well for sometime plus i had problem with my internet connection. i envy ur being that close to each other haha. :) and u know what I am kind of surprised why r we getting away from our tfs…is it a phase? or is it an end…and Sadha I don’t know about ur feeling it s a kind of being more realistic and away from the soul feeling we experienced; like ignoring it…i luv ur loving ur husband and i fear my tf thinks ur way…cuz am kinda stuck here…i now escape proposals :( like no more think of it.

    • Oh no Fatema, luckily i love my tf only. I am single and now for the sake of my twin. I hope he knows it. He is a mischievous elf. Very much like me, a mere child.

      I can’t love him unconditionally. Actually my comment was prompted by your story only where you said you were happy for your tf having another baby. Well, it hurt me, your pain hurt me. I never dreamt you will read my comment but you inspired it anyway. You live your twin unconditionally, but somehow i can’t do this. Why we all girls are suffering. I know guys are in trouble too but they speak less. The question is if i love my twin, should I lose him too for the sake of unconditional love. If he goes for a baby thing after knowing me, i am not going to forgive him. I am not going to forgive him for all the disloyalties he has done after knowing me, after loving me so intensely in spirit, if he could go to another, how i am supposed to forgive him. I love him so much butbi will never forgive him. This doesn’t decrease my love. If he is a flame, i am a flame too, i am not a rag bag.

      Unconditional love should not mean we endure the wrongs of the beloved with a smile. That’s what i wanted to impress upon. And in your case, if i were you, i would have moved on. Thankfully my twin never let me touch the rock bottom of hopelessness and I know nobody can take his place in my heart. But it is not right t become a victim of unconditional love. Love comes with conditions and first is honesty, second is courage. There can be no love without these, only a hopeless longing.

      That’s what i meant dear Fatema, i really felt hurt by your story, i still feel a pang in my heart… For you.

      • thank you dear Sadha for your feelings; but he man is already married and the date baby to b born shows a one single month before we met :)
        …and now i should be fair; cuz according to human considerations am the extra one..an how could he deprive his respectable wife of her right in building a family…in our arabic and muslim community a family life isnt easy to break and rebuild with new couples by separation or so…am torn between wishing them the best and loving him….like i was happy but cried for knowing his family is growing which fades my dreams :(
        ….you know after we met… i found an old writing about what he said about his wife;whom he married a very few years ago…wonderful words…that i just cried telling myself”see…u have no space here he loves her for the core of his heart”…he is very peaceful and kind; he and i can’t cuz pain for someone who did no fault like her. but i still know or think… he felt that connection;cuz when he was on stage that night ;when he looked back @ me and i turned away my face he kept looking…and he for some good time almost forgot the words and stopped talking totally….
        i don’t know but we have two different lives..but he is totally a very big part of me now that i cant forget or avoid considering . it s all in God ‘s hands;He gave us this love and He will bring us what is fair and pleasing.
        ….Sadha..one more thing why did u think i wouldn’t see ur comment? I luv reading every comment u all girlz write :)

    • And dear Fatema, if you misunderstood me and thought that I love my non existent husband, I think there is something vague with my language skills, ;) my twin misunderstands me all the time ;)

      But if you ask me even if I gad a husband I would have loved my twin more, when my I came to know my tf, it was around valentines day, I just saw my twins photo on twitter and decided to reject every proposal that came on valentines, it was three or four proposals, instead I asked mr. Twin on twitter, how was your valentines day in India. He didn’t reply but only indirectly with a lonely looking pic. He is mischievous.
      and I didn’t know he was my twin, I just fell in love with him suddenly. I had prayed for my twin a few days back, never dreamt I will really find him.

      But the point is, if I really had a husband, I would have loved my twin. I would have left my husband too for my real other half. Husbands are made by the world artificially, but the twin is much more than a husband or a wife, parent or child. A flame is a flame, he is me, I love him more than myself, I could do that much to him. I hope your twin loves you too that way, may be someday he will gather courage to assert himself and his soul. But if he cannot, it is not adviseable to keep waiting for him forever.

      I am nobody to suggest whether you should stay or move on. You should ask your conscience dear …. But personally, in circumstances like yours, I would have tried to move on, thats it.

      Make your choices wisely dear, every woman needs a brave man, flame or no flame, a man who can stand for her, assert for her. For me, this is the ultimate criteria, men are our saviours even in the modern world, this cannot be denied.

      All the best ;)

      • …but rules r rules Sadha..justice sholdn’t be forgotten afterall;
        i ll tell an example; i read on another website that one may have more than one twin flame…imagine now he found another…should he leave for that new one?
        I thank God there is a possibility a man can marry two wives-in our religion; despite it isn’t very favourable…one that i never lked for myself;one that isn’t favourable in modern communities;but i don’t know may be it could be life saving for the three of us one day….who knows .

    • Hey fatema, I am a lost soul just like you. I am lucky my twin is a very nice person and he is an advocate of breaking rules, I guess. Actually, he should answer your doubts, not me ;)

      He has a child too and he came three months after my knowing dad. I cried the whole night because I thought I had lost him. Don’t take me wrong, I love his baby, he inspires love in me too… And my twin never let me go for long. He is not married and takes pains in convincing me that sex can be casual, love cannot be… Yes, he has hurt me a lot often under a belief that i was betraying him. He was jealous and tried to make me jealous with his hurting behaviour.

      But finally his smile is the most beautiful smile in the universe and i can do anything for that smile… I hope he will rise above his timidity and shyness someday and will be ready to face firsthand the intensity of us…

      • Anyway if I start behaving casually he will be the first person running around crying and blaming… These are the things men say to women to fool them. As if unconditional love is only for women, and men can do anything… Oh well !!

  27. I am just trying to remember who I was before tf experience happened to me. I was a successful person as I am today. I was pretty as I am today. I used to think that men are redundant, I can have my life, I was not emotionally dependent. And what happened now…all changed… I love my twin, but a union is not necessary, all this pain is not necessary, I can love him anyway… But can’t pressure him, right, this is not right.

    All of us are longing for a union and thats why we suffer. I have decided to think that it is not necessary. I came to know him that is a blessing enough and I am thankful. But I no longer want to drag myself through fire…

    I love him, respect him, nearly worship him… But thats it, we are very different, we cannot become like each other… In fact this is good.

    Today I feel like I am releasing two birds from captivity, one him and the other me… It is okay, I am sad but I am too tired now, too tired…

  28. When he shares his insecurities with me, i love him all the more. I think i should share mine with him. We are afterall humans. I can’t leave my loved one alone after knowing his problem.

    Or may be it is only a little voice in my head.

    But i love him all the more.

  29. I just wanted to emphasize that should not confuse their running behaviour with lack of love. Just that they need more healing.

    Once I was so much in rapture, I thought my twin is both my father and my child, I came out of him and I came out of him. :) this relationship is very deep. Btw, I am also a very reserved person and avoid society, crowd, partying etc. And he looks like very opposite.. hmmm..

    We need to understand them.

    You must have felt this too, that there are certain forces in the universe that want to unite us… and there are other forces that want to keep us separate,.

    It is beautifully described in my religion, Hinduism… where God is a combination of male and female powers.. and the world cannot come into being if they do not unite.

    You want your twin, I want mine, but the repercussions of a union are bigger than a man meeting a woman, because, he is that God, you are that Goddess, your union brings a whole new world into being… our love is only an initiation into something far greater…

    And to reach there, yes, we need to make big efforts and serious sacrifices and suffer uncertainty each moment. It is not mere love, it is a tough quest for the holy grail….

    I wish you well dear, your soul has not given up through eternity in this holy quest of wholeness, please continue, this is not easy…. challenges are meant to be tough and Universe offers them to those who have that heroic, special quality in them. All this pain is a manifestation of love…. glad we are the chosen ones .

    Much love and good wishes…

    • Hi Beebs… Seeing your TF’s name everyday is a sign if you believe it to be. For me, I see my TF’s name often. I also see same number over and over again, every day. It kinda reassures me that I’m on the right path. :-)

      • aah jackie, somehow after read ur comment above, I got the answer from my question: why do I see so often twin number? e.g 12.33, 11.44 12.21 13.31 etc. I wondered what this all mean, but now I think I got the answer, maybe universe wanna reassure me that TF is exist, if he is mine? can be! :)

  30. before I know TF concept, a long long time ago I used to get conjoined twins stuff unintentionally often, for instance: banana, chocolate, etc. I was scared because I thought maybe I’ll get conjoined twins kids in the future. is it possibly a sign to prove the existence of twin flame? well, it looks like I tend to relate all the thing happend in my past and at the moment with TF concept, bit being freaky.

    • You want to hear something freaky with my TF? My life experiences are so similar to my TF that sometimes I get goosebumps thinking about it. We are so much the same. From our family backgrounds, to having twins in both our families, to what we like and long relationships. Its like everything before our physical meeting led up to that moment.

      Synchronicities before and around the moment you meet are something to look for too. You don’t see them right away, but they are there. Happened to me twice. Its freaky. But now that we met twice and that he has my phone number, I get so nervous and scared that he forgets me and doesnt call me because he hasn’t done that yet. So thats why whenever I notice similar numbers, I also wonder if he is thinking of me too.

      I try not to think about him or the fact he hasn’t contacted me yet. But its not easy some days.

      • keep in faith Jackie, when he is yours, nothing can seperate both of you. reach his soul and keep shining, one day he will find his way to go baack home ;), Godspeed!

  31. Jackie. Thanks for the comment above. I see and hear the signs I asked for over and over. Two in particular I prayed one night for a clear and definite sign that he was my TF right before I went to bed. The next morning I received an email from him. Mind you the email was hacked and not really from him but when I woke to read my emails in the morning and saw his name in my inbox I almost died. Another sign is that I said that if I hear or see anything with crickets that would be a clear sign. Well my son came home from school and his homework was to read a book called “The cricket in Times Square”. Not only the word cricket but Times Square was the first places we had gone away together. I get really anxious when I don’t see something as a sign and then start to doubt myself. I know I shouldn’t but the damn ego won’t shut off sometimes!

    • Hi Beebs. Geez! I should pray for a clear and definite sign too. I mean, meeting my TF twice in unusual circumstances, non planned way, is definitely something, right? I write romance novels with stories like this one and others. There should be no doubt in my mind he is my TF. Thing is last night, I finally had an a-ha moment. I now realize that this issue is not him, its me. I don’t trust myself…. well I do kinda in a way, but not enough I guess. When I think of all the moments previous, during and after our meetings, everything was done with a green light from my gut. So I shouldn’t worry about him forgetting me and not calling me because everything feels right. And I realize that my negative energy(including fear, doubts and worries) was pushing the positive away which means I was pushing away his contacting me. Does that make sense?
      And here I was thinking he’s not interested in me or slightly interested and easily distracted. But if I think about the real reason behind this, the one that makes more sense to me, it takes away all the pressure, letting the positive energy reach me. It might take some time for that to happen, but I can be patient.

  32. I think sometimes you have to be clear of what you are asking for so when you get a clear sign there should be no doubt. Try it see if it works. From what I understand TF do meet in unusual circumstances,or non planned way. I am no expert. Still learning myself. Doing as much research as I can. One thing that I do not agree with is some theories that say your TF is or can be in another realm like alien type stuff. Don’t buy it and will never buy it. It’s just too far out there for me. :)

    • You’re right Beebs. We have to be clear in what we ask or pray for. I’ve noticed when I’m not clear, I get either nothing or something totally different. I’m learning too about. Some days are harder than others, but thank goodness I have a page like this to talk about my experiences. :-)
      As for the alien or another realm, I don’t believe that either. It doesn’t resonate with me at all. I think and believe our TF reincarnates in the same lifetime. My TF is 5 years older than me. But I’ve noticed we have lived similar lives and have similar backgrounds. We also have a lot of things in common. I’m so grateful to have met him twice. He’s like my magnet to me and me to him.
      And now that I’ve learned to trust myself more, the doubts, fears and worries(negative energy) are going away a bit more with each passing moment.
      I have to remember to stay positive, think positive in order to attract the positive from my TF.

  33. I have met my Twin December 30th 2012 (numerology = 11). The moment we locked eyes I felt this unbreakable string erupt from around my diaphraghm and my navel, that connected right with his. It was an immediate feeling of love beyond Earthly definitions. From that moment on, he has never left my thoughts. I remember going home that day, completely entranced. When I got home I sat down on a chair and just stared into empty space for a while. I had no idea what had happened to me. I did not even know about Twin Flames back then. We immediately shared intimate moments, so strong that the energy (which I in my mind imagine to be white and gold, and silvery pink) just flew everywhere. I started researching what this might be, and cried when I found out about Twin Flames. Sadly, he is a Runner.. he tries to make himself believe there is nothing between us, that he is not in love, and he fights it off. Ever since the day I met him, I went through more changes in my life than ever before (I am 24). It’s like I landed in a rollercoaster that sped things up tremendously.

    I see, and hear his name everywhere. Also, the numbers. A few days ago I walked by a house that had “11J” as house number. An 11 with his initial.

    I have never felt this kind of connection, this kind of love before. But neither have I ever felt this kind of pain..

    I know I need to grow. I know I need to fully love myself, and be happy on my own before reunion can take place. I know when we are both ready, we will reunite.

    But that does not make things any easier.. I am trying to develop myself in every way possible, but I know that he too, has to go through his own process.. All I can do is work on myself, and send him love..

    • Ang_89, thanks for sharing your story. I met mine on 3/21/2012 it adds up to 11 as well ;-) I understand the pain and and the love. Keep the faith things will work it self out. The runner is just confused right now… He will come around. He needs to do some growing on his own… Keep working on yourself. Here is a tip study yourself, understand yourself and learn yourself. To know yourself is to know your twin :-) This connection will test you in everyway but know you are safe and protected at all times. Turn to a greater power for strength and guidance… Godspeed

      Also, feel free to vent your frustrations don’t keep it in… It’s unhealthy to bottle it up…

  34. Hello everyone :). glad that I have found this blog because the twinflame journey is not an easy one and its difficult to talk about this with people who have not experienced it. I have a question : is it possible that one twinflame runs because the other twinflame “pushed” him to do so? I mean in the beginning, for months, it felt so great and then i started to become very angry at the universe and thought that God had made a mistake. Because he is far from being the perfect man that I had “dreamed of”. I am not perfect, nobody is, but I felt like I was way better than him and that I deserved much better. So i started to have negative thoughts and refused to communicate with him (in dreams, thoughts,…). I was trying to block everything and ignore the signs. It was like I hated him as well as the Universe. I even wished somehow he could be with somebody else so I could just move on with my life. Then he started to date somebody else and I took it as a sign that I was right, he was no good for me. I was a little bit hurt but relieved in the same time. As if he freed me.So is it possible that in this case we were both runners and in some way I pushed him to the “exit” door? thanks :)

  35. I think during this crazy experience we change roles many times. The runner at times can be the chaser and the chaser can be the runner. I know in the very beginning of my experience I was the runner and he was the chaser. Fast forward 20 years later I was still the runner and he the chaser until he got me We were together for 2.5 years. Then 1 year later after our split(where we are now) I became the chaser and him the runner(this is about the time I found out about TF 6 months into our separation). But I finally gave up chasing and decided to let him do his thing while I do mine. It was hard to get to that place but I am finally here and I feel so much better. Now I am content with whatever happens, happens. If it is meant to be then it will. I go on living my life. I still love him and miss him dearly but I can no longer live my life chasing and waiting for him to come back.

    • Beebs you are the yin ox in the day branch your twin is the yang rat in the day branch :-)

      Ox – Rat
      Those born into Rat and Ox years are sentimental and vulnerable to each other. These two signs form a mutual admiration society and compliment each other in many ways. Both souls are family and security-oriented and are drawn together in life and in love. The stable Ox provides consistency and practicality to the Rat’s clever ideas and projects. They are separate sides to the same coin and allow each other to encounter strengths and face weaknesses in a safe emotional environment. While no relationship is perfect, this one promises to be pretty close to ideal for each partner. Growth occurs and problems are overcome, even when the other seems to be the source of the problem. Ox–Rat: The Rat could not wish for a more devoted partner than the gentle attentive loving Ox, their family values are in sync and each is enamored by the other.

  36. I was reading about Twin Flames on this site. Then I looked to the right and seen “11:11 & Twin Flame”. I kid you not as I notice this link to this page, I look down at my clock and seen it was 2:11 AM …I’m like No Freakin way! Its still happening! So I’ve been researching lately about this 11:11 or connection with 11′s. I’ve never really noticed it till I started dating this guy I met online. We have 11′s connected with us. We met September 11th 2011, in numerology we both share the life path of 11. He said he see’s 11′s every where. I didn’t see him for months and then ran into him at the grocery store on September 11th 2012 (the day we met a year prior). The most recent was a few days ago. I haven’t seen him for months. I was at home and I went to the kitchen to get me something to eat. I looked at the clock and It said 11:11 PM and I was like “awwe” thinking of him at that second. It was minutes I heard a knock at my door and it was him! It trips me out every time. I tell my mother she just thinks Im crazy hahha. I think its beautiful thing and its special to me, I’m just trying to understand it. That’s my story and Im sticking to it. Thanks for sharing your experiences :)

  37. to be continued….I don’t know if he is my twin soul. I get a sense that he is, Something is telling me like Sade would say “This Is No Ordinary Love”. I didn’t really know while I was talking online with him till I actually met him that’s when all the 11′s started popping up. I looked in his eyes and it was like a light switch went on. His eyes…they do something to me. Its overwhelming. I felt at ease with him, safe and secure. The attraction was very strong, I could feel it. When we dated and we kind of stop talking…I could not stop thinking about him. As much as I wanted to forget him and just move on…I couldn’t. Its going to be 3 years and we still talk or keep in touch is the better word. We could go on for weeks or months not talking or seeing each other and we just pick up were we left off. Him not being aware of this but he brought out the not so appealing personality traits in me that I never noticed. He came in my life at a time where I had just broken off a 4 year relationship and I was doing the single thing. I developed walls and played around with hearts after my break up. I have gone through the bitterness of my ego. when I met him, I was cocky thinking “eh, Ill have fun with this one… I won’t get attached”. Boy was I in for a surprise! I fell for him quick, I told myself “this is the one who’s going to break my heart”. What I thought was breaking my heart was more of breaking my ego down for me and I thank him so much for that. Now that time has passed and Im in a different state of mind from where I was before. The love is beautiful its very spiritual, much different from before. I cant explain it. I know I have made a friend for life and Im blessed to have him apart of my life. This 11 thing is real :)

    • Thank you for sharing Elyse… My twin and I share he same life path as well. Everything about us is perfectly Yin Yang, including our birthdays and birth years :-)

  38. Hi DivineGrace, Im so glad to have stumbled upon your website. I reeaaally need some guidance here. guy I have known for past 5 years, I feel is my TF. at the very least, a soulmate. ok, the short version: we were colleagues for a few years,became close friends. strong attraction, wicked chemistry. I dont even have words to explain the electricity there was/is between us. according to numerology, he and I are natural matches. he is Aquarius, I am a Sag. we have been doing this “dance ” for the past 2 years, there are intense feelings, and we trust each other implicitly. right now I can only describe our situation as complicated. recently, his life became a quagmire of painful issues, one after the other- one of which, his impending divorce. there are other situations family-related, he had a back injury, a close friend dying, it goes on. bottom line, despite his feelings for me, he pushed me away. runner?! he is very depressed and wants to be with me “when we get thru our crap”. ( I am also in the beginning stages of a divorce). I have children, he does not. we are both successful, educated people. this is so painful for me and while I want to be patient and give him the time and space he needs, its very emotionally paralyzing for me bc id walk thru fire for this man, and he knows this. for me, I would think the natural thing to do since we are in similar circumstances is to lean on and support one another. but he disconnects. and its hell. if I push, and contact him and ask to see him, he gets upset bc he is dealing with so much, legitimately, and then ijust feel worse. so- its been about 4 agonizing weeks since we’ve been in contact. and I am seeing his initials on license plates evrywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. yesterday, i saw a car with a college sticker of the college HE attended, and its not a big name popular college. btw, this was right after I saw his initials minutes before! I ask my angels for signs and they always answer me without fail. and I usually get 11′s as confirmation when I ask, and even when I dont. I have said to him on numerous occasions to let me in,i could be the one thing he needs right now. but he says he just shuts down- thats the way he deals. ugh! the signs I get related to him are specific and undeniable. what do you think? are they telling me to have faith that we will be reconnected and to have hope? we have so much unfinished business and being in limbo is no fun. there are days I cant stop crying over him, I am completely distraught without him. never in my 39 years have I ever felt this way about someone. it is all consuming. I am in so very much pain.

    • how coincidental that the time of my post adds up to- 11! omg! I really appreciate any advice here to my little situation. thank u so much!

      • Thanks for sharing your story Lisa. There is no one answer fit all for all situations. I know the Capricorn and the Aquarius are ruled by the same planet so maybe that have something to do with the connection. You can also checkout the Eros and psyche compatibility to see how your Eros relates to his psyche and vice versa. You could also have a soulmate connection with the person in other parts of your birthcharts. It’s not only the year and month. The day, hour and even minutes plays a role in the connection. Bless your heart ;-)

  39. Hi, I just wondered how u can figure out soulmate connections with birthdays etc to start with. I’d like to connect me an mine more if there’s a link. Thanks

  40. Hi, I just wondered if anyone could tell me how to figure out how to work out soulmate connections comparing birthdays and dates an so forth please. I want to see if there’s any links between me an my tf. Thanks

    • Checkout the links above… If you still need more help I can look at your date of births. However, there is alot more to it. From númerolgy, chinese astrology, western astrology, Pscyhe and Eros, etc…..

    • Yes, you guys are soulmates/TF. You are the pig and your TF is the tiger… You an read about the pig and tiger in the first link I gave you… ;-)

  41. I always felt like I had a connection with my ex boyfriend before we first got together. Unfortunately, he walked out on me on the last day of June. The feeling of pain has been so intense that I’m pretty sure he can feel it too. I believe that he is my twin flame. Well, ever since August I’ve been seeing a bunch of butterflies and they will fly right in front of me or be right by my window at my apartment. And recently I’ve been seeing 11:11 almost every week. I don’t look for it, it just appears. Last week I sent my twin flame an email telling him that I hope he’s doing well and that I understand that we left on bad terms and that hopefully we can be friends in the future. We had two months of no contact. Yesterday, and the previous days I kept seeing 11:11 and today when I checked my email i got a response from him. I wasn’t expecting him to reply because he is the runner twin flame.

    I guess 11:11 was a sign that I was going to hear from him. People keep telling me to go no contact again and that his email meant that he is done with me, but they aren’t aware that twin flames exist. In his email he told me that he has really been struggling with our break up and that he forgives me and that hopefully i can forgive him. Anyways, just wanted to share! :)

  42. I thought I would share this. It is from Steve Gunn and I get so much peace from reading this. I know it’s long but it’s worth reading.

    Soul Connection or Relationship ?

    The most vital thing to understand about soul connections ( and often the least understood thing about soul connections ) is that they obey totally different rules and work in very different ways to conventional relationships.

    In fact in though all we may be thinking about is the actual relationship – its just one element of something much bigger.

    Understanding some of these differences is VITAL to getting a grip on the often seemingly bizarre situations we find ourselves in when connected to someone. In a conventional relationship person A meets person B, there’s usually some physical attraction, then getting to know the person, then emotions begin to develop. A 3 stage process…

    In soul connections they can start in the same way with stages 1 and 2 but then WHAM the emotions come from nowhere and they are HUGE, usually massively disproportionate from the time we’ve spent together or how much we think we know the person. It’s also very common that the emotions come first sometimes when we haven’t even met the person face to face. Or the very first time we meet them the connection happens and we realize we do know them and somehow the emotions are there already.

    So the crucial aspect to realize here is that its an EXTERNAL force between us and them not internal as in a conventional relationship….. Do we love them and them us, yes but its not a love that’s something we ‘decide’, its been decided for us by the connection and was spiritually pre existing, all we had to do was meet them in order to be brought to recognize that.

    Both people will respond, usually instantly knowing there’s something special but how much they are affected at the time and how much they realize whats going on depends upon their level of spiritual openness at the time. We’re all familiar with the situation where its fine for a time then one person just seems to freak out and head for the hills because its all so strong and they don’t feel in control of it. A classic case where the closer they get to it the more there’s still there and they fear the lack of control they would have in the interaction.

    So remember, this is an external force and its strong. To those of us who are open that’s a wonderful thing. To those who still have fear insecurity and doubt it can also be a terrifying thing – something that’s so powerful they begin to fear it because they have no escape route and no control. So when you have your readings and 10 readers say no he doesn’t love you and 10 say yes he does, then you join a huge group of people who have experienced the “what the heck is going on in this situation and what’s the reality ?”

    Well if you’re in a true connection, the reality is yes the love is there, but it’s a love that is not a conventional ‘emotionally decided’ love, its something that transcends that. You love each others soul in a pure spiritual way and that has existed before you even met. The thing to really understand is that although the other person may SEEM to have their freewill overriding this, often its pure fear. Also if they are still spiritually closed they aren’t yet feeling the full force of the connection so the truth may be that yes they feel it but that they haven’t opened enough yet to let it consume them and they’re fighting it.

    Have faith that spiritual openness is the order of the day, its often why there’s a connection, to make the spiritually closed people walk the path of total openness. And when they get there, then the connection will control them as much as it controls you. Don’t be under the illusion that they can somehow choose never to be open or they have enough will power to override it. True connections are mutual and as the runner opens up they will be more affected by it. Free will can not maintain control over these things forever, its simply not powerful enough. And besides, this is why you were given the connection in the first place, to bring you both to new levels of spiritual openness and awareness.

      • Do the synchs, dreams, and other wild nonsense occur at the same rate for the runner/hider/denier I wonder? She hasn’t breathed a word of anything to me, but if her life is even 1/10th as wild and crazy as mine is she MUST be experiencing something, right, even as she tries to deny it?

        Latest example: despite yet another weekend of silence (and this after some more doozies on my end during my vacation), I go into work and think to myself, “Well then, I’ll just focus my energies on those people who actually want to be with me and work with me!” (I’m a tutor) Well, a young woman specifically chose me to tutor her for her SAT’s based on a friend’s recommendation.

        Turned out that she has the same ethnic heritage that my twin has-and not a very common one at all. And the first syllable of her last name is also the same as that of a famous fictional universe too…

    • Thank you so much. I asked the Universe for answers, a sign… anything and my gut told me to come here even though I haven’t been here in weeks. I was balling half way through this because this was exactly what I was searching for. Awesome, Beebs!

  43. Something very strange happed. I have been seeing 11′s a lot lately along with repetitive numbers. I know what everyone says about 11′s but never gave it much thought to my own situation. I have been seeing a lot of signs of late and even had a dream about my TF holding his face in my hands. While all this was going on I was aware but didn’t know what it all meant. I kept brushing it off that they didn’t mean anything. This was all going on for about the last 2 weeks. Anyway I was reading an article on soul mates and TF when out of know where I get a text from my TF. My heart was racing. I haven’t spoken to him in roughly 6 months. Every time I think this is it I will never hear from him again he pops up. I have something of his that he wants to get back from me. It is nothing of value and can be easily replaced. We texted back and forth for about an hour and we are suppose to arrange me getting these things back to him. The timing of his text really got my attention. It’s like we can’t be together but we can’t be apart. I truly think that the universe is wanting me to wake up to this connection and trust it.

  44. My birthday is 3/31/1958 @ 3:07am. His birthday is 3/29/1979 @ 11:11, not sure am or pm.
    It’s the most unusual experience I’ve ever encountered. Wondering if there is unresolved Karma here? The age difference is there, but the connection seems spiritual and so strong!
    Our destiny numbers are the same…9.
    Can you PLEASE help me with this?

      • You guys are have some unsolve karma with each other, but this relationship is very important as well because people normally meet the ultimate soulmate or Twinsoul right after the resolving karma relationship. Once you learned whatever lesson you needed to learn from it and decided to walk away from it, your soul will automatically call for your Twinsoul and the twin will appear when you least expect it… You will know and feel the difference but they may have certain traits that are similar to the resolving karma one that will propel you even further on your spiritual or soul growth.

  45. Ive known my twin flame for 7 years. we never had an official relationship. we have seperated about 6 times over the past 7 years but we find our way back to eachother then seperate again due to the intensity. each time we go through this cycle of reuniting and seperating our bond becomes stronger. we had some communication a few months ago (he facebook messaged me out of the blue after 18 months) and we got along ok for about a month but i am the ‘runner’ i told him that i had feelings for him then blocked off all communication before he had a chance to reply. no hard feelings between us i just cannot handle the intensity. for about a week after i did this i started seeing 11:11 EVERYWHERE and i was wondering what it meant, I thought I was going crazy. at the time i didnt think it had anything to do with my twinflame. my friend who i consider a spiritiual mentor told me it meant i was on the right path. other peculiar thing was i dream about him most nights and after this recent seperation the dreams have completely stopped. I find this relationship is very difficult and frustrating, we love eachother but its just too much to handle. i long to be with him and crave him, think about him constantly but when im physically with him my instincts scream at me to run away.

    • if you feel frustrating about him, so why to be with someone with whom you are having pain/just because you think,he is your twin doesn’t mean you have to spend to entire life with him.

  46. Divine, Today 11/11/13 I had an appointment at 2:00 and the person that I believe is my twinflame also had an appointment today at the same exact time 2:00 in rooms connected in the same building. I had a note to give him as we are not communicating in any way right now. When I heard the door close to the room he was in I went to give him the note to let him know I would be quitting my job soon which then we could see each other, and he was gone. It was like he disappeared. Was he not suppose to get the note? I have left him alone for 6 months with no contact at all and I just wanted to let him know about quitting the job. I am feeling all confused and anxious! I just do not feel right and this is kind of scaring me. I have had sychronicities alot in my life, but this is over the top! What I read above about “You will learn that you have no control” is exactly what I experienced today and learned the true meaning of the serenity prayer :) to me I have let go of control with no contact for 6 months. I tried to talk to my therapist about all this and she says I just don’t want you to get hurt. Well, Hell isn’t it through our pain that we grow and learn? I’ve been in some kind of emotional pain just about my whole life. I’m having a very difficult time with all this, after today I am doing Nothing and leaving it to destiny which is very difficult for this Scorpio! :) Will I end up being with this person in the physical life? Please suggest a way I can bring peace to myself? Thank you!!!

  47. How good it is to read about the subject and others experiences. I met, what I believe it is my twin flame in 2008. What I noticed that was so different from other relationships is that with him I was able to see thru him as an x ray. It felt so familiar to the point that we both knew that there was something unusual going on. I fell in love, he didnt and has made it very difficult. We have been in very intense discussions, we have split soooooooo many times, but we cannot totally break apart. Either he comes back or I look for him. I cannot handle knowing about his relationships with other women, yet, at a soul level I have experienced amazing free unconditional love that I cannot still manifest at the personal level. It has been quite a journey. I always wanted to end the relationship but every single time I would receive signs from the Universe to remind me of who he is and has made it impossible to end it. I was even paralized by something he said to me and I wondered how can something like that would hurt in such a way that paralized me. On the other hand, the spiritual experiences that have happened while in contact with him have been of another world. I finally decided to let go of my desire to let go and found some peace.

    • Hi Gloria, Thank you for sharing your story. I made myself physically sick over all this. I too must let go and let God! Also on the day mentioned above, I put my notice in at work and I had been battling over this. As soon as I did put in my notice was when I realized he and I had appointments on 11/11 at 2:00. I know the 11/11 is a sign that I/we are on the right path, but it freaked me out so much that I got a severe headache ++. I have been home for two days and finally getting a grip. We were forced apart due to my job and I have no clue what to do after I quit? I know what you mean about the unconditional Love. I think of him being intimate with someone either man or woman as he is bi-sexual and I just say “good hope he is feeling good”. This is VERY strange for me! It’s said that we will put up with things in our twin that we would not be able to with anyone else. My friends think I have toally lost my mind, especially after the 11/11 day. I don’t understand why they can’t see it?! I keep going back and forth, one day saying just forget about it and then the next I’m right back there believing it all again. I don’t think I will truly be convinced until we are together and that could be years! He has time at 26, I don’t at 57. I pray for patience everyday. Peace & Happiness to you :) keep in touch if you like.

  48. Hi Divine :) I haven’t posted anything here recently because I’ve been working on myself and just getting my life together and figuring myself out… Because I know that my twin and I can’t be together until we are complete and whole. But I have honestly been doubting him and my connection because of the fact that we met online about 4 months ago, spoke for a week only, (it was amazing), and then he ran. Since then I have tried contacting him around 4 times, each spaced out after the other one. I know he read at least one of them because Facebook let me know he did. He didn’t even reply. Even with me saying that it’s okay if he’s changed his mind about me, to just let me know. & he said nothing. That makes me think there is something more there.

    well anyways, the reason I’m deciding to post something is because one night I was speaking to my friend about my twin flame and explaining everything and i was getting so emotional and ‘realizing’ things about my twin flame at the same time. Like that we are there to help each other grow, and that we are meant to be together, start a family together, and show LOVE on this Earth that we live in.. I realized that he is my mirror, and when i see him, i see myself. Which is what happens when you look into a mirror. Therefore, he is me. This is what Twin Flames are about but it was so beautiful to me because this time i actually realized it on my own and saw the depth of it.

    The say this happened was 11/12/13 and as i was telling my friend this, i looked at my phone and i saw that it was 11:11. That can’t be a coincidence. It was so beautiful, I just had a feeling of so much joy and happiness. Yes its hard but it is so beautiful at the same time. Yes people think I’m crazy and don’t understand because its not happening to them and they just don’t GET IT!

    What do you think Divine? Comments, observations?

  49. I am glad I found this website as I have been going crazy. The man that I believe to be my twin flame and I met on 11/29 of 2012. 29 also adds to 11. I first met him when I was 15 and he 17. But we both went out separate ways and got married to other people. I was least expecting him or anyone to come into my life as I was happy with my husband. Now I have been in constant contact with this man even though we live in different countries. We have met once. He says he misses me but is now trying to regain balance in his life and I’m scared of losing him.
    He has to return but what are our options we can’t unite at the price of hurting spouses and kids. So what am I supposed to do. All I can think of is him.

    • the society should change.it is just fake this world.with the stupid belief that we have learn since child hood has caused many pain to human life..people should stop feeling bad.because of your spouse and kid,you find yourself stuck…it is not a sin to love somebody.In fact we have have been manipulated by fake belief system which now should get rid of all these thigns…follow the heart.The heart is love..life is love.and love is everywhere.Not only in twin flame….

  50. I think i have met my twin flame help, i am confused & need a sign to confirm. He came into my life via an online social network appx. 1.5 years ago. We live on different continents so there has always been physical distance. Early on, i knew in my heart that he might be “the one”. I felt that i knew him already. We have always been comfortable with each other & very honest and open. I cannot lie to him, i always answer him totally honestly. We talked pretty much every day for a year, frequently for hours. Conversation is easy & there is an intense and electric sexual chemistry (we have not been physical).

    He noticed & mentioned that we have a phenomenal chemistry and i felt it too. We have a bond which is very intense and unique. He does feel like a mirror of me yet opposite and different. I know that he is physically attracted to me, but he is the runner. He says that we could never be more than friends cos we are not compatible and he cannot handle my emotional ups & downs but he knows that i have tolerated his. He criticises all my faults which are a mirror of his! Also cos i’m very tactile and he isn’t (he comes off as very cold & distant).
    (I blew it recently by being over emotional and a bit needy). My gut told me he is overwhelmed & scared. That he will change his way of thinking one day. I don’t know how we’d get over the physical distance though as one of us would have to relocate.

    Since then, there has been emotional distance & he no longer confides in me or contacts me as he used to. This devastated me a great deal as i felt, deep in my heart, that we are meant to be together.

    When we met in person, all i wanted to do was hold him in my arms and for him to kiss me. Sadly, he rejected me. This broke my heart & wounded me a great deal on a soul level.

    Since the day after he yold me he could never be in a relationship with me, i have been seeing 11:11, multiple numbers, tripple numbers. I’ve also dreamed of a man made of blue flames and a eonan made of green flames floating together in a dark star-filled sky.

    All i can think of is him.

    Am i losing my grip on reality or am i getting signs?

    I don’t know what to think any more.

      • I’m not begging anyone. He came into my life when i was not looking. I didn’t seek him. HE initiated talking about compatibility etc, not me! He pursued me in no uncertain way but was always hesitant due to the damage done by his previous relationship.

        All i was saying is that the chemistry is very strong and our bond formed instantly. He refuses to deal with anything relating to emotions or emotional support (unless he is recieving it).

        It feels like he has not dealt with HIS pain & insecurities relating to his prev. Relationship but has been projecting his fears/insecurity/upset & frustration at me.

      • It is really confusing when a persion keeps telling you conflicting things. His actions always showed that he cared deeply. Sometimes, he’d allow himself to reveal his true feelings.

        He fears being vulnerable and getting hurt by allowing himself to love someone again cos the pain he felt before was too much for him. It hurts so badly when you know, deep down, that there is something special between the two of you but the other person is blocking it.

  51. Excuse my spelling errors:
    *woman made of green flames

    (The dream was calm & peaceful.. The two people facing each other yet not touching)

    I don’t know what to decipher from all this…

  52. i think i found my twin flame on 11/29/12 while attending an press event for my job….i was drawn to her instantly . we exchange business cards and she texted me the following day….

    upon talking for a month we decided to go out on a date. i found myself feel very nervous around her. we continued to text, talk and flirt non stop until one day she told me I would fall in love with her…i fought against it although she fearlessly shared her emotions and love with me..she fearlessly shared her desire to be with me…Jan 2013 i realize how much i was in love with this beautiful soul…when around her i was always so nervous yet in a state of bliss..i even shared with her that i was afraid of her…when she caressed my face and when we spent intimate moments together i felt my soul was on fire..i would even ask her “what are you doing to me”….i felt a state of euphoria and connection i have never experienced before in my life…i found myself waking up each morning with a smile on my face …anticipating hearing her voice and see her beautiful face. unfortunately in Aug 2013 she was diagnosed with lung cancer(never smoked)..what a devastating blow it was for me and still is…she went into the hospital in Aug and she passed Sept 2013. I didn’t get to see her for the entire month she was in the hospital…i felt like my life went from a total bliss moment til all that i wanted was taken away over night….

    recently i had an spiritual experience while out with a friend who has psychic abilities…my twin flame spirit appeared while we were at dinner…she delivered a message and told my friend to tell me “its not my fault”..right off I didnt know what she meant..but after thinking and contemplating..i had blamed myself for not making it to the hospital to see her before she passed..i felt i had failed her but her sharing that message with me provided me with the peace my soul needed……i have never felt so connected to God..

    Also, prior to her dying I had opened a greeting card from her that was signed with “1+1=1″…which later she shared with me that it means “our souls are forever connected”…..
    so although she isn’t physically here..i still feel her presence and her intense love..i meditate and i feel her..i feel and see her in my dreams…why do i feel like i am having a love affair with my twin flame that doesn’t physically exist…i know in my heart shes still with me…what do I do?

    • What a heartbreaking story!

      How do you feel now? Does it help knowing that she is there in spirit?

      Have you spoken more with your psychic friend? Can they help?
      I’m also trying to find one so that i can get clarity & peace of mind.

      I wish i had some advice to give which could help you. I’m certain that answers will come to you!

      Wishing you light & peace

      • Green,

        Thank you for your response. It does give me peace knowing she’s still with me yet other times I find myself having a conflict between my heart and my head..i feel heartbroken that i am unable to physically touch her…my heart, mind, soul aches for her…i try to focus and remember the love she gave me and not focus on the fact that she’s not physically here.

        i continue to speak to her as if she’s here….my psychic friend has helped me tremendously…she delivered a message to her while she was meditating and it gives me peace knowing shes around looking after me..i go to bed every night with her card and i feel so connected to her…my friend told me anytime i see 111 its because she has a message for me….and i often ask her what is the message. my friend told me that my “twin flame” said to go back to the first place we met because there is something there for me…so next week I am planning a weekend trip to do just that…i still can’t believe all this is happening..it seems so surreal.

        she visits my friend often and my friend delivers the message for me…in the beginning it freaked me out and i asked her to stay away b/c it gotten to the point i could feel when her spirit was around..now i am becoming more at ease with it…yet still in disbelief. i feel grateful..

        if you’re looking for someone i can advise you of a psychic i know based in Atlanta. He’s good. He has done a telephone reading for me which initially connected me with my “twin flame” upon her passing….

        again, thank you and i wish you the best with finding peace.

        sending you love and light.

  53. I’ve recently come across this blog & its been so helpful to me . I’ve been experiencing things I could never figure out & it began to freak me out. Lol certain things started happening to me spiritually that I just didn’t know why. I googled certain situation that where occurring but nothing really made sense . Until I found this blog  For a minute I thought I was crazy I kept seeing numbers such as 11 111 & 1111. Don’t really know what they mean but 11 & 111 seems to show up a lot. But the real reason im posting this is because I have a story to tell that I want to get feed back on. Idk if I’ve found my twinflame soulmate or just someone for the moment. All responses are welcomed!

  54. I don’t know what to think any more. The person I thought was my twin flame and I had a massive argument after which he said he could never be with me due to aspects of my personality & emotional ups/downs. He said he’d never be in a relationship with me. Since that day, i started seeing 11:11 and from there, lots of other numbers such as 17:17, 13:13, 15:15, 1221, 0707 to name a few. We started talking again, and most recently had the biggest argument over something very trivial and not worth thinking about. This has broken our friendship and we no longer talk. We live in 2 different countries, so distance is an issue in that we cannot meet in person.

    Since the last argument, I felt a release in my stomach area. Then, for days afterwards, my solar plexis felt knotted and in pain. It was horrible. I have been in tears and moody for days. I have surrendered to the idea that he no longer wants me in his life and I have left him alone. This is painful emotionally and on a soul level.

    I don’t understand what these numbers signify. How do I find out?
    HOw can I get help or advice regarding my spritual path and what the hell i’m supposed to be doing?
    I think i’m having a dark night of the soul. My life is a mess, my emotions are a mess and i feel as though i’m unravelling. My motivation for anything and everything had ground to a halt and i struggle dragging myself out of bed. I feel lost and hurt and beside myself. I have lost my direction and have no idea what the hell to do. Help!

    • Dont feel lost. It seems as though the other twin usually always runs away. Just contact him through ur spirit. Do not give up ur love for then things will seem quiet, and when ur spirit is silent all is wrong. Send him love through ur thoughts and with everything u do. He may not physically at first notice, however his soul can not ignore its other half, and in time he will by divinity bring himself closer to his other half. Just trust in the spirit to lead u both in the right direction. Do not be swayed by the physical world and pray, meditate, and try and keep in contact with his spirit through thought. Whenever it is meant to be, God will put it in place.

  55. I have once dreamed about two candles in water. The one was lit and not long after that the other candle got lit also. The candles formed ripples in the water and eventually the ripples started to flow one into another. What does this mean? I also had a dream, not so long ago, about the letters 121 written in my diary? Another dream I can’t seem to find out what it mean… Is there someone that can shed some light upon this, please?

  56. How come I’m the only one that’s going through a TF connection that just happens to be of the same sex? Do connections like these exist for homosexuals? If so, I am in need to speak to someone about my situation. Whoever is willing to listen and understand me without any kind of judgment. I’m going through a lot right now.

    • Rachael, I don’t know if this will help? I believe we Love who we Love and Gender really has nothing to do with it. I myself have not been in a same sex relationship, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Look at all the different species of Animals that fall in Love. I believe Love has no Gender it’s what one feels in their heart and sometimes people are placed in our lives to learn lessons from them and them from us. Anything is possible. I have learned to never say “never” because you never know… Things truly do happen for a reason even though we may not see it right away. Try to give this to your Higher power and ask for guidance, it will come. Bless you

      • I already thought these kind of connections were meant for gays too but I see no one on this site so far that also had this connection with the same gender. But I’ve been reading through this site and I have gone through some of the things mentioned in these blogs and it’s good to see that other people is going through the same thing. I don’t have anyone outside of the internet that I can talk to because they don’t seem to understand. Especially my parents. I hate talking to them about my problems with love because they speak to me like I’m the fault for “pining” over someone for so long. I’m not doing this on purpose. I would tell you the story but I feel that it’s too long lol Unless you don’t mind reading like 10 paragraphs :-D

  57. This is the most enlightening, and wonderful feeling to know that we are not alone. I have always felt that I was different for certain reasons simply because I have always believed more so in the unseen than what is in the physical world. I know that we TF have a calling and must all rise to it in order for this world to truly reach common order. We now know therefore we must make sure to stay in tune spiritually with ourselves and our higher power in order to lead us into the path of righteousness. I am so happy, although I have not met u physically, I know i have met u all through my soul. It is nice. Welcoming almost. Its perfectly perfect. Thank u for sharing ur experiences.

    • The sad thing is i don’t know what is our higher purpose. There must be something. I am completely in darkness.

  58. This page has blesed my heart. I have been tryng to explain to like minded spiritual people what has been occuring in my life for over a year now. I have experienced the 11:11 synchronicity for a year. I have met my twin flame we met in june of 2013. Ever since then I have been on what seems like a fast tracked road to full spiritual awakening. I was always a very spiritual person but supressed it for quite sometime as it started to scare mw. After meeting my twin flame I can’t help but spiritually evolve it is amazing, every time I think that I havehad my last epiphany vision or experience it settles for a moment and onther comes more amazing than befoee I am not t sure what this is leading to but from the moment I met him the awakrning began.it would take me forever to explain all the things that have come full circle the chance meeting which could have not happened so many different wa. All the while him being dawn to where I was. When get this 8 years before I began my journey to where he was always beingdrawn to the city which I now live in I had been dead set on moving here like I had to come here here was something for me here I needed to come here for something very important . But I didn’t make it until october 2013 after we had already met. I had taken a detour on which I settled a great karmic debt. We are currently in the dance phase and I am considering leaving here. I have had reservations about leaving but feel that the next place he was going to go if he hadn’t stayed in the city that we met in which is the city I was from. And the city I am in now is right beside thw city in which he is from. K I know very wordy sorry so last night was the first time in while that I had seen 11:11 I know I used the term synchronicity earl but it is part of what led me to write this post. Last night I saw 11:11 I imediately connectedbwith him and it was like we spoke I have felt his soul from before I met him when the 11:11 started appearing a year ago it stopped and now that we are in the dance phase the firsttime I s in a long time I have the above experience, ad find this site tonight. With all love for the world

  59. So no one wants to help me then? I have been trying to find someone to talk to that I can share my story with but I don’t wanna do it on this site because I feel that it will be too long to explain. It will be nice if someone leant me a helping hand but I see no one wants to.

    • Any help with this kind of thing is much appreciated. I just need for once to talk to someone that has been through this also because no one that I know of seems to have gone through this. Seems like I’m the only one so far.

      • I haven’t been through the exact situation. However being in my 50′s and single all my life, I have experienced a lot! We must learn our lessons in life as the Universe sees fit and we haven’t any control over destiny. We make our own choices, but things will go the way it has already been planned and cannot be changed. We all make painful mistakes and it’s o.k. we’re human. Sometimes it’s the pain from our mistakes that prepares us for the next page in our life.
        There is no Gender in Heaven and it will all seem silly to have been concerned with it when you get there… Follow your Heart and your gut and
        again, ask for guidance. I bet you will find many people going through a similar situation, it’s a BIG world out there! All the Best :)

    • I read through this blog like 3 times and ever since then I have been seeing 11:11 or 1:11. It seems like every time I look at the clock it says that and I don’t know if I’m just making myself do that or that’s the universes way of saying “Pay Attention”. I have also been seeing the number 22. A lot. I see that number like 5 or 6 times a day. Or more. I don’t know what that number means for me. I have just started noticing these numbers not too long ago. The number 22 will just pop up out of nowhere. I’ve seen 222 also but that was only once and it was at a time where I was really feeling hopeless, confused, and depressed about my situation. I don’t know if someone in the higher realm is giving me reassurance or I’m getting my head messed with and that’s not cool. I always seem to set myself up for disappointment and I don’t want that to happen again. Ever since I started talking to this woman, it seems that my life has changed and it’s scaring me a little. I also feel that I don’t deserve this woman or that she’s too good for me to have. We are currently not talking right now, due to a decision she made. It’s been about 6 months since I last spoke to her and I have been experiencing some really weird things. Or is it all in my head like people will tell me. I will get so agitated when people will tell me that so that’s why I keep it to myself. Sometimes I think God hates me because he keeps doing this to me and it’s unfair. It’s like he doesn’t want me to be happy or something. This whole thing feels like a big dream to me. Whether if I’m talking to her or not. Me not being able to talk to her is making it seem like even a bigger dream. A dream I feel that will never come true because for some reason I feel unworthy. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. I’m fed up with this crap. I wish God and just messing with me and leave me alone.

  60. Rachael,
    I understand your frustration and have had similar feelings. I read on Numerology which is the study of numbers. It stated that there are two Master numbers “11″ and “22″, everyone has a life path number and I cannot tell you the exact formula for this, you would need to check it out. I do know that we must Love ourselves unconditionally before we re-unite with our Twinflame and that is what I have been doing. I spoil and pamper myself (just bought myself a mini red rose for valentines day) I do what ever I can to bring myself comfort, help others and this helps me to Love myself. GOD would never do anything to hurt us!! He Loves us and he is most likely teaching us in ways (sometimes painful) to Love ourselves unconditionally as he Loves us. I have been wondering if all this twinflame stuff comes from God, I’m not so sure right now either? I have picked the wrong people to have relationships with all my life, it seems the worse they are the more I like them. Right now the person who I thought was my twinflame has been the most difficult situation I have ever faced! He is 26, a heroin addict on methadone, csc charges and has schizophrenia and not able to have physical relations due to medications and I have not had anything physical with anyone for eight years and I am a Scorpio! It’s like living in Hell for me, I asked God also “is this some kind of joke?!” I had to let him go as he was being dishonest and it’s like (after 2 yrs.) all of a sudden I saw reality! I just cannot bring all that trouble in to my life and by the time and if he gets well I will be too old in my 60′s when he is in his 30′s. All the signs were there the 11:11 and he told me he has been seeing the number 11 all his life and then I found out my life path number is “11″. We both had an appointment on 11/11 at the same place and the same exact time. I really wanted to believe this all meant something, but now I’m not so sure? Would God really bring all this negativity in my life? And the stress this has placed on my body, it just about killed me! I know what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but I’ve had enough, I’ve learned enough lessons and always the hard way for 50 years! All I can do is pray for this person and wish him Godspeed for his happiness…
    I hope I have not confused you more. Maybe this other woman will lead you to your soulmate. Life is mysterious that’s for sure! Just make yourself Happy and don’t fight those things that you know will help you to feel better, Just Do Them! Peace & Love

    • Hey. Your twin is the same age as I am! :-) It would be nice to hear from this woman on Valentines day but chances of that happening is slim to none. I’m not going to settle for a soul mate. I want a twin flame and I feel that she’s my twin flame. I felt a small voice in my heart say, “I finally found you.” This woman is everything I wanted in a female plus more. It was just so unbelievable how much of a lover and friend she seems to be. I been out today and the signs keep showing up. I was taking a bath last night and I walked back into my room to get ready for bed and I just happened to look down my ihome and the time on it was 11:11. I just stood there and stared at it like WT****? I felt really strange staring at that clock. I wasn’t even thinking about what time it was last night and there it was. Then today I had to go up to the college to get my classes straight for graduation and I went to go talk to this man about my classes and my dad called when I was in there talking to him so I looked at my phone and it said 12:22. When I was finished talking to him, I had to go talk to another lady and the number on her door was 111. I was like, “If this is the universes way of saying “Pay Attention”, then God seems to be giving me signs when my mind is on other things and I’m trying to ignore. I had a really bad day today and I just want to sit in the house for the rest of the day. Plus it was rainy and cold. I didn’t start recognizing these signs until after a few months of no contact with this woman. I noticed that she has the letter P for her first and last name. Well I have an R for my first and last name. PP and RR are two sets of twins! And when you flip them around they mirror each other! Wow. Sometimes I feel that she feels guilty for pushing me away because of the decision she made that broke my heart into pieces. Just plain shattered it and left me to clean up the mess she made. How selfish can she be? Seems like she’s only thinking about herself. I called a psychic and she told me that she wasn’t even happy with this guy but I don’t know how true that is because I haven’t physically met this woman. The psychic said that P, I’m going to call her P, was very angry at herself but she never said why. She’s probably angry at the fact that she knows what she did was wrong and she probably wishes she never done it and know since she lost me, she probably feels that she can’t get me back or something. I don’t know. I just guessing here. Maybe she’s afraid to admit that she done something wrong who knows. All I know is that it will be nice if I got some kind of explanation or apology, probably something that I will never get from her. We’ll see what the future holds. :-(

  61. Hello my fellow TF ‘S, just wanted to share what me and my twin are currently going through, and how it has been impacting our lives. We are both in a period of separation from each other physically for more than one reason, I’m sure. I try not to focus on what those reasons are too much. The dreams have subsided, but the connection to source is stronger than ever..when we were in contact I would dream of other people but I would always eventually realize it was him, when it was. The first separation is always the hardest, since it brings back the memories of the actual first separation from our divine creator, not saying it gets an easier, just more understandable as to why the feelings are occurring and since we know we can never truly be disconnected, there really is nothing to fear! I’m sure this resonates with most.

    • I sometimes doubt if we will reconnect especially when I talk with friends and they convince me to just be done. Then I talk with one of my friends and she says he is coming back just be patient and work on yourself. I really have to remove the fear and just believe that it will all work out and we will be back together and even stronger than ever. Best wishes to you and your twin flame!! :)

  62. I have known my TF for 33 yrs now. We meet when I was 14 got married when I was 18. We had some bumps in the road the 4 yrs prior to getting married. Even before we got married and we separated for a while the pain my heart felt was like no other sometimes I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Once we were married we seemed to always be at each others throats and we were never like that before. This went on for 5yrs and as much as I didn’t want a Divorce I knew I couldn’t continue to hurt the person I loved most! My TF and I both became involved in other relationships we both had children within months of each other we did that twice. I never heard of Twin flames before or I might have been able to piece some things together better but maybe that is best I didn’t. I could be hear writing for hours to tell all the similarities’ we have shared in the past 24 yrs since we divorced we still talk sometimes we talk daily sometimes once a week sometimes a few months will go by but I know he is always right within me all the time. I am still learning about this process and answers I have been looking for are finally being answered I am so happy to read what others are feeling and going thru it helps knowing others are going thru the same..

  63. wow this is happening to me as well!! And after i notice seeing those numbers at anytime, any situations like seeing the time in TV, hand phone, clock, watch and even at my oven timer!! ..I had told about this matter to my boyfriend. Amazingly after few weeks later it happening to him also! I though he is joking to me but it happen in our both presence for 2 or 3 time where i ask to him ” what time is it?” and when we turn around to see the clock it was 11:11. Even just now i talked with my boyfriend he was telling me that i swear to god, i wanted to call you and i saw my hand phone it shows 11:11. But i want to know what is it actually trying to show. Its weird…-_-

  64. I have felt like Ive met my twin a few months back… When we first talk over the phone there really is something different.. We planned so many times to meet in person but there is always a hindrance, he would always find an excuse not to do so. I met him on a dating site. started emailing and txting and call. I would always do the call but he would always make himself available to take my call and we would for hours and hours over the phone. I have been very patient with this guy as i have never been like this with the others.
    I tried to run away but then something is puling me back. now we r talking again but still no personal meet up. It was only recently that i noticed I can connect to him. I know exactly wer he is and i do not bother myself worrying if he is not answering my call. I knew if he is back even before I tried to call him. Something strange happend I was at work when suddenly I felt a punch on my chest it was painful palpitation begin when i checked my phone i got a msg from him somewhat irrritated and disappointed for not following his instruction on me…( I ask his advise on something legal) was it I felt his energy or disappointment… then i was also disappointed and told myself i did not like it.. was thinking of not talking to him anymore.. I was so mad at him…. but something came up that i needed to give him a call which he took at once.. I was surprised that he was asking for my prayers to get his deal done… he said he needs me on this … and I received a txt from him early morning that he was able to close the deal and he believe it was my prayer that helped him through.
    Only recently that I noticed the number 11 coming up to me but i was already aware of this since i started reading on this before hand… day after day 11:11 on the clock double digits magnified like 22 33 44 are showing up…I saw his name popping up every wer unexpectedly…
    I can feel if he wants to connect to me or not.. I would know if he is going to take my call or not..
    Was I only convincing myself that he is into me or was it really a sign of a twin flame… wish i would meet and reunite in person…? hope you could help me out on this… thanks

  65. I met my twinflame randomly about 2 years ago. We ended up having a mutual friend online and he sent me a message. We talked for months and then finally I went to visit him in his state. When we first met in person the connection was so powerful. I found him so intriguing, just absolutely amazing. We went on to see each other as often as possible. About 8 months after we first met online I began to realize I was in love with him and it scared me. I shared this with him and he ran. For a month we didn’t talk and I hurt so much I couldn’t understand. I thought for sure he felt the same about me. I felt it so strongly. Then out of no where he contacted me and said will I please forgive him and give it another try. Of course I did…since then we had discussed all the things we wanted to be happy together. We argue constantly now. I believe the distance is killing us. I said I was going to move where he is but honestly I am scared. I go to sleep I think of him, I wake up I think of him. There isn’t a moment where he does not cross my mind. We just went away for my birthday and the trip was beautiful. We think the same thoughts, and finish each other’s sentences. He even knows when I wake up at odd hours- I ask him how does he know I am awake and he says we are connected. My only issue is that I feel he fights his love for me. I think the connection scares him, and maybe even the fact that he thinks I won’t ever move to be with him. We are now not speaking and this was our worst argument yet. I am depressed but I know there are things I need to change within myself to be ready for this reunion. Sometimes I doubt that he will return but I try to believe that if he truly is my twinflame like I believe he is. He will come back to me. Also we play words with friends and we always have the same numbers within our scores. Example my score was 989 and his was 898. This happens so many times throughout the day. Not sure if that means anything but thank you for reading. It feels so great to be around other people who are experiencing the same.

  66. My journey started in 2011 when burglars broke into my ex fiancé and my house. The police case no ended in a ’157′. A few days later I received a PO box where I was quite a way down on the waiting list… Blessing in disguise as I really needed it, PO box no… 157. I laughed, wot a coincidence I thought and carried on with life.

    Then, working during the recession was hard and I had taken 3 redundancies in 3 years… As Napoleon Hill says… For every adversity comes the seed of equivalent advantage… Never understood that fully until now… So hard times were upon me, my partner v unsupportive, egotistical and self centered (bless him)… I made it to the 13th of the month and received a massive sales order in freelancing that saved my life. The purchase order no… Yes!!! None other than ending in 157.

    13 by the way is 1+5+7…

    So the order came thru and turned out the product they ordered had been discontinued by my supplier just all of a sudden, very little stock avail for the size of this project. I took to running out to find alternative products for this big client of mine… That day, after driving to at least 5-6 places all over the Cape, I pulled my car into the garage and couldn’t help wonder wot would come of my meeting and if they were going to go with any of my alternative samples (tiles by the way)… Just then I noticed something so profound… My km’s… I had stopped my car on 157km’s… Totally unintentional.

    I decided already that there were no coincidences and that these were signs, my signs. It drove my ex fiancé nuts, he is not spiritual at all… But it launched my amazing journey of self discovery on a spiritual level and finally left him in June 2013. This I feel I’ve wanted more than anything to share this with my partner and realized that he was simply not the one.

    There have been amazing signs since and I use them as my guide. When I am sad, they appear in abundance… When I’m happy they appear in abundance. Some days I see none but that’s ok. They appear for reassurance and guidance to my life today, I follow them and they ‘talk’ to me.

    The other side of the coin is that I’ve been seeing a lot of 11:11′s around and synchronicity in quite a few numbers… 2222. 3333 and other patterns. I have been single now for around 8 months and recently met my twin flame, or so I think?? So far we tick all the boxes.

    All I can say is WOW!!! I’m eternally grateful for getting away from my ex and even more so for finding my soulmate.

    We sit up for hours chatting on nothing but each other. We can’t say goodbye, we can’t leave one another alone, we connect and see eye to eye on every single level… Kids, work, play… We know exactly wot we want to tel one another before we say it and are connecting on such a spiritual level it’s just insane! I love it.

    I’ve always wanted to share my spiritual side with someone and finally the universe has provided this for me and when I least expected it.

    We connect on such a spiritual level that we have both properly accelerated in spiritual growth and awakening. We share a mirrored sense of wisdom and we both feel more guided then we were on our own.

    We are so intense on a soul level, the physicality and emotional side has just become peaceful. Sex is no longer sex but a proper mix of tantric lovemaking… Both of us are attracted to each other physically which we both see as a bonus. Our feelings resonate deep within each other, we share energies and vibrations that we crave to have more and more and more of whenever we can. Whenever time and our work allows. We want to learn and grow more and more daily.

    Im losing weight so fast now that I feel content with myself and I haven’t changed my diet or anything. We share so much across the board that it is impossible we are not a TF. That was / is my question… How can I know for sure he is my twin flame? Something tells me he is, but I don’t even mind not having an answer… Just feeling so content is amazing enough,

    I’ve just started reading about twin flames as just yesterday something popped into my head to tell me to research it. I was told about it once and never really looked into it until now as my ex (fiancé) didn’t seem the type to look into it with me, and like with many other spiritual things in life at that time, I disregarded it.

    I want to know more but also wanted to share my experience with you. I fully believe there is an order and we have to learn to believe and put our trust in this order. Have faith and keep going, everything will come to you exactly when it’s supposed to.

    Today I still follow the signs. Went to a job interview in 13 deg weather. The amt of 13′s on my way in were insane and reminding me to just trust the order.

    We have a few things to get thru my soulmate and I but we both feel we are on the brink of our abundance cycle. The hectic karmic cycles we feel are now complete and we both feel a massive awakening and can’t get enuf from it all.

    Im still constantly still bumping into 157‘s everywhere. The most recent one came when I was driving home in tears after fighting with my newly turned teenager about random things… I thought I would defy this ‘number’ thing and look for 157‘s. I never normally look, they always find me, this is the first time I was ‘negative’ about it… So checking number plates went I saw 1 then 2 then 3 cars, and then a 4th and just carried on crying, I figured there would be no 157′s toddy to save me…

    All of a sudden I saw one number plate sporting a157 and a second and a third and a fourth in tow!!! and a then a 777 which usually means good fortune for me… Again reminded that all is in order.

    My point is, they appear at anytime and by bringing and training my mind to see the positive in life the level and intensity of this has all increased 10 fold.

    It’s an exciting journey that I wish for everyone out there and I’m sure we will all have a story to tell… We have to believe that it’s for the greater good and that everything is happening as it should, good or bad. All for a bigger reason, no matter how painful or odd the current situation might be at this time in your life.

    Soul love and intensity like this DOES exist, continue on your journey, do wot you can for yourself to keep moving forward, gain momentum, keep momentum and be patient.

    Thanks for letting me share my story. There are millions more 157′s I can tell you about but the above were my absolute highlights.

    I want to end with a mantra that I carry around with me, it calms my anxiety when it starts to crop up ( which is very little recently)…

    IT goes like this…



  67. For a while I wondered why everybody else’s twin flame relationships were characterised by the numbers 11:11, while mine was the number 4. We’re four years apart in age, and our birthdays are 4 months apart to the day. The number 4 has repeated in other ways too. It’s taken a full year and a half to click that 1+1+1+1 = 4!

    So poignant to see so many people in the same boat as me here. My twin flame is running for all he’s worth. I know I need to trust that he’s held in love by the universe and he’s making his own way and learning what he needs to learn, but sometimes I fall off the wagon and let myself wish.

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