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  4. So how do you remove the blockage so that you can connect with your soul mate.
    I have been trying meditation to tap into it, but have not had much success.
    I ask Jesus to open my mind to all I should know but still trying.
    So is what you are saying, if your heart charkra is open you will find natural emphathy and compassion twards others?

    • I am not sure if you have met your soulmate or trying to connect with a future soul mate. However, I posted these new age informations but you don’t need to meditate or do anything really but give and love unconditionally.

      When I meant my ultimate soulmate, my twin flame it happened almost unexpectedly. I never thought such a union really existed outside my mind. All I know is that I had reached a point in my life where I was tired and bored out my mind of unfulfilling relationships. I felt i gave my all and the love wasn’t returned. Then out the blue I met a man that I felt I knew even though it was the first time meeting him. That’s when I realize telepathic connection and being in a place where no time existed was real.

      It was after the meeting and connecting for awhile then separation that lead me to all this information. Before I met him, I had never meditated or believe in supernatural stuff. I did reached a point before meeting him where I asked God to send me my one true love. I believe that happened several months before meeting my soulmate in real life. You should trust the process of life that everything will fall into place. Let things happen naturally as they should. God will take care of the rest. The same force and creator that place you in your mothers womb and made sure you were born into this world safely is the same force and creator that’s going to let you attract and give you what you need when you need it. If you cannot connect then maybe your are not suppose to at this time… Trust the process of life.

      As blissful, beautiful, fulfilling and magical a soulmate union can be… It’s very life changing because it’s not only a physical connection it’s a spiritual one. So once you connect that person is permanently apart of your life or in your thoughts. You can erase them from your thoughts. The universe is constantly reminding you that that person is your destiny. When you are not in communication with each other it’s extremely painful. The worse pain anyone can imagine. So your soul as to be very strong for such a union. It’s like they are your Savior and your judgement all in one. The more independent and whole you are on your own the better for you because you can easily lose yourself in the other. Sometimes I cannot tell if I am my twinflame or I am me…. And as crazy as it sounds, it’s true. Even if you are thousands of miles apart…you are still picking up on each other emotions and feelings.

      All I can say is when the soul is ready the soulmate will appear. Sometimes you recognize them immediately or times it just a feeling that this person is very special then out the blue realization hits you. This person is really it… The attraction and love increases instead of diminishing with time even when you are separated for extended period and are not able to communicate with each other.

        You are ao right on!! I am still doing the dance with my twinsoul. But its so real and deep. I know the intensity scared him the first time. The second time we were just starting to awaken. Now we’ve been seperated for a year… Now i feel like we’ve both fully awskened. I still think of him daily. You can Not forget a connection like the one you share with your twin soul. there is so much synchronisty every where you look the universe is reminding us of that person.

        Quick sI’very would love your input! last week friday i couldn’t stop thinking of my divine counterpart Peter. I thought to myself I just going to send him a message on fb. Even thought were not friends on there. I felt i had the need to let him know that i’ve been thinking if him tell him that i really miss him. to my surprise before i could do it, my twinsoul randomly added me as a friend on fb. He said: “hey Kirsten, I hope your doin great. I’ve been thinking about you and I send my love. I hope we are still friends.” I feel like I know he’s coming home from s.america soon and trying to feel me out. Maybe I’m reading too much into this? Any thoughts or feelings on this would be great! Thank you! Love and Light, Kirsten :)

      • Thanks for sharing Kirsten ;-) You said it right… He is feeling you out to find out if everything is ok with between both of you because you guys have been separated so long… He doesn’t know or is unsure how to approach you or the situation. He loves you very much and feels your love too… I think that’s one of these reason most twinflame runners are still staying away. They felt or still feel bad for avoiding their twin and is unsure if their twin still feel the same way or love for them. Kirsten, just keep being very laid back about it. Let him take the lead… You don’t need to do anything anymore… Respond to his messages but keep it simple until you guys have reach a certain comfort level and the intensity has cool down… Best Wishes ;-)

      • It’s more difficult to recognize your soulmate, in case you met online… you don’t know how ‘real’ the person & his/her intentions are. It takes several months to find that out. Add to that a possible language barrier, when it’s long distance & foreign. That slows down the process of connecting. If it’s really IT, you’re bound to connect, against all odds. And odds are manyfold, in these times of hardship. No reason to give up though. (Spoken from own recent development.) @D

      • Douryeh, have you recently met your twinflame? Or have you finally reunited? You seem to be very knowledgeable in this area… You have been giving some simple but very insightful comments for the passed few months now… ;-)

      • @Divine ‘Douryeh, have you recently met your twinflame? Or have you finally reunited? You seem to be very knowledgeable in this area… You have been giving some simple but very insightful comments for the passed few months now… ;-)

        Thanks for such quick reply… :)

        I hope I didn’t leave an overly streetwise impression… because that wouldn’t be justified. I know this for sure: These people, whose blogs I referred you to, are friends of mine, since over 4 years. As long as I’ve known them, they’ve always acknowledged to be ‘soul twins’ from a previous life. They have always said this: ‘Don’t ‘wish’ to meet your twin soul. Many people want to meet their twin soul, but such thing doesn’t work. Once you met your twin soul, you’ll know.’ And, more importantly: You may not fall in love with you twin soul. A twin soul may not be the person you’ll truly love & end up with as a partner.

        What I say, now, with them and some reactions on this blog in mind, is this: Many of our wishes and experiences with love, being in love, may be mistaken with truly being soul mates. I’m not sure if that’s always justified, and if it isn’t wishful thinking. Being in love is a very strong, disrupting emotion, after all. I think it’s very much about the difference between being in love, and having found tested, lasting love. I hope that doesn’t sound like discrediting other people’s experience. I hope it sounds like: ‘Let’s stay down to earth until we know better.’

        Now my friendship [sigh]
        I try not to get carried away too much, before I’ve truly met a person & have known him better. I try to abstain from qualifications like soulmate, let alone twin soul, before actually knowing the person. But we did feel the similarities, the stronger than usual connection, the sense of being one. I call it early love. I’m not sure what it will lead to, and try not to force him or myself into anything. I’m single, as far as I know he is too, a relationship would be nice, but you know how it goes, sometimes life gets in-between. There’s geographical distance, and some cultural distance. I come from a culture where people are less eloquent & think simpler than in English cultures: The Netherlands. So there are similarities & differences between him & me.

      • I think people can have different twinsoul union… Some thing is true for one union may not be true for another… I try not to judge or discredit anyone’s point of view because we can only speak from our experience and what we know to be our truth… I know I have met my twinsoul or the one I have been searching for since I was born… At first the connection felt crazy and was hard to believe that this could be happening to me…

        I think my twin and I found it crazy… There was a lot of wow moments and synchronicities with us. We are also very similar but also very different in some areas. We were born and raised in different countries but met in his country. There was a longing in me to go to his country from I was a child and he told me he always wanted to visit my country…

        So, I believe we both innately or subconsciously knew our soulmate or the one was living in that country. I feel very safe and comfortable with him… There is really no fear… I think we also innately knew this union would be tested. And, it have been and is still being tested sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously… I know I have said and done something’s to push his buttons and he have done the same as well…

        However, through it all the love always return… I have also grown more in love with him… Before, I think was curious about the connection… the psychic connection and all the synchronicities were crazy. But, now I am in love with him and the relationship is very durable… Even our birthcharts said it ;-)

        I always tell people to follow their heart… If it’s to be it will be… I know my twin because I know myself… I also know his short comings and even if I get upset in the moment and vent alittle on my blog or to him… I never hold it against him… I am in love with my twinsoul and I also like him eventhough he mirrors some of my shortcomings as well… It’s been 16 months and I don’t mine waiting… I believe we are in the home stretch now… I have released the last bit of residues and fears I needed to release…

      • Hi there,

        My twinflame and I unfortunately ended our relationship again…not the first time. Yes, I agree…we got so “lost” in each other, that we forget about the world…became detached from all else, which is not healthy. Our “union”‘s energies were full of intensities: love, emotions, trust, understanding, body language, spiritual telepathy, commitment, but also: misunderstandings, emotional pain, battle of the wills, imbalance, etc. The emotional pain when separated is indescribable…feels like one’s soul is bleeding…but sometimes the best decisions are the hardest.

        Re the “awakening” – I think that this can also sometimes be a tad too overwhelming for either one of the twin…i.e.: too much, too soon, too everything… and this in itself can cause chaos / imbalance.

        At the end of the day, one has to consider the “mirror effect” which will help with the “life lessons” – i.e.: if there’s a characteristic that you dislike of your partner, ie..: stubbornness. Is this not a trait that one dislikes of oneself, but instead, immediately get annoyed; or consciously / subconsciously try and change it…when in reality, its oneself that needs to take note / pay “attention” to our own characteristics. SPIRITUAL GROWTH is what we are all after, thus the “mirror effect” is just one of the many tools to consider, going forward and UP! 

        For now, I am not quite sure where our “union” will be in the end, but for now I love him, and will still, even if from a distance.
        He’s my twin – how can I not…

        In love and light,

      • Everything here is very true. My fiance and I have been together almost six months and it wasn’t until recently that we really started looking for an explanation for how we are together. There is a 6 year age difference, and we met during a time in both our lives that we needed each other. Even though there is an age difference nearly every point in our lives match up. Timelines seem almost too similar. I have always believed in soul mates and that there was only one person for you while he grew up with family that is Wiccan and has been told similar things. While we both knew about the idea, it wasn’t until a few days ago that we really wanted an explanation. I’m currently in college, living two hours away and yet our connection is so strong that I can have a thought and he’ll say it. We’ve always called it ‘linking up’ because that is how we’ve always seen it. And it is something we’ve done since we met. The connection goes deeper than anything either of us had ever felt before. Neither of us were looking for a relationship when we met and we spent a long period of time just talking and getting to know each other. However when the physical aspects of our relationship began, we noticed that we would look for skin on each other a lot. He would always put his hand on the small of my back where he could get to skin fast enough. Soon we both noticed that it was a comfort thing. We had to have skin to skin contact. For me, if there wasn’t any for a period of time, it was like I was drained. But five minutes of just us being close and it was like an energy shot. Now with me living 2 hours away, we’re finding that our mental connection is a lot stronger. While we can tolerate the distance, we still stay in contact constantly.
        Is there any other signs we should look for as evidence that our twin souls are maturing together? Or are there signs we may have misunderstood?

  5. I have this type of connection with my scorpio soulmate. We’re both also highly intuitive, which makes the clarity and connection of the telepathy stronger IMO. It’s nice to be able to connect without having to text or call. My favorite part about the relationship is the intense psychic link we share. I’ve never experienced it with any other men I’ve been with.

    • Thanks for sharing. My twinflame is the first and only Man or person I have experience such an intense connection with… I have had some psychic connections with other people after meeting him… But, it’s not the same… With him it’s a ongoing and very profound connection. I can closed myself to other people but not my twinflame … It’s a knowing that we are each other… Made from the same essence…. ;-)

      Love you Silent Bob ;-)

  6. This is all so interesting, I met a man while on vacation & had so many of these experiences. He was ahead of me in his spiritual path. We were so connected, my psychic meditation teacher said we checked in with each other about every decision. We communicated telepathically & had so much love for one another. He believed our connection was not a normal one & that I was trying to make a “normal” relationship out of it. Make along story short he abruptly left my life, no disagreement, fight, or anything. It was very traumatic for me, such a great loss for me. I believe I never really got over it. This experience put me on my spiritual path & still feel the void. Just recently found him on Facebook, after more than 20 years, I have been writing my feelings & thoughts to him. All I’ve gotten as a response is a thumbs up, literally! He was seeing me & someone else, which I didn’t know about. He made a long term commitment with the other woman. Such heartbreak for me! I am looking for ways to heal myself from all this. A few years ago someone was calling for me for him, asking if I had gotten married. I would have nothing to do with him & did not take the calls. It’s just recently since I saw his picture that all my unfinished business returned. Any suggestions to heal from this…

    • Hi Irma ;-) I don’t really give advice… I just share my story and my experience… Each person experience will be alittle different because no two people are exactly alike not even Twinflames… I do understand how some psychic connections can feel weird and crazy, especially if it’s new and caught you off guard… When my psychic connection first started happening with my twin… I thought the universe was playing a trick on me… My first response was, “this can’t be real…” However, my heart felt the love, genuine love… Love that did not need to be spoken or explained, it was just there….Your instincts and intuition will tell you if this connection is sincere. Even if the person behaves otherwise….

      Eventhough, not everyone you have a psychic connection with is your soulmate or twinflame… You know if you love someone… If you truly loved them chances are they truly loved you too… If you never truly loved them, chances are they never truly love you…. There is a reason they say all is fair in love and war… What you give you get, it may not be in the same way but it’s always fair…

      If you really want my suggestion… I would say contact him… You still haven’t resolve your issues with him and if it’s not resolve it’s going to keep coming up… You have to make peace with him. You are still carrying that hurt that you think he caused you… Maybe you hurt him a well but you were too focus on your hurt to see clearly…

      What you try to avoid or run away from persist… It will continue to follow until you face the issue, in this case him. Face him and make peace with him so his memories can stop haunting you.

      Whether you guys choose to have a relationship or not you still have to face him and resolve it. I believe he is ready to resolve it now. Forgive him and move beyond it so you can move on with your life with or without him… 20 years ago you guys were a lot younger and very immature… You guys didn’t have the life experience to make such a life changing decision… Now you guys are older and wiser you can behave more rational towards each other

      Best Wishes ;-)

      • Hey grace, ;) how are you?

        Wow this article is mind blowing too. I am a blessed person, so super blessed I am in trouble. I read Brian Weiss, and I can tell I know a lot about my past and what umnmentionable traumas my twin and me have suffered earlier. This life is a playground compared to that.

        I have heard that soul mates and twin souls are different. And a twin soul is much more intense. Before the arrival of my twin, I did have a soul mate experience. And we fought, cried , parted and he kept coming back and still does. I couldn’t be over him for four years. I would be with him if my twin had not shown himself in 2012 and he made me forget all my love for the earlier one. He is a hundred times times more intense than him, even more, gave me a lot more pain and a lot more love.

        I look back and I can see my previous came to prepare me for this real one. I slowly understood that guy, his whims and fancies, his lies, his ways to make me jealous, his rivalry, his passion and thats why I could be ready for my real soul counterpart because he has the same whims and possessiveness. I am amazed how universe prepared me for hard lessons of life. It also gives me hope that universe has a plan for all of us.

        Btw the main difference between soulmate and twin I found is this… No I had no major psychic connection with the soul mate, yes, I could sometimes feel it when he missed him too much and I could read his mind like an open book. I never saw him in my dreams.

        But for my twin, oh God, he is as if with me every night. I can feel him so clearly and life like. Perhaps he has no idea what he did to me. It is pretty much as if I am already having a life with this dream guy of mine. Though I cannot read his mind, I am convinced that there can be no connection deeper than this.

        I had a lot of resentment but now I am getting better. I am sure universe has a plan

        Btw, surrender does not mean surrendering to the wrong… That is so easy, negativity must be faced and confronted. We need to surrender to the right.

        I am so glad despite all the sorrow and you know what, your site is also a vital part of the plan of the universe… Thank you so much :)

      • Thanks for your insight Divine,
        I have been trying to resolve this without success. I didn’t mention we live in different countries. I just learned he was seeing someone else at the same time & hid it from me. He has an adult son now, who was conceived while we we “seeing” each other. He could never admit any of this to me, even after many attempts to resolve & complete our relationship. I just found out all this information on Facebook (as a starting point) He doesn’t say a word to me about any of this. He would always say he could never live with the loss of our relationship, he never wanted to destroy it. He needed to hold on to it the way it was. As I mentioned I love him unconditionally, it’s he that can’t let go. I am trying to find my way lo resolve this on my own. I thought we were twin soul mates but perhaps we are not! We experienced many of the characteristics, but he was more complex & wounded than I. I think he was fearful of getting to close to someone & not having control. He always said my presence would dis-arm him, he could not control his mind. I let my heart guide me while he was making decisions with his head. He had photo albums of us together & would look at it when he felt down, he needed me to help him get through life challenges. I just wish he could say he’s sorry….
        Thanks for your insight.

      • Hey Grace,my heart is crying for you, i totally understand, sorry dear sorry…

        This whole thing is useless…

        Look at Irma, her twins son has grown to be an adult and the man is not out of vacillating phase… Who can wait this long… Who can forgive this much… No no we dont have to surrender to something wrong…

        Much love dear… Much love…

      • I thought if you chase they only run more? My TF has been running 2 yrs. I’m married and don’t want a romantic relationship. I just want to resolve things, be happy for each other and to find some peace. He refuses so what then?! I get conflicting advice. So yeah in the meantime I just work on healing myself but half my pain is knowing He’s hurting over me and I feel guilty. I have no idea how to move on. :’(

      • I have been looking for my soul mate who I found out was telepathically communicating with me for the past few months. He has some form of the name Nicholas and is part Italian. He has long curly brown hair and eyes and a scar on his chest, but so far we cannot find one another in physical form. He insists he has been looking for me, but I have done immense searching and praying for him with no luck. I am a medium, and spirits, pixies, and religious figures have all told me he is coming, but when? He is taking his sweet time getting here. I do not know why we cannot find one another, but he is quite patient, compassionate, caring, helpful, intelligent, handsome, sympathetic, and a very good friend etc. I am just at my wits end not knowing how to find him.

    • thumbs up for Grace And Irma, hey Irma, after reading your post I can infer only one thing, he is not yet over you and he never will be…

      • Thanks Sadha,
        I know it’s unresolved for him too, I was a positive light in his life & yet he felt he didn’t deserve me. He has always been happy to see me when I look him up to talk about us & thy to get some closure w/out success. He chooses to keep it all bottled up inside him with no explanation. i just recently learned he has a son who was born shortly after we stopped seeing each other. No need to elaborate on this, he choose to be a father to his son! Which was the right thing to do…
        thanks for your insight.

    • Hello Irma, I guess he didn’t choose to be a father, he did choose to hide his embarrassment from you. His saying that he doesn’t want to destroy the relationship is his way of saying sorry.

      I can tell because I have suffered something similar…. A bit similar… I dont know what will be the end of it.

      There are no rights and wrongs… One thing is right in this dimension but it may be wrong in another.

      I understand your pain, I totally understand, I am sorry for you….

    • He concealed it from, it shows he really cares about you… But he let it come between you and him, it shows how unprepared he is and doesn’t know what direction to choose while time is flying and you are hurting.

      Same here…

      I have cried days and nights, I still love him and he doesn’t let me go.

      I really don’t know where this will end.

      • Sadha,
        I am sorry for your loss. I am working through mine to become bigger than him, transcending to a higher level. It takes work, it gets better & better! I had forgotten about him for a long while.It was unresolved & I’m making peace on my own. I’m loving him unconditionally even after seeing a picture of him with another woman, I’m sure he didn’t expect that! I’m sure his life changed unconsciously, maybe that was the best for him. I don’t know!
        I’m trying to get closure so I could move on in this life & next if there is one for me. Our healing will also help them heal too.
        Thank you for your kind words, be well! Something good will come out of this for both of us!!

    • Thank you, yes, you are right…

      I am amazed at my own patience, why I love him so much!!! He is with me and he is not with me. This is worse than crazy.

      Thank you and lots of love and good wishes for you dear Irma.

  7. Divine,
    Thank you for sharing your experience-unbelievable! I’m sending love & healing thoughts.
    The truth will set you free! I love how you wrote your note at 11:11. Big doors are opening for you! Best of luck to you!

  8. Devine, I totally agree with you, I think the first step to release our self and be free again (be stronger than what we were) is to value our self, that we deserve the very very best. I love my TF but I didnt respect my self and let him took me for granted. Well it’s understandable because I didnt “step on the earth” at that time. But in fact that our twin flame has 100% their own life, issue, and dream, Just because we realize that they are our TF, we convince ourselves that the reunion will occur in this life, that’s why we stuck on it. I got more that alot courage from my TF, what I realize now that we meet to waking up our other power/potential, now I’m working more with my masculine and trying to balance it with my feminine power. Vica versa with him, but he has the right to decide, its out of my reach.
    I try to listen to my inner wise/ high self, and it told me that he is not the one for my future man, but started from the meeting, we guide each other in our future life, soulfully. I told you Devine that the feeling was gone, it because we hate our selves at that time and followed our ego. I even blocked my self and be unavailable for him. How he was so shock because I didnt ‘feed’ him.
    Its been a week after our last meeting, I was surprised that he still answered my short whatsapp yesterday, I actually wanted to test if he stand still not to communicate with me anymore, it was our agreement to stop any contact between us, but he acted nicely. Now I enjoy his accompany on me, soulfully of course, I start to live my real life and meeting him at night before sleep. It seems work. I enjoy dating with his soul. I understand now what two in one means. Not because he came in my life and complete me, but because he came in my life mirroring my self and I complete my self with my own effort. I totally am independent, either does my TF. whatever when the final reunion will happen, but show must go on, never waste any minute anymore. ;)

      • Thats what I feel now Divine, that nothing can ruin me from outside because I made peace with my self inside. Meeting my TF emerged all my ego out, showing how this ego created dependable feeling of someone, but the saparation tought me alot, that it has to be different with what I trust it called LOVE. I got despair because I couldnt have him, I lost my feeling because I oppose the universe. At the end, I felt no peace in me until I truly surrender and stand up again with new foundation and mean of love. I know I have bunch of love that I really want to give to someone that deserve it, I have my dream and dedication with my future little family, my TF help me to form my self, but just it. I dont wanna waste my time anymore to imagine that this lil family will be with him. We belong each other soulfully, I think its enough, ;)
        Lets move on Divine! spread all the love we have, if they are our half soul then what we do will surely impact their life :)

        love and peace!

  9. I am experiencing alot of the signs of other dimensions and telepathy. I am also a writer of sorts, self published.

      • Awwww… I wanted to be a writer but then I joined this mafia called government. I am a great fan of Dr. Brian Weiss though I dont agree with him all the time.

        And as far as I know and understand, our destiny not only includes our twin flame, it also includes our chosen path of action too.

        Like Grace, you may not sufficient idea how much you are helping the Universe in its plans.

        And this is purely my thinking… But it is unnatural to love someone who is not your twin flame, it is just like accumulating some more karmic chains…

        Similarly, it is unnatural to do a work that doesn’t utilize our natural talents. One person was a healer in ten lifetimes and he becomes an attorney in eleventh… What a wastage!!!! Same with me… And there I find my imbalance and need to heal.

        And that way my twin is much superior. He is doing what he was born to do.

        So as a lover of words I write, I may write imperfect things, bad choppy details but it gives me pleasure. I have to honor my muse. My twin is my muse.

        Well, healing includes not wasting ones natural talents… Well, just saying. I believe in this.

        All the best everyone ;)

  10. I have a distant relationship with my twin soul for more than 4 years.. For that long period, he kept on dreaming about me being taken away by someone. We have interest telling stories to each other about our past lives and reincarnation. He always ask me same question , “are u going to leave me?” Can u tell me why he’s having the same repeated dream? Every time I think about him, I felt a weird electricity in my body. Some colds and chills as well. I don’t know how to describe them. But he’s existence meant a lot to me. We do have ups and downs but we easily solved them that instant and forgave each other. By the way, we already met in person. Couldn’t describe how happy we were :) only that he’s dreams are bothering me :|

    • Four years, my God,

      I throw up my hands ;)

      I do have memories of my previous lifetimes and I am sure he doesn’t have. Atleast, he never showed it but yes he sort of found me only through words, hmmm, may be underestimate him….

      Well I can interpret your dreams if you want. Only some of them are past memories, only those that repeat themselves persistently and sometimes we just know that it was a past life . I am so gifted to have such dreams long before I came to know the twin phenomena and even have pre cognitive dreams too. And thats why I can love my twin more dearly, shed my anger, and be more patient.

    • Perhaps he asks the same question again and again because he has gone through the same trauma many times before, the trauma of losing you, the trauma of having his soul ripped from him. He feels insecure, this is the toughest question for him.

      All twin souls dread separation, because they know the pain already.

      As far as I know I have lost my twin so many times that I feel possessive and insecure.

      This is the question- will you leave me.

      My own question is slightly different- it is- have I lost you already.

      It is so much restlessness!!!! The fear is a reverberation of the past and it is very real.

      The best thing we can do is to respect our twin and try not to hurt them as they already are in a need of healing
      .. Just like us… We are all humans with frailties.

  11. Hi,
    I found these shared comments very helpful. Thank you everyone. I wake every day and “feel” such sorrow and longing for my TF. Before I met him, I had a dream of a house on a beach. I woke up “homesick”. Knew the dream was very relevant. I am a singer and as I was performing at the coast, in a tiny restaurant, I was aware that “someone” was there. Someone who, just by his being there, gave me butterflies. It turned out that the “someone” was a man I had met before, through a friend. He heard I was singing at the restaurant, and popped in. He never left that night, and although there were crowds of people I felt only him. We sat on the beach for a while chatting, aware of an intense energy between us, then he kissed me, and we were both “freaked out”. The first words out of his mouth were “Oh my god, I feel like howling. I feel like I have just come home.” I couldn’t breathe. We were so connected, that from that moment, he could feel if I even had a headache or if I was upset. He would call my daughter (20) and tell her to go to me and tell me to put my hand on my pain and it would leave… So amazing! We had an intense love affair. Nothing like anything I have ever experienced in my life. On one occasion, we were discussing dreams in a group of friends, who had previously heard my “dream”. I begin to tell him about my dream, when he stops me and continues to tell the dream and describe the house in great detail to my friends, who are totally freaked out. He had the same dream at around the same time. During our short time together, I wrote him a little book of poetry. Love poems, if you will. I had inscribed it with these words “Cherish this little book, as soon it may be all that remains of you and me…” I had made the little book for him as he was travelling to Australia for a month. I also gave him a necklace with a Black Onyx Charm on it. This particular charm is known by the South American Indians as Angel’s Tears, as it was a pendant given to men when they left for a journey to war or hunt, in the hope that they would remember their love who mourned for them, and that they would return safely.
    Throughout his trip he was in constant contact with me via sms, telling me how painful it was for him to be separated from me. Then for the last day of his trip, I never heard from him. When I eventually did, I asked him if anything was wrong. He replied “yes. I just don’t see a future for us.” I mistook this to mean he didn’t want a future. I replied that he shouldn’t hassle as I would be fine and he should just let me know when he is back and I will collect my things. I never heard from him again and he wouldn’t take my calls when he got back. He resigned from his job and took a position in the middle of the Transkei (SA). He started smoking, and wouldn’t even help me when my car broke down 40kms away from where he lived. He said at the time he couldn’t talk to me or be around me as he was really battling emotionally. I left him alone, as he had asked me to. I never saw him again until 2 years ago. He came to see me and told me I hadn’t imagined the closeness and the love we shared and then he left again. I have no contact with him, and he is married to a 23yr old girl. Has been for 2 years, I believe. He was 44 and she was 21 when they got married. I still long for him. Every breath I take screams for him. I am engaged to someone else, but can’t think of facing the rest of my earthly life without my TF. I have met soul mates on this earth, and have loved as few have, but I have lost half of my soul. I hope one day he will return, yet I can’t wish that without harming the young girl he has married. Last night I felt him come to me in my dream. He just hovered down and kissed me, lying parallel to my body. The room had a faint warm glow that seemed to come from faint little “stars”. I feel he longs for me and came to me, as it was a very real experience. Do you think this could be so?

    • Thanks for sharing your story Delwyn. Only you know what feels real and right to you. I have had some very telepathic and out of body experience since meeting my twin. I have been guided and protected through the whole process. I trusts my guts, instincts and the process of life because they have never failed me.

  12. I think I have met my twinsoul. As of late I have been feeling a broken heart, I cry for no reason at all. I feel tired all of a sudden, I have also started to feel vibrations in my body. Can anyone please help me?!? I would love to reconnect with this guy, just don’t know how to achieve this. I want to tell him I feel his pain

    • The more you work on loving yourself and becoming the best you possible… You will realize your life will become more in balance and the pain and confusion will dilly fade away. Trying taking some timeout to take care of yourself each day… By helping yourself and staying balance you are helping him as well…

      • I don’t mind feeling his pain. In fact, I feel as this is a gift. I would not trade it for anything in the world.

  13. Well I met mine not realizing it at 1st we both had other life’s and my immediate reaction was who’s this guy and didn’t pay him much mind since he was new in my social circle. The 1st time I got close to him I sat next to him at my friends brothers funeral and I couldn’t breathe and he said lean on me and I took the biggest breathe when i did. Two years later I met another man who believed in psychics and ghosts and I bought a book on psychics and how to open your self up. We started having issues and I consulted a tarot reader who advised me I was going to meet a man who I would have a flirtatious banter with who is connected to me spiritually and I had a past life with. I had no idea what any of this meant nor really believed it. I found myself back with friends drinking and low and behold me and him started flirting. Then I told my friends about my book on psychics I read and I wanted to try a head chakra. I look back now and weird as it is I started to describe my soulmate all the down to he has to have a red door because its my favorite color…and a bunch of other things. We started talking and sure enough he had a red door and matched everything I said to the T. The greatest passionate sex I’ve ever had even when we fought it was just as intense but we forgave each other quickly, we were honest to the core even if it hurt but then it became an amusement….he became my best friend….when we would separate for short periods I always knew we’d talk again except once I thought it was for good and a friend of mine passed and I was talking to her boyfriend about him and it was like my heart lit up and shortly after he drove past my friends house I was talking at…that’s when I knew he could feel me. He did it twice. I contacted him and he came back around a month later. He wasn’t ready for me and I was going to wait for him. I would pray and ask god to give me a sign in what direction should I go and one day he answered me and it led to him. Odd things would happen all the time just to show me I was going in the right direction. Then one day I had a weird feeling that we were back at square one when we 1st exchanged numbers and asked him what are we and he responded I don’t know. That was the last I heard from him he died the same day of the girl who just left the previous post. I still think we connected….he sent me a balloon…I see him…hear him….he died the day before my birthday. Maybe he’s not my twin but I have to say a lot leads me to believe he is.

      • Hi Divine,
        I’m so happy to see you are your self again and may be even stronger then you were before. Did you notice the times we posted replies: 533 and 933. They are very meningfull angel numbers.
        Hugs :)

      • Hi Netty, you are such a wonderful human being… I am going to checkout the meanings. But, I just want to tell you that you are truly loved and appreciated. Awhile back you told me no one can claim me and that really stuck with me…

        Bless your heart Netty

        Hugs :-)

      • Hi Divine,
        I think you are pretty wunderful your self :) and yes nobody can claim you. You are the one who chooses to help somebody or not. Nothing should be at your expense, unless it learns you something that you need to learn in this life time.

        Thanks for telling me that I’m loved and appreciated. I think I just found out who and what I am and it explains a lot about everything that has happened to me so far . This life is very hard on me and I really needed to hear that I’m loved and appreciated.

        Hugs :)

  14. Hello Divine and Sadhna and everyone else… I scanned through these comments just like that and it’s quite comforting knowing there are other people out there discussing and experiencing a similar thing. As not many people will be able to relate to it. I stumbled across twin flame mates while reading up on soulmates.

    Ok in short my story. It’s quite a story, but I’m gonna chop it short. We met through a mutual friend. They both have the same name. And that mutual friend has probably been one of my closest soul friends… like we dont meet that often but we have a silent communication and understanding. We dated very briefly about six years ago, but he got married and even has a child. I have dated a couple of guys, but I could never settle down after a few months… this friend would appear out of nowhere, the mutual friend and I would break up. OK, now last year I met ‘him’ and the funny thing again is that these two guys with the same exact name were wearing the same coloured tshirt… haha, quite funny, as it was a funny colour.
    When he entered and sat down, i looked at him and it was like I had seen him before. I thought I had probably seen him on some reality show so I just let it go… He asked me whether I had ever visited the office he works for as we are sort of in the same profession and I acted very disinterested and said no…

    As we all went for dinner, He kept bombarding my sister with questions about me in my absence that night. He wanted to know my age, what I do etc etc. Later on I dont know how but I just asked him out of the blue whether he had a place for me, that I would like to assist him on his project. So the next day he called me, we met… and i went to his office. I was very nervous and I guess he could tell, because unexpectedly I started feeling a lot of warmth and affection for this person. I tried to just remain calm, we spoke… After the meeting we went downstairs and had a cup of tea together , he smoked a cigerette… haha then the funny thing is he actually carefully hugged me while leaving and i found that funny.. just the hug was funny… So many days went by. He had his brothers wedding asked me to attend, but i didn’t. Then we messaged and spoke quite a lot over the phone and I had warned him and asked him not be too nice to me, in other words dont flirt with me, or complement me… So i go to the office again had a meeting with his assistant in charge and then he came to meet me, we spoke for two minutes and he just SMILED… OMG… I have seen many men smile, but when he smiled, i just rose to my feet, it was just something overwhelming… but v romantic too in retrospect.

    Then after I left the office, my iphone had accidentally dialled his number which i was not aware of. While he was in a very important meeting with many people who saw him speaking to nobody. After a few days, he asked me whether I wanted to go for a drive… but that he didnt have his car right now. I told him perfect i have a car but cant drive. So i send him my address and at the exact time he rings my bell. I was in a shock because i didnt expect him to ring my door bell i thought he would be downstairs and probably a bit late… as i am always a lil late. so when he came in i couldnt hide my anxiousness… and after five minutes of me being awkward i just hugged him. haha… yeah… i just hugged him… We started kissing soon after… and we spoke and spoke… and it was very overwhelming.
    So he decided it was better we wouldnt work together. I was pissed off at first as i thought i had a job, but then i was like ok yeah whatever. But the moments we had of just laying together on the sofa… were something else… he would say… and that is what it felt like.. that we were melting into each other… and mind you he is a very practical kinda guy… though religious/spiritual too. It was like a trance. A trip. A drug. So after many months of a whirlpool… we decided that it d b better if we just take a break… cuz he was just so busy all the time. Out of the country most of the time. It was so difficult for me, I would miss him So much it would just physically Hurt. And then his problem was also that when he would meet me, for days he had problems concentrating on his work. So he would wisely choose a day to meet after which he could just get back to himself. So our dates were according to his schedule which I became fed up off. His background in love arena.. he has had two flings and one relationship but never made love…. ys he is a thrity year old virgin. Well, not really anymore… we kind of but not completely… ok, sounds weird me blogging about this, well though it is anonymous so its ok :)
    So yeah, he asked me if i could wait for him at first till end of the year till he can finish off his major project, now its become feb 14th… and i have waited and waited… and my god… I am so deeply emotionally physically in love with this guy. I can see him as the father of my children, i can see him help me out in the worse parts of my life (experiencing deaths of loved ones etc) but it’s been such a turbulent year… I have been getting all kinds of health symtons… like abnormal… we communicate very little… telepathy is there, I guess :) and yeah i joined a new gym, and bam.. there he is right in front of my eyes…. awhhh he looked so cute and in love too… I want to say so much more… but I have already shared so much. Now, i have come to a phase where I want to just unconditionally love myself first, I really feel that if he loved me, he couldve wished me at least on my birthday… he was out of the country but still… or once in a while just dropped a msg but instead he just keeps writing this hinting symbolic messages on twitter… which is sweet and romantic… but at the end of the day I’m a human being too you know… not just spiritual…. and its quite tricky… because there is a thin line between sanity and insanity… imagination and reality… 3d and 4d… sometimes you need to speak the language you have grown up listening to and speaking.

    Although I meditate… And especially before i met him very deeply… now im just trying to get back to restore my health and peace of mind and go on with my work too… It’s a gift this relationship when you think of it, but its so damn damn difficult… sometimes i doubt it whether it is really what i think it is… or should i just cut the chord… then agian i fall sick. SIGH a big sigh… Please comment as you like :) And thanks for allowing me to vent over here. If you have any type of advice please do write back. I know Letting Go would be the wisest thing to do… but then again you are suppose to unconditionally Love and when I do that my Love channels are just too open… pfff… ok E – nough . Signing out. (And yes there are lots of synchronicities too (sp.?) He too feels we met for a special reason… but at times it just so damn confusing, this semi Romantic semi Spiritual and completely Challenging/Testing Trial & Trouble some relationship. Though I love him… with all my heart. I’m just angry… he should now give a little speak a little meet a little and not make me wait So long… Anywaaayyy
    Best Wishes Everyone, Meditator !

    • Thanks for sharing your story Meditator ;-) The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay balance and true to yourself… By continuously loving, accepting and facing all the issues that have held you back you will become more yourself and that attract the twin to you because they will feel they can truly be themselves around you… Also, when you are in balance the pain and confusion goes away… Best wishes

  15. I have a very serious question to ask. Has any of the twin soul couples here ever had dreams that are more memories and seen to have a very strong connection between the twins’ past lives together? About a week ago I had a dream that was very closely matched to a dream that my twin had approximately 6 months ago. The dream was very dark. I haven’t been remembering my dreams for the last few months but this one dream seemed to stand out above all others. Can twin souls’ connect on a level that allows the dreams/memories from past lives to surface in this life?

  16. I have read these comments and it sort of puts me at peace, I have n ex boyfriend who I talked to everyday from 17 to 21 years old I haven’t slept wit him we couldn’t be physically together, but itended because he was listening to his friends n would always start fight cuz what people would say so I had enough and I didn’t want the drama so I ened up being with someone else I just stopped talking to my ex I got pregnant and I would think of him hhave dreams oof him I was pregnant he would say. To me in my dreams how r you I missed you I will always be there for u n a couple days after that dream my friend told me my ex was askin about me .. Remember I just stopped All contact she said he asked for my number how I’m doing he heard I was pregnant, I would wake up missing him then only day I was thinking about him it hurt he messgaed me online out of no where asking me how I am how I’m doing that he misses me n happy I’m doing good he keeps in touch with me when I have dreams or I miss him the next day he calls and texts me to see how me and my family is doing I don’t know what this means but I will love him no matter what an always when I miss him he contacts me don’t matter who he tells me who’s he’s been with or anything I don’t hate him ever like when we was together now I love him no matter who I’m with or who’s he with,, what does this mean he’s not spiritually leveled yet where as I’m looking down the spiritual path he’s still got a lot of learning n growing to do but he always tells me he misses me and loves me no matter but doesn’t over step bountries cuz of my now boyfriend who is amazing I know something is up when I dream of my ex and miss him …. Couple days he contacts me

  17. I am in great belief that i have met my soul mate, he is 30 years older. but we have such a great connection, he can pick up on what im doing or done for the day, when he has been no where near me for days. we can both use telepathic language, with each other. we both indulge in using touch and thoughts by means of healing one another. also indulge in connecting with each others auras. i feel he is better with telepathy and i am stronger with healing side of things, though he is very strong in both areas, he is amazing!!

  18. What happens is meet two soul mates
    I have. One is on same page as I am
    the way we write to each other the way feel and
    the way view the world
    I had vision we would have a daughter together
    I saw what she looked like.
    were both artistic .the other is
    very old friend from a past life in early 20 century
    My heart feels like it whats to jump out my chest
    I have intense feeling like never have before
    what I am suppose to do.

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