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  1. Hi Divine Grace, thank you for this post. My twin and I are experiencing a separation because our souls are not ready for union. I am letting go of ego, healing my wounds, and learning self love during our separation, but we are still connected somehow. We can’t seem to let go, but maybe we are not suppose to. I love him deeply, and realize now who he is in my life. Thank you for sharing. Blessings and love, Brooke

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  3. Most twin flames pairings i know of are in the stage of separation for now.. But the good news is that we actually found and recognized our twin flames! We know they are here incarnated at the same time with us! Yay! :)
    Good news is that we understand that the separation stage simply presents us the space to grow and lessons to learn..
    As long as we are aware of all that, we are moving on the right track! :) And while in separation, be sure that your twins are going through some important processes as well, even though you may not share this in a talk..

    We’ll get reunited someday!

    • I’m also separated from my TF right now. It is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever been faced with. Our initial time together was literally Heaven on Earth and then she ran! It’s been two months since she left but it seems like two centuries! I am doing my work everyday but it is so hard being apart from her. We’ve had no contact for over a month now and I find myself wondering almost every waking moment where she is, what is she doing and does she even think of me at all. It’s been so hard and my heart aches almost always. I’m trying to be strong and faithful but it is extremely hard. I will rejoice the day she returns because my Love for her is eternal. I pray for all the TF’s out there to find their way back to one another. Blessings Always, Jim

      • Exactly. My TF and I have been separated for a little over a year now and its been literally misery every day. I really didn’t realize how important he was to my life. Like, its been so bad that I ended up in the hospital after trying to commit suicide because i just felt so empty.
        Although that was probably the lowest point in the separation, I feel as though after hitting that rock bottom, I have grown and am much more stable than I was before–and i think I am finally taking baby steps towards learning to love myself (which was something that I struggled with even before meeting him). i hope every day that our paths will cross again…

      • Hi there!!

        I just was reading you comment! And I have to say that I too am on the same page.. I was very depressed for a least 4 months and thank god for my job ( I was working from home) I never left my room only to get food or water!! But then One day I knew I had to get out of this depression! So I started seeing a hypnotherapist!! I did some past life release and present life release and I have to say I am so HAPPY!! I am always full of LOVE! I have release everything and have started loving myself!! Now in saying all of that yes I am still sad that I am not with my twin flame but inside my heart I can feel him!! I know he is coming back to me :) and everyday I rejoice in knowing and feeling that!! I tell you all try and don’t his release it will help move things along a lot faster for you and for them! Because you are connected so whatever your releasing so are they :)

        I send you love, joy and peace :) xxx

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  6. I have a question. Btw everything I’ve read here is all so true it’s almost scary. So what if you meet you twinflame and he/she clearly states that because of religious differences, in the future we will not be. Unless of course I were to convert? Which wasn’t said but implied. Now, I had agreed to being friends. To have him in my life without the physical part of things was 100% okay. In a literal respect, I ran. But emotionally, I believe he did. We continued our friendship but attached to every statement he made was a sexual innuendo. I couldn’t flip flop and as he said when I asked him to stop and keep it platonic, “it’s just the way I am”..

    Now, he tried to shut his brain off and follow his heart and when he did this, it was truly mind blowing. It’s what I had desired but not expected. You see, he’s very controlled by Islam.

    Long story short, his brain took the wheel. Had he merged into the relationship full force with love I would have been right there waiting with open arms. Anyway, I ended the friendship because his words and actions didnt align and I felt he had growing to do. He got mad at me and what not which is fine. Im tolerant of certain things I’m usually not with others when it comes to him. Anyway, I would love some feedback.



    • Thank you Tina for sharing your story… I realize Twinflames having different religion or religious beliefs is a common theme. My twin has never out rightly said or tell me his belief. However, I think he is more towards atheism. I am not religious either but I believe in God. My definition of God probably differs from what other people believe Is God. However, whatever works for you works for you. There is more to life than religion… I believe love is a higher calling. That’s just my opinion… Godspeed ;-)

      • Tina’ s story and mine so resemble. I have let him go too. He is not Islamic but rash in taking actions, specially destructive actions, the actions that hurt.

        And as Tina said his words and actions don’t align and I always forgive him for things too drastic.

        Ohhhh I have let him go. It doesn’t mean I have stopped loving him.

      • I often read your comments divine. And for a while you had gone away, so I stopped reading too but this place is really a solace, a comfort. I have done so many things for my twin that common sense forbids. And I dont regret. I am so blessed to be a part of a great divine plan. And reading you always makes me feel better. Thank you :) this is a place where we can share our pain.

    • Tina email me if possible pls. The email add is ruhi_s_1@hotmail.com, i want to hear your full story…i am a muslim woman and i have met my TF at the moment he is the runner and i am chasing. My TF is also muslim but i am wondering how you are managing with your TF with your different religions

  7. Dear Grace what do you think… Is physical union and final union are same things. I have heard about ppl right here who separated after a physical union.

    I feel we are too intense for each other. Like a thin wire cannot hold too much voltage, it will burn and burst, we ate not ready because we are not strong enough. Oh I love my twin so much, I want to run away.

    • Sadhna, I think some Twinflames first meet each other in person whether at a club, the office, school, store and stayed in physical on again off again relationship with each other. So even if they meet-up physically before the final reunion doesn’t mean it’s the final reunion. Then there are those who met over the phone, internet or other means where they never actually met in person. They were also kept at a distance from each other for whatever reason. Maybe their energy was too intense so they were placed far away from each other… Whether in different countries or cities so when they finally meet in person that’s their physical and final reunion… ;-) Sadhna you should also look at the Eros and Psyche signs and table to see how your twin psyche relate to your Eros and vice versa…

      • Awwwww, we are you are my everything type…. Awwww thank you for suggesting.

        i guess this whole twin flame experience is only a glimpse of the golden age that is waiting for us. We have to get there somehow. The future anticipates us. And yes we need to work hard and persistently to reap the blissful reward. It is faaaaaar away but it is there and i am so glad.

        And as you said we are assigned distant locations because we may be too intense. That is so true. Sometimes i feel my presence totally boggles him and i… I have decided so many times that he is too good for me. Wow.. So difficult, painful, such a challenge, just wow :)

      • Hi Divine, your comment touched my heart. I cried. It is so true. Thank you for your words. I know that I had been guided by my higher self to your blog.

        Long before I was introduced to the concept of Twin Flame and even before I knew that he was my Twin Flame, I had this guidance that I should release him for him to come back.

        I couldn’t believe my guidance. I couldn’t understand why his soul could not remember. This made me doubt that he was really my TF. But after stumbling through your blog and reading through yours and others’ insights on this matter, I am now convinced more than ever that he is my TF. Also, now I understood.

        When I understood, the release becomes very natural. It flows its natural course and it is liberating to the Spirit. I focus my energy on knowing and loving myself.

        We are separated now. A few days ago, I told him that I released him from my life. I thanked him for gracing my life with his love and his presence. He responded with these words “I appreciate your kind words, thank you for being a faithful friend. Love and light.”

        At first, I fell back. Friend??? Then again, I rest in the confidence that soon we will be together in joyful reunion.

        Many blessings to you, Divine and to all our soul sisters in this site!

  8. I just discovered the reason why I met mine and why we are separated. I knew separation was for growth and everything else discussed in this article, there was only one thing being left unsaid: Soul Purpuses!! You see, we have come here for a reason, and when we are ready to reunite with our twin flame is also in the purpose to work together in this common purpose that we cannot do alone. BUT, when we are in the company of our twin flame, we feel complete and the world outside us no longer exists. What if you’re here to do something that involved so many more people, to do something for the world, how this fits into our plan? … heh, let me say that meeting my twin flame got me off track for a long time. I know now that in this life we have contracts with other people, and I will be in a very loving relationship and create a family with someone else, but not with him. Then why did I have to meet him now, at such a young age? Because if we never met, we would always have felt that longing, that missing part, and we wouldn’t have given 100% in our other relationships. Now that we know, we can give 150% in other relationships, while still leaning on each other, but not depending on each other. THe physical distance of a lot of miles is absolutely necessary for us not to burn each other out, and not to hurt each, but still work together. I needed to understand in order for me to be able to move on and I also learned to love myself more since. We might not be together in this life, but we are together up there, whatever we learn down here, we share up there. It wasn’t easy but it was necessary. But even though my twin and I are not romantically involved, and probably will never be, I do know a couple who have finally met and will get married next year. They are 50 years old, and have gone through a lot alone and with other people, and now are ready to be joined together in this life as husband and wife and work together at a common purpose. They found each other when they were ready for each other, not a minute first. :) Everything happens for a reason, that’s what we all must keep in mind, when things get too taugh and that all is well. It is happening for our highest good, and to teach us something. :)
    Much love and light to you all!!

    • Amaurea, I absolutely agree with you. the same thing that I learn from my TF, I never felt so much hurt like I felt from him. But because of it, I grow up, I feel so strong like what I imagined what should I be when I was a child. He came to mirror all hiden strong thing inside me, hurting so bad, I even got numb, but after decided to separate from each other, I can feel him again back (in low intensity power).
      Thanks for sharing ur mind, I feel so good after read it ^_^

      • ;-) ‘I feel so strong like what I imagined what I should be when I was a child’ that’s the purpose of the twinflame to make us become fully the person we always knew ourself to be….
        I see so much of myself in you Zara… Bless your heart ;-)

  9. This all so appropriate for me, my separation from my twin soul, led me to a path of spiritual growth. One of my clairvoyant teacher’s described our relationship/union as one. We were born 2 days apart in this lifetime. We checked in with each other about every decision. It was challenging for me to separate & it had to be done. He ended our relationship. We lived in different countries & always expressed how much I missed him, he interpreted this as a weakness. I just got back in contact with him after more than 20 years & learned he lost his father & brother the last couple of months & mother about a year ago. Is there a coincidence in the synchronicity? I am still actively working on taking back my energy & power from him. I still love him, with great distance!

  10. Hallo Divine,
    I’m sure we get all the same message but with same but different pain story. It’s crazy how we end up with realising how we’re strongly attached on this game before we fully finish the level. last 3 weeks I thought I wont feel my TF anymore. I was so happy, but to be honest, something missing, I felt like a death soul, couldnt feel anything. But to feel his presence made me still overwhelmed, thats the reason that brought me closer to God, I needed to be healed. Now I feel changing inside me, “future zara” that reflect from my tf slowly but surely planted in me, the thing is the more I become whole, the more I see my tf on me, how can I forget him if I see him in me? now is my next step; to accept me and him fully without any phisical attached. put aside all the ego, and reach the soul illumination in order to open my heart again, for this time to have this love that consist of my love also to my tf but without any ego included; the freedom of love, and this 1 Corinthians 13:1-5 came to me few days ago. (my connection to God is in christian way) I’m still on my way, but I feel good vibes.

    This morning was the first time after our separation that I feel my tf again in my heart. just because we met in my dream, I could see that we still be careful of each other, I even pretended that I didnt see him, but he came to me, gave me kiss on my cheek, I wanted to kiss his lips, but he ignored because he said he has problem with his teeth and we were at dentist *lol. After that I decided to leave him there, than we hugged, I hold his hand and that was the time when I could feel him, I told with my body that I love him, and he felt it and spoke with me through his eyes “dont leave me, but ..yeah — I understand we have to doing this, take care”. I still focus on my life, and I’m sure either he is. I hope there would be no more drama but self enlightenment. whatever purpose God put us into this world but together or in our own way, we have to nail it! rock the world! ;)

    • Amazing, thanks for sharing that Zara… Very uplifting… I am glad you have reached Self-realization. I decided to post the entire chapter ;-) . That’s what it is about….LOVE

      1 Corinthians 13
      New King James Version (NKJV)
      The Greatest Gift

      13 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. 2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned,[a] but have not love, it profits me nothing.

      4 Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; 5 does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; 6 does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

      8 Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part. 10 But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.

      11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 12 For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.

      13 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

      Hugs :-)

      • the Mighty is watching us divine, He never let us alone and clueless even for awhile. He always send signs on the right time by using many random people, but its all coming back to us, we have this freedom to accept His help or stand on our own way, He reminds us :)

      • Bless your heart Zara :-) …. Lost sight for a second but now we are back on track and stronger than ever… To God be the glory :-)

  11. “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven”.
    what do you think the reason why did u created this site divine? more than to heal ur broken heart or share ur story, God uses u as His extension to reach another soul with the same pain. no one can understand how hurt it feels than the one who has that pain. :)

    bless your heart too divine, for so many grateful people who landed here and being strengthened, including me. stay strong and keep shine because you are worthy! :)

  12. Has anyone in their time of separation doubted that you are really TF’s and that you will never see or hear from your TF again? I am feeling that way now. I really am just not feeling the connection at this time but I think of him everyday several times a day and still love him. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great! Thanks

    • Beebs is normal and ok to feel that way. Maybe the universe is giving you a break from the connection. A break from the connection is a good thing it will come back. But, enjoy the break you are experiencing use this time to get to know yourself and understand yourself.

      Try focusing your attention elsewhere. When I am out and about and doing things with family and friends eventhough he is always on my mind I feel a lot better. I listen to music a lot like all day long as a distraction.

      Sometimes I watched TV while listening to music with my headset on and at the same time I am surfing the web and participating in conversations ;-) I multi-task all day long. I try to keep all myself busy it helps me relax ;-). If I am not doing anything I start seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling stuff. So, those things are ways to distract myself in away… It also help me get a break from feeling and picking up on energies and stuff…

      Maybe you should do the opposite of what I do if you want feel him. ;-)

      • Thank you for that! I am distracted a lot which is a huge help. I am really busy at work these days and my friends and family always help in keeping me busy. I never gave it a thought the universe was giving me a break. Thank God it has. What a great way to think of it!

  13. Divine I think you are so right. I get really strong urges to contact him and I know that would not be a wise idea. I know it’s not our time. So anything I can do to put my focus on something else is a great help.

  14. I have been feeling so down and sad all day – thinking too much I guess- when I came upon this discussion. I met my TF in most probably one of the strangest places ever and fell in love with a note he sent me. It wasnt even a lover’s note but it just happened. Two weeks later he asked me to marry him and I could not believe this. My mind would not accept it although I did agree. He is from a different country and came over to me last year but as things goes, he left- or started running. I never thought that anything would hurt so much. The worst part was that he still loved me. During February this year, I had unexpected mail from him, after mailing him all those months, missing him and loving him… He wanted us to work towards getting back together again and THANKED me for keeping mailing him. He said that it was all that kept him going. Anyway, once this was sorted out, it was heaven looking forward to seeing him again but, it was not to be. We started experiencing small set backs and at the moment, it seems like there is so very little hope of finally being together. I just love him so much and still have faith that our love WILL get us together but since our problems started again (its all financial and not even feelings or people), it seems that the more I encourage him to keep the faith, the less faith he has. He withdraws from me even while it hurts him as much as it does me. When he does not hear from me, it drives him about as crazy as I feel when he goes what I have come to term as MIA. I dont know where this will end, I just know that it hurts so much and I dont know for how much longer I can handle this. I cannot give up on him because the ties and love is too strong but emotionally it is hurting in a way that I some days, just dont even feel like getting up anymore. I can just pray and believe that these drained feelings will go away but as I type this, Im crying and just havent got much hope left. Thank you for giving me the oportunity to just even tell you about this.

  15. Separation doesn’t lead to growth or learning at all. Maybe it makes the heart grow fonder, because we realize what we’re missing, but all there is to show for it in actuality is watching her get older and fuck other men. There is no loving and divine spirit behind this bullshit.

    • The best lessons are hardest learn… You have to dig a little deeper and look within and to your higher self for answers and the love you desire. No one outside yourself can take responsibilities for your successes or failures. If you are still pointing figures and blaming something or someone outside yourself then you haven’t learn your lesson.

      I hope you feel better soon… This too shall pass ;-)

  16. “Love is a temple, love a higher law” “One love, one blood, one life. You got to do what you should. One life with each other, sisters, brothers. We’re one, but we’re not the same, we get to carry each other”

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  18. Unfortunately, I pushed my twin flame away. After I did I was so mean to them that I am truly ashamed. This was the second time around for us. We were together in our twenties, broke up, and then twenty years later reconnected. I always told myself I had learned my lessons the first time around but apparently I didn’t and I became the “runner”. I didn’t feel like I was good enough in the relationship. And, yes, I pushed them away. They finally broke up with me and I have never felt such emotional pain in my life. I have “seen the light” now and realize my mistakes….however, they have now begun a new relationship….and even just recently moved in with the new love…..I am so bereft…..I am hoping against hope I will have another third and final chance with my twinflame…..I know I am a better person now and realize what I need to do to create and maintain the relationship. Do you think it’s possible to reunite again and again in one lifetime?

    • Thanks for sharing GuitarGirl…I think if it’s meant to be it will be… Just focus on loving yourself… The more you love yourself the less you desire your twin… Just focus on you right now…

      Be good to yourself and don’t beat up yourself about the past or what you have no control over…

  19. Hello Divine,

    I have to thank you again. I’m going through the most difficult time in my life. Everything is falling apart around me. But knowing that you are out there somewhere keeps me on my feet. So thanks very much!!!!!


    • Hi Netty, thank you…

      I am always here ;-) I had to find my balance again. I felt so overwhelmed and bombarded by all the emotions on the blog. I really didn’t know who I was or what emotions were mine. It’s like I left my body and was watching my chaos responding to chaos…pain responding to pain

      Anyways, all is well… I am bringing happy back :-) Hugs

      • Hi Divine,

        I’m very very glad to see that you are back and feeling well. I was worried about you. I felt you were having a hard time and I was with you in my thoughts.
        For me everything turned out a little less bad than I thought it would.

        Happy hugs :)

      • (Smiles) I have no control over the avatars not even mine… The system automatically generate the avatar… Sorry :-( but thanks for the complement ;-) …I have been so busy lately… I”m only able to check the site once in awhile. Don’t have much time to respond to the messages… Anyways, hope you have a wonderful day :-)

        The system is correct though because you’re a dragon and have a dragon tail :-)

      • Hahahaha, I guess you’re right about the dragon part ;) . Good luck with whatever keeps you so busy!!! Sounds good, you being so busy :)

  20. Dear Divine,
    these articles came to me incoincidently to tell me EXACTLY for everything i have been going through. Exactly. Thks a lot, thks a lot!

    my TF ran to another very young woman to get away from me after our quarrels and til now, i do believe that both of us did not why and what for our quarrels. He immediately engaged with this girl only 3 weeks on internet after our seperation and after that this girl attacked me with their photos and plan of marriage.

    In my deep soul, before i caught this articles, before i knew what is TF, i still feel down deep there’s sth VERY DIFFRENT in this relationship ….

    I thanked to him many many times for the break up which helped me a big jump of self-realisation and i thought he came FOR A REASON to teach me the lessons, to see my kundalini awaken… and now, his job was done and left though i still love him every moments in life though over last 4 months

    My question is we just keep waiting our TF in silence, no action, it will come back if we are truly TF or should i let him know all these articles?

  21. This is all about ascension. If one or both you are not enlightened then its definitely not a twin flame reunion. A twin flame reunion is a very holy event, last phase of ascension, going back to source. I’ve discovered the true holy trinity, she definitely accelerated my soul growth and exponentially expanded my consciousness even though we are not together. I can’t wait to spend the rest of eternity ascending through higher realms with my twin. O:-)

  22. I have known my twin flame for about 6 years now .. on and off back and forth… the connection between me and him is very strong .. he is scared to death.. and still scared.. he is dating a girl right now .. and I know deep down he still loves me but he is scared and afraid to be in a relationship with me..

    should I focus on myself? or just wait and see where the energy takes us .. because we have been to all the stages and we are in the separation phase right now .. we have distance ourselves 3 times already..

    and this time I told him after the last arguement we had… I told him I cant do this anymore.. he needs to make a decision if he wants to be with the girl his dating or if he wants a real relationship with me..

    so now we are not together .. but we do keep in touch once in a while through text.. communication is open .. but we are not together intimately anymore..

    What should I do ? I know in my soul he is my twin flames.. we have been through so much.. he is the runner .. I am the chaser ..i know if we are meant to be together we will reunite ..

  23. I think my situation is a little bit chaotic but I’m posting this in hopes someone will help me. Ok, I don’t know if the twin flame thing applies to gay people but, I met this woman online and I’ve been talking to her for like 9 months last year. It felt so unbelievably great. Just like I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe that was happening to me because I never thought it was possible because all my life I’ve been falling in love with women that were not comfortable with their sexuality and I felt this woman, the one I meet online because I read that you said you can meet your twin flame online because the energy is too intense, that she was comfortable with her sexuality so I pursued her. I have never felt anything this intense in my life! The woman that I fell madly in love with before this one came into my life was intense also but I don’t know if it was karmic because I got over her and I’m so confused because I keep thinking to myself that if that connection was so intense, why did it leave? But what I’m feeling about this woman that I’m in love with right is worse than that one and I don’t know why. Well, I’m currently not talking to her right now due to the fact that she turned around and got engaged to a guy without even telling me she had someone else. That crushed me so bad to the point I wanted to kill myself because this is not the first time this happened to me. That last girl did the same thing. I know these women are gay also and don’t know why they would leave me and go date/marry a guy. I want to say that it was God speaking to my heart one night when I heard a small, faint voice tell me this woman, the one I meet online, is going to be the one that you marry. I don’t even know anymore. Sometimes I feel that God likes to play with me or hates me for that matter and I’m really upset with God right now. Has anybody felt that before? I have been feelings things that are very unexplainable. Like for instance, I felt that this woman was feeling sad and guilty behind what she did to me because I think she noticed that I stopped having contact with her. I’m angry, frustrated, and most of the time I’m really CONFUSED. She’s currently still with this dude and it agony just thinking about it. Sometimes I doubt the connection because I let my ego say, if she felt bad about what she did, how come she never apologized to me? Or give me some kind of explanation why she didn’t tell me she had someone else? I feel so alone because when I tell my friends and family, they don’t seem to understand so I’m left dealing with this by myself which is extremely painful. I think about this woman everyday and I love her but her non-acknowledgment is making me feel hopeless at the fact that we might meet in person someday. Can someone, anyone please help me? Sorry if this was too long lol

    • Twin Flames are such a phenomena that no one really knows what the reasons are. I met my TF in 2012 and again in 2013 by coincidence both times for 11 days in a country neither of us live in.
      I understand all your feelings. The way I have got back into life is by thinking there are two of us and I have to focus on myself.
      The only answer we want to hear is how to be with them right now this second, have communication from them right now. I know that but, you have to live in this moment give all the love to you and ask for help from God, love from God.
      I believe it is because we feel Divine Love when we are with our TF and that is what we need. It is the Life force, the Love force we become really alive with Divine Energy flowing through us.
      I think we could all try giving thanks to the Divine Source whose love is boundless and can supply us with that Divine Energy regardless of another human Being, in whom we connect with that force.
      I understand the longing and the non-acknowledgement even though he wanted to give everything up for me. You can decide to say “Ok, if that is who you are and how you are going to treat me I choose to let go for my sake. I am worth more as I have the Divine force flowing within me if I acknowledge it. The Divine Love will nourish me I will focus my love on me and let you go.
      I have read stories of Female TF’s going through this years later. It is best to accept the truth and deal with it now. Just because someone is your Twin doesn’t mean they will bring you joy. I thank God for the separation now. God knows best. It is better for me to think that way.
      Lots of love

      • Thank you so much for your advice. It just sucks that I have no one to talk to face to face about this. Sometimes I’m ashamed to talk about it to my friends and family because they will only say that I’m obsessing over it and ask me why do I keep putting myself through this. It’s not like I’m doing it on purpose. I’m forced to keep it to myself and it’s so frustrating. I never thought you can have a deep connection for someone you only meet online. Sometimes I feel that God is picking on me or playing a prank with my heart and I get so pissed at him for it. Guess I’m confused on how God works. I really hade this weird feeling in my heart that she was gonna be the woman that I am going to spend my life with but when she got engaged to that dude, I seriously doubted it. I felt that God let me down or lied to me. I think he doesn’t like me very much. And how is it that I keep hearing and seeing her name often? She has a very uncommon name also. I think they’re signs but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m not setting myself up for disappointment this time. God had his fun playing with me and my feelings. I have never felt so alone in my life. I have a psychic that I talk to every now and then and she read into her energy and told me that she wasn’t even happy with this dude she’s with and that she was happy talking to me and that I she sees me getting some kind of clarification but, for some reason, find that hard to believe right now. Things right now are in stand still and it’s tough believing that things are gonna change for the better. I keep comparing this situation to my past experiences and it’s keeping hopeless and full of doubt. I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m lost. :-(

      • Hello Rachael
        I think most of us have felt the way you are feeling. Why did God bring us together and then separate us?
        I asked the question “Is anyone with their Twin?” on a TF Facebook page with thousands of members no one said yes.
        Almost everyone on these sites are separated, that is why they are searching for answers, but at the same time gathering in groups. The Higher Power brought us together with our Twin Flames without any conscious intervention from us, in amazing, miraculous ways!
        We know the Higher Power can resolve this relationship in an instant. Maybe we all do need to get together and focus on the being One with our Twin.
        I know the energy is extremely powerful when I am with my TF, I have literally felt the earth move twice beneath as he took two steps onto the sand at a distance, and I could see him through crowds. He could feel my Presence even when he couldn’t see me, he knew if I was there or not.
        Family and friends are not familiar with this and of course think it is an obsession.
        As we have all experienced separation before, we know we can get through it in time.
        For me this year is better than last. I just think what will be will be. It is up to the Divine.
        I live in the 25 mins from London in the UK. If anyone wants to meet up let me know.

      • To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what kind of connection this is. But I do know that it’s something. It has to be. It’s been like 5 months since I spoke to this woman and I still feel the same way I felt about her when I started talking to her at the beginning of last year. It’s like a cycle for me. One minute I feel the unconditional love for her, then the next minute I feel angry that she lied to me, then the next I feel hurt and confused. It’s driving me INSANE! I just want it all to end. My mind is consumed with thoughts about her all day. Everyday. I dream of her often as well and I remember all of them. They were so vivid I thought it was real life. Like one dream I had of her was that we were walking along the beach along the ocean line and she asked me to marry her. After she asked me, that’s when I woke up and said, “YES! I think about that dream a lot. Then I had this one dream where I was sitting in my living room and she walked in and there was this glow of light all around her. Like she was some kind of angel. I don’t know what that means at all. I don’t really pay attention to my dreams anymore because they always end up to be wrong or just wishful thinking. This guy she’s with is like 15 years older than her! Wow! He works with her. I heard when you date or marry people that you work with very seldom work out anyway. It’s pure agony seeing her with someone else. I wouldn’t wish this kind of pain on anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Or her. It’s like she’s haunting me and I get so annoyed. I just want to live my life without thinking. Sometimes I look at other people and say that they’re so lucky they don’t have to go through this and that makes me jealous sometimes. I wish I had the ability not to feel. I tell her that I love her everyday in hopes that she feels it but, I don’t know if she does or not. I feel so crazy doing that. Sometimes I can feel her looking at me from behind when she’s not even here! I don’t get it! I’m losing it for real lol O and by the way, I don’t live in the UK. I live in the US. That sucks. :-(

      • Rachel I think everyone understands on here the constant awareness and thinking after the first reunion, it is all consuming, and you have to distract yourself from it, in anyway you can. In truth, if they are not with us, it is our thoughts and memories that are replaying. I spoke about him constantly to people, in my head, out loud, about the feeling the coincidences, its all very interesting but doesn’t help really. The best thing you can do is turn the love and the thoughts towards yourself, and maybe, play songs and do things that interrupt the thought patterns xxx

      • Let me ask you a question. When you talked about this to other people, did they also say that you were obsessing over it? Or go seek professional help? People have told me that and I was so insulted. And I do things to distract myself from the thoughts of her. I go to school, listen to music, watch movies, go for walks, etc. They don’t seem to help much. I even tried to go out to clubs and things like that to meet other people but when all that is over, here comes the thoughts, flowing back into my head again just like a Tsunami. I had online associates I was speaking to and one of them said that I was wasting my time on her and that she was only talking to me because she felt bad, which didn’t make any kind of sense to me at all. I was thinking to myself, why would she even do that? Why would she do something that she didn’t want to do? I told one of my aunts about what she said and she thought it was all BS. I don’t know how an all loving God would show you things like this and then take it away from you. I didn’t instantly feel that I wanted to marry this woman, but I can tell you that it didn’t take long for me to have that feeling that I did indeed want to marry her. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was pretty close to it. Some of my friends seem to be going on with their lives, having families and going from one partner to the next and here I am sitting here, can’t even get not 1 date! I know I’m a good person and I’ve become very humble over the years. I been through a lot in my life. I read somewhere that you have to be very humble to attract you TF. I’m not perfect. I have flaws just like everybody else. We are all human beings. I was told by 2 psychics that I had a very old soul and I saw somewhere that old souls attract soul mates and TF’s. I don’t really go out and look for anyone, I usually let it happen naturally. That works for me. But it just hurts to feel that I’m not going to have a physical relationship with anyone I have this deep connection with. Why would God lead me to this people if he doesn’t want me to have a physical relationship with them? God lead me to this woman and I doubted the possibility that she was going to talk to me, but I was clearly wrong. I thought she was so far out of my reach when she was only a tweet away. I met her on twitter lol These social networks come in handy for some people ;-)

  24. Rachel of course people think it is an obsession. This concept is not known to most people. We are the ones spreading the word. I understand everything you are saying believe me.
    I think accepting the situation as it is now is the only way to feel peace.
    I know he is a click away, a message away a text away, a second away from starting our lives together, but acceptance is the only way to live with this sanely. I have let it go.
    Most of the female counterparts are loving, kind people. We don’t know the answers as to why God brought us together and then separated us. I think we are all asking that.
    Love yourself, You cannot leave or ignore yourself, when the time is right, it will all fall into place for all of us xxx

    • Thank you so much Caroline. I just wish it was more people going through this so I won’t feel like such an outcast. I do believe accepting it is the best way because when I tried fighting it, it caused more harm than relief. I don’t want to go back to the hospital. I went trough something similar before and I cut myself with a big kitchen knife and ended up in the psyche ward part of the hospital and stayed there for like 4 or 5 days. It felt like jail in there and I REALLY do not want to go back over there. I hope I can meet this woman one day. I really do. She means the world to me.

  25. Dear Rachel
    I think many Twin Flames are going through it. You are not an outcast at all. You have been through such a traumatic experience in the past and got through it. It is vital that you do not allow yourself to go there again.
    If you accept and allow yourself to love yourself. You can make yourself the focus of your love. This is what we all want from our Twins and what we want to give our Twins. If we don’t think our love is good enough for Ourself, why would it be good enough for our Twin? What I am saying is on the human level not the Higher level, where we are connected spiritually always. I hope this helps.
    Caroline xx

    • I don’t know if that last connection I had was karmic because the feelings, that strong connection I had with this other girl has left. I went to high school with this one and known her for like 4 years. She treated me so poorly even though I loved her with all my heart. That sounds karmic to me. It’s like she didn’t even care about me. Then I heard she got married and that her husband is very verbally abusive to her. He likes to party and drink a lot. You are the first person that I have spoke to that understands my situation. That’s why I said I felt like an outcast because there’s no one around here that I can talk to. They all have seem to have had the regular relationships. You know, the ones you can put logic on. You can’t really put logic on something like this. Logic doesn’t seem to work with this kind of connection. It’s too intense! I have pictures of her and I love looking at them. She’s so beautiful. She’s everything I wanted in a woman, plus more. That’s what’s so scary about it. I was like, this is too good to be true and I got scared and backed away from her for a bit. I said that it has to be some kind of catch to this. But I came back and felt dumb for doing it because I felt that I was setting myself up for disappointment again. The psychic that I spoke to said that I scared her also. Does that have something to do with the whole mirror thing? I wonder if that’s the reason why she got with this guy all of a sudden.

      • Dear Rachel
        I do understand. So many do if you read other stories on her and across Twin Flame blogs you will see that most people have similar experiences to you. You are not alone.
        I know the feeling of being an outcast, not only from my TF, but my daughters, who I devoted my life to. If you have people that love you cherish that love.
        My Twin Flame told me his feelings and we decided to be together. When he said he had to talk to his girlfriend of 7 years. I said “You can’t do that” I didn’t want someone else to be hurt. It was so powerful and magnificent and yet we were both scared by it.
        I think when you said this is too good to be true, it is almost like feeling unworthy of great love and joy.
        The Universe spoke to us both in many ways. He was told “Don’t let her leave”
        I said I must go and I left.
        At the airport I was hoping he would come and get me. I was with an ex partner which complicated the matter.

        You and other Twin Flame counterparts know the feelings that followed. As Human Beings we all understand Love and the Lack of it. Most people have experience Lack of love very intensely the Twin Connection I feel connects us with God’s love, the Life Force in such a powerful way, we feel spiritually dying without it.
        I recognise God is there and God gives me that love.
        I also know what it is like to see ‘logical’ relationships all around. Once you have felt the connection nothing else will come close, yet how do we carry on without love.
        Love God, Love Life, Love everything and if it is a mirror it will reflect back to you.
        Wishing you Peace, Love and Happiness x

      • Yeah. I kind of so feel like I don’t deserve it or that she’s too good for me to have. I don’t know what brought those feelings up. Maybe the fact that I have been verbally abused in the past. People talking down on me and saying that they can’t see me with someone and degrading me by calling me names, yelling at me, belittling me, etc. It hurts to think about that stuff. I know what theses people said is irrelevant, but it’s hard to ignore sometimes. Those wounds are still healing. I did some math last night. I took my birth year and subtracted from her birth year, the woman I met online. And I came up with a difference of 11! Does that mean anything? Or no. We have an 11 year age gap between us. She’s 37 and I’m 26. 37-26=11. 1987-1976=11

    • I mean that I have pictures of the woman I met online. Not the one I went to school with. Sorry If I confused you lol

  26. Does anyone know if God would put you with your twin flame if they were in love with someone else? To me, that doesn’t make sense for God to hook you up with someone if they’re happy or deeply in love with someone else. That’s like….torture.

    • yes it is. I’ve been there. very young, very naive, watched him as he went back to a woman he loved and then subsequently married. he also pretended like he never knew me, ignored me which was difficult to understand as a 16 year old but even more difficult because i felt like i was killed. decimated. given the knowledge about TFs that i have now, i understand why i felt so hurt. but now that I am older and wiser I understand that the magnitude of hurt was completely justified and not all created my mind. there were many levels of pain, that i did not understand. you do get through it. hang in there. there are lots of wonderful people in this world, you you can love and who can love you back – just give them a chance. its all up to you!

  27. A friend of mine told me of this website when I was sharing my story with her the other night.
    From a young age I have know a man named Ajax (nickname). I feel I have always loved him. We crossed paths often over the last 30 years. I have know this man since I was approximately 15 years old, I am now 45. Our paths have taken us so many different places, but I seem to always have him on my mind.
    On my 30th birthday I was married to another man but felt the need to share with my twin sould that I have always loved him and always will. I clarified that the love I felt was not like that of a mere friend. As things have had it… I am divorcing for a 2nd time. A old friend of mine reminded me that I had actually kissed my twin soul that day many years ago on my birthday. I had blocked this information out. I was so taken aback by the information I felt compelled to reach out for my love once again.
    We did meet up as we always seemed to do. We kissed freely, had amazing conversations but in the end we still separated.
    Last year my father passed and yet again my love appeared to show me support for the loss of my father. I had not contacted him to appraise him of this information. Somehow he just found out, immediately changed his plans and was there for me. Again… we hugged, kissed, promised to get together again but still I am waiting.
    I feel I may die one day still longing for his love. (Crying…)
    He is a wonderful man and I wish for him to be mine one day.

    How many twin souls actually come together for a successful lasting union?

    Missing my love,

  28. All the experiences here are indeed very interesting. Mine is very different. MY experiences have been very negative and soul killing. at both ends giving and receiving.
    I wish to termnate the connection because it is not serving any purpose anymore. its run its course lessons have been learned and now its time to move on. i jsut need to find a way to sever the energetic ties so what has manifested in the physical adn emotional and be also manifested as a permanent severing of ties on all other levels. anyone who knows how this can be done? are there any others who share my experience? I suspect there are none but thats ok, I am not afraid t be the 1st TF to have this experience, nor am I afraid to look for another or go it alone. no matter how long it takes to find another. goodbye to you TF it was an interesting ride.

  29. what happens if your twin has a chemical dependency? does that mean you are not meant to be together in this life or is that part of the healing process and in time the two can reunite in this life

    • I believe that’s apart of the healing process. Our twin comes into our lives to show us parts of ourselves that need healing. They reflect us like a mirror both the beautiful and ugly parts of ourselves.

  30. I have been separated from him also. Not because he has ran away but because it seems circumstances just go against us!! We are aware of the fact we are twinflames (we have experienced most of the signs) and we are currently working on being together but this decisión doesnt depend on us! We live in different countries and our visa process has gotten waaaaaaay too complicated… What usually takes months has taken us years… and we are not even close… But we have faith… We are meant to be together and that is all that matters!!!

  31. Sometimes I feel that God is punishing me by keeping me away from love. I haven’t had a real relationship and I’m feeling hopeless. I’m starting to feel that I’m not worth anyone’s time. There’s no reason to separate from the one you love when everything is going good between the both of you. I’m not seeing a wedding day in my future and that’s sad. Sometimes I just want to take my own life because I feel that no one wants to love me. I’m a piece of crap.

    • never feel that way. Please talk to a therapist. I had to as well when my husband left. never feel your not worth anything or that your crap. love will find you. I believe we have to love ourselves first. I am learning this with him gone.

      • I’ve done all that I can to help better myself as time goes by so that I can meet that person or that person can come to me but I feel that all the hard work that I do is in vain. I’m trying to be the person that God wants me to be but he’s not satisfied with me it seems. God is very picky. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. People just don’t like me I guess.

    • Rachel, I’ve felt like you many times. I don’t know you but I empathise very much with your feelings. I have been rejected and bullied all my life and now even my twin, Ashley, rejected me. This is very painful. You sound like a wonderful person and I can tell you that you are worth my time. Send an email to ashleysoulmate@hotmail.com if you want to chat.

  32. Hi, it is the first time I’m posting here but have been reading this site for months. I met my twin flame almost 6 years ago. A year ago he had a child with his long term girlfriend. Although we both know we have something really special, we don’t know how to deal with it. We both feel like we are supposed to “do the right thing” and just move on and forget each other. But I think it is never going to happen and he says he’ll never forget me. I haven’t seen him for a year now, but we still contact each other at least weekly. I read somewhere that if someone leaves their family to be with their TF they can’t be twin flames. What am I supposed to do, just wait forever till their relationship breaks down? It could take years.. We haven’t had sex but have thought about it for a long time, but we never do it since it doesn’t feel the correct thing to do although we truly love each other. These last months he hasn’t been telling me he loves me and just that he has special feelings for me, but we just don’t seem able to cut contact or forget each other… I’ve met many other men but I’ve never felt anything close to what I feel for him. I don’t know what to do. Thank you for your support.

    • Well, what else could you do but wait? It’s up to him to decide if he’ll leave that girlfriend, nothing you can do about it. Right now he’s comfortable and can take his sweet time to make up his mind. He has the stability of his girlfriend and you as back-up plan and self-esteem boost. From his side, there’s no urgency. You should respect yourself and stop talking to him if he doesn’t give you his full attention. That will also make him see you as more valuable if he really cares for you.

      Do you feel jealous, angry? How do you feel about the child?

      • I’ve spent these last two years trying to cut off any contact with him but haven’t been able to do it. If I don’t text him he does. Sometimes I think maybe we’re just meant to have this very special friendship, especially because of his child. I don’t really feel jealous, I believe he feels the same. The fact that he has a child makes me not want to interfere in his relationship. I’ve been dating other men but don’t feel anything close to what I feel for him. I wish I could forget him but I’ve been trying for long and it hasn’t worked… It’s also difficult because I just feel him all the time. I don’t want to be involved in breaking a relationship when a small child is involved, though I don’t see how I will ever feel anything similar for anyone else…

      • I don’t think such special friendship is right. I’d hate to be his girlfriend and have my boyfriend tell other girls that he loves them or feels for them. He sounds unfaithful even if not physically… This is not good to be part of that. Also, when you have a friendship with someone that you love, it only hurts. Maybe you’ll be able to get over him when you have cut off all contact. Those are two good real-world. reasons to. Now, for the karma part, Divine gave this explanation:

        “If the Twin flame is married it is unwise to break-up a marriage because it creates bad karma for you. There is a saying what goes around comes around. So let the relationship resolve it self. If it is meant to be it will happen. Some of these signs are for karmic soul mate relationship as well. Look at John Lennon and Yoko Ono…They left their marriage for the relationship and they pay the price. A true Twin Flame relationship is based on pure love and not just love for the twin but love for everything and everyone you encounter. It’s a spiritual relationship.”

        Twin Flame theory states that only once you fully let him/her go, the runner twin come back to you.

  33. Twin flame theory also states that you cannot cut off or forget your TF. I’m not talking about a normal relationship here, I’m talking about someone I feel all the time. I don’t believe in finding something bad that happened in people’s life to explain karma. John Lennon was killed at the time because he supported world peace and was an obstacle for the military industry, not because he left a marriage. But thanks for your reply.

  34. Ha.. Im sure this site itself must be part of my journey, I just posted earlier in the Peace page, and now you both chat about John & Yoko, and I was born the day they did their bed in for peace!
    synchonicity ! W

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