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  2. Your insight has been calling so deeply to me. I am experiencing all of this: twin flame soul mate struggle and I feel that every word you write brings clarity that actually calms the anxiety that I have been having because it hasn’t been until I, at this moment, started commenting that it all seems to be becoming more clear, for I have been questioning and wanting to doubt what I seem to know to be real. Sorry for being so vague. I am not just loving your blog, but feel that it is also guiding me. Much gratitude. Sat nam!

    • This blog is a gathering of information that I think will be of help to those going through the process. I’m only sharing information that I find useful and information and that resonated with my experience… I really like this article as well… It’s amazing :-) I believe I was guided to start this blog… It has helped me as well… It’s nice to talk to and share information with those going through the process…

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  4. OH WOW That’s what he is, my twin flame. We met at 11:11 am, and he left at 11:30. I can only describe this as craziness but I see others are going through this as well so I’ts not all in my head and I’m not crazy. We are even telepathic with eachother…I have NEVER experienced this in my life and feel so blessed! Very cool!

    • Thanks for sharing Tina… I remember those crazy and confusing days. I didn’t realized I had met my twin until after the arguments started and we weren’t communicating like we used to… I knew he was special immediately and felt blessed out by the whole thing. However, I didn’t realize there was a name for the union or experience we were having… There are other interesting articles in the right hand column under twinflame and twin souls that are very interesting read as well… Godspeed ;-)

  5. I just recently started looking up information on twin flames, honestly I’d never heard of this term until a few days ago when I was researching soulmates. I’ve always believed in soulmates & I have met a few of mine. But, I met what I now believe is my twin flame 7 years ago. The connection was instant & very intense. He was the first to mention our connection & talked about how he felt completely comfortable around me. This man & I never officially dated, I guess that’s what’s throwing me off. We would frequently run into each other without making plans when we first met. I would just sense that I would see him on certian occasions & absolutely would. I was a runner for awhile, I got scared of how I felt & picked a huge fight with him. I ended up changing my phone number & didn’t have any contact with him on social networks for about 2 years. Although we didn’t talk for those years, I thought about him everyday. I then started to pray on our situation, asking for signs & I have received several obvious signs… most of them dealing with his birthdate. First, I noticed the time.. then, liscense plates, then upc codes, and addresses. It’s like I’m drawn to those numbers. After a few years of not talking, all the sudden I started running into him at random times. We finally did spend some time together a few months ago & I felt so peaceful. When we hugged, I was home. It was like we hadn’t skipped a beat. I’m just so frustrated b/c I know we met & then found our way back to each other for a reason… and right now he’s dealing with some of his issues. He told me that he’s not happy with himself right now & that he can’t make anyone else happy if he’s not. Now, I feel like he’s the runner & I’m the chaser… but, I’m tired of chasing. Is this real or am I just obsessed with him? And, if I need to move on… how do I even go about that?

    • It’s real as far as I know :-) I don’t think you are obsessed with him. I think your heart knows and understand more than your mind… Follow your heart…. The twinsoul love is one of a kind…. If he is truly your twinsoul he will return… The universe have been trying to bring you guys together… You have seen the signs yourself…

      Maybe, he still has work to do on himself let him do it… He need to figure something’s on his own… For his confidence and his identity he needs to know he worked out his own issues on his own… Sometimes we are tempted to baby our twins and treat them like they are some God that can take away all our pain and make everything ok.

      The truth is our twins are human beings with issues and problems like every other person…they are not this wonderful perfect person… Thy are only that way because we are in love with them… When you are in love with someone we choose to see only the good and perfection in that person… When we fall out of love with them we see only the bad and imperfection in them…

      To know if this love is true love it’s going to be tested in ways you can’t imagine but you will get through it… You probably need to work on yourself as well… When you are truly ready and whole within yourself you won’t long for him as much, because you found in you hat you thought you needed from him…

      The test now comes when you are whole and complete within yourself and he is complete within himself and you guys don’t need each other for any fulfillment. Will you still love him? Will you still want him? Sometimes we want to be with someone because we feel they can fulfill a need and when that need is fulfill they move on and someone gets hurt…

  6. Thank you for your reply… I do have some of my own issues that I am working on at the moment. I have turned my life around in the past couple years & I know that I am a better person just from knowing him. I have read so many stories on this site & different ones too about the twin flame connection, the runner, the chaser, etc & there are so many similarities that it just blows my mind!! I have tried so hard to fight my heart & move on, but no matter what I do… I can’t shake him. I’ve had dreams of us getting married someday & during the years we didn’t speak, I had dreams of talking to him & I would wake up with this wonderful peace in my heart. I really don’t know how to explain it. And, later on I found out that he’d had the same dreams. I don’t want to be with anyone else. I know in my heart that we are meant for each other.. I guess I just need to be patient.

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  8. After 59 years apart, my Twin Flame and I found each other, through Facebook, even though I use an alias there. It is absolutely incredible.

  9. ive never been the type to believe in stuff like this.. although I have seen many unexplainable things happen in life.. my entire life seems to be connected in some way to the recent time and events in my life .. I have never read a bible I do not go to church, I have proven to myself that angels exist watching over you and true love never dies. I would post more about the recent events but seriously this is terrifiying me, ive found my so called twin flame or soulmate but the peculiar and strange events to where and how and why etc etc.. is what really freaks me out.. like I said , im not one to believe in stuff like this.. but when I witness it and experience it first hand I cant help but throw in the towel.. it goes allot farther than a simple meeting of soulmates the things I have seen.. you pple should all be the ones scared cause it feels biblical in a way that for some reason its like I know im some kind of fate of the world test.. I dunno why I know that and can smile.. but godamn imgoodlooking

  10. I am so pleased that I found your site.
    I met my twin flame on a beach last June. It was the most bizarre experience of my life…in an instant I felt a familiarity with him – a meeting of the eyes and mind… it felt completely normal to be very close to him, in each other’s personal space. Later last summer, we met again (same beach) and spent a wonderful 3 weeks together and although our relationship never reached a sexual level (the opportunity didn’t arise) we bonded completely. I have never before felt so relaxed in someone’s company – we just sat and talked for hours. Unfortunately we went our separate ways after that, but never go more than a couple of weeks without contacting each other via email or phone. I am a chaser, he’s a runner, but as soon as I stop chasing, he seems to panic and return for reassurance (like a game of cat and mouse). My life has completely changed since meeting him (dramatic career change, outlook, spirituality etc) and I have recently been drawn towards reiki healing. And today, I have stumbled upon your website and ‘click’ everything has fallen into place. I feel at peace now and ready to go on to the next stage in our relationship – I truly hope he is too, as I will be seeing him again in a months time, but after initial feelings of utter anguish and pain at our separation (which has always seemed irrational up until now) I can now accept that our souls will always be connected but we will not be together until the time is right……I am so happy I have connected with my twin :-)

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